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Author: Paul Bishop & Richard Prosch

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Celebrating the blazing six-gun action of the Western genre in books, TV, movies, and other media...
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Today, Rich chats with acclaimed writer and Vice-President of the Western Writers of American, Phil Mills, Jr. A 2010 WWA Spur Award Finalist winner for Best Western Audio Book for his novel, Where a Good Wind Blows, his two illustrated children's books, Scooter, the Cow Dog and Mud Between My Toes have also received critical acclaim. His experiences includes being a small town newspaper editor, farm magazine editor, and positions with two major advertising/public relations agencies. The second book in his Good Wind series, Where the Wildflowers Dance, was reviewed earlier on the Six Gun Justice Podcast and is available now from Five Star.Support the show (
In this Six-Gun Justice Podcast Speed Listen ® installment, co-host Paul Bishop digs into the history of the Steve McQueen revenge Western Nevada Smith and tells you everything you need to know in under 15 minutes...give or take...Support the show (
In this Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment, Paul hangs around the corral with Paperback Warrior's co-host Eric Compton talking men's adventure and westerns...Support the show (
In this full-length episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast, Paul and Rich shake off the dust from the Holiday Trail and take a ride on the dark side down a trail we're calling Noir On The Range...where killers, gunslicks, and cowgirl femme fatales abound, and love is for suckers...02:51 — Paul offers some context and background for Western Noir04:09 — Rich talks Ed Gorman’s Guild series06:19 — Paul reviews Clifton Adams’ noir western, THE DESPERADO11:50 — Rich looks at H.A. DeRosso’s .4414:01 — Paul’s take on Arnold Hano’s THE LAST NOTCH16:27 — Rich and Paul run down some of the best Western noir movies16:45 — Paul runs down the dark canyon PURSUED (1947)18:52 — Rich throws a wide rope at RAMROD (1947) and hogties the Idiot Plot23:25 — Paul puts a smoky dim spotlight on JOHNNY GUITAR (1954)25:40 — Rich trespasses across THE FURIES (1950)30:07 — Quick takes on a WINCHESTER ’73, RAWHIDE, BLOOD ON THE MOON, and TRACK  OF THE CAT33:30 — Court Barbara Stanwyck in 40 GUNS, experience TERROR IN A TEXAS TOWN,  enter the DEVIL’S DOORWAY, and visit STATIONS WEST37:39 — Submitted for your consideration…Rod Serling’s Western Noir on television 40:22 — Paul explores Rod Serling’s memorable series, THE LONER42:15 — Shoot-outs and Shout-outsThanks to sponsors, Wolfpack Publishing, Author Chris Enss, and the Western Writers of America. Thanks too to WWA’s Roundup magazine for helping us get the word out about the Six-Gun Justice PodcastSupport us at Patreon: drop us an email at: sixgunjusticewesterns@gmail.comAs ever, thanks to all our friends and listeners. Support the show (
In this Six-Gun Justice Conversation, Rich talks with writer/producer Garner Simmons author of Peckinpah: A Portrait in Montage - The Definitive Edition: 50 Years After "The Wild Bunch" from the Writer Who Knew Him Best, a biography of the late filmmaker Sam Peckinpah, which was released in 1982, with a new edition currently available. Peckinpah of course, is the director of such Six-Gun Justice favorites as Ride the High Country, Major Dundee, The Wild Bunch, Junior Bonner, and others.  A member of the Writers Guild of America, the Writers Guild of Canada, the Directors Guild of America, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Simmons was born in Chicago,  graduated from Colgate University and Northwestern University’s Graduate School of Communication, and  worked in both Television and Motion Pictures as a writer, producer and director.Support the show (
In this bonus Speed Listen installment, Paul shares some background and recommendations for a fistful of his favorite top gun Western wordslingers, including Frank Gruber, Frank O'Rourke, Brian Garfield, Lewis B. Patten, and more...Get ready to add a whole passel of titles to your want lists...SIX-GUN JUSTICE PODCAST LIST OF AUTHORS/BOOKSSPEED LISTEN #23TOP GUNS FRANK GRUBERPeace MarshalFighting ManFort StarvationThe Pulp Jungle FRANK O’ROURKEA Mule For the Marquesa/The ProfessionalsThe BravadosWarbonnet LawThe Shotgun ManLEWIS B. PATTENThe Red SabbathA Killing in KiowaLynching at Broken ButteBRIAN GARFIELDMr. SixgunJustice At Spanish FlatsThe Lusty BreedDragoon PassThe Last Hard MenSliphammerWild TimesWestern Films: A Complete GuidePHILIP KETCHUMBretwaldaGun CodeThe Hard ManThe Man Who Tamed Dodge CityThe Man Who Turned OutlawThe Man Who Sold LeadvilleCabotSupport Your Local SheriffCLIFTON ADAMSAmos Flagg-LawmanTragg’s ChoiceThe Last Days of Wolf Garnett,The Hottest Fourth of July In the History of Hangtree CountySupport the show (
In this Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment, Paul chews the jerky with Peacemaker award winning Western wordslinger Big Jim Williams, author of the Jake Silverhorn Texas Ranger series...Support the show (
In this episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast, Paul and Rich celebrate the holiday season with a look at Christmas themed Western novels, Western movies, and TV Westerns...Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good Western...Support the show (
In today's Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment, Rich chats with Beau L’Amour,  son of the best selling western legend Louis L'Amour. Beau has managed his father's literary estate since 1988, and strives to maintain that legacy. In the process, he's done editorial work, revised unfinished manuscripts, managed a literary magazine, produced an audio/radio drama series, been a comic book writer, a movie producer, and an expert in marketing...Support the show (
 Recently, Rich and Paul co-hosted a full-length episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast featuring the classic Warner Bros.’ TV Westerns. During that show, they played short clips of several theme songs connected to those shows. In this Six-Gun Justice Speed Listen, Paul takes a closer look at those TV Western themes and also takes a listen to the full versions used on the shows. This is done for purely entertainment purposes with the clips coming from open Internet sites. Support the show (
In this Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment, Paul chats with best-selling author, Nancy Pearl. Nationally honored librarian and literary critic, Nancy regularly discusses books on NPR’s Morning Edition and hosts the Seattle cable television show Book Lust With Nancy Pearl, featuring interviews with authors, poets, and other literary figures.For the twelve book series Nancy Pearl's Book Lust Rediscoveries published by Amazon Encore, she edited a new edition of Clair Huffaker’s The Cowboy and the Cossack—which happens to be Paul's favorite Western—providing an insightful introduction to the volume.But best of all, Nancy is the only librarian to have not one, but two action figures modeled after her as the quintessential bespectacled librarian complete with push-button amazing shushing action—which is about as cool as it gets...Support the show (
For this full-length episode, Paul and Rich hit the dusty trail with crews from two  of the most fondly remembered Western TV shows—Rawhide and Wagon Train. It's time to head 'em up and move 'em out and get the herd moving and the wagons rolling into the badlands of rustlers, Indians,  and all manner of unscrupulous varmints...01:35 — Listener recommendations for fascinating cavalry adventure reads.02:40 — Rich rediscovers Frank Bonham and reviews ONE RIDE TOO MANY and LOGAN’S CHOICE. 06:36 — Paul takes a look at A HACK’s NOTEBOOK by Ben Haas and Mens’ Adventure Christmas lists10:24  —  Paul and Rich look at the origins of TV’s Rawhide14:20  —  Rawhide’s gritty, adult realism was tempered with familiar guest stars15:35  — What about Rawhide stars Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood?18:20 — Rich and Paul hitch a ride on TV’s Wagon Train20:50 — Who were Ward Bond and Robert Horton?23:10 — The loss of the show’s two top stars28:10 — Up against The Virginian31:20 — Paul & Rich reveal some Rawhide and Wagon Train tie-in merchandise33:14 — Shoot-outs and Shout-outsThanks to sponsors, Wolfpack Publishing, Author Chris Enss, and the Western Writers of America. Thanks too to WWA’s Roundup magazine for helping us get the word out about the Six-Gun Justice PodcastSupport us at Patreon: drop us an email at: sixgunjusticewesterns@gmail.comAs ever, thanks to all our friends and listeners. Support the show (
Rich's guest for today's Six-Gun Justice Conversation is W. Michael Farmer. A retired Ph.D. physicist with numerous credentials to his name, Michael has also written short stories, award winning essays and novels. His first novel, Hombrecito's War, won a Western Writers of America Spur Finalist Award for Best First Novel in 2006, and was a New Mexico Book Award Finalist for Historical Fiction in 2007. His novels have continued to garner praise and awards, and he is currently busy with a body of work that includes two non-fiction Western histories and two novels about the captivity and wars of Geronimo... In October of this year, three of his books—Geronimo Prisoner of Lies, The Last Warrior, and Blood Soaked Earth—were named as finalists for the 2020 Mexico-Arizona book awards...Support the show (
In this Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment, Paul talks with international crime and entertainment journalist, and bestselling author, Ivor Davis who has written widely on movies for the London Daily Express, the Times of London, the New York Times syndicate, and Los Angeles magazine. Friends with John Wayne, Ivor was on the set of several  Wayne westerns. He interviewed Paul Newman and Robert Redford during the filming of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, hung out with Jack Elam, watched Israeli movie extras undergo a strange ritual on the set of a western starring Richard Boone, and has many more fun tales from cowboy action films around the world...Support the show (
In this episode of the Six Gun Justice Podcast, Paul and Rich find themselves assigned to Fort Podcast where they repel Indian attacks while discussing the numerous books, movies, and short stories featuring the U.S. Cavalry in all its glory and—in some cases—infamy. It’s the cavalry to the rescue in Charge! Support the show (
Today, Rich talks with western writer, Michael Ritt. Michael currently lives in the mountains of western Montana with his wife Tami, and their Australian Shepherd, Lucky. He enjoys reading about history, theology and natural science. Mike is a member of Western Fictioneers and Western Writers of America. Mike has several stories and poems appearing in different print anthologies and magazines, and his first novel, The Sons of Philo Gaines, is out now from Five Star.Support the show (
In this Speed Listen installment of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast, Paul dives into the history of Marx' Best of the West / Johnny West action figures, all in under fifteen minutes—give or take...Support the show (
In this Six-Gun Justice Conversations segment, Paul talks with actor/writer/producer David Gregory about his award winning Powder Burns podcast, which features the trials and tribulations of a blind Sheriff in the Wild West. With guest stars such as Robert Vaughn and Ed Asner, Powder Burns has been nominated for a six-shooter's worth of awards and has been deemed, "Darned good entertainment and the future of the Western," by none other than the  Western Writers of America...Support the show (
In this episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast, co-hosts Paul Bishop and Richard Prosch ride hell for leather back to the days when shootouts ruled the radio waves and your imagination added to the entertainment value...01:44 — Paul reviews Steve Frazee’s The Alamo movie tie-in novel 04:45 —  Rich talks nonfiction that reads like fiction: Blue Coat and Pioneer: The Recollections of John Benton Hart, 1864 - 1868.07:07 — Paul and Rich tune into the origins of Old Time Radio westerns07:50 — Paul rides the airwaves with The Lone Ranger08:50 — Rich shoots straight on Tom Mix Ralston Straight-shooters10:24 — Your hosts strum along with Gene Autry and Roy Rogers14:59 — The Cisco Kid robs from the rich and gives to the poor17:30 — Gunsmoke finds an adult audience for radio westerns19:15 — Rich bows to The Frontier Gentleman21:35 — Paul prescribes Doctor Six-Gun for your Western radio ills23:50 — James Stewart is Britt Ponsett—The Six-Shooter28:25 —Paul finds a forgotten treasure with Luke Slaughter of Tombstone31:38 — The cry goes up — Frontier Town!!33:34 — The straight dope on Straight Arrow36:58 — Rich and Paul rein in on radio’s Have Gun, Will Travel39:41 — Paul signs up with Tales of the Texas Rangers41:34 — Rich Escapes to the old west43:05 — Paul attends the Lux Radio Theater44:12 — Radio drama after the Golden Age45:34 — Rich uncovers The CBS Radio Mystery and Adventure Theaters46:00 — Paul shares the contemporary audio drama, Powder Burns47:50 — Shoot-Outs and Shout-Outs—Thanks to sponsors, Wolfpack Publishing, Author Chris Enss, publisher Michael Anderle, Author L. J. Martin, and the Western Writers of America. Thanks too to WWA’s Roundup magazine for helping us get the word out about the Six-Gun Justice PodcastSupport us at Patreon: drop us an email at: sixgunjusticewesterns@gmail.comAs ever, thanks to all our friends and listeners. Support the show (
Vicky J Rose, who also writes under VJ Rose and the pseudonym Easy Jackson was born and raised in what was once the wildest of old west towns in Texas. She earned a degree in journalism from a small West Texas university and has been published in numerous nonfiction anthologies, written articles for magazines and newspapers, authored several books and a screenplay that won semi-finalist in a national contest. A 2014 Spur finalist for short fiction, she's active in the Western Writers of America, the Western Fictioneers, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, and the Texas Folklore Society.  Support the show (
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