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Pull up a seat and get ready to step into the woman you’re about to become. Join alongside National Bestselling Author, Jordan Lee Dooley, for this workshop-style podcast uniquely designed to help working women (like you!) steward your home, health, and work well – whatever your work looks like in this season. 

Each week, you’ll walk away with implementable steps to improve your everyday life as an ambitious woman. From cultivating a home to managing money well, women’s health to clean living, time management to goal setting, we cover it.  

Rooted in faith, inspired by Proverbs 31, and jam-packed with practical takeaways, each episode will inspire and equip you to pursue your dreams while prioritizing the most important things, or as J likes to say, “own your everyday.” 

Come invited, leave ignited.
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Do you ever feel like you’re being controlled by your stress, rather than being in control of your stress? Maybe you’ve been told you need to lower your stress, but that sounds like a tall order and you’re not sure how to do it. Or maybe stress seems inevitable and you know you can’t possibly make everything causing you stress to go away. If you’re feeling stressed just trying to figure out how to not feel stressed, then this episode is for you!  Join Jordan as she shares 7 practical tips you can implement to simplify and enjoy your life (while kicking stress to the curb). You’ll learn: How to form boundaries with technology Why you should be prioritizing your sleep How to create morning and night routines that are actually restorative Practical ways to simplify your space The importance of having passions that are just for fun How to prioritize laughter in your life See for privacy information.
Do you ever wonder if it’s possible to live a Biblical life of self-denial while prioritizing your own wellness? Is self-care selfish? Sometimes it can feel like you’re being pulled in two different directions by the world and by our faith when it comes to self-love.  You either neglect your wellness and health in the name of “selflessness” or you feel guilty for spending the money on a gym membership, organic produce, clean skin products, or professional medical care (and the list goes on).  If you feel conflicted and trapped between these two extremes, then get ready to hear some wisdom as Jordan unpacks just what it means to care for yourself while also dying to self.  Get ready and turn up the volume because you won’t want to miss this! You’re going to learn: What it means to “love your neighbor as yourself” The Biblical purpose of self-care Why self-love and self-denial are not mutually exclusive The difference between stewardship and selfishness Why it is not vain to invest in your health  Practical ways to prioritize your wellness See for privacy information.
Are you feeling stuck and unsatisfied in your current career, but directionless to take the next step towards transition?  Maybe you have a dream job in mind, but you don’t know how to get it. Or maybe you’re multi-passionate and can’t figure out what career path to take. If either of those sound like you, then this episode will give you all the practical advice you’ve been looking for as Jordan talks with career coach and author Ashley Stahl about how to find clarity in your career and land your dream job. Pull up a chair and listen in to learn: How to identify your core skill sets and values The first steps you should take when looking for a new job What to do when you don’t know what to do with your life The do’s and dont’s of networking How to confidently negotiate your salary The two key questions you can ask to turn conversations into job interviews Want to learn more from Ashley? Visit her at See for privacy information.
Wherever you are on your journey, whether you’re not ready to have kids for another 10 years, you’re actively trying, or you’re walking through pregnancy loss, nutrition plays a big role in improving your fertility and overall health. But let’s be honest. Eating healthy and making lifestyle changes can feel pretty overwhelming and stressful. There are a million different opinions and rules on what you should or shouldn’t eat. Do you eat the avocado or not? 🥑  🤷‍♀️ To help simplify everything for you, Jordan is speaking with registered dietician and nutritionist Whitney Gingerich to discover how to have a grace-based approach to improving your fertility through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Tune into this encouraging conversation to learn: The role diet and lifestyle play in fertility Foods that can boost your fertility  How to take a grace-based approach to eating What to do if your partner isn’t as invested in health or improving fertility Easy fertility swaps and meals you can make at home Ways to support your adrenals and manage stress How to reevaluate priorities and give yourself permission to invest in your health Want to hear more from Whitney? Visit her at  See for privacy information.
Does this sound familiar? You curl up for a relaxing night and turn on some HGTV or scroll through Pinterest to see all the beautiful homes and their designs.  Before you know it, you’re looking at your own house, feeling like you need to spend 2 million dollars to redo everything. If that sounds like you and you’re trying to figure out how to decorate your space while being a good steward of your resources, then this episode is for you. Jordan is sharing her top four tips on how to furnish your home when you’re on a budget.  Tune in to learn: The real purpose of a home How to prioritize your home purchases Why you should focus on one room at a time How you can use temporary pieces to make beautiful spaces Ways you can save up for the furniture or decor you really want See for privacy information.
Have you ever struggled to find or hold onto confidence when walking through difficult circumstances? Maybe you’re in a tough season and it’s hard for you to even imagine a positive outcome. Or maybe you’re afraid of failure, and you’re not sure how to have confidence in the face of fear. In this episode, Jordan talks with life coach and author Rachel Luna to learn how to build confidence and hold onto faith in life’s difficult seasons. Grab those headphones and tune in to learn: The meaning of confidence and why it looks different for everyone How to build confidence through action The role that faith plays in building confidence How to have confidence in the face of fear and disappointment Ways to use journaling to build up confidence Want to learn more from Rachel? Head over to See for privacy information.
Have ya ever looked at your life and asked, “Why is this happening? Why is this so hard?” Maybe you’re in a season of grieving or you’re walking through frustrating circumstances that leave you questioning everything. You wish you could just go back to things the way they were before…. ya know, before everything imploded. When life seemed simpler or easier. In today’s episode, Ashley LeMieux joins Jordan on the podcast to share her own heartbreaking story of loss and motherhood. Tune in for a candid conversation about walking through adversity and learning to find clarity and healing along the way. You’ll learn:  What to do when everyone has an opinion on your family building decisions  The difference between moving on and moving forward with your grief How to reframe your thoughts and start asking the right questions Ways to use clarity mapping as a tool to set intentions and walk through difficult circumstances  How to move forward in love, not fear Wanna hear more from Ashley? Visit her at See for privacy information.
Tell me if this sounds familiar… You’re interested in the idea of swapping out your household products with more natural options, but you’re not sure what’s legit, you’re overwhelmed by where to start, you’ve got people DMing you about products they think you should use, and you don’t know how to tell which products are trustworthy.  It can be hard to sift through all the information and conflicting options.  So in this episode, Jordan shares how to have a healthy mindset around the products you choose, some helpful resources you can use to find non-toxic products, and the products that she uses at home. If you want some practical tools and suggestions to help you choose some non-toxic products, then tune in to this episode and learn: How to take a grace-based approach to clean living Why there’s no perfect product Resources to help you find better products (so you don’t have to spend hours researching) The importance of regularly checking the brands you’re using What products Jordan uses at home To see the list of products mentioned in the episode, visit the blog post at See for privacy information.
Did you know that out of the millions of women who are on the pill, roughly 60 percent take it for non-contraceptive reasons like painful periods, endometriosis, and acne? In today’s episode, Jordan talks with award-winning naturopathic physician, and pioneer in women’s medicine, Dr. Jolene Brighten, to talk about women’s health, patient advocacy, and the effects of the pill.  Whether you’re on the pill, about to go off it, or just want to understand your hormones better, this episode has something for you. Go ahead, grab yourself a comfy seat, and tune in to learn: Why prescribing the pill can mask underlying health conditions How the pill affects the body and fertility How to prepare your body if you’re going off the pill Ways you can advocate for your health and handle medical gaslighting Diet and lifestyle changes you can make to balance your hormones Hear more from Dr. Brighten at See for privacy information.
Have you ever heard people say that money is the root of all evil? Maybe it’s made you feel that asking for a pay raise is greedy or marketing yourself and charging good money for your services is bad. Or maybe you think money is good and you want to be more intentional with it, but you’re just not sure where to start or how to create good money habits. If you’re nodding your head to either of those, then this is for you! In today's episode, Jordan digs into the common lies that we believe about money and the 8 disciplines of a financially savvy woman (and how to implement them in your own life). When you’re financially literate, you become a good steward and a wise investor, and as a result, you can be a world changer.  So grab those headphones and tune in to learn: How our childhood affects how we view money The top lies we believe about money The difference between wise wealth building and the prosperity gospel 8 disciplines of a financially savvy woman and how you can implement them How to make SMART money goals Why money habits matter See for privacy information.
Have you ever thought that rest sounds absolutely glorious…but nearly impossible? Maybe you’ve got big goals and a million dreams you’re hustling to achieve, or maybe you’ve just got a schedule crammed with to-do’s and a pile of laundry waiting to be folded. Learning to slow down in a busy season and realign your priorities on what matters most isn’t always easy. So in this episode, Jordan talks with singer-songwriter Christy Nockels to uncover what it looks like to let go of hustle and achievement and embrace rest. Nockels describes her own journey of learning to slow down and shares some deep wisdom that will leave you feeling empowered to simplify your life and put first things first. Grab those headphones, and tune in to learn: What it looks like to slow down in a busy season and realign your priorities How to move from a place of constantly doing to a place of rest How to make boundaries and rest when people give you pushback The difference between hustling and hard work What it looks like to live from the inside out You can learn more from Christy and check out her new book at See for privacy information.
Have you ever been so burnt out from work (or life) that just trying to feel empathy or trying to engage with others seems like a tall order? Maybe you feel like you’re in a hamster wheel that’s got you feeling stuck and weary, and even unable to fully function. In today’s episode, Jordan chats with professor, CEO, author, and M.D., Dr. Sasha Shillcutt, about what burnout really looks like and what you can do to address it. Take a break (yes, really) and tune in to learn: What burnout really looks like The first steps to take if you’re experiencing burnout How to set boundaries in your work and personal life Strategies for how to talk to your boss about burnout How to delegate tasks that “only you can do” To learn more from Sasha Shillcutt, visit her at See for privacy information.
When you’re preparing for marriage, everyone tells you to have conversations with your future spouse about how many kids you want and how to deal with conflict.  But no one tells you how to keep things clean when your spouse isn’t as organized as you, how to set expectations for leisure time (like fishing or playing video games), or how to make money conversations fun. So in this episode, Jordan is sharing the six things she wish she knew before she got married - plus some tips for building a home when you’re living with someone who does things differently than you. Grab your headphones and tune in to learn: Strategies for keeping a household schedule How to make money conversations fun Ways to keep your home, files, and lives organized How to have conversations about household tasks and leisure time Why being a power couple isn't the goal And if you want a jump start on scheduling and organizing your calendar, planning meals, and all the logistical parts of running a home, check the free Own Your Everyday Way mini-course at  See for privacy information.
Have you ever heard the words “meal prep” only to imagine tupperwares full of plain chicken, rice, and green beans? Maybe you genuinely want to eat healthier and plan ahead, but you find yourself overwhelmed by the process, and well, you don’t have six hours to prep food every Sunday. (Who does?) In this episode, Jordan shares some practical ways you can plan your meals ahead and be intentional about nourishing your body throughout the week - without having to spend hours prepping or eating the same meal every day. So grab a snack and tune in to learn: The three nutrients you should include in every meal Easy ways to plan your meals ahead Ways you can batch lunches without spending hours prepping How to eat nutritious meals in a way that fits your lifestyle And if you want to dive into more ways to make meal planning really simple, check out the free Own Your Everyday mini-course at  You'll learn how to develop weekly rhythms, time block your week to be more productive, and meal prep healthy meals using a quick and simple system. See for privacy information.
We all have insecurities that we’d like to cover up. For some, it may be self-doubt in their job or relationships, but for others, it may be a bit more visible... Like those little red bumps on your face (ya know, the kind you’re only supposed to have during your awkward middle school years).  Acne and other skin issues can be frustrating, painful, and even embarrassing.  So in this episode, Jordan speaks with nutritionist and integrative health practitioner Dani Ferguson to talk about how to heal skin issues from a holistic perspective and get to the root cause of your symptoms.  And they’re talking about a whole lot more than just skin! Tune in to this knowledge-packed episode to learn: How to recognize when you’re body is telling you something’s wrong How stress affects your body Why skin creams and prescriptions aren’t the answer to your acne issues How your gut affects your health and your skin How nutrition plays a role in skin health  An easy holistic skincare routine you can try The first steps to take to get to the root cause of your health issues How to heal scarring from chronic acne To learn more about Dani, visit her at See for privacy information.
If you’re a small business owner (or anyone who pays taxes), you may have felt fear or frustration at trying to figure out all the legal and financial pieces. Maybe you’ve even stressed yourself out asking questions like: What’s the difference between tax deductions and credits? Do I need to pay my taxes quarterly? What’s the difference between revenue and profit and why does it even matter? How do I know what to deduct? In this episode, Jordan is taking all the stress away with author and CPA Wendy Barlin. Wendy brings a wealth of knowledge as she walks through how to understand taxes and answers listener questions on profit, cash flow, and deductions. Get those headphones ready and tune in to learn: What the difference is between revenue and profit Why revenue isn’t the goal (and what is) How to handle taxes to maximize profits How LLC’s and S Corps differ when it comes to taxes What the difference is between tax deductions and tax credits When to pay taxes How to determine what’s deductible  To learn more about Wendy, visit  And if you’re looking to achieve profitability for your business, check out the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.  See for privacy information.
Have ya ever heard someone talk about making their own non-toxic products and think, “That sounds a little hippy-ish”? Or maybe you want to start using cleaner products, but want to be able to make some at home so you can save money (and set it aside for other things). On today’s episode, Jordan is sharing why she makes some of her own products (even though she used to roll her eyes at it), how it can help your health, and how to make your own products using crazy easy recipes and ingredients. This episode is full of easy steps and practical tips. So go ahead, get some gal pals together, and tune in to learn: ✨  What greenwashing is and how to avoid it ✨  How toxins in products can affect your health ✨  How we can be a steward of our bodies and homes ✨  Two simple recipes for making hand soap and cleaner   P.S. Want to create your own products? Here’s what you’ll need: An amber glass soap dispenser or spray bottle Minimalist labels from Etsy Castille soap (unscented or citrus scent) Vitamin E oil Thieves essential oil Lemon or orange essential oil White vinegar   HAND SOAP: Fill ¾ of the container with Castille soap Add in 4-6 drops of Thieves essential oil Add in 3-5 drops of lemon or orange essential oil (optional) Add a few drops of Vitamin E oil Fill remaining ¼ container with water Wipe off container and add a label   CLEANING SPRAY: Fill ¾ of the container with water Add in 3-4 drops of Thieves essential oil Fill remaining ¼ of the container with white vinegar and shake Wipe off container and add a label See for privacy information.
In a busy world where we’re constantly pushed to do more and achieve more, finding space and margin in our lives (to focus on the most important things and to steward our own mental health) can be pretty difficult. Sometimes there’s so much noise around us that the thought of finding quiet in the noise seems... well, pretty much impossible.  In today’s episode, Jordan talks with Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and actress Jamie Grace to talk about what it looks like to create margin in your life and how you can support loved ones who are struggling with a mental health diagnosis. If you or someone you know is walking through grief, anxiety, or depression - or if you’re just feeling overwhelmed by all the noise in your life, this episode will give you some practical steps you can take.  Tune in to learn: How to validate and process your emotions without feeling guilty Why community is essential for mental health Practical things you can do to support someone with a mental health diagnosis Ways you can find some quiet in the middle of the busyness  To learn more about Jamie Grace, head over to her Instagram page @jamiegraceh.   See for privacy information.
Matt joins Jordan on the show for a fun and practical Q & A session answering listener questions about selling, buying, and building a home. If you're thinking about buying a new house, curious to hear about real estate investment, or even wondering about the process of building and furnishing a new home, this episode is for you. Tune in to learn: How real estate can be an investment Ways you can lower your mortgage payment How much money to put down on a new home Tips for building a home How to decide what to keep when moving See for privacy information.
Does this sound familiar? You finally make the decision that you want to work towards a healthier lifestyle, so you decide to start eating healthier. You grab your computer and start researching how to nourish your body only to find a million (more like a billion) articles on different types of diets. And each one has conflicting opinions on what to actually eat. Very quickly, finding foods to eat feels stressful, your diet feels restricted, and your stress ends up affecting your health too So, what’s a girl to do? In this episode, Jordan talks with registered dietician Alyssa Pike to help answer your questions about healthy eating and combat negative mindsets and stress around food. Tune in to learn: The harm of dieting and negative mindsets around food How to combat stress around food The first steps to take to eat healthier Tips for healthy grocery shopping How to eat healthy with kids To learn more, go to See for privacy information.
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Extremely grateful for this conversation. Thank you! ❤

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Yay! New episodes! I'm so happy & I needed these badly. Tysm JL! Your self help podcast helps me start my day in a good mental space.❤

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Love this episode! Thank you for talking about this. Coming from a victor of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

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I'm thankful for this message, thank you. maybe this topic should've been done at a little later date to where you would be able to portray your experience with less negativity and criticism :/ I just feel as if I listened to a rant more than a message. God bless your ministry

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We need more of this topic. Excellence is a choice ... choose to be excellent!!

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Thanks ladies, I so loved this show. Your honesty and tips about exercise and practicing wellness in key areas were on point. it requires consistent focus to create strong foundations and once they are strong you won't be derailed easily. Fit is a mindset that manifest in the physical too. Keep sharing and inspiring us to greatness. I am working on revamping my show and I know in my heart it is beneficial for those who listen and follow. Happiness and Many Blessings!

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this is my favorite podcast rn!

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love the honesty Jordan gives in her podcasts, dont need to hide or cover our scars.. love it ! we're all beautiful !!

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this was extremely timely and helpful! I shared on the She Podcast IG page on how this impacted me greatly. bless you guys! 🌹💎

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Loving this podcast so far!! Only listened to 3 of them so far, but they're sooo good. Definitely worth a listen!!!

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