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Author: Paul Bishop & Richard Prosch

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Celebrating the blazing six-gun action of the Western genre in books, TV, movies, and other media...
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Put on yer buckskins and screw on yer coonskin cap and brace yourself for another full-length episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast, in which co-hosts Paul Bishop and Richard Prosch head out into he wilderness for Trailblazers Part 2...01:08 — Paul reveals Daniel Boone’s Twin? Fess Parker as Davey Crockett02:30 — Rich tracks down The Ballad of Davey Crocket03:44 — Paul corners Davey Crockett in the movies and TV06:10 — Paul’s focus on the Davey Crockett ‘50s mini-series09:02 — Rich and Paul look over the wide vista of Crockett tie-ins, merchandise and spin-offs11:50 — Paul digs into a Swamp Fox biography12:40 — Rich and Paul target Kit Carson in pop culture14:33 — Rich shares some background on the historic Kit Carson18:00 — Kit Carson blazes across the silver screen and finally lands its Disney show20:23 -- There goes the chuckwagon triangle! Time for Shoot-Outs and Shout-Outs.Support the show (
It's Wild West Wednesday and time to join co-host Paul Bishop for another Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment. Today, Paul chats with editor extraordinaire Gary Goldstein, ramrod of Kensington Publishing's bestselling line of bullet blazing Westerns. Under Gary’s guidance, his wordslingers have won more than a dozen Spur Awards from the Western Writers of America...Support the show (
Listen up, ya’ yahoos, it’s time for another Six-Gun Justice Speed Listen installment. Today, co-host Paul Bishop is joined by the President of the Western Writers of America, Chris Enss, for a discussion of the early women Western wordslingers and how and why they differed from their male counterparts, all in under thirty minutes—give or take... Support the show (
It's Wild West Wednesday and time to join co-host Richard Prosch for a Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment with Rocky Gibbons and Nancy Plain, editors of Why Cows Need Cowboys, the Western Writers of America’s first anthology for young readers—a collection of true tales of the West that leave textbook history in the rearview mirror and take you on a tour of twenty seldom-told dramas, the kind you might stumble across only if you leave the main road to wander the detours and byways of the American story...Support the show (
Now, iffin' you don't settle down, I'm a gonna have ta beat you like a slow cavalry mule. Don't you know it's time once again for another full-length episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast...Put on your moccasins and your coonskin cap and join co-hosts Paul Bishop and Richard Prosch for Trailblazers Part 1 as they go tracking, hunting, and fighting alongside trailblazing legends Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, Davy Crockett, and Natty Bumppo...00:20 -- Welcome and Announcements about Western Trailblazers2:12 -- Paul has a review of Thunder in the East -- First in the First Frontier series by Mike Roark5:30 -- Rich talks about Charlton Comics' Wild Frontier, a 7-issue anthology series that ran from 1955-1957 with art by Dick Giordano, and  six Daniel Boone comics at -- And don't forget about DC Comics' Tomahawk which ran for 150 issues.10:54 -- Look out! Here come the cattle!!! It's time for the trailblazers -- Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, Davy Crocket, and...11:30 -- James Fenimore Cooper's fictional Natty Bumppo in the Leatherstocking Tales.12:57 -- Last of the Mohicans adaptations into film in 1920, 1932, 1936 (with...Randolph Scott!), and 1947, then a television series in 1957 and another series from 1994, a 1971 5-hour BBC Masterpiece Theatre miniseries, and 1977 made-for-television movie, and finally the 1992 movie staring Daniel Day Lewis (and yes! this one occasion where the movie adaptation is better than the book). And a 2014 story tie-in The Pride of the Mohicans 18:58 -- Daniel Boone! (Not Davy Crockett) and Fess Parker played them both. (What was that all about?)  The Daniel Boone mythology is an 18th century version of Taken. He blazed trails in Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky, and Missouri. 22:17 -- There are some new books about Daniel Boone. My Father Daniel Boone is a non-fiction take on DB, but the Daniel Boone mythology is a mix of fact and fiction. 24:04 -- Blood and Treasure set in the mid-18th century places Daniel Boone in the middle of the action.25:20 -- Finding Daniel Boone  by Ted Franklin Belue ponders the question...where are Daniel Boone's bones anyway?25:41 -- A bit about Daniel Boone Westward Trail  (1982), the 4th book in the The American Explorer Series, and other Daniel Boone recommended fiction.27:24 -- Daniel Boone's story first appeared on the big screen in 1907, then in 1923, and 1926, with the first Daniel Boone talkie appearing in 1936, 1941, a DB serial in 1943, and 1956's Daniel Boone Trailblazer. 29:00 -- There were four Walt Disney forgettable Daniel Boone episodes, but 1964's NBC series with Fess Parker defined the Daniel Boone character in the American mindset.32:57 -- There goes the chuckwagon triangle! And it's time for Shoot-Outs and Shout-Outs.Support the show (
It's Wild West Wednesday and time once again to hang out around the Six-Gun Justice water cooler for another Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment. Today, co-host Paul Bishop talks with Western writers Austin Wright and Robert Dwyer, whose debut Western novel, The Sheriff , was released in April.Support the show (
Howdy, wranglers. It's time to untangle them lariets and tie yourselves down for another Six-Gun Justice Speed Listen installment...Today we’re catching up with bestselling author, Tony Healey. Tony is the author of several novels under the Ralph Compton Western brand published by Berkley, as well as the Harper and Lane crime series published by Thomas & Mercer. He lives in Great Britain with his wife and four daughters, and—in a Six-Gun Justice Podcast exclusive—will be reading from his new Ralph Compton title, The Devil’s Snare...Support the show (
It's Wild West Wednesday and time for another Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment...Deanna Dickinson is a true daughter of the West. A recipient of the Will Rogers Medallion on multiple occasions, Deanna has also won the National Heritage and Cowboy Museum's coveted Wrangler Award. She writes award winning poetry and stories that take you into her world of ranch life, and lives on an active ranch in the American southwest...Support the show (
Now, hold on just a shiny spur jangling minute, cowboy, and settle back in your saddle 'cause its time for a new full-length episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast...Hitch your wagon to a star and join co-hosts Paul Bishop and Richard Prosch as they head 'em up and move 'em out on the dusty trail of wagon train and cattle drive sagas...0:23 -- Welcome and Announcements1:05 -- A few words about today's Dusty Trails episode1:45 -- Electronic comics and the Hoopla app. Bouncer  western comics with art by François Boucq and story by Alejandro Jodorowsky .  3:58 -- Acid Western comics and movies5:46 -- Be warned, Bouncer is graphic, gory stuff, but the story is compelling. Complete with a character named AxHead6:55 -- A fabulous new western by G. Wayne Tillman: Ghost Posse8:47 -- And Now the Main Feature -- Dusty Trails!9:20 -- The Big Trail with John Wayne10:25 -- 1931s Fighting Caravans with Gary Cooper and later 1934's remake with Randolph Scott starring in Wagon Wheels11:35 -- 1940's Kit Carson with John Hall12:00 -- And here are a few movies about pioneering Mormons13:00 -- Let's talk Santa Fe Trail, which begins in in Arrow Rock, Missouri through 900 miles of untamed wilderness13:35 -- "Santa Fe Passage," a short story from Esquire, by Clay Fisher (a.k.a. Henry Wilson "Heck" Allen) and the movie from 1955 of the same name. 16:46 -- Another book called Santa Fe Passage, this one written by Jon R. Bauman from 200717:40 -- Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927) by Willa Cather 18:50 -- The  24-book Wagons West series by Dana Fuller Ross (pseudonym of Noel Bertram Gerson)19:42 -- Bend of the River (1952) with James Stewart directed by the under-rated Anthony Mann21:04 -- Meek's Cutoff  (2010) revealing the strength of the female's not lighthearted entertainment and features a frustratingly ambiguous ending.23:00 -- Ralph Compton and the cattle drive (or sometime a horse drive) as a backdrop . 24:16 -- Red River (1948) with John Wayne and directed by Howard Hawkes -- it starts as a wagon train movie and ends up as a cattle drive movie25:03 -- The must-see The Cowboys (1972) with John Wayne in this brilliant coming-of-age movies.26:10 -- The Culpepper Cattle Company (1972) an unflinching portrayal of life on the trail. An overlooked gem.27:22 -- City Slickers (1991) a trail ride comedy with Billy Crystal and Jack Palance...and Paul talks his own cattle drive.28:20 -- The television miniseries Lonesome Dove one of the most beloved cattle drive stories of all time. And St. Elmo's Fire...? Yikes! 32:35 -- Chuck Wagon Bell!!! Followed by Shootouts and Shoutouts!!Support the show (
It's Wild West Wednesday once again and time to head to the corral for another Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment. Today, co-host Paul Bishop talks with Lane Warenski, the Amazon bestselling author of the twelve book Grizzly Killer series, which begins with Grizzly Killer—The Making of a Mountain Man. The recently released Grizzly Killer—Hell on the Horizon is the twelfth entry in the series and continues the thrilling  mountain man saga in fine fettle...Support the show (
You know his face...You've seen it hundreds of times...Not on wanted posters, but on the covers of your favorite vintage Westerns (as well as the covers of paperbacks from many other genres). Revered cover artist James Bama called Steve Holland—The Face of the West—the greatest male model of all time, and nobody has ever argued with his assessment. In today's Speed Listen installment, Six-Gun Justice Podcast co-host Paul Bishop examines the life and work of Steve Holland and its influence on the Western genre—all in under fifteen minutes...give or take...Support the show (
Get ready, cowpunchers, it's Wild West Wednesday and time for another Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment. Join SGJP co-host Richard Prosh in conversation with Natalie Bright and Denise McAllister, authors of the Wild Cow Ranch titles in the new contemporary Western Christian Romance series. Lovers of the West can be born in the most unlikely of places. For Denise F. McAllister, her start was in Miami, Florida, surrounded by beaches and the Everglades. Denise credits her love of horseback riding and 15 years of showing in Atlanta, Georgia for her heartfelt connection to all things Western. Denise's faith is important to her and she loves to write about characters' journeys as they navigate real-world challenges. Denise is a member of Western Writers of America; Women Writing the West; Northeast Georgia Writers; Booth Western Art Museum's Writers' GuildNatalie Bright writes stories that combine her passion for history of the American West and the unique people of the Texas Panhandle, where she calls home. She is a fifth generation Texan, and a fan of friendly people, a good story, Texas sunsets, and connecting with readers. She has published a series of cookbooks, young reader books, and a short story collection. Find Natalie on Instagram @natsgrams, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook as NatalieBrightAuthor...Support the show (
It's Wild West Wednesday and time to ride along with co-host Richard Prosh as he talks with acclaimed author Bernard Schafer. In 2021, Berkeley Books will debut Schaffer's brand new western trilogy as part of their Ralph Compton imprint. Look for Face of a Snake  (published in February), followed by Snake's Fury, and Hell Snake, later in the year. Schaffer is also the author of the popular Santero and the Rein thriller series—featuring detective Carrie Santero and her mentor, the troubled Jacob Rein. The three books in the series, The Thief of All Light, An Unsettled Grave, and Blood Angel, are available from Kensington Books. Schaffer's award winning non-fiction book, Way of the Warrior: The Philosophy of Law Enforcement, is taught in universities and police academies around the world. Support the show (
Hang on, buckaroos, in this special Speed Listen installment, Six-Gun Justice Podcast co-host Richard Prosch visits with author Kevin Wolf, who recently brought home the 2020 Spur Award for short fiction from the Western Writers of America. His prize-winning tale Belthanger, appeared in the recent anthology from Western Fictioneers, Under Western Stars.Wolf's mystery writing has been favorably compared with James Lee Burke and Pat Conroy, while his westerns explore the lyrical ground of historic Colorado. The great-grandson of Colorado homesteaders, he enjoys fly fishing, old Winchesters and 1950's Western movies.  Support the show (
It's Wild West Wednesday one again, range riders, and time for another Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment...Today, co-host Paul Bishop discusses the debut issue of the Men's Adventure Quarterly—featuring the unexpectedly brilliant Western stories and stunning art from the Men's Adventure Magazines of the '50s thru the '70s—with editor Robert Deis and art director Bill Cunningham...Support the show (
Get ready to ride with those other Six-Gun stars of the silver screen as co-hosts Paul Bishop and Richard Prosch discuss the Western movie careers of Charles Bronson, Robert Duval, Robert Mitchum, Sam Elliot, and more...It's a celebration of the guys who weren't John Wayne...2:16 -- Episode #101 with 25K+ combined total downloads2:30 -- Paul's on the used bookstore circuit again3:44 -- Rich has a review of the Masked Rider Pulps4:50 -- And specifically about  the prolific pulp writer Cliff Walters whose works appeared in those magazines7:36 -- Paul talks about News of the World (based on the book with the same name written by Paulette Jiles)  on the  starring Tom Hanks...who is always TOM HANKS. And he's glad he watched it.11:29 -- Sneak Peak -- our next episode is about The Alamo before launching into today's topic of more Western Stars11:45 -- Sam Elliot, the laconic cowboy with the grizzled mustache16:30 -- Charles Bronson, more than just one of The Magnificent Seven24:09 -- Robert Duvall, someone who's been in more Westerns than you think28:58 -- A quick hat-tip to Tom Selleck29:31 -- Robert Mitchem made 100+ movies and 1/3 were Westerns33:00 -- Tom Mix, a pall bearer at Wyatt Earp's funeral, arguably the first great media franchise star of Westerns37:20 -- Jimmy Stewart ... nice guy or deadly killer40:12 -- ShootOuts and ShoutOutsSupport the show (
It's Wild West Wednesday one again and time for another Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment...Today, co-host Richard Prosch chats with award-winning author Chris Mullins. Originally from Richmond, Texas, Mullins grew up listening to stories of the old west, imagining he was right there with gunslingers and comancheros fighting for survival in an unforgiving time. He graduated from Texas A&M University in 1997, and began a career in teaching. Rowdy: Wild and Mean, Sharp and Keen is the first in his ongoing Rowdy western adventure series. Since its publication, his novel won the 2020 American Fiction Award, and was recently named as a 2020 Best Book Finalist in the American Book Fest-Western category... Support the show (
In this Speed Listen installment, co-host Paul Bishop pays his dime for a ride on the mechanical horse outside his local market while sharing the history of Quarter Horses—coin operated horse rides...all in under fifteen minutes...Support the show (
In today's Six-Gun Justice Conversation segment, co-host Paul Bishop hangs out around the Six-Gun Justice corral chatting with  the million word a year  man James Reasoner, who is know among the Indians as Man Who Kills Keyboards.Support the show (
Put them longhorns back where you found 'em, you sagebrush sidewinders, it's time for another episode of the Six-Gun Justice Podcast... Join the posse and ride along as your co-hosts Paul and Rich cut the trail of the modern contemporary Western and wonder aloud if such a beast exists...Available now on all major podcast streaming platforms or by clicking on the player below...01:06 — Rich reviews Harry Whittington’s HIGH FURY03:50 — Paul looks at Robert Randisi’s  FRONTIER MEDICINE 06:15 — Paul and Rich wonder, “What makes a Modern Western?”07:45 — Frank Gruber’s Seven Categories of Western Plots10:32 — Rich and Paul remember television’s McCLOUD13:25 — Paul opines on Cormac McCarthy14:25 — Paul and Rich roll into LONGMIRE country19:05 — Rich talks C. J. Box and Joe Pickett22:10 — Paul gets collared by a Wisconsin Fish and Game Officer24:12 — Rich reviews SHOTS FIRED by Box25:30 — Paul and Rich talk BIG SKY27:42 — Paul contrasts YELLOWSTONE and THE SON28:51 — Paul enjoyed HELL OR HIGH WATER and WIND RIVER. Here’s why…35:10 — Shoot-outs and Shout-outsThanks to sponsors, Wolfpack Publishing, Author Chris Enss, and the Western Writers of America. Thanks too to WWA’s Roundup magazine for helping us get the word out about the Six-Gun Justice PodcastSupport us at Patreon: drop us an email at: sixgunjusticewesterns@gmail.comAs ever, thanks to all our friends and listeners. Support the show (
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