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A careers podcast for teachers and young people's influencers. STEM Sessions puts a spotlight on STEM careers in the UK. Every episode, we'll be talking to one of our London based STEM Ambassadors, who are real people that work in STEM and also volunteer in schools to inspire and inform young people. You'll get to find out more about their job, how they got there and how young people today can get there too! More information on STEM Ambassadors can be found at: vector created by freepik -
18 Episodes
Marcelle Horshaw, Sophie Hart and Sayyed Miah are part of SCS Railway's Environmental Team. Whether it's changing to more environmentally friendly materials or looking at ways to make carbon savings, this fantastic team is helping to make sure that the construction of the HS2 project is carried out with sustainability in mind. Check out our extended version of this episode at 
Starring Peter Tosland, Misty Nicholson, Cathryn Lees and Mathew Manning from SCS Railway's Commercial Quantity Surveying Team, our second episode in this mini series dives into the world of Quantity Surveying on a major infrastructure project like HS2. In this extended cut, you'll get to find out what is involved in quantity surveying (and what isn't) along with a range of inspiration stories and great bits of advice about how the subjects you might not be an 'A* student' in at school can actually still be an area that you can have an amazing career in!   
The Social Sustainability Team at SCS Railways . Whether it's helping to improve young people's understanding of STEM roles,  helping homeless people or creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, this fantastic team makes sure that SCS Railways are having a positive impact on society in all sorts of different ways! In our second episode in the SCS Railways mini-series, we hear from Louise Dailly, Frankie Jones & Alice Jennison, managers in the Social Sustainability Team, to uncover more about the work their team does and to help young people find out more pursuing a career in social sustainability.  
STEM Sessions is back to bring you more STEM careers as told by our STEM Ambassadors! To kick off series 2, we're collaborating with SCS Railways, a joint venture working on the London section of the High Speed 2 Rail project!In our first episode, we spoke to Anita Soni and Haddy Jallow,  who both work within the Building Information Management (BIM) team helping to produce models of the construction work SCS is carrying out and improving the overall efficiency and cost effectiveness of the project. In this episode, you'll get to find out more about what BIM in an episode packed full of information about the technology in the construction industry and fantastic careers advice. 
Abdul Muhammad works as a Civil Engineer in the rail division of Aecom supporting the design and construction of railway platforms, stations and parts of the High Speed 2 network. In Abdul's episode, he and Natalie cover the contrasting misconceptions people have about civil engineering, and how being STEM Ambassador is a great way to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone!  
Helen Watson is an electrical engineer for multinational engineering firm Arup. In her role, she designs the electrical systems for construction projects ranging from new offices and restaurants to a brand new mental health hospital in South London.  In Helen's episode, her and Dan discuss the human elements of engineering (from working in a team to balancing human behaviour in buildings with technology) and how sustainable building design helps to combat climate change. 
Prithyukshaa (Shaa) Ravi is a Senior Consultant at Capgemini, working on a wide variety of digital projects in the financial sector, including helping to move paper processes online. She has also worked in a wide variety of roles in technology, starting as a developer, progressing into becoming a business analyst and product manager, leading her to her current career in consulting. In Shaa's episode, she and Natalie discuss getting into technology roles, how consulting is great for both those who want to travel or stay close to home and how there are so many roles in technology young people could go into throughout their career. They also have an important message around taking your control of your career: if you don't ask, you don't get!  
Mimi-Isabella Nwosu is an Assistant Materials Engineer at Sir Robert McAlpine, working on large infrastructure projects, including the development of a brand new town! In conversation with Natalie Cheung, Mimi-Isabella uncovers her incredible story of how she found out about engineering at university, how travelling and understanding different cultures can be beneficial in your career and the difference between cement and concrete! 
Professor George Turnbull is a retired university lecturer, engineer and entreprenuer that during his working life earned a PhD, worked as an engineer and founded 3 companies, one of which manufactured photochromic glasses. He's also a legend in the STEM Ambassador world, volunteering at well over 70 activities (as a conservative estimate!)In George's episodes, he gives key messages about the importance of gaining some experience outside of school, establishing your skillset finding what makes you happy. 
Fresh out of sixth form, Chelsea Evans is a Project Management Apprentice at HS2, Europe's largest infrastructure project connecting London to the north of England. In Chelsea's episode, we cover the recruitment process for becoming an apprentice at HS2, the importance of perseverance when looking for jobs coming out of education and many other useful hints and tips for young people starting out on their career journey. Also be sure to check out the free online resources on our website supporting teachers and parents to keep young people's education going during the Covid-19 lockdown: 
Alex and Lucy both work in research and development for visual effects company DNEG, one of the world's leading visual effects and animation studios for feature film and television.Alex works in the build team, supporting the creation of digital actors, buildings and vehicles. Lucy works in the 'fur' team, who develop tools to help artists bring furry creatures to life by making their hair move in a believable way.In this extended episode, Dan and Rhoda speak to Alex and Lucy to find out what makes a digital character look real, the coding languages used by software developers in visual effects and much more.
Jenifer Penn is a Rail Vehicles Engineer for Transport for London, helping to design, test and implement components for underground trains to improve the passenger experience. In Jenny’s episode, we discuss the projects she has worked on, the creativity in engineering, and overcoming imposter syndrome.Co-hosting with Dan in this episode is Rhoda Quist, STEM Ambassador Coordinator for North London. Rhoda has a BSc in Biochemistry and recently mastered in Psychology.  She is also passionate about mental health and working with non school groups. 
Kathryn Coldham is a PhD student currently based at the world famous Large Hadron Collider at CERN! We uncover how Kathryn used her initiative as a teenager to gain a work experience placement at CERN and find out more about her particle physics research as part of her PhD from Brunel University London.We've also had a change up in interviewer! Making her STEM Sessions debut, Natalie Cheung is the STEM Ambassador Coordinator for East London. Alongside her role in the London Hub, she is a Ted-Ed Speaker, a council member for the Women's Engineering Society and has won multiple awards for her volunteering to inspire young people into engineering.   Scale of the Universe resource mentioned in this episode:
From an interest in maths to developing electrical components in wind turbines! Aleks' journey shows how patience is key to finding the right job role for you and the importance of picking up skills and experience along the way. We also discuss what engineering is predominantly about and break the stigma around what engineers are interested in.
From graduate job to apprenticeship, Tom O'Brien works for telecommunications giant BT as a Digital Media Apprentice, supporting the firm's network through data and coordinating STEM outreach for the firm's apprenticeship cohort. In Tom's episode, we give an insight into graduate/apprenticeship assessment days and showcase the valuable experiences and skills an apprenticeship can offer.
Andre Siqueira de Nogueira studied Economics, Finance and Software Engineering and has always been fascinated by STEM. As a director at a data analytics firm, he has always had a passion for engineering and has looked to take on new challenges.Andre gives an insight into how engineering can provide a fundamental and powerful toolkit that can equip people with valuable skills for a wide variety of roles. We also discuss the top attributes needed to be successful in an engineering role and how the importance of big data.Podcast created by the STEM Ambassador London Hub.Hosted by Dan Smith, STEM Ambassador Coordinator.   
Esther Uwannah is a Radiation Safety Physicist for the NHS . Esther is also one of our 3,000 STEM Ambassadors based in London, giving up her time to volunteer in schools and inspire the next generation of STEM professionals. In our debut episode, we find out what inspired Esther to pursue a career in the NHS and how she used her initiative to find out more about radiation safety physics when she was at school. Esther also shines a spotlight on what a role in radiation safety involves and the importance of being able to communicate to different audiences. Podcast produced by the STEM Ambassador London Hub: hosted by Dan Smith, STEM Ambassador Coordinator.Original abstract vector created by freepik -
STEM Sessions

STEM Sessions


STEM Learning is the largest provider of education and careers support for STEM subjects in the UK. Supported by a unique partnership of Government, charitable trusts and employers, we are dedicated to raising young people’s engagement and achievement in STEM subjects and careers. One way we do this is through the STEM Ambassador programme, a volunteering programme for people who work in STEM. STEM Ambassadors volunteer in schools and community groups to inspire students into STEM careers and give them the skills they need to excel in them. STEM Sessions tells the stories of our STEM Ambassadors to shine a light on STEM careers in the UK. We hope you enjoy listening and be sure to tune in every week to find about a different STEM career.
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