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We reveal the biggest industry news here at SPLASH! and this podcast does it again!  Huge news that the membership of SPASA WA has voted in overwhelming support of a merger with the national body.   This is a truly historic moment that has been under a collaborative and strategic process for some time that establishes a unified industry representation going forward for the first time across the Australian continent.  Listen in to a post-vote discussion with SPASA CEO Lindsay McGrath and Sadie Stevenson who led SPASA WA through this process.We also talk with Candy Gold and Gary CLark from Aqua-Quip about a significant innovation award they have picked up in the USA.Plus, at last we release the second and final installment of the interview with Colin Mauger of Supreme Heat.
A Deep Dive For GEMS

A Deep Dive For GEMS


If you are still  a little unsure about what GEMS is, what is means and how it is already affecting you post Oct 1, 2022 then today's podcast is definitely for you.   SPLASH! interviews Isaac from the government regulator and asks a whole range of questions on your behalf.What do I need to know? What do I need to do? What if I don't understand or don't comply? How does the space-time continuum affect dark matter and are black holes real? OK so, not the last one but the rest and more are covered in the interview to give you all the information you really do need to know.Get ready for a deep dive into GEMS. Ready. Set. SPLASH!
Big News Brews

Big News Brews


We bring you two massive news announcements with the potential of affecting the industry all the way from New Zealand in the east right across the Tasman and across the width and breadth of the Australian continent to the shores of the Indian Ocean in Western  Australia.  David also takes the opportunity to interview a UK industry import about the Italian pump manufacturer DAB and their plans for this market and also talks to Carl Vorshege from Remco.To make sure you stay up to date subscribe free to the SPLASH! fortnightly  e-news blast at - in fact go ahead and register your entire organisation.  
Pulp Friction

Pulp Friction


Back again for another round of pool and spa and industry related topics, news and views and chatter.  A new magazine looking back at SPLASH! Trade Expo 2022, plus the Pool of the Year has been run, won and done for 2022.    Your hosts David and Luke discuss new partnerships, investments and change around the grounds. We also listen into a discussion with Veda recorded at the SPLASH! Trade Expo 2022 with Nick Briscoe from Waterco around research, development and bringing new products to market.Ready. Set. SPLASH!#HRAnywhere #SPASA #Fluidra #DAB #Reece #AISWater #Waterco #Poolwerx#splashexpo #splashmediaoffic
A recent heads of industry day was held by the peak body SPASA to create a set of solutions and planning for the industry's future security covering employment, education, economy and the environment. Listen into a series of short interviews with some of those who participated in these important talks.  We also talk to the poolie who started posting to social media and gained significant traction.  Turns out that what we consider everyday ordinary the public finds enthralling.
This one is all about you!  Luke and David take you on tour of the  product and service being recognised and awarded around the grounds  (we have not forgotten you kiwis and New Zealand still to come).  We look at the upcoming industry day of excellence and leadership  in Melbourne on Sep 2, 2022.  This is a significant leap forward for all of us to hear from 4 incredible keynote, highly sought after speakers.   This is not the typical corporate guff but the stuff of people and future building.  In order to achieve something you have never achieved you have to be willing to do something you have never done.  -  find the fabulous photo of Luke!  - click on BUY TICKETS
Coffee maybe the metaphor but your people are the focus.  With over one-third employees actively looking for a new job and the replacement cost reported as high as 250% of that wage it seems retention of good people is a critical issue.    We unpack why the opportunities afforded by the upcoming SPLASH! Trade Show providing  education, engagement and entertainment may be the keys to help you retain your staff.We also have a terrific discussion with SPLASH! Trade Show Platinum Sponsor - Fluidra about their investment in industry and more. 
Winter is no longer coming. It is here.  The election is no longer looming . It is done and won. The old methods and standards of doing business for industry are changed through time and necessity.  The market is changing and consumers are constantly changing.  The consumer has put us in high demand over the last two years but what happens when the seemingly unending quarterly growth is over? The experience of women in the workplace and specifically our industry has been a undergoing change for the better.   We speak with Daena Bougoure-Latchford from SPASA who is leading the way for woman of industry with the WAVES initiative about these changes and how you can be involved.The times, they are indeed a changing.   Ready. Set. SPLASH!
Pass the Salt

Pass the Salt


With salt supply for sale post Australian east coast floods continuing to be another challenge we look at how the industry and consumer is responding.  Also new figures show demand continues to be at a high for our product and services and there are continued upward pressures on pricing.     Join David with Luke in this episode to unpack all of that, preview the upcoming SPLASH! trade expo including  a quick conversation with the Australian Swim School Association.   An inspiring new intro is revealed to the crowd favorite 'Top 5 Online News Stories' that leaves Luke speechless.  All this and more... Read. Set. SPLASH!Podcast sponsored by:- Fluidra- Hayward- AIS Water 
Join Luke and David for a discussion  all things Pool and Spa industry about the busy-ness of business, challenges and opportunities.   Yes, there is some banter as always but some very important industry news to be aware of including the new GEMS energy rating requirements that take affect in just a few short months.  Make sure you are informed and ready.We also look at the Top 5 Online News Stories and tease out a little more  detail on the biggest party event of the year - SPLASH! The After-Party.  You don't want to miss this one.Ready. Set. SPLASH!This episode sponsored by:AIS Water, Fluidra, Hayward
A super special for the podcast as we go gold class all the way with Olympian and motivational corporate speaker, Brooke Hanson.  Listen in as Brooke shares that grit and determination of attaining gold glory starting from very surprising and shaky beginnings around the water!Brooke also courageously and gracefully discusses the challenges of transgender competitors in women's swimming and also shares how a competitive loss led to a first date.It's all on pool deck today. Ready. Set. SPLASH!
Rain, Pain and Gain

Rain, Pain and Gain


We may be in the water industry but the one in 500 year rain event on Australia's east coast has delivered more than anyone needed.  This episode Luke and David  talk about the rain and some of the pain that has been caused to our construction, our manufacturers, retailers, service techs and more.  Listen in to Matt Galvin explaining the impact on pool building and to Sophie de Preaux from All Chlor Chlorinators whose business ended up under 1.5m of water.   There is rain, there has been pain but where is the gain in all of this?Ready. Set. SPLASH!If you have photos that you would like to share please send to
Raising the Standards

Raising the Standards


Today the SPLASH! podcast welcomes Spiros Dassakis.   As COO of SPASA, Spiros has been advocating on behalf of our industry for many years.  In the last five years alone Spiros has been involved in 50+ AS/NZ plus many other relevant committees and groups to ensure our industry is protected and in a position to flourish.    We discuss the current Australian Standards that SPASA is shaping and how you can be involved in driving the future of our industry.David also discovers he knows nothing about choosing the right pool tile with a lesson from the Pool Tile Company.  We also go on set to the filming of the TV show and speak with an award winning designer, Danica Vansleve, from Norfolk Pools.Ready. Set. SPLASH!
SPLASH!  Across the USA.

SPLASH! Across the USA.


David and Luke were invited by the Pool Nation Podcast in the USA for a chat all things pool industry.   Beyond the expected and  fun nationalistic and patriotic banter we talked with Edgar, JJ and Zach about trends, challenges, opportunities and innovations.  We  confused them with a fine array of Aussie slang that kept our American friends wondering exactly what was going on.  We also found that while we do things a little differently our shared experiences and our shared enthusiasm for our wonderful industry is what matters most. Ready. Set. Pool Nation & SPLASH!
Welcome to a special event long form interview podcast with an industry leader.   CEO of Vortex Leisure, Andrew Pullen provides a wealth of information around the state of the industry from a spa manufacturing/retailing perspective, strategic leadership insight and speculation about emerging trends, markets into 2022 and beyond.Ready. Set. SPLASH!
It Not Punny.

It Not Punny.


All the news, views and discussion points with the release of SPLASH! 138. Join David and Luke for statistics, stories and other stuff that makes up our busy and vibrant pool and spa landscape!You know we love talking direct to industry so we also have a quick catch up with an Aussie manufacturer that has recently achieved Australian Made certification.Ready. Set. SPLASH!
TV Po** Stars

TV Po** Stars


You have long thought about it.  You have long wanted it, In fact many have been very openly asking for when it may happen. Well, the news is good.  It has happened with overwhelming industry support.    Listen is as we reveal more details and talk to the host and to one of the major sponsors too as our industry is  set to become TV Po** Stars.
Join David and Luke as they work through the latest challenges and opportunities from all around.   They take a look at the impact of the changes that just keep coming to our regions affecting us all.  Plus, we review and celebrate some worthy award winners and.....   exciting release of brand new industry resources to reach the 1.5m pool and spa owner of New Zealand and Australia.   Ready. Set. SPLASH!
Still Going

Still Going


Join David and co-host Luke to uncover the most recent issue of SPLASH! including all the latest, greatest, best and most happening  all over the place .   While there is still increased demand for our products and services, this brings supply challenges.  Not to mention dealing with the increased uncertainty region by region as governments and health departments impose varying restrictions on business with immediate effect.  Yet... we are still going!  Ready. Set. SPLASH!
You asked for it so here it is!A very special episode today as David takes time with SPASA CEO, Lindsay McGrath for an in-depth interview.   Lindsay discusses the long and winding road that has lead the industry to today; reveals inside information on the current state-of-the-industry covered in the SPASA Annual Report (get your free copy at:; and reflects on the biggest challenge and opportunity for the future.   It's a big one!Ready. Set. SPLASH!
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