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Shift is a podcast show for those who are seeking performance and longevity. We bring in people and create conversations around wellness, body, mind and spirit as we try to integrate these aspects to optimize our well-being. Stay up to date as we release a brand new episode per week in various areas of wellness to help you upgrade your life. The ultimate objective of the show is to challenge and invite you to make that shift no matter how difficult it is. Shifting your body, habits, perspective and just how you view everything in your life. It's time to make that shift!
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On today’s episode we chat with the charming and bubbly Rachel Bonifacio. She is an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience working in the corporate landscape, primarily in human resources and training. She’s taken up her Masters in Psychology from Southville International School and Colleges, while her undergrad degree in Business Management was from the College of the Holy Spirit. Her continuing education courses come from the Ateneo De Manila University, University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton University, and is an alumna of FLOW Coaching Institute Toronto. Apart from corporate training, Rachel administers psychological counseling and life coaching for Lighthouse Wellness and Life Coaching Services, and is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor for Treehouse Yoga Philippines, both of which she owns. This episode is very fitting in today’s time as we are continuing to experience a planetary shift in consciousness as more people are waking up in the truth and realizing that it is time to step up as humanity. This health pandemic has given so much opportunity for a lot of people to go inward and admittedly a lot of us feel uncomfortable facing change but it is in these types of conversations where we truly begin to see where we are, assess everything and from there take action to where we ultimately want to go. It was an absolute fun chatting with Rachel and talking about mental health from a wide spectrum of topics. There are a lot of tools discussed here that’s fairly easy to apply in your daily life. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. FOLLOW & SHARE this episode and tag us on your social media accounts! Light House Wellness PH Join the Private Facebook Group! Follow Light House Wellness on Instagram! Tree House Yoga Follow @treehouseyogaph on Instagram! Visit their website here! Follow Rachel Bonifacio @rachbonifacio on IG!
History tells us that women are inferior to men. We’ve seen and heard this countless times through past generations and it has certainly led to how we were conditioned to think about women. More importantly, there’s just too many generalizations and labels around what being a woman should look and be like. If someone goes outside of that box, then she is not considered a woman. Coach Amy, professional boxer and owner of Empowered Clubhouse, is no stranger to challenging societal beliefs when it comes to women and strength. She firmly believes that being a woman doesn’t necessarily have to mean being skinny and bubbly. Her message? Just own who you are. Strength is her calling card and she thinks her mission is to empower women and give them the right tools to level up in their life. Through fitness and boxing, she is continuously helping fellow women and forming her own sisterhood to create a safe space for all women to come together, work hard and be the strongest versions of themselves inside and outside the gym. Amy is changing the game when it comes to women’s fitness and health. She is redefining what it means to be a strong and badass woman and I truly appreciate her courage to fight for what she stands as she continuous to help others do the same. Links: Sneak Peak of Empowered Clubhouse Coach Amy on Instagram Follow me for more exclusive content on Instagram
Kelly Williams is a man true to himself. No question. One of the most celebrated players in the Philippine Basketball Association, Kelly decided to hang up his jersey and move on to the next chapter his life. I’ve known Kelly since his early days in the PBA and to see him outgrow himself not only as a player but as a human being is such a joy to watch. He is a true testament why giving up is not an option. Growing up in Detroit, he simply had to hustle and grind and find his way through. That’s basically how he lives his life up until now. There’s no denying that he really makes himself accountable and as he enters a new phase of his life, he is now prepared to help uplift all the other people who might be in the same exact shoes he was in years ago. A true honest and sincere man, this podcast episode goes deep into his early days as a child and how his setbacks fueled him to be a better father and a better person as a whole. I’m really happy to share this to you because I deeply resonate with his story. Having passion and love for fitness is something we both commonly share and we view it as an instrument to improve ourselves and start taking control of our life. A champion and was named the Most Valuable Player of the league, I think he’s more than that. He can be an MVP for a lot of people because he has such a rich story to share to us especially to those who are in need to be seen and heard. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE this podcast episode! Follow Kelly on IG: @kxlwilliams21 Follow me on Instagram for more exclusive content: @bewellwithdenzel
Nicky is a Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Sound Healing Teacher.  He has always been passionate about teaching people the value of sitting down with our thoughts and not labeling them through the practice of sound healing and kundalini yoga. He is living his life in his own terms and not somebody else's. And this what makes him a man with integrity. From a full time film director, he dropped everything just to live the life he wanted. He offers a unique gift by sharing what helped him get out from the dark phases of his life. Through the practice of meditation and Kundalini Yoga, he has now evolved to a completely different person. In this episode we talked about: How he got started in Kundalini What Kundalini Yoga is all about How he was raised by his family Detachment from the old past Best practices for starting his day Growing and sharing in this time of pandemic The value of minimalism and veering away from too much consumerism AND so much more... Subscribe & Share this podcast episode! IG: @nickdaez Host: @bewellwithdenzel
It was an absolute honor to have Samantha Kapunan for the very first episode of SHIFT. Samantha is a yoga instructor and the founder of Satori Lifestyle & Wellness that helps people reconnect with themselves in a holistic manner. She is also currently an active student of Kokoro Training - find out more about this when you listen in on the show! This episode is perfect for anyone struggling to find answers to any past traumas or just any difficult experiences they're dealing with. Samantha shared how Kokoro training shifted her perspective about her reality when she almost gave up and had a hard time seeking for answers. Now, she can confidently say that she is such in a renewed state of being - more rejuvenated and more self-aware. While this is the case, she understands that there's more work to be done as she continues to be a work in progress and apply what she have learned in her day to day life. Show Notes: The moment she found out about her mom diagnosed with cancer. How she struggled by giving her all out support to her mom. The lowest point of her life. How the stress in her life were manifesting on her health. Kokoro Training and a gist of what a day looks like in that two week training. The most difficult "challenge" she had deal with during her training. Lessons from Kokoro Training. How is she committing to her healing as she steps out to the real world. Follow her on IG: @samkapunan Please don't forget to join my FREE Facebook Group for more exclusive content on wellness and workouts. Enjoy the show!
Try this energizing breathwork practice immediately after waking up. Simple, easy to do and effective way of clearing the mind and preparing ourselves to attack the day!
This episode is absolutely going to be one of my favorites. Coach Tab Baldwin is a joy to watch. I love basketball and I've always been a follower of leaders who I think have so much wisdom to share not only in terms of how to win games but also how to win in life. Tab for me is more than just a coach. To me he is genuine but a true teacher and for that reason a lot of his players respect him. I am incredibly grateful to have him on the show and just have this unique opportunity. This show does not heavily focused on the technicalities of basketball but having a macro view of his entire coaching career. We talked about how he is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, a brief overview of his vast experience of coaching, why Ateneo has been successful, the biggest turning point of his career, life outside the court, how he builds his team, his best mentors and many more! It was such a treat to just listen to him.  Enjoy the show! Coach Tab's Basketball Clinic: World Hoops Clinic
Coach Cay was my coach for a long time. When I completely shifted from an aesthetic focused training to a performance-based training, he was the one who paved the way for me. Not only he was knowledgeable in his craft but he was humble and open enough to give me the tools to reach my goals.  I can probably say training with him was the most enjoyable phase in my journey thus far because we had such a great time learning and trying out different things in the gym. We worked on plyometrics, conditioning and other movements that I was not proficient in before. I came in every session with a student mindset because I wanted to know all the reasons behind the principles of his programming. On this episode, you will learn: Aesthetic vs performance training Why we are all athletes (even if you're not a pro athlete) Training wisely during quarantine or home workouts Why long term progression and patience is a must Creating variations in movement can be a double edge sword How he programmed my workouts His biggest takeaways in coaching clients Subscribe to this podcast for more fitness and lifestyle content! IG: @agentbryancay  #TrainWithCoachCay



This will go down as one of my top 3 favorite books of all time. I'm tired of all the positivity that most of the self-help gurus and life coaches offer. Mark Manson offers a unique approach about life issues most especially values and our metrics. No wonder why more people are getting depressed. This is book is highly recommended. Please leave a message or comment if you think you received a lot of value from it.
Happy Saturday my friend!! This episode talks about the value of taking a step back. If you think life is a sprint, better think twice. This is a long game. Be patient. Stop being overwhelmed with a lot of things. Trust but most of all ENJOY the process and the grind.
Are you always upset? Angry? Being mindful of my actions and words has allowed me to navigate my feelings better. It has helped me become a better person for other people as well. And i'd love that to happen for you as well. We live in a world that's very toxic but we are the only ones responsible of how we present ourselves to other people. So please tune in to this episode and leave a comment! Thanks! 👌🏽
Today's a good day to reevaluate whatever it is that you've promised yourself at the beginning of this year. Ask yourself if you're making the actionable steps towards your goal or not. Remember, momentum is everything. It's hard to gain but it's very easy to lose.
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