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SEO 101 is Search Engine Optimization from the very beginning. SEO 101 will teach you SEO from Square one. Hosts Ross Dunn of StepForth Web Marketing Inc and John Carcutt of Advance Digital give out helpful information for the beginners without overwhelming you with technical details.
329 Episodes
[In the first show of 2020, John and Ross answer some SEO questions, review the local SEO changes throughout 2019, insights into enterprise SEO, and when 301 redirects are harmful. />
[John and Ross discuss a study that shows less traffic is clicking through to sites from search results. They also delve into more Google My Business issues and possible fixes, along with a multitude of Mueller files. />
[Scott co-hosts with Ross again as they discuss a wide variety of content from Google’s explanation of recent indexing issues, to Google My Business suspensions and changes to Hotel profiles, and great questions from SEO 101 podcast listeners./>
[This episode is guest co-hosted by Scott Van Achte, Senior SEO for StepForth. Ross and Scott discuss Google’s notices to site owners to remove index directives from their Robots.txt. They also discuss some more Google My Business issues such as the continuing bug in short names, a spotted new addition to editing a profile called “people also searched for”, and more. Lastly, they answer some great questions from the show’s valued listeners. />
[The hosts discuss Google My Business’s recent issues causing a myriad of problems for business owners. They follow up with set-SEO-straight tips from John Mueller, and questions from SEO 101 listeners. Ross also announced the new SEO 101 Show Notes Newsletter./>
[In this episode, Ross and John discuss the sad state of Google’s local search results which are rife with SPAM. To no one’s surprise, Google officially states it knows of the SPAM and is dealing with it. Too little, way too late, as far as the hosts are concerned. Their discussion moves on to Google Search Console updates of worth, an update to the Wayback Machine, and more great questions from listeners./>
[Episode 357 is John Carcutt’s 10th anniversary since joining the SEO 101 Podcast with Ross Dunn. In this special longer episode, the gents discuss the early news on Google’s June Core Update and John Mueller’s thoughts on Negative SEO. The rest of the episode focuses on answering 11 excellent questions from the active SEO 101 Group on Facebook. />
[John and Ross weigh in on the bugs that have been plaguing Google’s index at a never-before-seen level. They discuss what can be done in cases where it is not clear why a site is not ranking well in Google, and how 2000-era SPAM can still be the culprit in an example Ross encountered this past week. Last up, the hosts discuss snippets, as well as the surprising level of detail Yandex Webmaster Tools, appears to provide. />
[GoogleBot has had a significant upgrade bringing it’s technology in line with the latest versions of Chromium. The hosts also discuss Google’s rolling integration of podcasts in search results, issues with Google Search Console, a new ‘How-To’ for structured data markup, and more. The episode is topped off with answers to more great questions from the SEO 101 Facebook Group./>
[Google’s de-indexing issues did not clear up quite as quickly as they made it out to. Ross broadly shares some findings from a recent e-commerce SEO audit, and the gents discuss some Mueller files followed by some great questions from listeners. />
[ Google surprised the SEO community with serious issues with it’s index when it seemingly de-indexed up to 4% of its total index arbitrarily. The hosts discuss this along with it’s supposed correction, issues with Google Search Console still showing, along with the new Discover Report. Next up, Matt Cutts makes a great suggestion, Ross and John touch base on a couple of key basics on redirects and link reports, and they answer three excellent questions from the new SEO 101 Facebook Group. />
[John Carcutt goes back to Advance Local, and Ross and John discuss the likelihood that AHREFs will create a worthy Google competitor as they claim. The show moves into some shorter stories on everything from Matt Cutt’s honeypot traps, to the potential for accents in URLs to cause problems at Google. Last up, the gents answer a couple questions from the already very active SEO 101 Facebook group! />
[John and Ross discuss the scraps of what is known about the March 2019 Core Update at Google, and the definition and use cases of neural matching versus Rankbrain at Google. The SEO 101 Facebook Group now has 61 members and growing, and the hosts welcome questions to answer on the air. Lastly, some Mueller files are noted along with one about rel=next and rel=prev that really gets John and Ross ranting. />
[The gents discuss SEO for image search courtesy of Gary Illyes' keynote at PubCon, the questionable value of Moz’s Domain Authority metric, the Google Automobile Knowledge Panel, and more on SEO for JavaScript sites. Following that, they dig into some Mueller files and multilingual SEO for images. />
[Google speaks to its potential use of click through rate in its organic algorithms, how to properly optimize for paginated content, how it handles your money or your life searches, and more. Ross and John announce the new SEO community group on Facebook - it’s new home now that the Google Plus community is close to shutting down. The new community URL is />
[Google’s Gary Illyes was kind enough to submit to an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit recently. John and Ross review the many SEO questions and answers for listeners while providing their own thoughts. />
[Google Search Console is receiving a long long overdue improvement that consolidates properties and favors canonical URLs. Ross Dunn and John Carcutt discuss a pending update to Yoast, a new Google Useragent, link cruft, UTM, and much more. />
[Interesting Google local pack functionality, a new setup for service area businesses, and the benefits of Google Posts kick off this episode. The hosts then delve into some fascinating Mueller files as of late and answer three great SEO questions from listeners. />
[This episode begins with news of Google’s compliance with Russian censorship laws, followed by discussions around dramatic examples from Google of the damage EU regulations may have on results. The hosts then delve into impressive improvements within Google Search Console, an embarrassing Google exploit, a serious misstep by GoDaddy that angered clients, and more. />
[The hosts discuss the admirable job Mike Blumenthal did of pointing out some ludicrous Google My Business SPAM that Google refused to act upon. Ross and John wax eloquent about their new Google smart displays, and they cover a variety of helpful Mueller files discussing everything from trailing slashes, to removing images from Google’s index. />
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listened to over half the show already, didn't learn one useful thing about SEO yet. Seems this is just a show of two SEO guys chatting with one another over random stuff they heard about going on in the industry lately, not really about teaching any SEO tactics. Waste of my time... :(

Oct 28th

Sean Anderson

I'm interested in going through your work from start to finish. But your older stuff seems unavailable.

Jun 29th
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