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Podcasts, articles, and reference materials for Managed Service Providers. Brought to you by internationally recognized MSP Consultant Karl W. Palachuk.
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Our guest this week is JB Fowler, CPO of Domotz. Domotz is a fast growing provider of a remote network monitoring and management system for all connected devices and IoT systems. The system is super affordable and enables MSPs to offer new IoT and security services for all connected devices - from cameras to VoIP systems. JB has spent over 20 years in the networking industry where he has led product strategy for a number of players in the commercial integration, residential integration and MSP sectors. As CPO at Domotz, JB is focused on understanding the pain points MSPs face with managing and securing IoT devices so Domotz can continue improving it\'s software for managed services. Additional Relevant Information Today’s business networks have a lot more on them than just computers and routers. There are all kinds of connected things on a network: Commercial Appliances, routers, firewalls, switches, VoIP phones, Point of Sale systems, Digital Signage, AV Equipment and Security Cameras. Who should be managing all this new technology? MSPs of course. Web site: Follow this link for a 21 day free trial. Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: :-)  
I sat down (virtually) with Harry Brelsford, the true found of the SMB IT consulting community worldwide. For more than twenty years, Harry has been the prime mover and shaker at SMB Nation, and is the author of more than twenty books, primarily focused on technology and consulting in the SMB space. Many years ago, Harry wrote one of my favorite books on how to be a technology consultant - SMB Consulting Best Practices. For years I had hoped that Harry would update that book for the twenty-first century. Now he has! Today Harry is releasing The Pocket MBA - Instant Entrepreneur. This is a great new book. It is good for any audience - IT or not -  and is a great resource for anyone who is looking to start their own consulting business, for any industry. In this interview, Harry explains the "Finder Minder Grinder" model he uses to organize the book. You can check it own now at (check out that URL). Chapters include: So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?!?!? Entrepreneur Business Plan Foundation for Entrepreneurial Success Discovering Opportunity Planting Seeds and Growing an Entrepreneur Practice Entrepreneur Marketing PIVOT Marketing and Analytics System Entrepreneurial Sales Be the Rainmaker Client Relationship Management Business Management Financial Management Use Case: Consulting Methodologies New Ideas! This interview has some very interesting observations about entrepreneurs, starting a business, and consulting in general. Check it out. :-)  
Brian Doyle meets up with host James Kernan to discuss customer engagement. Most MSPs have rock-solid service delivery process. But - the simple things, like checking in outside of assisting customers when not in duress, get lost. Listen in for some tips on improving your connections and how it can improve your business. Brian spent nearly 20 years in the MSP industry owning his own shop, as a partner in a Regional Managed Data Center, and as a hired gun for a Mid-Market MSP. Today Brian runs vCIOToolbox, a Strategic Client Management Platform that helps MSP's with client retention, technical alignment, and budgeting through better business reviews. -- Links: (SaaS) (podcast)
Karl Palachuck connects with Dortha Hise to talk about virtual assistants and what they can do for you . . . even if you're a "Type-A" business owner. Check out a few resources from Dortha to get started: VA Prep Checklist & Worksheets - if you're ready to hire a VA, this checklist and worksheets will provide you with questions to ask, a place to track your logins, make notes for budget, must-haves, etc. - Make Delegation a Habit - a 10-day challenge designed to support you in identifying what to delegate and how to work with a team; includes downloadable worksheets with actionable guidance to implement faster - Website: -- Dortha Hise is the Chief Overwhelm Eliminator at Pretty Smart Virtual Services. She and her team of amazing virtual assistants specialize in untangling tech for their overwhelmed clients. Clients from wide-sweeping industries rave about Dortha Hise, Chief Overwhelm Eliminator. They are freed up to do the things they love in their business, have reconnected with their joy, and are living a life free of overwhelm. Dortha is passionate about helping entrepreneurs identify the tasks that cause them overwhelm and limit their profits, shows them how to delegate those tasks, and thus frees up their time. Dortha is compassionate, positive, dependable, and trustworthy. She knows a lot about overwhelm, having been a litigation paralegal for ten years prior to starting her own business in 2004. Dortha has learned she has a gift for supporting others who want to proactively use nature to heal. Dortha currently lives with her husband Jason, in Folsom, California. They are avid backpackers and have a goal of hiking the Sierra Nevada Mountain stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail. They also have two feather babies, cockatiels and their names are Chuck and Nunchuck.  
Karl Palachuk connects with Corey Munson of PC Matic on a topic at the back (or forefront) of everyone's mind: What if nobody returns to the office? Corey shares some ideas and opportunities for MSPs, should this be the case. Corey Munson is Vice President of Sales at PC Matic, developers of the only endpoint security software developed and supported exclusively in the U.S. In his 15 years with PC Matic, Corey has helped lead the company's rapid growth in the consumer markets; introduction into the channel and continued B2B market expansion. Prior to joining PC Matic in 2005, Munson spent 8 years with Gateway Inc, including 4 years leading competitive intelligence operations. Additional Relevant Information PC Matic is piloting a unique lead sharing program with our MSP partners that is backed by a national TV campaign. Links @pcmatic
Karl was joined by Marwan, co-founder and CEO of Veem, to talk about the one thing on every business owner's mind: where's my money?? Doing business internationally comes with a lot of opportunity, but also potentially a lot of fees. Marwan breaks it all down and also shares how his business, Veem, may be a good platform for your business. Veem simplifies payments to vendors, international contractors, contingent workers, etc. The payor just enters the email address, the currency they want to pay in, the amount, the scheduled date, and they will be shown the exact amount that will be debited from their account in their local currency, inclusive of any fees paid and the exchange rate conversion. Marwan Forzley is the co-founder and CEO of Veem, a global payments network helping small businesses transfer money domestically and internationally. Veem is revolutionizing global business payments with innovative technologies like blockchain to help small businesses grow at home and abroad. Forzley is also the author of “Small Business in a Big World: A Comprehensive Guide to Doing International Business”, which teaches small businesses everything they need to know about taking their operations to the international level, from business culture to negotiation tactics. -- Links: 
Karl caught up with Scott Sanders, founder of the IT Business Owners Group to dig into the details of Scott's online Facebook community. And - to hear about their upcoming member cruise in September 2021 so there's plenty of time to join The IT Business Owners Group (ITBOG) is a sponsor driven community that was created on social media to bring a common channel for IT business owners and the vendors of the products in which they sell and support. IT Business Owners Group, helps both members and vendors by sharing ideas to help each other grow. -- Links:
Karl connected with Paul Green about not only how to get started (or continue) your marketing strategy as an MSP, but also how to navigate the sales climate created by COVID. Grab some free resources at his website below and catch some actionable tips during the podcast. About Paul: Paul Green is an MSP marketing expert, based in the UK, working with 200+ MSPs all over the world. He helps MSPs improve their marketing and generate more leads with his MSP Marketing Edge program. Paul's a former journalist and radio presenter, and has been working with MSPs for 4 years now. He's also the author of Updating Servers Doesn't Grow Your Business. Links: 
Karl talked with Jim Roddy this week on the topic of the Retail IT Channel. Jim Roddy is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Retail Solutions Providers Association, and he does not fall short in suggestions on how to support your clients in the restaurant, retail, and similar spaces during COVID-19. About Jim: Jim Roddy is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA). He has been active in the channel since 1998, including 11 years as the President of Business Solutions Magazine, six years as an RSPA board member, one term as RSPA Chairman of the Board, and several years as a business coach for VARs, ISVs, and MSPs. Jim is regularly requested to speak at industry conferences and he is author of Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer. Links: 
Karl and Mike get together to talk about some simple steps to lower your risks and preserve your lifestyle as a smart managed services provider. Mike Semel is a noted thought leader, speaker, blogger, and best-selling author. He is the President of Semel Consulting, focused on compliance regulations; cyber security; and Business Continuity planning. Mike has also developed Semel Systems, a series of cybersecurity and compliance training and go-to-market systems for MSPs. Links: 
Karl caught up with his good friend Rayanne this week to talk about your IT Business' Finances, updates to the PPP Loans, and your chart of accounts. Rayanne is the owner of ABC Solutions, LLC in Clearwater, Florida providing complete accounting, business, and tax consulting services to IT Professionals in the United States and abroad. Pick up some tips about tracking sales tax vs use tax and more, plus where you can get Rayanne's processes for these and more. Rayanne's 5-Week class started on July 7 - you've only missed one week and it's recorded! Her classes are always updated with the latest information and packed full of handouts and excellent information. Sign up here: More About Rayanne:  Rayanne is the owner of ABC Solutions, LLC in Clearwater, Florida providing complete accounting, business, and tax consulting services to IT Professionals in the United States and abroad. She is a Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor in QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions and offers courses and blogs tips on QuickBooks regularly. She holds a degree in Accounting and is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. Rayanne is also a partner with Sell My MSP. A listing service helping buyers and sellers of IT firms find each other. With expertise in managed service providers, Sell My MSP provides unique guidance through the merger/acquisition process including business valuation services. Her commitment to her profession takes her out of the office, too. Rayanne is a former member of the Executive Council for Advancing Women in IT at CompTIA as well as the Member Advisory Board for The ASCII Group. She teaches finance courses through Bigger Brains and Great Little Seminar to help IT Professionals understand their business finances and make appropriate management decisions. Rayanne also provides information through social media such as the PSA Impact Podcast series, YouTube Channel, and publishing articles through various IT Channel periodicals.   Links: 
James Kernan met with Eric Beller about building residual income. Eric Beller is a seasoned sales leader with executive experience in managing business development and support operations for decentralized sales teams and distributors. He is senior vice president of sales for Sandler Partners, America’s Fastest Growing Distributor of Connectivity & Cloud Services. In this role, Beller oversees recruitment and management of the company’s network of sales partners, including agents, VARs and MSPs, which are selling voice, data, mobility, colo, cloud, security and continuity services to businesses nationwide. Looking to Partner with MSPs so we can add residual + upfront income for the clients they service today. Partner up with Sandler Partners to sell cable, fiber, wireless, VoIP, and various cloud solutions and earn residual income. Its free and easy to sign up. See why thousands of MSP's use Sandler Partners today. Links:
Co-hosts Karl Palachuk and Amy Babinchak got together to discuss the use of Retainers in the MSP space. Amy shares exactly how they are applied in her business, the freedom they allow, and how she deals with the question of "roll-over hours." And more - there's always more when these two get together. - Amy Babinchak is the owner of three IT related businesses: Harbor Computer Services, Third Tier and Sell My MSP and has been working in small and medium business IT field for more than 20 years. She's a technical person with advanced skills in networking design, management and implementation. She values technology for what it does for people and the success it brings to business. Amy is also a Microsoft MVP for 14 years, has received numerous leadership awards and is a valued member of various boards. Amy is a new member of the executive council of the Managed Services community at CompTia. Check out Amy's Facebook group below – This is her ransomware and security group. Private and on-topic always. Subscribe to the blog, too. Use the Helpdesk. "We only do work for other IT pros." Links: 
Karl sat down with Chris Timm of Sondela Consulting and Autotask PSA consultant. Listen in as they dive into the roll of PSAs in your Managed Services business, setting up Autotask for success, and the importance of tracking time.   Chris started Sondela Consulting to focus on his passion for working with MSPs to help them become more successful and more efficient by understanding and utilising their tools more effectively. Sondela is a Zulu word for “Advance” which is a nod to Chris’s Southern African roots and is an apt name with his number one goal being to help MSPs gain a deeper understanding of their investment and realise profitability much quicker. The 14 years of experience Chris gained through previously running an MSP business combined with working at Autotask has given him greater insight and understanding into both sides of the industry and how a PSA tool can provide efficiencies and profitability when implemented properly. Chris can take you from zero to hero with your PSA tool, using it to its full potential, and maximising every aspect of your business to ensure that every department is working in harmony. In a nutshell, Chris’s passion is to turn your MSP into a “well-oiled” machine. Chris co-hosts the PSAImpact podcast, a PSA independent series designed to help MSPs worldwide to get the most from their PSA tool and manage their business. Social media links are: Twitter @tegwin @sondelaconsult Facebook @sondelaconsulting Instagram @sondelaconsulting PSAImpact: Twitter: @PsaImpact Facebook:
James Kernan meets up with Matt Solomon and Natasha Boyko discuss the evolution of ID Agent and how serious they are about supporting their vendors. ID Agent provides Dark Web Monitoring + Phishing Simulation & Security Awareness Training, identity & Access Management Matt Solomon is an experienced sales professional with over 15 years in B2B, B2C and B2G environments. Past sales experience includes copyright, licensing, research and government consulting and advisory services. Matt joined Kaseya via ID Agent, with a wealth of experience working with managed service providers, large law firms, government contractors, non-profits and Fortune 500 organizations. He was the first employee of ID Agent and helped grow the business to 2,600+ MSP partners worldwide. He currently leads Kaseya’s business development team, working with managed services providers, channel partners and strategic partners. He has continued his role on the executive team of ID Agent. Links: -- Natasha has over a decade of experience in both technology sales and customer success. Previously in education technology, she is passionate about leveraging great technology to drive businesses forward. Natasha launched her career at ID Agent as the first Partner Success Manager and helped build the program that empowers our partners to use Dark Web ID to provide critical protection for their clients and drive new recurring revenue. Natasha holds a Bachelor’s degree from Towson University. She is actively involved in her local community and loves to travel. Links: LinkedIn:
Karl meets with Susanne Tedrick about her new book: Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators. Susanne also gives great advice about how young women of color can get started with a career in tech. Susanne Tedrick is a technical specialist for a leading Fortune 50 technology company. Fiercely committed to increasing participation of women and people of color in STEM educational and professional opportunities, she is a career mentor for the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) Initiative and a volunteer workshop technical assistant for Black Girls Code, a non-profit that empowers girls of color to develop in-demand IT skills and prepare to advance careers in tech.  Cloud Tech Specialist, IBM Author, "Women of Color in Tech" Link to purchase the book on Purchase Susanne's book from Wiley My website: Book's website: Nonfiction Book Awards Silver Winner From Wiley promo material: Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators will help you overcome the obstacles that often prevent women of color from pursuing and staying in tech careers. Contrary to popular belief, tech careers are diverse and fun—and they go far beyond just coding. This book will show you that today’s tech careers are incredibly dynamic, and you’ll learn how your soft skills—communication, public speaking, networking—can help you succeed in tech. This book will guide you through the process of cultivating strong relationships and building a network that will get you were you want to be. You’ll learn to identify a strong, knowledgeable support network that you can rely on for guidance or mentorship. This step is crucial in getting young women of color into tech careers and keeping them there. Build your professional network to get the guidance you need Find a mentor who understands your goals and your struggles Overcome negativity and stay motivated through difficult times Identify and develop the soft skills that you need to get ahead in tech Read this book to help bring to life your vision of a future in tech. With practical advice and inspiring stories, you’ll develop the right tools and the right mindset. Whether you’re just considering going into tech or you want to take your current career to the next level, Women of Color in Tech will show you how to uncover the resources you need to succeed. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Susanne Tedrick is a technical specialist for a leading Fortune 50 technology company. Fiercely committed to increasing participation of women and people of color in STEM educational and professional opportunities, she is a career mentor for the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) Initiative and a volunteer workshop technical assistant for Black Girls Code, a non-profit that empowers girls of color to develop in-demand IT skills and prepare to advance careers in tech.
Host Karl Palachuk meets up with Simon Severino to talk about how a strategy sprint can double your sales conversions - even during this tough sales climate. Learn what your bottleneck is with a free sales audit from Strategy Sprints - an $800 value at Simon Severino is the Founder and CEO of Strategy Sprints. Host of the Strategy Show. Expert in Business Strategy, Growth Strategy and Execution. The Strategy Sprints Team does only one thing: Strategy in Sprints Strategy = Increase your monthly revenue consistently, gain market shares. Sprints = Fast Execution, Short Project Cycles, Motivated Teams.  - Links 
Karl sat down with Community Leaders Amy Babinchak and Joshua Liberman to talk about remote work. Amy runs Harbor Computer Services, which always runs a remote operation. They invite all employees in for a weekly meeting, but the rest of the time, they all work remotely. Josh has personally worked remotely for years, but runs an IT consulting company that is build around in-office work. We asked them to give their advice about hiring, culture, productivity, security, and more. In addition to their individual experiences, Amy and Josh give some great tips on trying to hire and manage remote workers. And they gives us some speculation about changes to client offices going forward. All in all, a good conversation. Contact info: Amy Babinchak is the owner of three IT related businesses: Harbor Computer Services, Third Tier, and Sell My MSP. She has been working in the small and medium business IT field for more than 20 years. Amy is a technical person with advanced skills in networking design, management, and implementation. She values technology for what it does for people and the success it brings to business. Sites: Third Tier – Sell My MSP – Facebook – Facebook Group – Twitter – LinkedIn – Instagram – Joshua Liberman is a great community leader and the owner of Net Sciences in Albuquerque, NM. Josh's managed service business focuses on security as the basis for everything they do. Sites: Net Sciences: Facebook - Facebook Page - Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram - :-)
James Kernan meets with Danny Jenkins to discuss how ThreatLocker adds a new and different level of security for MSPs.  ThreatLocker CEO, Danny Jenkins is a technical guru with a deep understanding of corporate IT and cybersecurity. He has an entrepreneurial background and two decades of experience in building and securing corporate networks. Before taking the reins at ThreatLocker®, Danny held CEO and CTO positions at multiple IT companies and founded a few cybersecurity businesses of his own. Links: -Website: -Instagram: Threatlockersecurity -Facebook: TheThreatLocker -Twitter: ThreatLocker  -YouTube: ThreatLocker
Nigel built and sold a managed service business - and survived the last big recession. In this interview he talks with Karl Palachuk about the lessons he's learned. Nigel went on to found the Tech Tribe membership community and now helps hundreds of IT consultants run great businesses. Recently, he released a new ebook: Survive & Thrive: The MSP Owners Guide to Surviving & Thriving in Uncertain Times. (Available at Nigel talks about the current environment, the "essential" role of IT in the current situation, and being a true business adviser. This is a 100% business-focused podcast. We talk about getting your finances under control, and keeping them that way forever. Managing cash inside your company is critical - and it needs to become a permanent process. We also touched on downsizing. No one wants to do it, but you may have to do it in order for your business to survive. And, of course, you need to do it the right way to improve the culture within your remaining team. -- -- -- The Tech Tribe is Nigel's training and coaching community. The book (Survive & Thrive) is available for download at: Information on the Tribe generally is at -- -- -- Sponsor Info: For more information or to get a 4-month free trial, visit :-)
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Michael Bayless

I agree Manny. When we do projects the majority is done in piecemeal with limited downtime so you can just have anyone work it as they have time.

Nov 30th

Michael Bayless

A good way to setup your queue is by creating three buckets. 1. Emergency; 2. Repair; 3. Maintenance/Projects You have to define what these look like. From here, you either have a tech or two for each of these buckets or anyone can take a ticket from any bucket. Once someone touches a ticket they either finish it or work what they can then move it back to the correct queue. this can be the same queue or a different queue. Either way it now restarts in the F.I.F.O. processes.

Nov 30th
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