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Author: Daniel T

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Fireside chat with SA Old-timers helpful for newcomers (useful for everyone!) Long term sober members of Sexaholics Anonymous sit down with me for a chat, telling their stories, and sharing experience, strength and hope on a variety of topics.
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David  D is now in his 21st year of sobriety. This was a great chat that i really enjoyed. This is the second of the talks from last year, I hope to do a few more over the next few weeks to finish this season with my anticipated 20 episodes!
SA Fireside Chat With Yvon

SA Fireside Chat With Yvon


After a hiatus I am going to upload a couple of chats i had last year - this first one with Yvon was just amazing - it was such a gift to meet and sit with him. I am certain you will enjoy it as much as I did.Yvon came to his first meeting on November 28th, 1989 and had many  relapses till May 14th, 1998. He has been sober and working his program since that date one day at a time. Yvon has been living single since his failed marriage,  March 1990. He lives on the West coast of Canada.
Tony R is sober since May 8th 1993. Coming from the Milwaukee area, Tony has served in all levels of the service structure, including on the GDA for several years.Tony sponsors many in the program from newcomers to 'old timers'
Shirley is sober in SA since July 4th 1995 and lives in the California area.Shirley is active in her home group and has served at all levels of the service structure including as chair of the GDA.Shirley actively sponsors and attends meetings consistently.
SA Fireside Chat with Jim D

SA Fireside Chat with Jim D


Jim D is sober since September 15th 1990. Jim was born and raised in the Chicago area. Jim was involved in among other things the creation of the Step into Action literature and has been an active member of SA since joining,
SA Fireside Chat with Ed W

SA Fireside Chat with Ed W


Ed W is sober since the first of January 1991. Ed lives in rural Kentucky.Ed has been to an international convention at least once or twice yearly since 1999 until Covid hit.In his own words "there's nothing like being in a room with other sexaholics"
Claire is sober since her first meeting on July 3rd 2002. Joining a fledgling fellowship in Jerusalem she has watched it grow over the past 20 years. Claire has served in all service positions in the fellowship locally and has sponsored many women over the years.
SA Fireside Chat with Tom M

SA Fireside Chat with Tom M


Tom M is sober since April 15th 1987. In his own words "I tried to stop myself and couldn’t." Tom is an active member in Rochester NY fellowship and spends his life in meditation and service. 
Hanoch T is sober in SA since November 27th 1992. A part of the early groups in New York, Hanoch came into the rooms via AA.He is still active in meetings and sponsoring many and in his own words "Takes the First Step Daily"Hanoch's message of recovery is simple and it was a pleasure to sit with him and hear his ESH.
Mike K From Glendale, Oregon is Sober since November 11th 1996His journey with 12 step recovery began in Al-anon in 1976 After a twelve step call with Roy K he Started a local SA meeting in his house in 1987, which then moved to a church in 1988 and is still going strong. 
Jeff D is a grateful recovering Sexaholic sober since September the first 1996 which also happens to be his marriage anniversary. Jeff has been very involved in his home groups throughout the years. Nicknamed Karate Jeff by some due to various karate demonstrations at retreats and a local meeting at the dojo, Jeff brings a humor and freshness to his recovery thats plain for all to see.
Michael D is 79 years old. He joined AA in 1978, escaping Chicago alive, but didn't get sober until 1989. At 10 years sober from alcohol his AA sponsor sent him to SA. He has done a lot service work, serving as a Trustee among other positions. He is still and always will be an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Today he visits jails working with addicts and spends much of his time working with newcomers.
Michael J., is a grateful member of Sexaholics Anonymous with 20 years of sobriety, and lives in Tyler, Texas.  His service work stretches from being a member of the Board of Trustees all the way up to group level. Retired, and having just moved to Texas, Michael spends most of his time praying and walking with his wife, doing multimedia work for the fellowship and growing the membership in East Texas.
Hans D lives with his wife in New Mexico. Originally from California Hans got sober on September 3rd 1993.Raised as an Army kid traveling around the world his family settled in California while still young age and his story is a rich tapestry of life in California in the sixtiesHans joined SA at 38 and got sober at the age of 39 with ten years of AA sobriety under his hat.
Terry M is sober since joining SA on March 14 1986. Terry now lives in N. Carolina but got sober in LA.Terry's story takes us from Vietnam to MIT and many many meetings with Roy K the founder of SA.Terry has some amazing insights into recovery and while I may say this often this was one of my favorite chats so far, probably because I identified a lot with Terry's story.
Dave T is sober since the 23rd of November 1990. Dave "The Stringman" has traveled to over 50 countries bringing his unique brand of sexual recovery to workshops and groups worldwide.He has also served at all levels of the service structure.Dave doesn't pull any punches with his honesty and it was a pleasure sitting down with him.
Steve S is sober since joining SA in 1991 at the age of 43.Thanks to recovery he subsequently went back to school, and has since been heavily involved in trauma recovery work. He is married for over 50 years.He has sponsored hundreds of sexaholics over the past thirty years.In Steve's own words he strives to live in  "A Vision For You"
William is 73 years old.  He currently has been a member of the SA fellowship for 28 years.  His sobriety date is June 12th, 1993.  His wife is very supportive of his program.  She once said,  “William has tried and tested the program and found it to be the solution.”  They have been living in the Pacific Northwest for the last 24 years.  William has served in various service positions at the local, regional, national, and international levels.  He loves the “fellowship” of the program and has done many different activities with other members including traveling in teams to Guatemala and Russia, eating out with members after meetings, going hiking or boating, spending the night in the home of his sponsor or sponsees, and hosting fellowship events for members and their spouses in his own home. He was actively involved in the SACFC for five years, helping to re-establish carrying the message to those who have faced legal consequences for their sexaholism.  He considers those five years to be some of the most rewarding years of his life. 
Noach S is sober since the 16th of January 1989.When he first joined SA the meeting in Manhattan had only three people in it. SA now has hundreds of members in the New York area.In Noach's own words SA has literally saved his life.
Bill S from Nashville, is sober in SA since his first meeting on September 4th 1993.With a strong background in working the steps via the Big Book, Bill has inspired many to follow the path and work the steps out of the Big Book.As part of the literature committee Bill was actively involved in putting together our book on working the steps called "Step into Action"Bill has traveled the world giving workshops and sharing his insights into the disease of sexaholism and the solution as outlined in the 12 steps of AA.
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Arnoldas Zdanevicius

it was a good speech but I think he is overstimulating the role of God in his life. what he says that that his life is fully guided by God is complete nonsense. it contradicts all the major scriptures of the world, especially the Vedic. God gave us independence and he is not interfearing into our worldy affairs. He is aloof. if he wants to stress the mercy of God. he should say so.

Jan 6th

Tommy Tinajero

I, too, am a big fan of Mike C. Really great podcast.

Dec 29th
Reply (1)

Shimon Frankel

Best podcast on line!

Jul 15th
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