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Podcasts, articles, and reference materials for Managed Service Providers. Brought to you by internationally recognized MSP Consultant Karl W. Palachuk.
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Host Karl caught up with Jason Bystrak from D&H Distributing. Jason is D&H's VP of Cloud and Services Cloud and XaaS is positioned to grow as more companies have been compelled to embrace digital transformation throughout the pandemic, moving greater amounts of their infrastructures and services to the cloud. Small to mid-size businesses have shown themselves to be especially agile in light of the shift to remote and hybrid technology solutions, making this sector a notable opportunity for channel partners to profit from cloud services bundled with hardware and services. All-in-all, XaaS is becoming the new standard for technology consumption in the emerging digital economy. The XaaS consumption model employs a combination of solutions including hardware, software, cloud-based solutions, and a roster of technology services. The challenge is to deliver this range of products and services through a streamlined conduit, reducing complexity while still capitalizing on the many benefits of XaaS. MSPs and VARs can more easily monetize per-seat services across multiple customers through use of a consolidated transactional platform, one that provides an array of cloud offerings and ideally allowing the partner to incorporate services of their own. While the XaaS model can support any technology solution – including data center and network infrastructure – they are typically built around end-point devices. Software and SaaS solutions such as productivity, collaboration, unified communication and business applications are added along with infrastructure options such as enhanced security, data protection, remote access and virtual desktop. These are combined with services such as migration, integration, management and support for the term of the agreement. While some XaaS solutions are capitalized in the project-style upfront payment, most are financed in a monthly subscription model, posing additional challenges for the traditional channel model. Jason Bystrak began his tenure at the company in 2019 to oversee what is now the distributor’s Cloud Solutions offering, responsible for lines of business including cloud, XaaS ("Everything as a Service"), services, security, and unified communications. He has more than 25 years of experience in channel and cloud services, and is driving the D&H vision to be the “XaaS Distributor” for VARs and MSPs serving the SMB market, executing programs and leveraging the company’s next generation Cloud Marketplace platform to help channel partners deliver total solutions in a subscription model. Links   Sponsor Memo: Did you know that the average MSP spends 10 hours manually inputting accounting data each week? That time is 120 prospect calls, a month’s worth of the Business of Tech, or building an entire lego death star. Gozynta Mobius can make your life easier through accounting automation. Automatic sync of invoices, expenses and inventory from ConnectWise Manage into QuickBooks Online in just a single click of a button. With onboarding, direct support, and regular feature releases, Gozynta is a family owned company dedicated to making software suck a little less each day. Visit them at  :-)  
The Real Value of RMM

The Real Value of RMM


Host Karl interviewed Tom Watson, Channel Chief Advisor at NinjaRMM. Tom is a former owner of an MSP for 15 years. He's now with Ninja, working to deliver quality information to MSPs to help them grow their businesses and increase profitability. Tom is also the Co-host of NinjaRMM's MSP Live Chats webinar series, host of the MSP Breakthrough podcast series. Links:  :-)
Host Karl caught up with Mario Pirolozzi, VP of Sales at Zomentum, to talk about their Sales Acceleration Platform. Mario is a 10 year industry veteran whose career has been dedicated to assisting thousands of MSPs and IT service providers in their go-to-market plans, sales strategy, and execution. As a former VP of Sales for Datto, and current VP of Sales at Zomentum, Mario is uniquely positioned to help MSPs evaluate their current technology stack and enhance their sales efforts by providing valuable insights and world class solutions. Zomentum is the channel's only end-to-end sales acceleration platform. Their partners are creating documents 70% faster, they are increasing their deal values by 600%, and converting 100% more often while using Zomentum's full suite of tools. Web Sites:  :-)
Host Karl caught up with Greg Edwards, founder of CryptoStopper, about the details of how Cryptoware works. He's a great source on this topic since he's built a product to stop ransomware in its tracks. CryptoStopper creates randomly-named files of random sizes to monitor in key locations. Then, they monitor those files as well as other activities on your clients' computers. When CryptoStopper sees ransomware activity, they catch it much earlier than other monitoring services. We dig into some juicy details about how their system works. And, of course, Greg gives us some great details about how the viruses themselves operate. Greg has been a technology entrepreneur since 1998. Before he founded CryptoStopper, he started Axis Backup, a backup and disaster recovery company for the insurance industry. He saw firsthand the rapid increase in the damage cyber criminals were doing with debilitating malware resulting in high financial loss to vulnerable companies. Between 2012 and 2015, one in five of Axis Backup’s clients was hit by cybercrime. Greg realized effective cyber security could save businesses from costly downtime and compromised systems. In 2015, Axis Backup was acquired by J2 Global, freeing Greg to create CryptoStopper and focus exclusively on cybersecurity. Web Site:  :-) Sponsor Note: Are you still relying on a frustrating patchwork of legacy solutions? Modernize your cybersecurity and data protection with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. It’s a single solution that combines backup, anti-malware, and endpoint protection management. As an MSP, you can easily improve clients’ security posture, eliminate complexity, and generate more recurring revenue. Learn more about Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud at   
Host Karl talks to ASCII CEO Alan Weinberger about his new book - The Doctor’s In: Treating America’s Greatest Cyber Security Threat. Of course, we also talked about the state of the industry and what's ahead for IT consultants. Alan book illuminate for the general public how important a Managed Service Provider is in maintaining the health of our economy and our infrastructure itself, in the new cyber security era. Alan founded The ASCII Group in 1984 in Washington D.C. And, of course, ASCII is one of the premier communities for IT service providers, VARs, MSPs, and technology resellers all over the world. They host a series of virtual and in-person events. You can find out more at Misc. ASCII Links: ASCII Events – Alan’s Book is available on Amazon: - (This is not an affiliate link.) :-)  
Host James Kernan interviews Dave Scott from Scott Digital Marketing. Dave Scott is the Founder, President and CEO of Scott Growth Strategies. Dave has over 20 years of experience working with MSPs, Tech and IT firms and B2B companies. He pours his wealth of marketing knowledge into clients making sure they’re seen, heard and valued in the current tech climate. In the end, Dave delivers digital marketing leadership, strategies and tools that lead to client success and prosperity. Related links: As always, if you have any questions or comments, post them here. :-)  
More and more every day, you need privacy policies on your web site. These requirements change every day. How can you possibly stay legal and up to date? The quick answer: You pretty much can't. That's where Termageddon comes in. Host Karl interviewed Hans & Donata Skillrud from Termageddon. Termageddon aggregates privacy policies and generates valid privacy policy text based on your business and location. When the law changes, so do the policies, keeping your company protected and allowing you to focus on more important things. Find our more at We dig into the details here. Guest info: Donata and Hans are the cofounders of Termageddon. Donata is a licensed attorney and a certified information privacy professional. She also serves as the Vice Chair of the American Bar Association's ePrivacy Committee and has provided insights to governing bodies on how to write privacy laws. Hans is a former small business agency owner, who sold his 12 person company in 2019 to focus all of his attention on Termageddon. Outside of work, you can catch Hans and Donata hiking, gardening, or beekeeping. Termageddon is a generator of policies for websites and applications. Web site: -- -- -- Sponsor Memo: MSPs do battle daily against cyber hostilities such as ransomware attacks and data breaches. Fight smarter. Call in the cavalry. Gatekeeper from Calyptix Security is here. Reduce stress and implement proper safeguards — as advised by the FBI, NSA and DHS — with Calyptix’s purpose-built solution for small businesses. Zero Trust access secures RDP and SSH connections with two-factor authentication. There’s no need for open ports to the internet, client installs, or VPN. Plus, you’ll enjoy audit-friendly access across all types of devices. Learn more at  :-)
Host Karl talked to James Norrie from CyberconIQ. CyberconIQ takes a new approach to educating users about security - based on their demonstrated behavior. As we've all seen, pure education has limited success. This program helps users alter their behavior. Guest Dr. James Norrie is a Professor of Strategy and Cybersecurity and former Dean of the Graham School of Business at York College of Pennsylvania. He is the author of six books, multiple journal articles and is a sought-after expert, frequent media commentator and national newspaper op-ed guest writer. Internationally known, his areas of research interest delve into the intersection of society and technology and the clash this can create, particularly as cybercrime has become a ferocious problem. In addition to his academic role, he is the Founder and CEO of CyberconIQ, a firm committed to changing the global cybersecurity conversation from fear to hope. He conducts, presents and publishes industry-related research and consults globally to prominent companies concerning cybersecurity, information privacy and security, and economic crime detection and prevention methods. He lives in York, PA. cyberconIQ mitigates cyber risk by leveraging CYBERology™ – the intersection of cybersecurity and psychology, which is the foundation of our solutions. Related Links: :-)
Host Karl interviewed Rom Hendler, CEO of Trustifi Email Encryption Solutions. We start our discussion discussing what makes Trustifi different from other email security solutions. Trustifi provides email encryption delivered on a software-as-a-service platform. They provide both inbound and outbound email security from a single vendor. Most email security systems address inbound traffic only. But as compliance expands across geographies and industries, we could see some real problems if we don't also manage the outbound traffit. SMB MSPs and solution providers should begin to think of email encryption as a way to deliver control of email data back to the user, as opposed to simply screening threats as they arrive at the network gateway. Trustifi’s one-click solutions leverage a breakthrough email encryption strategy. Rather than have emails pass through the recipient’s gateway and reside on their server, Trustifi’s solution encrypts messages before they go through the recipient’s gateway. Sent mail messages therefore reside on Trustifi’s proprietary web-based cloud storage platform, as opposed to on the recipient’s server. This allows messages to be accessed and recalled or altered as-needed, since they’re still officially housed on the vendor’s platform. Users can swap or remove attachments or reword text even after messages have initially been read. Similarly, this configuration allows the sender to remove or add recipients to emails after-the-fact—without alerting the other recipients. When the sender has a greater ability to manipulate messages they’ve already transmitted, it gives them the opportunity to correct potentially debilitating missteps. Related Links:  -- -- -- Sponsor Memo: Still entering data into QuickBooks Online manually? Stop wasting that time on non-revenue-generating activity. Gozynta Mobius is the leading sync tool between ConnectWise Manage and QuickBooks Online. Trusted by over 1,000 MSPs. Not just invoices and payments, our newly revised expense report sync gives you complete traceability of charges to company credit cards, and makes employee reimbursements easy. Visit for demos and pricing. :-)
Host Karl interviewed Guillaume Boisvert, Director for Product Innovation at Sherweb. The topic of the day is: Take Office Security to the Next Level. Guillaume has been instrumental in commercializing Sherweb’s Infrastructure as a Service solutions for public and private cloud. He has more than 15 years of experience developing and marketing web services for both B2B and B2C platforms. Prior to his current position, Guillaume managed Sherweb’s security and compliance product portfolio. He holds a degree in CIS, and has business training from McGill University. The topic here is Sherweb's new Alliance program. Sherweb's Office Protect has been around for quite a while. It adds a serious layer of security to O365/M365. The default Office configuration is designed for enterprise clients, and their defaults are good for a large slice of users. Office Protect fixes some obvious problems, such as turning on 2FA and logging. Both are off by default. That's great . . . until something goes wrong. Office Protect basically implements a new set of "best practices" defined by you, rather then assuming that Microsoft is taking care of your best interest. So what's new? The Office Protect Alliance offering actually monitors those logs, analyzes alerts, and even fixes problems. As Guillaume notes, they take over the problem-solving and you keep the client relationship (and money). He also gives some great examples and information about how insurance companies and hackers both scan your web presence to see how professional you look on the security front. The insurance company wants to determine whether you're a larger risk; hackers are looking at the same information to determine whether you're a juicy target. Find out more about Sherweb Office Protect Alliance at: Sherweb's Partner Blog is here: :-)  
Host Karl caught up with Tom Lawrence of Lawrence Technology Services. Tom runs a very successful IT consulting business - and uses YouTube as his primary marketing tool. That's a very rare thing, but Tom's been making videos since 2014. His channel has really taken off in the last few years. The "Lawrence Systems" channel is here: - and has more than 185,000 subscribers. But lots of people don't subscribe, so he has about 1.8 million unique viewers in the last ninety days. Most of them joined in the last two years! Tom's philosophy for YouTube is very straight forward: He creates videos to talk about whatever is on his mind. Sometimes that's technology; Sometimes it's business. But he always puts in a plug at the end. "If you have a project we can help with, drop us a line." This is a great example of the philosophy that you should create content that you would like to consume. That will attract an audience that will find that content appealing. Here's the bottom line on the effectiveness of this strategy: 349 businesses hired Lawrence Technology Services as a result of his YouTube channel!!! Tom's approach is also a great example of the philosophy of, "Just do what you do." He doesn't worry about guru advice about length or format. Lots of great advice and information here. Catch Tom's channel here: - "Lawrence Systems" channel - - Content Creation Ethics and Guidelines -   :-)
Host Karl sat down with Kevin Coppins, President and CEO of Spirion. Kevin wakes up every day on a mission to protect what he knows matters most—your sensitive personal data. With a team of passionate data privacy professionals at his back, Kevin is working to re-envision the culture of entire industries, putting privacy at the forefront where it belongs. One of the biggest problems today is that people "just do their jobs" everyday, and unwittingly expose sensitive data to the Internet. Sensitive data is being replicated thousands of times across databases, shared folders, and cloud servers around the globe—and all a bad actor needs to cause chaos is one opening. Spirion is attempting to change the paradigm of data security; not by building higher walls, but by radically shrinking the target. The COVID Data Explosion - As we work together to flatten the curve, organizations around the world are scrambling to adapt. IT departments have been so focused on making the shift to working from home, that they’ve left the door open for a new threat. We also discuss the Growing Compliance Problem, Solved - GDPR. CCPA. FERPA. HIPAA. More privacy regulations have been passed in the last two years than the previous hundred. This has led companies around the world to spend billions trying—and often failing—to stay in compliance with a rapidly shifting regulatory landscape. Finally, we address: Why Kevin Doesn’t Want Happy Customers! Links: :-)  
Host Karl interviews Eric Anthony, the founder of the hot All Things MSP Facebook page ( Eric also manages a YouTube Channel focused on his photography/videography hobby. Eric has been helping people with technology since high school. He has owned his own break/fix and managed services companies, spent time in internal IT and for the last 7 years has been working for vendors in the channel. He also runs the All Things MSP Facebook group and YouTube channel. On the professional side, Eric is the Director, MSP Director of Community and Partner Enablement at Egnyte. He is based in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area. He started as an MSP in 1992 and has worked for a variety of vendors. Links: Facebook group: YouTube: LinkedIn: Egnyte: More info coming soon on Egnyte's MSP Summit May 11th. :-)  
Host Karl interviewed Ryan Denehy, Founder and CEO of Electric ( Electric manages pretty much any cloud-based services for end users. Interestingly, they provide support via Slack, Teams, and Email - not through a client-facing ticketing system. Ryan explains that they primarily focus on SaaS management, device management, and network management. In growing their MSP business, Ryan challenged the assumption that you have to be local and small in order to thrive in the SMB IT market. In particular, they challenged the belief that you have to look people in the eye and ask for their business. About Ryan: Ryan Denehy is a 3x entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Electric. Having experienced the pain and frustrations that many business owners encounter in managing their IT infrastructure and support needs, Ryan's light bulb idea to create a cloud-based, real-time, 24-7 IT Support ecosystem laid the foundation for Electric's vision to redefine IT Support for a new generation. Throughout the pandemic, Electric sought out to be the antithesis of all things “Silicon Valley bro culture”. The company has seen demand skyrocket during the pandemic and actually reopened its Series B round in March and April for added funds from Dick Costolo and Adam Bain at 01 Ventures. Links: Sponsor Note: Gatekeeper from Calyptix Security Introducing Gatekeeper from Calyptix Security: zero trust access securing RDP and SSH connections with two factor authentication without open ports to the internet, client installs or VPN. Two years of partner driven development brings audit friendly access across all types of devices. Reduce stress and implement proper safeguards as advised by the FBI, NSA and DHS, all in a purpose-built solution for small businesses. Interested? Learn even more by visiting, and when you do, tell them Karl sent you. :-)  
Host Karl caught up with John Hammond, the Senior Cybersecurity Researcher at Huntress. Right at the start is Karl's favorite new term: Ransomware canaries. Here we discuss the Huntress "Hack_it 2021" event, March 22-24 online. In addition to an all-day "Hacking Windows" pre-day, the event features a variety of great hands-on training. You can see the full agenda at John is a primary presenter of the event. One of the cool sessions is Making the Malware: A Choose-Your-Own Adventure Exercise. This is a true hands-on opportunity to see how hackers actually plan, design, and execute attacks. Check out all the details and register now. Huntress is totally focused on cybersecurity detection and prevention. You can sign up for a free demo and kick the tires at About John Hammond Hammond is a cybersecurity instructor, content creator, red teamer, and Capture the Flag enthusiast. As a previous Department of Defense Cyber Training Academy curriculum developer and teacher for the Cyber Threat Emulation course, he educated both civilian and military members on offensive Python, PowerShell, and other scripting languages as well as the adversarial mindset. Hammond personally developed training material and infosec challenges for events such as PicoCTF, the "Capture the Packet" competition at DEFCON US, and the HacktivityCon CTF with HackerOne. He speaks at security conferences such as BsideDC, to students at colleges such as Clemson University and the US Coast Guard Academy, and other events like the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge/KringleCon. He is an online YouTube personality showcasing programming tutorials, cyber security guides, and CTF video walkthroughs. John currently holds the following certifications: Security+, eJPT, eCPPT, CEH, PCAP, OSWP, OSCP, OSCE, and OSWE. Sponsor Memo: Ready to Take Your Cybersecurity Skills to the Next Level? Save Your Spot for Hack_it 2021 on March 22–24, 2021! Join Huntress for their 2nd annual cybersecurity training event, hack_it 2021! Sharpen your tradecraft, network with security professionals and get hands-on training you can actually use in your business. Three days, including a Hacking Windows pre-day and two full days of cybersecurity education. Want to sign up? :-)
Host James Kernan interviews writer Kate Frank about the strategic use to writing as a marketing tool. Kate is a professional writer with decades of marketing expertise. She has a unique ability to tap into the genius of others and get their message on the page of a book or other media. Most people struggle with identifying their unique proposition for their customers and clients. For Kate, it is an instinct. Kate is the Editor of Tech UP or Lose OUT, an author in 6 collaborative books, and a ghostwriter in many others. Web Sites and Links: :-)
Host Karl sat down with Pete Matheson for the second time in two months. Here we get an update on Pete's YouTube channel traffic and the lessons he's learned. Check out Pete's last appearance here: Basically, Pete saw great opportunities with YouTube, so he jumped in and gave it a lot of his attention. In this podcast, he gives us the update on how he is growing revenue with his channel. He also gives us lots of great tips and tricks on building an audience AND providing business-related content. Lesson number one: Start a channel! Lesson two: Just start posting videos. Don't wait until they're great (or perfect). Just do it. Lesson three: Get comfortable and let people see your personality. After all, that's what people buy. Pete gives some great examples of the videos he produced as an IT consultant. These are client-facing. From there, he moved to helping IT pros figure out videos for their business. Sites: :-)
Karl and Mike get together for an update on security. As you know, 2020 was quite a year. There was new legislation at the state and local levels, primarily in response to an explosion of sophisticated attacks of ransomware. We went into a good deal of detail on new NIST and CMMC recommendations, as well as a major update on HIPAA. Mike Semel is a noted thought leader, speaker, blogger, and best-selling author. He is the President of Semel Consulting, focused on compliance regulations; cyber security; and Business Continuity planning. Mike has also developed Semel Systems, a series of cybersecurity and compliance training and go-to-market systems for MSPs. Link: :-)  
Karl caught up with a fellow CompTIA Executive Committee member, Pete Busam from Equilibrium Consulting. Pete and Karl sit on the Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity E.C. Pete Busam is the founder and owner of Equilibrium Consulting, LLC, a management consulting and outsourced marketing firm specializing in assisting channel and technology services organizations with establishing partner relationships, and directing IT channel strategy, design and execution. He has more than 35 years of experience in the channel, where he began as a technician. Since then, he has operated several successful technology services providers and continues to be recognized by clients, partners and channel publications for his outstanding performance, commitment and contributions to the industry. His thought-provoking insights on the channel have been published by numerous industry-leading trade publications, including CRN, ChannelPro, Channel Futures and Channel Insider. An industry thought leader, he has given presentations and participated in panel discussions at numerous channel events over the years. He has also provided commentary on the industry for The Philadelphia Business Journal, Entrepreneur and the Wall Street Journal. Fully committed to the communities he immerses himself in, Pete is an active member with CompTIA, The Sales Association Sales Leader Council, Forbes Coaches Council and the American Legion. He is a United States Navy veteran. Websites LinkedIn - Facebook - :-)
Host Karl interviews Paul Katzoff from White Canyon Software. White Canyon provides software to really, truly, honestly remove all the data on hard drives so it cannot be recovered. As Paul points out, we could download free tools from the internet, but "they don't get certified for a reason - they don't work." Wipe Drive can erase one drive at a time, a dozen at a time, or even build a Pixi network. In addition to securing old hard drives, Wipe Drive makes it easy to recycle systems to keep them out of the land fill and help not-for-profit associations with donated hardware. The program also gives you great reports that can be shared as proof that hard drives have been wiped clean. For almost a decade, Paul has worked with technology companies seeking manageable growth and brand loyalty/expansion. His career has ranged from being an integral part of a new business start-up team, to becoming a key driver in the business enabling it to become both sustainable and profitable. Currently, Paul serves as the CEO of White Canyon Software -- a data security company used by 44 of the fortune 100 companies. Web Site - :-)  
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Michael Bayless

I agree Manny. When we do projects the majority is done in piecemeal with limited downtime so you can just have anyone work it as they have time.

Nov 30th

Michael Bayless

A good way to setup your queue is by creating three buckets. 1. Emergency; 2. Repair; 3. Maintenance/Projects You have to define what these look like. From here, you either have a tech or two for each of these buckets or anyone can take a ticket from any bucket. Once someone touches a ticket they either finish it or work what they can then move it back to the correct queue. this can be the same queue or a different queue. Either way it now restarts in the F.I.F.O. processes.

Nov 30th
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