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Most of us have probably heard at one point or another that stress affects our health.In fact, maybe you’re experiencing symptoms right now that are rooted in stress.But what you may not realize is that external factors like jobs and relationships aren’t the only stressors that can affect you.There are a lot of internal stressors like blood sugar levels and gut function that also play a role in our health.So how can you identify what stressors may be at play and how can you address them in order to improve your long-term health?That’s what this episode explores as Jordan talks with Lahana Vigliano, a clinical nutritionist and the CEO of Nuvitru Wellness, a functional medicine private practice.Together they uncover how stress affects all areas of your health and how to kick stress to the curb so your body can function as it was made to.Tune in to learn:How stress can affect different areas of your healthInternal stressors you might be missingWhy it’s so important that all women focus on balancing blood sugarHow chronic stress can cause digestion problems and affect your ability to lose weightThe role stress plays in reproductive healthHow to nourish your body and support your adrenals during stressful seasonsReady to dig deeper? Check out these links from the
Have you ever found yourself saying yes to one commitment after the other only to end up being burnt out and resentful?Maybe you said yes because you’re a helper and you want to serve others or maybe you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.For many women, people-pleasing is at the root of over-commitment.But as today’s guest says, “Every time you say yes to something you shouldn’t, you are saying no to something important.”So how can we learn to navigate the tension between following God’s call to serve others and creating time for rest and other priorities?You’re about to find out!In this episode, Jordan talks with Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and author Karen Ehman about how to break the pattern of people-pleasing.Get ready to take some notes and tune in to this episode to learn:Karen’s personal experience with people-pleasing and her experiment with saying no to extra commitmentsHow to discern what pleases God rather than what pleases  peopleThe problems with overserving or saying yes to too many commitmentsQuestions you can ask yourself to determine if you should say yes to a requestWhy saying no or setting boundaries doesn’t make you selfish or a “bad Christian”What it looks like to live out your own priorities rather than caving to the opinions and expectations of othersPractical tips for saying no to extra commitmentsWant to dig deeper? Find out more at
Have you ever found yourself stuck between two extremes - between modern medicine and living a more holistic lifestyle?Maybe you had a bad experience with a doctor and you began focusing on making lifestyle changes and using natural remedies. But now you feel guilty about the prospect of taking any medication or utilizing modern medicine in any capacity - even if it could be helpful.Or perhaps you’re on the flip side and see natural medicine as a hoax. You utilize modern medicine but have ended up relying on medication as a bandaid rather than exploring root causes or practicing prevention.In our society, it has become easy to sink into black-and-white thinking and demonize either modern medicine or holistic and natural approaches.But maybe it’s time to ask if these two approaches really need to be mutually exclusive. What if there could be a healthy blend of both approaches?In this episode, Jordan shares her thoughts and experience on blending modern medicine with more holistic approaches.Whether you find yourself leaning towards a more holistic and natural healing approach or towards modern medical practices, this episode will help you explore the benefits of both - and the problem with black-and-white thinking.Tune in to learn:The varying viewpoints on modern medicine vs. holistic medicineThe problem with seeing modern medicine and holistic medicine as mutually exclusiveJordan’s personal experience with utilizing both medications and lifestyle changesThe problems that can be found in both modern medicine and holistic living approachesHow to navigate these two seemingly opposite approaches toward healingP.S. If you want to explore how you can cultivate a healthier home by sourcing cleaner products and more sustainable foods, grab your copy of the Lifestyle Overhaul Guide.
Let’s be honest. In our digital age, it has become increasingly common to see internet blood baths where everyone has an opinion on every topic and disagreements quickly lead to arguments.We often feel confident in our opinion and believe it’s our job to persuade everyone else that we’re correct.But how can we begin to think critically when we’re being blasted by endless information with endless biases and agendas?And how do we go from being defensive and ready to persuade to having open and respectful conversations that explore each other’s ideas?In this episode, Jordan talks with the founder of the Brave Writer program, author Julie Bogart, about how we can be critical thinkers in a digital age.If you’re ready to be and raise passionate learners who can think without fear or defensiveness, tune in to this episode to learn:What it actually means to be a critical thinkerHow our experiences shape our thinkingHow to differentiate facts from interpretationWays technology affects our brainsHow to use critical thinking when having conversations with othersReady to dig deeper? Check out these links from the episode:bravewriter.comraisingcriticalthinkers.comP.S. If you haven't yet, don't forget to grab a copy of Jordan's new book, Embrace Your Almost.
Have you ever felt like there are certain topics that are not openly talked about as Christians?There are so many things happening in society and in our own lives and relationships that we often don’t know how to talk about.Maybe we’re worried it will make us seem like a “bad” Christian or we’re worried that the conversation will get heated and end in fruitless arguments.But there’s a lot at risk when Christians don’t talk about hard topics or learn how to disagree respectfully.So in this episode, Jordan has a candid conversation with author Blake Guichet about the conversations Christians feel like they can’t or shouldn’t have.From politics to mental health to church hurt, they’re digging into why these conversations are often avoided and how Christians can be better at discussing heated issues with respect.Tune in to learn:Why Christians are afraid to talk about certain topicsThe importance of learning how to disagree respectfullyThe difference between love and agreementWhat’s at risk when Christians don’t talk about hard topicsWhy our faith needs to be the foundation of everythingThe difference between following feelings and following truthWant to dig deeper? Learn more at or grab a copy of Blake’s new book, Confessions of a Crappy Christian.P.S. If you’ve ever dreamt of writing your own book, Legacy Story Academy, is open for enrollment. LSA gives you a step-by-step plan and live coaching to map and write your book in 90 days. Enrollment closes on November 4th, so grab your spot before it’s too late!
Have you ever dreamed about writing a book only to get filled with doubt and questions like…How do I even know what to write about? How would I find the time to write it? Would a publisher even go for my idea? Would it even be worth it? How would I market it?There’s a lot that goes into writing a book, and sometimes just starting is the hardest part.From deciding what to write about to finding a workflow and process that makes writing easier, this episode will help answer all those questions rumbling in your head.Jordan talks with bestselling author and story coach Erin Weidemann about how to map out (and actually write) your book.If you’ve ever considered writing a book, this is for you! Tune in to learn:A process for mapping out your bookQuestions to ask yourself to uncover the theme of your bookHow to determine how much of your story to shareTips for a better writing workflowCommon mistakes that new writers often makeErin’s story of going from classroom teacher with no connections to co-founder of a multimillion-dollar publishing company and bestselling authorWant to dig deeper? Erin Weidemann’s course, Legacy Story Academy, is now open for enrollment. LSA gives you a step-by-step plan and live coaching to map and write your book in 90 days. Grab your spot today and you’ll also get access to a bonus coaching session from Jordan on how to launch and market your book.
If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, you’ve probably asked the question: how do I actually publish my book?While working with a traditional publishing company is what many people think of, it’s not the only option.Self-publishing is another way to get your book into the world - and it comes with a lot of benefits.But what’s the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing? And which option is best for you? You’re about to find out!In this episode, Jordan talks with bestselling author and the CEO of Self-Publishing School, Chandler Bolt, about the ins and outs of publishing your own book.Whether you’ve been dreaming of writing your own book or you’re just curious to learn more about the process, tune in to learn:The difference between traditional publishing and self-publishingCommon myths about self-publishingWhat the process of self-publishing looks likeWhere to start when it comes to writing a bookHow to launch your bookThe time and cost of self-publishing a bookWant to dig deeper?Go to and the first 50 listeners will get a free copy of the book Published by Chandler Bolt!Get  in-depth resources and hands-on support at self-publishingschool.comP.S. Jordan’s friend Erin Weidemann is opening enrollment on Oct. 25th for her course Legacy Story Academy, which gives you a step-by-step plan and live coaching to map and write your book in 90 days. Grab a free lesson from inside the course to learn the #1 thing you need to do to write a bestseller!
The Bible often talks about our role in taking care of the orphaned and widowed.And these verses have led many people to care for children through the process of adoption.But how else can we answer the call to help the vulnerable around us? What does that look like today and what role can we play?Let’s be honest. It can feel scary and overwhelming to know how to help at-risk families, but this episode will help break down and address those fears so you can feel equipped to help those in need.In this episode, Jordan talks with foster mom and executive director of Foster the Family, Jamie Finn, about how we can support at-risk children and families.Whether you have a heart for the vulnerable or you know a foster family that you'd like to better support, tune in to learn…What the Bible says about taking care of at-risk children and familiesCommon myths and fears about foster care vs. realityThe impact of caring for at-risk kidsPractical ways, other than foster parenting, to help vulnerable familiesWhat foster care can teach us about how to love biological families and others in generalHow the out-of-your-control nature of foster care can challenge and strengthen our faithThe importance of self-care and boundaries when we are serving othersReady to dig deeper? Learn more at and Are you interested in switching to cleaner and healthier makeup? Use this link to get $10 off your first Crunchi order of $50 or more.
When walking through adversity, it can be easy to fall into a negative or victim mindset.After all, everything seems to be working against you, and sometimes it feels like there’s nothing to do but spiral downward. Ever been there? 🙋‍♀️But if we can take a step back, we may find that the adversity in our life presents an opportunity for growth and connection.Still, you may be wondering… how do I overcome challenges when life feels like it’s falling apart?And how can I help others do the same?This episode will help answer those questions as Jordan talks with personal trainer, author, and speaker Doug Boost about how to overcome adversity.Doug is the host of the Adversity Advantage Podcast and he knows a thing or two about turning trials into opportunities for growth.So grab those headphones and tune in to learn:Doug’s personal story of overcoming adversityThe importance of analyzing your mindset in the midst of challenging circumstancesHow adversity can affect our faithWhy overcoming difficulties is often a nonlinear journeyWays to support a friend who is walking through adversityHow to support your health during a difficult or draining seasonReady to dig deeper? Learn more at SoulScripts’ OG crewneck is back 🎉, but only through October 7th. Shop the collection now at
When a friend or family member is hurting, it can be difficult to know what to say.Have you ever been in that situation? 🙋‍♀️You want to help and support them, but maybe you still find yourself unsure of what to say. Or maybe you have a habit of using common cliches like “everything happens for a reason” (which BTW, often end up doing more harm than good).Even though you have good intentions and you genuinely care, your words (or lack of words) can actually end up being hurtful to the person you’re trying to help.So what’s a girl to do?In this episode, Jordan pulls from her own experiences and shares the most helpful things to say to a friend who’s hurting.By walking you through what NOT to say and suggesting alternatives that will be more helpful, this episode will help you show up for your friend when they need you the most.Tune in and learn:Common cliches that can be more harmful than helpfulAlternative phrases to say to comfort a friendThe importance of not trying to fix a situationThe difference between being there for someone and being there with themWays you can support a friend walking through a hard timeP.S. In case you missed it, SoulScripts is opening back up on October 3rd and the OG crewneck is coming back! Women go through a lot of hard things and what better way to show your support than the phrase "Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here"? Make sure to mark your calendar and check out the designs here!
Have you ever struggled to find adult friendships? 🙋‍♀️Maybe you’ve just moved, you’re in a busy season of life, or you’re an introvert who has a hard time starting a conversation.Perhaps you’ve tried to make friends, but it seems like nothing is reciprocated or it doesn’t click.Or maybe you’re walking through a difficult season that has made it difficult to maintain your current friendships.Navigating friendship as an adult can often be tricky and even overwhelming at times!So in this episode, Jordan has a candid conversation with Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, authors and founders of Sister I Am With You, about finding and building close friendships as an adult.Ready to find your gal pals and build deep connections? Tune in to learn:How to make friends as adultsWhy making friends as an adult can be difficultWays to build a friendship even when you’re busyWhat to do when a friendship isn’t reciprocatedLies we believe about friendshipsHow to navigate friendships during difficult or painful seasonsWays to work on being a better friendWant to dig deeper? Learn more at or read their new book here.
Have you ever scrolled through Instagram only to see a bunch of ladies who are killing it in their business, ministry, or home life?Maybe you’ve been wanting to start a business or side hustle, but feel like your work can’t compare to all those IG accounts you’re looking at.Or maybe it just seems like everyone has it all together except for you (hint: they don’t).The truth is that comparison can negatively affect how we show up for work and for each other.So in this episode, Jordan chats with author, pastor, and speaker Nona Jones about how to kill comparison so we can start showing up for what we were meant to do.If you’re ready to kick comparison to the curb, grab your headphones and tune in to learn:How comparison can keep us from what God has for usWhy overcoming comparison is key to pursuing your dreamsWhat a healthy level of comparison looks likeHow comparison can affect your confidence and your workWays to reframe the trigger of your comparisonWhat the Bible says about comparisonWant to dig deeper? Go to👉 Ready to stop comparing and finally start that business you’ve been dreaming about? Enrollment is now open for The Starter, a step-by-step roadmap to set up your biz from start to finish. Enrollment closes on September 16th, so make sure to reserve your seat!
Have you ever dreamed of starting a side hustle?Maybe you want to make extra money for your family while still having some flexibility or perhaps you just want to use your talents and passions in a new way.While starting a side hustle is a great way to add much-needed income, there are a lot of other big reasons to start one!In this episode, Jordan lays out five reasons why starting a side hustle is a great idea.Whether you want to work from home on your own schedule or you just want to have an outlet where you can be creative and pursue something you enjoy, tune in to this episode for the encouragement (and push) you need to get started.You’ll learn:How Jordan’s businesses all started from a small side hustleThe advantages of having a side hustleHow to scale your side hustle based on the season of life you’re inWhy a side hustle can bring purpose and fulfillmentThe role a side hustle can play when switching careers or jobsHow you can experience growth through learning and using new skills👉 Dreaming of a side hustle, but not sure where to start? Jordan is hosting a free webinar, Earn Your First $1000 from a Side Hustle, on September 12th. You’ll learn how to start making money from your side hustle ASAP, how to land your first customers, and much more. Spots are limited so make sure you reserve your seat!
Have you ever wondered how to live out your faith at work or in a professional setting?Maybe you’re creating a biz and questioning if you should market it as a Christian business, or you’re starting a side hustle, but you feel like charging a certain amount of money is greedy.Or perhaps you’re working for a business that doesn’t agree with your values, and you’re struggling to know what to do next.You’re not the only one!In this episode, Jordan talks with business marketing coaches and co-founders of The Heart University, Lindsey Roman and Evie Rupp, about being a Christian in business.Lindsey and Evie are not only entrepreneurs but also strong Christians who have a lot of great advice on what it can look like to live out your faith in the business world.If you’re ready to dig into how faith and work can come together, tune in to learn:How to incorporate faith into your businessWhy you don’t have to be in the Christian niche to share your faithWhat it really means to run a business as a ChristianWhy it’s okay for Christians to make moneyThe difference between using money as a tool or making money an idolHow to stop seeing others as competitors and start cheering them onWhat to do when you’re working for a business that doesn’t line up with your valuesReady to dig deeper? Explore more at👉  P.S. Jordan is hosting a free webinar, Earn Your First $1000 from a Side Hustle, on September 12th. You’ll learn how to start making money from your side hustle ASAP and how to land your first customers. Spots are limited so make sure you reserve your seat!
Have you ever experienced a difficult season in your life and started to question, “Where are you in this, God?”Maybe you’ve walked through a life-changing diagnosis, a loss, or a financial hit that left you feeling hopeless and led you to question God’s goodness.Well, you’re not alone.In this episode, Jordan talks with author, advocate, and founder of Joni and Friends International Disability Center, Joni Eareckson Tada, about how to find hope and faith after tragedy.Becoming a quadriplegic at the age of 17, and later facing cancer and chronic pain, Joni knows a thing or two about how powerfully God can work even in the midst of suffering.If you’re ready to be inspired by this woman of faith, tune in to learn:Joni’s story of becoming a quadriplegic and how it affected her faithThe power of finding hope in the midst of hardshipThe process of learning to trust God when bad things happenHow to be honest about our feelings and struggles while still holding onto faithLessons learned about how God works through sufferingReady to dig deeper? Explore more at👉  P.S. The Lifestyle Overhaul Guide is now available! From sourcing more food locally to carefully choosing safer non-toxic products to setting better boundaries, this is your step-by-step action plan to a healthier home and life.
Have you ever planned out your life only to feel like nothing went as expected?​Maybe you planned a pregnancy, but ended up experiencing miscarriage, infertility, or other challenges. Or maybe your idea of what motherhood would be like for you was turned upside down.Or maybe you realized that there's something better than ​living a "checklist" list and marking off all the things you should do - that there's something to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone and following where God leads.​​If we can walk in faith, and get outside of our own expectations and plans, we may just find that God has unique avenues for us where we least expect it.In this episode, Jordan talks with YouTube creator, author, and mother of eight, Angela Braniff, about the many paths to motherhood.As someone who has experienced pregnancy, secondary infertility, domestic and international adoption, and embryo adoption, Angela has a lot to share about the many ways God can build a family.If you’re ready to hear how God can work in unexpected ways, tune in to learn:Angela’s journey to becoming a mother of eightWhy God guides us one step at a timeHow unexpected paths can bring unexpected blessingsThe reality and challenges of adoptionLessons learned from walking through secondary infertilityReady to dig deeper? Explore more at👉  P.S. The Lifestyle Overhaul Guide is now available! From sourcing more food locally to carefully choosing safer non-toxic products to setting better boundaries, this is your step-by-step action plan to a healthier home and life.
Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and compared yourself to others, believing they’re more beautiful, healthy, or successful than you?Maybe you start to think that in order to be more like them, you need to eat less, workout more, change your appearance or hustle more.And maybe in the process, you forgot how to support, love, and nourish the body you’re in.In this episode, Jordan talks with creator and podcaster Angie Lee about how to stop playing the comparison game, slow down, and start supporting and nourishing a body you love.If you’re ready to learn how to work with your body and create rhythms that support wellness, tune in to learn:The importance of working with your body, not against itThe dangers of too much exercise or dietingHow comparison can negatively affect our healthAngie’s struggle with breast plant illness and what it taught herThe top wellness hacks to heal from adrenal fatigueHow to get better sleepThe best caffeine-free energy hacks and substitutesReady to dig deeper? Explore more at Links mentioned in the episode:OvasitolOrganifi Chocolate GoldDandy Blend Coffee AlternativeSoul CBD👉  P.S. The Lifestyle Overhaul Guide is now available! From sourcing more food locally to carefully choosing safer non-toxic products and setting better boundaries, this is your step-by-step action plan to a healthier home and life.
When asked what you do, have you or someone you know said: “I’m just…”? Maybe you’ve identified yourself as “just a teacher” or “just a stay-at-home mom.”But perhaps it’s time to drop the word “just” from your vocabulary and stop minimizing your work.In this episode, Jordan has an honest talk about the problem with downplaying your work and how to acknowledge the value of what you do.Grab your headphones and tune in to learn:The word you need to drop from your vocabularyThe difference between bragging and knowing the value of your workThe problem with minimizing your workA better way to talk about what you doThe importance of remembering the eternal impact of your work👉  P.S. The Lifestyle Overhaul Guide is now available! From sourcing more food locally to carefully choosing safer non-toxic products and setting better boundaries, this is your step-by-step action plan to a healthier home and life.
In a world that constantly tells us to do more and be more, and that encourages us to pay attention to the lives of hundreds of people on social media, life can quickly become exhausting.We all too often hit our capacity, get stretched too thin, and lose connection to who and what’s truly important. And our physical, emotional, and spiritual health suffers.In this episode, Jordan talks with Bethel Music co-founder and author Jenn Johnson about how to pursue health and wholeness by simplifying your life and cleaning out the physical, emotional, and spiritual junk.If you’re ready to be a good steward and take inventory of your life, tune in to this episode to learn:Steps to clean out the emotional, physical, and spiritual junk drawers of your lifeHow to evaluate what you are consuming and giving your attention toThe problem of stretching yourself too thin and the value of simplicityWhat the Bible says about physically taking care of your body and healthEasy ways you can take better care of your healthThe importance of incorporating play and rest into your daily lifeReady to dig deeper into this topic? Explore more at👉   P.S. Want help to create a healthier home, steward your body, and simplify your life? The Lifestyle Overhaul Guide is your step-by-step action plan to a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. Preorder the guide here.
Did you know that there are over 10,000 ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care products?And only 13% of them have been reviewed for safety. Many of the ingredients that have been reviewed have shown to have a multitude of harmful effects on women’s health.So how are you supposed to navigate the products we use and the ingredients in them?Jordan answers that question in this episode as she speaks with non-toxic consumer product researcher, Irina Webb.Together they dig into how to be a wise consumer who can navigate product ingredients and choose the best non-toxic option.Tune in to learn:The issues we see with consumer products todayThe lack of safety regulation that exists in the USWhat to look for when researching the safety of a productGo-to sources for identifying the safety of an ingredientTips on how to navigate an ingredient label and red flags to look forThe problem of greenwashing and the false marketing terms we should be aware ofHow to switch to cleaner productsWant to dig deeper? Check out these free resources:I Read Labels For You Instagram pageI Read Labels For You blogLabel Reading Cheatsheet👉   P.S. Want help switching to cleaner products? The Lifestyle Overhaul Guideisyour step-by-step action plan to a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. Preorder the guide here.
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