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Podcasts, articles, and reference materials for Managed Service Providers. Brought to you by internationally recognized MSP Consultant Karl W. Palachuk.
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Karl meets with Susanne Tedrick about her new book: Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators. Susanne also gives great advice about how young women of color can get started with a career in tech. Susanne Tedrick is a technical specialist for a leading Fortune 50 technology company. Fiercely committed to increasing participation of women and people of color in STEM educational and professional opportunities, she is a career mentor for the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) Initiative and a volunteer workshop technical assistant for Black Girls Code, a non-profit that empowers girls of color to develop in-demand IT skills and prepare to advance careers in tech.  Cloud Tech Specialist, IBM Author, "Women of Color in Tech" Link to purchase the book on Purchase Susanne's book from Wiley My website: Book's website: Nonfiction Book Awards Silver Winner From Wiley promo material: Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators will help you overcome the obstacles that often prevent women of color from pursuing and staying in tech careers. Contrary to popular belief, tech careers are diverse and fun—and they go far beyond just coding. This book will show you that today’s tech careers are incredibly dynamic, and you’ll learn how your soft skills—communication, public speaking, networking—can help you succeed in tech. This book will guide you through the process of cultivating strong relationships and building a network that will get you were you want to be. You’ll learn to identify a strong, knowledgeable support network that you can rely on for guidance or mentorship. This step is crucial in getting young women of color into tech careers and keeping them there. Build your professional network to get the guidance you need Find a mentor who understands your goals and your struggles Overcome negativity and stay motivated through difficult times Identify and develop the soft skills that you need to get ahead in tech Read this book to help bring to life your vision of a future in tech. With practical advice and inspiring stories, you’ll develop the right tools and the right mindset. Whether you’re just considering going into tech or you want to take your current career to the next level, Women of Color in Tech will show you how to uncover the resources you need to succeed. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Susanne Tedrick is a technical specialist for a leading Fortune 50 technology company. Fiercely committed to increasing participation of women and people of color in STEM educational and professional opportunities, she is a career mentor for the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) Initiative and a volunteer workshop technical assistant for Black Girls Code, a non-profit that empowers girls of color to develop in-demand IT skills and prepare to advance careers in tech.
Host Karl Palachuk meets up with Simon Severino to talk about how a strategy sprint can double your sales conversions - even during this tough sales climate. Learn what your bottleneck is with a free sales audit from Strategy Sprints - an $800 value at Simon Severino is the Founder and CEO of Strategy Sprints. Host of the Strategy Show. Expert in Business Strategy, Growth Strategy and Execution. The Strategy Sprints Team does only one thing: Strategy in Sprints Strategy = Increase your monthly revenue consistently, gain market shares. Sprints = Fast Execution, Short Project Cycles, Motivated Teams.  - Links 
Karl sat down with Community Leaders Amy Babinchak and Joshua Liberman to talk about remote work. Amy runs Harbor Computer Services, which always runs a remote operation. They invite all employees in for a weekly meeting, but the rest of the time, they all work remotely. Josh has personally worked remotely for years, but runs an IT consulting company that is build around in-office work. We asked them to give their advice about hiring, culture, productivity, security, and more. In addition to their individual experiences, Amy and Josh give some great tips on trying to hire and manage remote workers. And they gives us some speculation about changes to client offices going forward. All in all, a good conversation. Contact info: Amy Babinchak is the owner of three IT related businesses: Harbor Computer Services, Third Tier, and Sell My MSP. She has been working in the small and medium business IT field for more than 20 years. Amy is a technical person with advanced skills in networking design, management, and implementation. She values technology for what it does for people and the success it brings to business. Sites: Third Tier – Sell My MSP – Facebook – Facebook Group – Twitter – LinkedIn – Instagram – Joshua Liberman is a great community leader and the owner of Net Sciences in Albuquerque, NM. Josh's managed service business focuses on security as the basis for everything they do. Sites: Net Sciences: Facebook - Facebook Page - Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram - :-)
James Kernan meets with Danny Jenkins to discuss how ThreatLocker adds a new and different level of security for MSPs.  ThreatLocker CEO, Danny Jenkins is a technical guru with a deep understanding of corporate IT and cybersecurity. He has an entrepreneurial background and two decades of experience in building and securing corporate networks. Before taking the reins at ThreatLocker®, Danny held CEO and CTO positions at multiple IT companies and founded a few cybersecurity businesses of his own. Links: -Website: -Instagram: Threatlockersecurity -Facebook: TheThreatLocker -Twitter: ThreatLocker  -YouTube: ThreatLocker
Nigel built and sold a managed service business - and survived the last big recession. In this interview he talks with Karl Palachuk about the lessons he's learned. Nigel went on to found the Tech Tribe membership community and now helps hundreds of IT consultants run great businesses. Recently, he released a new ebook: Survive & Thrive: The MSP Owners Guide to Surviving & Thriving in Uncertain Times. (Available at Nigel talks about the current environment, the "essential" role of IT in the current situation, and being a true business adviser. This is a 100% business-focused podcast. We talk about getting your finances under control, and keeping them that way forever. Managing cash inside your company is critical - and it needs to become a permanent process. We also touched on downsizing. No one wants to do it, but you may have to do it in order for your business to survive. And, of course, you need to do it the right way to improve the culture within your remaining team. -- -- -- The Tech Tribe is Nigel's training and coaching community. The book (Survive & Thrive) is available for download at: Information on the Tribe generally is at -- -- -- Sponsor Info: For more information or to get a 4-month free trial, visit :-)
Host Karl Palachuk meets up with Justin Esgar to talk about the ACES Conference 2020: The Prequel - a free conference for all small to medium business owners, to help them survive and thrive in a post-Covid world! Justin is the owner of Virtua Consulting Group, a NYC-based company that helps not only clients with IT, but other consultants as well. Virtua Computers helps those companies with Mac-Based inventory, Virtua XYZ provides software to help MSPs succeed, Virtua Consulting offers 1 on 1 consulting with MSP owners to help grow their business, and Virtua Conferences, owners of the popular ACES Conference - a business conference for IT professionals and MSPs. Additional Links: 
Host Amy Babinchak talks with Janet Schijns about how to generate demand, social selling, tactics to use when times are bad and community based IT marketing - you won't want to miss this. Janet Schijns is CEO and Co-Founder of JS Group, a go to market consultancy dedicated to achieving results in the channel. Janet was the 2019 Channel Influencer of the year and is a known expert on go to market. Additional Links:   twitter @channelsmart    linkedin 
Host James Kernan interviewed Tim Taylor. Tim is the Founder and President of TaylorWorks, Inc., a leading Managed Service provider in Central Florida. For over 20 years, TaylorWorks has provided companies with proactive IT consulting and support services. Tim has successfully guided his company over the past several years to 300% growth rate. Tim also has a consulting practice,, where he helps MSPs grow their practices and become more profitable. Additional Relevant Information http://www.timtaylorconsulting Links: Podcast Facebook Web http://www.timtaylorconsulting LinkedIn :-)  
Interview: Harry Brelsford from 420MSP Harry joins us for the one year anniversary of the launch 420 MSP ( Harry released How to Be an MSP - vertical edition focused on the cannabis industry last year at this time. His community has grown significantly. If you listen carefully, he digs right into the technology of the cannabis vertical. Perhaps the biggest thing going on right now in the industry is the growth of legalization. Harry talks about the challenges of this along with the culture of the industry vertical. One piece of that is the acceleration of legalization in response to the "quarantine" orders regarding the current virus pandemic. Several states have listed cannabis outlets as "essential" businesses during this very strange era. As a result, Harry believes that legalization will move from a five-year horizon to perhaps at two or three year horizon. That's speculation, of course, but gives a strong argument about the growth of this industry during the economic downturn we're about to experience. We covered lots of other great territory as well. This is a great business-focused discussion. Primary site: Book: Conference info: June 1-5, 2020 Online :-)    
Host James Kernan interviewed Yoram Baltinester for this show. Yoram has been coaching and leading seminars since 1989. His fast, fierce and focused approach has earned him the nickname “The Personal Development Samurai.” While developing a successful high-tech career for large companies Yoram created and refined the LifeDesign Method and the Decisive Action Protocol. These tools facilitate effective leadership, high-quality decision-making, and purposeful engagement with business to create meaningful success without sacrificing life balance and burning-out. Yoram was involved in multiple startups since 1985, in Personal Development and in the software, hardware, and I.T. industries. He started a Managed I.T. Services company right after September 11th, which he grew and sold in 2013. In his free time, Yoram loves to travel. In 1992, Yoram and his wife spent a year backpacking around the world, spending most of that time in China, crossing the Gobi Desert into Tibet and then the Himalayas into Nepal and India. Everything Yoram accomplishes is done using the principles of the LifeDesign Method and the Decisive Action Protocol. Today, Yoram works with high-performing leaders and professionals and teaches them how to use the Decisive Action Protocol and LifeDesign Method to bring their leadership, teams, and businesses to the next level of success. Links:   :-)  
My friend Ryan Morris (from Morris Management Partners) normally hangs out on the Killing IT Podcast. But today he joined me here to talk about our industry from three different perspectives: Vendor, Distributor, and Partner. Obviously, we spent most of our time on the Partner side of the equation. Ryan is a 25+ year veteran of the IT channel. He has lived and worked in the channel from practically every point of view: solution provider, vendor, distributor, service provider, market analyst, business consultant, keynote speaker and industry expert. Ryan works with clients from small startups to Fortune 50 and delivers services around the world. An award-winning speaker, consultant, and coach, Ryan’s vision is to help the IT industry build businesses that thrive in every market. Morris Management Partners (MMP) is a Seattle, WA-based professional services firm that works with IT vendors, distributors, and solution provider. Our services are designed to help companies optimize business performance, build profitable business models, and develop the skills to thrive. Web: Twitter: @ryanmorris303 LinkedIn: :-)  
Amy Babinchak is back, this time to question the relevancy of RMM and PSA tools with Amy Luby, founder of SMB Managed Services Community. The technical landscape is constantly evolving, specifically in terms of security; it's not always a given that our existing tools are still right for the job.  More about Amy Luby: Amy is a successful leader and entrepreneur in the IT Services Channel, with an extensive record of achievement in Channel Sales program development and recruiting IT solution providers. She has strong technical expertise and domain knowledge in the rapidly evolving global managed, cloud and security services marketplace and a proven track record in creating profitable managed and cloud product portfolios, developing profitable Channel sales operations, increasing revenue quickly, and exploiting untapped market opportunities.  Amy is founder and moderator of the global SMB Managed Services Community with 3000 active global SMB MSP reseller members. Amy is also a proven entrepreneur and pioneer in the IT services industry having founded and built one of the first Managed Services Providers (MSPs) in the country and then expanded that into one of the first Master MSPs, defining that business model in the process. Amy’s successes in the Channel have not gone unnoticed. She is the recipient of numerous Channel awards including: CRN Channel Chief and Women of the Channel awards, MSP Mentor Top 250 Influencers, MSP Mentor Top 100 Global MSPs, SMB Nation’s SMB 150, and COMPTIA’s Industry Leadership Award. In her spare time, Amy enjoys writing, drawing, yoga and her potter’s wheel. Links:
I was happy to catch up with Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan, and his newest release Clockwork. By his 35th birthday, Mike had founded and sold two companies - one to private equity and another to a Fortune 500. Today he is running his third multi-million dollar venture, Profit First Professionals. He is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the former business makeover specialist on MSNBC. Over the years, Mike has traveled the globe speaking with thousands of entrepreneurs. If you've listened to his audio books, you'll be pleased to know that he's just as nice and personable in the "real" world. Note: I've got him tape (well, digital audio) saying that he'll be back to talk about his next book, Fix This First. We covered that for a couple of minutes at the end of the interview. Stay tuned. And if you have questions for Mike when he returns, send them to me! Mike's new book, Fix This Next, will be coming out in April. Mike's Links:   :-)  
Catch Amy's Q&A with MSP owners Leon Black and John Zanazzi on her recent whitepaper: How to Build a Valuable Local LinkedIn Network. Get clarity on who to target, how often to post and more.  Find Amy's whitepaper here: About our guests: Leon Black has been in the IT Industry for over 17 years, from enterprise support with Microsoft, Komatsu, Colgate, through to SMB support. Leon started Inspired Techs in 2012 to help small to medium business leverage technology as their competitive advantage and get the most out of their business. Leon is passionate about RnD and keeping at the front of the changes in technology. This allows us to empower our customers and let them really leverage their relationship with us and their technology On a fun note, Leon is an avid skydiver and has over 760 jumps, 5 Australian skydive records and a few different competition medals.  Links: Facebook/linkedin/twitter - InspiredTechs    
This week we had Small Biz Thoughts employee Dylan Dahlquist (Quest) on the show. Dylan is certified in Google Adwords and has been supporting the Small Biz Thoughts brands since 2019. Listen in to hear how he gets paid offering free services to qualifying non-profits. Dylan Quest is a creative scientist with a passion for communicating complex ideas in innovative ways. His career started in materials research for brain implants, but has since left research work for digital advertising, specializing in Google Ads. His business works with organizations around the globe, many of which are non-profits. He utilizes his background in experimentation and data analysis for his clientele in order to create strategies tailored to their business. Dylan is also a member for the team here at Small Biz Thoughts!    You can reach Dylan at
From MSP to Marketers

From MSP to Marketers


Had a great talk with C.J. Ezell who launched his newest business, CrossBay Digital Marketing in January. His offerings include web design/hosting, reviews, and local SEO. We also talk about working specific verticals and developing a niche. C.J. launched his first company in 1998. Twenty-two years later, he is still starting new ventures and inspiring others to do the same. He is a frequent speaker at business building events throughout North America and has a proven track record of success in the technology services and healthcare industries. His current businesses include PointClear Networks a 2018 MSP501 Winner, The Red5Agency, and CrossBay Digital Marketing, a digital media company focused on helping small businesses grow by increasing their online presence and through the use of social media management and advertising. Links: Web: Web: LinkedIn:
I was very pleased to catch up with Amy Babinchak - One of the new hosts for this podcast - and talk about employee training. This podcast grew out of a series of private emails we exchanged, which grew from an unrelated topic. Here Amy spells out how she helps employees gain knowledge on new technologies while helping to create consistent processes across all technicians. She also talks about the regular meetings they have in-house, which improve training and build culture at the same time. As a side benefit, Amy gives lots of advice along the way that demonstrate how she has built a very successful IT service business with no office and almost zero overhead.   Links: Check out my Facebook group: – This is my ransomware and security group. Private and on-topic always. Subscribe to the blog: Use the Helpdesk. We only do work for other IT pros.  
I always like to catch up with Chip Reaves from Bigger Brains. Here we're talking about Online Training as a Service. Chip is a 30-year IT channel veteran who has built five MSP or related businesses and sold four. He's best known as the founder and CEO of Computer Troubleshooters USA, the world's largest IT services franchise network. In 2012 Chip created the channel's first end-user training platform for MSPs - Bigger Brains. Chip gives us some strategies for offering training as part of your managed service bundle. It's extremely affordable. In fact, over at the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community, we have set up a way for you to get this training FREE inside your company, get a discount, and even get more than one NFR license. Check it out now and use the code Karlsentme to get 10% off any Bigger Brains subscription. But even without that discount, you can make huge profits with this service - and educate clients on some products and features then didn't know about.  When you bring value, clients love you! Client facing site: MSP Facing site: On Facebook:   :-)    
Featured Guest: Joseph Landes I talked with Joseph Landes from Nerdio about the specifics of moving clients to the Azure cloud - and the special tools Nerdio employs to make sure you know what it will cost. They also have some cool tools for reducing the cost of running client operations on Azure. Joseph worked at Microsoft for almost 25 years before joining Nerdio to help MSPs learn how to build a successful and profitable cloud practice in Microsoft Azure. Nerdio's flagship product, Nerdio for Azure, has helped thousands of MSPs around the world transiton from the on-premises world to the cloud using automation. Nerdio has significant expertise and technical know-how in the Azure space and is the definitive Azure solution for MSPs. Site: :-)    
My guest this week is my friend Scott Millar from IT Rockstars and MSP Video Academy. Scott is the founder of IT Rockstars. He has an extensive career spanning both IT and marketing. As systems engineer at heart, Scott saw an opportunity at a young age in generating leads to his break-fix computer repair business using online marketing techniques. This evolved into the managed service space where Scott has worked for over 15 years. Now he's helping fellow MSPs and IT business owners generate more leads and win more sales. IT Rockstars offers IT business the opportunity to build a process into their business that will generate a steady, reliable stream of warm leads using proven digital marketing strategy and tactics. Scot has a passion for SEO, but also realized that there are much quicker and more sustainable ways of marketing an IT business. Find out about the four marketing pieces he offers every month, as well as some great "best practice" tips for Facebook Live and repurposing your video content on LinkedIn. Links: :-)
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Michael Bayless

I agree Manny. When we do projects the majority is done in piecemeal with limited downtime so you can just have anyone work it as they have time.

Nov 30th

Michael Bayless

A good way to setup your queue is by creating three buckets. 1. Emergency; 2. Repair; 3. Maintenance/Projects You have to define what these look like. From here, you either have a tech or two for each of these buckets or anyone can take a ticket from any bucket. Once someone touches a ticket they either finish it or work what they can then move it back to the correct queue. this can be the same queue or a different queue. Either way it now restarts in the F.I.F.O. processes.

Nov 30th
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