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In this podcast, National Bestselling Author, Jordan Lee Dooley, dishes out truths, tips, and actionable takeaways to help you reach your potential without the pressure to prove. Every episode is like sitting down with a good friend who’s coaching you through life. All are welcome — come hang out!
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Have you ever wanted to understand yourself better and why you behave a certain way? Maybe you want to pursue personal growth and improve how you react in times of stress. Or maybe you want to learn how to better communicate with your spouse and respond with grace instead of frustration.   In this episode, Jordan talks with enneagram coach Morgan Maxey to talk all about the personality test, the good and the bad.  Buckle up and tune in to learn: Details about the enneagram types The strengths and weaknesses of tests like this How to test yourself What to do if you’re stuck on which type you are How the test can be used to better understand loved ones How to get your message out there To learn more from Morgan, visit her over on Instagram.  See for privacy information.
Have you ever wanted to use your words to build others up and leave a legacy? Have you ever been afraid to be vulnerable or wondered what that actually looks like? Or have you ever been worried about sharing what you’ve created? To answer all those questions and more, Jordan is chatting with spoken word poet and author Arielle Estoria.  They’re diving deep into the power of words, vulnerability, and the creative process. Tune in to learn: The power of words and how to use them to leave a legacy How to promote an environment where people have permission to be vulnerable What showing vulnerability actually means How to tune out the noise and tune into your creativity How to get over the fear of saying the wrong thing, or failing in what you’re creating To hear more from Arielle, check out her Instagram page.  See for privacy information.
Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business, but felt held back by the fear of leaving a secure job? Maybe you wanna create a business so you can have more flexibility in your life, but the idea of leaving what’s comfortable just stresses you out. Or maybe you’ve decided to start a business, but you feel like you’re hitting a wall just trying to get clients and make a profit.  If your head and heart are nodding in agreement right now, then this episode’s for you! Founder and CEO of The Social Bungalow, Shannon Lutz, joins Jordan on the podcast to share her personal story of leaving a 10-year corporate job to pursue her own dream. She's also sharing her best marketing advice for starting a business and booking clients. So get ready to take notes and tune in to learn: How one woman left her job to pursue her career How to use your skills and experience to start a business How to book your first client Whether you need a website before you start How to make money without a large social media following To learn more about Shannon, head over to the See for privacy information.
Have you ever walked through a difficult or confusing season and wanted someone to just step in and say “I’ve walked through that before - here’s what I wish I had known at the time”? Maybe you’re craving connection and support, or maybe you really need someone who’s ahead of you in the journey and can share their wisdom with you. In this episode, Jordan sits down with cancer survivor and New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere to talk about the beauty and the importance of mentorship.  Go grab those headphones and tune into this episode to learn: What a godmother is and who can be one The difference between mentors and peers How to find a godmother in your life What a mentorship relationship really looks like What vulnerability actually looks like and who to be vulnerable with If you want to dig deeper and hear more from Lisa, visit her on Instagram. See for privacy information.
Does this sound familiar? You know you want to start a business or a side hustle so you can make some extra income and have the flexibility to set your own hours (and work in your slippers, of course). So you write a list of all the things you’re passionate about and all the ideas you have. But when you look over your list, you think, “How am I ever going to choose? I just want to pursue ALL my passions!”  In today’s episode, Jordan chats with business coach and second-generation entrepreneur Rachel Proctor to answer that one very important question:  How do you find your best business idea? You’ll learn: How to choose which business idea to pursue How to know which idea will be most profitable How to decide on a business model Where to start with your business  How to become a valuable resource to your customer If you want to hear more from Rachel, visit her on Instagram. See for privacy information.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of creating a healthier home and making changes to the way you’re eating or the products you're using? Maybe you’ve heard about toxic chemicals in products or pesticides and it sounds important, but it all feels overwhelming.  Grab a chair and get comfy as Jordan talks with Teryn Robinson about how to build a healthy home and how to do it one step at a time. There’s a lot of information and resources packed into this episode, so make sure you tune in to learn: How companies greenwash labels and what to look for What criteria to have for your food and resources you can use to find clean foods What to look for in beauty and skincare products Where toxins might be hiding in your home How to limit your EMF exposure   How to eat healthy on the go And if you want to learn more about Teryn, go visit her on Instagram.    See for privacy information.
Have you ever looked at your bank account and felt stressed? Or maybe you’ve thought about all the things you should be saving for, or all the debt you need to pay off, and you’re immediately overwhelmed by where to start. Maybe there’s a part of you that knows you should be more intentional with your finances and, well, let’s be real, you think “that doesn’t sound fun AT ALL.”  In this episode, Jordan talks with millennial money coach Chloe Elise to answer all your money questions and show you what you can do today to create financial health for the long game. Tune into to hear all about: How to have a healthy mindset around money How to avoid the top money mistakes How to stop overspending without giving up the things you love How to keep yourself accountable and get money advice from the right place How to get on the same page with your spouse and make money conversations FUN The steps to take if you’re starting a business with personal funds If you want to learn more about Chloe and what she teaches, go visit her on Instagram.  See for privacy information.
Have you ever found yourself looking at the girl next to you, and thinking “If I could just be like her, then I’d be successful”?  Maybe you just feel like success is a weighty word and you don’t think you have anything to offer.  To dig deeper into our love-hate relationship with success, Jordan chatted with Jamie Ivey, podcast host and author of “You Be You: Why Satisfaction and Success Are Closer Than You Think.” Jamie’s on a mission to show women that their mark on the world doesn’t happen by mimicking someone else’s life or calling. It happens by living faithfully with what God has given you (not Sally next door). Tune in to learn: How to stop defining success by how others define it Ways to be faithful with what God has given How you can stop being a slave to measurements and goals, but still do work excellently How to own your gifts and skills without guilt You can learn more about Jamie and her book by following her here. See for privacy information.
Sometimes the journey to motherhood isn’t as easy or as glamorous as social media makes it out to be. It can be bumpy, full of heartbreak, and leave you feeling like you’ve got a one-way ticket on the struggle bus. In this episode, Jordan shares about her own journey to motherhood - from experiencing two miscarriages to seeking answers and advocating for her health and the health of her future family.  You’ll hear about the types of testing Jordan’s pursued, the lifestyle changes she’s made as a result, and the message she has to share with other women who’ve experienced the same heartbreak.  Grab a blanket, sit down, and listen to this candid discussion about the journey that happens when the road to motherhood gets difficult. See for privacy information.
The SoulScripts Story

The SoulScripts Story


Have you heard the news? The SoulScripts shop that started it all is re-opening on October 1, with a new mission to support women walking through difficult seasons. In this episode, Jordan takes you behind the scenes and shares the story behind the comeback - a story intertwined with Jordan's own journey of heartbreak, healing, and rebuilding. Get cozy and tune in to hear: How SoulScripts was started Why the shop was closed and how it's been refined The new mission behind SoulScripts and how it's impacting women How the new shop will work and what you can expect 4 life lessons Jordan learned from closing and re-opening her shop You won't want to miss this one! And don't forget to check out the new SoulScripts shop here.  See for privacy information.
Have you ever wanted a manual that will just show you how to skip through the painful chapters of your life? Or maybe you’re going through a hard season and you’re asking yourself: How is this my life?  In this episode of SHE, Jordan talks with Katherine Wolf, author of Suffer Strong. After a near-fatal stroke at the age of 26, Katherine shares her own powerful story of loss and healing, and how to build a beautiful life right in the middle of the pain. Tune in to learn: How to find strength in the middle of a painful season and make a beautiful life right where you’re at 3 Ways to embrace your own unique beauty Why it’s important to cultivate who you let speak into your life How to get through suffering together with your spouse Learn more about Katherine on Instagram by following her here. See for privacy information.
Do you think like a boss? Do you know how to think like a boss while still being a humble, kind, and generous human being? If you're scratching your head or look a little bit like this emoji --> 🤷‍♀️ right now, welcome to the club Look, if you get stuck in your head, bogged down by lies like, "I don't have enough time," or struggle with setting healthy boundaries, it's time to learn the tools it takes to reframe your mind and think like a boss. In this episode, Jordan chats with Kate Crocco, Psychotherapist, Female Confidence Coach and author of Thinking Like a Boss to help us do just that. Tune in to learn: The 12 limiting beliefs female business owners struggle with How to set boundaries to thrive and why setting boundaries is biblical Why being a boss and being humble are not contradictory How to know the line between whether we don't have time or if something just isn't a priority to us Get to know Kate on instagram by following her here!   See for privacy information.
Have you ever found yourself feeling afraid that if you stepped into what you were called to do, your family would be the collateral damage? We have, too.  Does the popular messaging in our modern culture to just go for your dreams, run over anyone that gets in the way, and not apologize for it kind of exhaust you?  Same here.  Ever find that your inner critic holds you back from the things you KNOW in your heart you’re supposed to step into? You’re not the only one. In this episode of SHE, Jordan talks with Business Coach and Author of Standing Strong, Alli Worthington, to provide you truth and tools to navigate these overwhelming fears and feelings with faith and confidence.     Tune into learn:  Why the popular messaging that life is all about you and your dreams is damaging (and a healthier alternative approach) How to understand your inner critic and what she’s actually trying to do when she speaks to you (it's not what you think!) 3 key questions to ask differentiate your inner critic’s voice from God’s voice The surprising secret to real confidence    The short episode is jam packed with powerful wisdom and practical steps you can take to step outside your comfort zone and into your calling WITHOUT neglecting your faith or family.    PS. Pre-order Alli’s new book Standing Stronghere and follow Alli on Instagram @alliworthington  See for privacy information.
It seems like society can't make up its mind about women. Should we be independent boss babes? Homemakers and moms? Athletes or girly girls? Quiet and gentle? Strong and fierce? Somehow both? All the mixed messages are enough to make our heads spin!  So in this episode, Jordan talks with Amanda Ferguson, Certified Etiquette Consultant and Femininity Coach, to dig into what tapping into our feminine design and beauty as women in today's culture looks like.   Tune in to learn: What femininity actually means How our culture has deviated from valuing the feminine heart The way trauma steals our tenderness (and what to do about it) What truly defines strength And so much more   To learn more from Amanda, follower her on Instagram @mrsamandaferguson. See for privacy information.
Are your creative ideas protected?  Do you know if there’s a risk that your customer could be confused between your brand and someone else’s? Is your brand and business name actually available for you to legally use? Do words like, “Intellectual Property,” “Trademark,” and “Copyright” make you break out in hives? Fear not. In this episode, Jordan brought on Ticora Davis, Creative Business Attorney for Experts and Entrepreneurs, to teach us everything we need to know about protecting our brands and our creative souls. She also walks us through the process of creating an IP Protection Plan with ease, among many other helpful legal things.  Tune into learn: The easiest way to find if the trademark you want is available  Why is easier to use than Practical steps you can take to avoid being copied Where to share you ideas (and where NOT to share them) And more! If the legal side of entrepreneurship stresses you out, this one conversation is chock full of practical advice that will help you understand the "legalese" so you can rest easy knowing that your work and creative ideas are protected.  To learn more from Ticora, visit her website at See for privacy information.
You have a story to share but... how do you get it out there? You see yourself owning the stage and changing lives from the mic but the whole *getting hired as a speaker* seems more like a fantasy than something that could be a reality, right? What if we told you it wasn't as hard as you might think?  If you want to turn your mess into a message that moves people and serves as a profitable career, tune into this episode as Jordan chats with Jessica Rasdall, a Public Speaking Strategist, and get answers to all the questions that are floating around in your brain so you can take needle-moving steps forward right away! Learn more about Jessica and dig into her teachings at See for privacy information.
Do you have painful or irregular periods? Don't exactly look forward to *that time* of the month? Are you trying to prepare your body for pregnancy or optimize your fertility? Ever find that you're fatigued or completely burned out? We invite you to tap into the power of your period in ways you never thought possible. In this episode, Jordan chats with Menstrual Health Educator, Berrion Berry, to learn all things menstrual know-how. Throughout the conversation, Berry breaks down how our menstrual cycle provides a blueprint to build our lives around (say whaaat?!). Tune into learn: What "cycle syncing" is and how it can benefit your career or business How to understand the 4 Phases of your cycle What is best to eat during each phase of your cycle Where to get superfoods your body needs  What your body actually wants when you crave a Snickers before your period starts And more Grab a journal, your calendar, and get ready to take back the power of your period! To learn more from Berry, visit See for privacy information.
Have trials or your past experiences left you feeling afraid of the future?  You are not the only one.  In this episode, Jordan has an honest and candid conversation about tackling some of our biggest, or simply most nagging, fears with Jennifer Allwood, author of Fear is Not the Boss of You.  When it comes to pursuing your greatest dreams, tune in to learn practical steps you can take to feel the fear and do it anyway. See for privacy information.
What are you supposed to do when you and your significant other are on different pages when it comes to personal growth? How do you navigate this? How can you respectfully encourage and support one another on your own journeys to growth while remaining united as a team? Is it even possible? To find out, Jordan asked Matt to join in on this episode, and together, they interviewed Gerard and Jessie of the Marriage is Funny podcast to dive deep into this topic.  In this episode of SHE, they two couples are serving up all sorts of relatable stories, helpful tools, and practical steps we can take toward growing together as couples -- even if we’re growing differently. Tune in to learn: What to consider when pursuing personal development while doing life with another person (who may or may not be on the same page as you) How to respect and work through your different approaches to growth without losing sight of your own goals Ideas to align your mental, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle goals as a couple (ie. addressing overlap and potential opposition with respect) And why setting up some “family rules” can actually help support the relationship If you know that you and your S/O need to get on the same page, or at least find better ways to support one another in your individual journeys without growing apart as a couple, pour a glass and hit play. You won’t want to miss a second of this one! Learn more and follow Gerard and Jessie at   See for privacy information.
Have you ever struggled to embrace your flaws, or believed the lie that you need to hide your scars or "fix" your imperfections?  Ever thought about how those imperfections might be the key to your greatest impact?  Yes, that thing you've never loved about yourself, or the insecurities that others have made fun of, might be key to changing the world. In this episode, Jordan speaks with Caitlin Crosby, founder of the Giving Keys and author of You Are The Key. By sharing her own story through navigating Hollywood, unattainable beauty standards, and her journey to building a nationally recognized social give-back brand, The Giving Keys, she's showing us a critical belief we need to adopt: Why YOU, as you are, flaws and all, are key to changing world. Learn more about Caitlin and her work at See for privacy information.
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Amber Weekley

Yay! New episodes! I'm so happy & I needed these badly. Tysm JL! Your self help podcast helps me start my day in a good mental space.❤

Nov 25th

Megan Bourquin

Love this episode! Thank you for talking about this. Coming from a victor of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Aug 18th

Midnight Waffle

Thank you for discussing this important topic.

Feb 24th

Samin Arzani

love it! that was exactly what I need

Feb 21st

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Jan 30th

Rachel Miller

I'm thankful for this message, thank you. maybe this topic should've been done at a little later date to where you would be able to portray your experience with less negativity and criticism :/ I just feel as if I listened to a rant more than a message. God bless your ministry

Jul 18th
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Ellie Ekatomatis

We need more of this topic. Excellence is a choice ... choose to be excellent!!

Jul 18th
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Coach BillieC

Thanks ladies, I so loved this show. Your honesty and tips about exercise and practicing wellness in key areas were on point. it requires consistent focus to create strong foundations and once they are strong you won't be derailed easily. Fit is a mindset that manifest in the physical too. Keep sharing and inspiring us to greatness. I am working on revamping my show and I know in my heart it is beneficial for those who listen and follow. Happiness and Many Blessings!

Jul 5th

Amber Weekley

this is my favorite podcast rn!

Mar 4th

Sharon Treharne

This is great!!! it's so important to chat about these things!

Jan 28th

Alexandra Gail

So helpful! Making it a priority to be more intentional at work with my time this new semester & at home too, less screen time when my husband comes home from work

Jan 4th

Emily Hystad

love the honesty Jordan gives in her podcasts, dont need to hide or cover our scars.. love it ! we're all beautiful !!

Dec 20th

Ashlee V. Grant

this was extremely timely and helpful! I shared on the She Podcast IG page on how this impacted me greatly. bless you guys! 🌹💎

Dec 14th

Sharon Treharne

I love this podcast! Totally bumps up my motivation and good vibes level for the day!

Nov 23rd

Anna B.

I needed this God filled message today!!!

Nov 10th

Alexandra Gail

thank you for this💗

Oct 29th

Amariah E.

Loving this podcast so far!! Only listened to 3 of them so far, but they're sooo good. Definitely worth a listen!!!

Oct 22nd

Maria Muresan

Found this from someone posting about episode 2.. totally love this podcast and I'm hooked! love the truth Jordan speaks!

Oct 18th

Lyndsey Krueger

Love love LOVE 💜 Jordan gives such practical and loving advice!

Oct 18th
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