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Author: Sunil Neurgaonkar

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I've been unofficially doing it for over five years. It only started with my urge to continually learn new aspects of the SaaS ecosystem, connecting with people to talk about their experiences and learning. It was all happening off the record.

I started recording and publishing these conversations as a podcast in Jan 2019. Since then, I've hosted leaders (C-level/VPs/Directors) from SaaS companies like Github, Segment, G2, Moengage, and more.

Are you working in SaaS? Have a story to share? Let's talk. :)
101 Episodes
In this episode, I hosted Phil Putnam, VP of Sales Enablement at Notified to talk about Sales Enablement. Phil has spent over a decade working in SaaS in various roles. Phil talks about his responsibility as a sales enablement leader at Notified and what exactly he does in his role. He also shares how you can build a new enablement practice in your org. Phil shares about what you should do, what you shouldn't do, and some must-haves. We also discussed elevating an existing enablement practice in your org. Especially in cases where it's difficult for you to show the impact. All this and more with Phil in this episode. Connect with Phil on LinkedIn -
In this episode, I hosted Abby Hehemann, Director of Product Marketing at GetResponse to talk about setting up a customer marketing framework. With over 14 years of experience, Abby is a specialist in strategic product positioning and value-driven messaging. Abby shares the customer marketing framework that she and her team use at GetResponse and how you can build on yourself. She also shares her thoughts on what makes customer marketing different than customer advocacy. Abby points out the metrics for success while implementing such a framework. All this and more in this episode with Abby. Connect with Abby on LinkedIn -
In this episode, I hosted Ankit Chaturvedi, VP & Global Head of Marketing at RateGain. RateGain is India’s first publicly listed SaaS company. They help Hotels and Travel companies accelerate their revenue through acquisition, retention, and wallet share expansion. If you’ve ever booked travel online, you’ve experienced RateGain.  Ankit has over 15+ years of experience, and he shares his thoughts on marketing teams having Revenue targets. He also shares how to ensure the alignment between marketing targets and overall company goals. Ankit also shares his secrets about collaborating with other departments to ensure the marketing initiatives are aligned with revenue targets. All this and more with Ankit in this episode. Connect with Ankit on LinkedIn -
In this episode, I hosted Semir Jahic who is a Global Expansion Leader at Clari. He is also an LP at Stage 2 Capital. Semir was the first hire for Clari in Europe and helped them expand into the region. Since then, he's helping Clari expand its operations globally. Expanding your SaaS business globally is a challenge. And Semir points out the traits of the right market for expansion. He also talks about some delaying factors that you should account for while entering a new market - like localization, regulation, competition, etc. There are always surprises, and Semir doesn't like surprises. He talks about how he encountered some unexpected obstacles while leading a market entry and expansion initiative at Clari. And how did their team overcome it? Connect with Semir on LinkedIn -
In this episode, I hosted Aditi Sinha, Co-founder of to talk about pivoting at an early stage. Aditi talks about the story behind building Locale and how over time they decided to pivot their original product. She also shares how they go the idea for the pivot and why it was necessary for the growth. And how they communicated it to their internal employees, customers, and investors. Pivots come with new challenges - and Aditi shares how their team overcame the new challenges. And shares the learnings she has got through the entire process. Connect with Aditi on LinkedIn -
In this episode, we hosted Erik Newton, CMO at Hubilo to talk about the art of lead nurturing. Erik points out that the average marketing touches required to win a deal in B2B have gone up significantly. And hence lead nurturing has become more important than ever. We discussed what constitutes a lead nurture program. How to build one? And what role does marketing automation play in these programs? Erik also shares his successful lead nurture program example. And I've shared one too. All this and more in this episode with Erik. Connect with Erik on LinkedIn -
In this episode, I hosted Vikram Bhaskaran, Fractional CMO (former VP of Marketing, Chargebee). He has over a decade of experience in B2B SaaS Marketing at companies like FusionCharts, Freshworks, and Chargebee. I spoke to Vikram about marketing funnels and what role they play in a marketing function of a B2B SaaS. Discussed the full-funnel breakdown and different stages involved in a sales-led model and a PLG model. Vikram also shares how to align goals to different stages of the funnel along with some examples. Also, why it's important for any marketer to be aware of the entire funnel journey. All this and much more with Vikram in this episode. Connect with Vikram on LinkedIn here -
In this episode, we hosted Kanika Khurana, Chief of Staff - Driving Strategic Priorities at Chargebee. As a Chief of Staff, Kanika shares the roles and responsibilities that are required for anyone who wants to get into this role. From her experience, she shared when should a company actually hire for this role? And also how do you measure success for it? For someone who is trying to get hired as a Chief of Staff, you will learn the pros & cons of the role, about the scope, and be able to determine if you are a perfect fit to take this up. Even if you're not now, Kanika shares the imp skills required to get hired. All this and more with Kanika in this episode. Connect with Kanika on LinkedIn - Checkout Chargebee -
In this episode, we hosted Girish Redekar, Cofounder at Sprinto to talk about the importance of security and compliances for SaaS startups whether you're selling to other startups or SMBs or enterprise companies. Girish is a second time founder with Sprinto. Previously he was the founder of RecruiterBox which saw an amazing exit. Post the exit, Girish worked on several amazing ideas and Sprinto was the one they picked. Sprinto helps SaaS companies become info-sec complaint. This is extremely imp to unblock your sales deals and pass security reviews easily. Girish also explains the consequences of not having the right compliances. And how they're directly tied to the revenue. All this and more in this episode with Girish. Connect with Girish on LinkedIn - Check out Sprinto -
We hosted Abhash Kumar, VP of Marketing at Springworks to talk about building a culture OS in this episode.  Abhash has nearly a decade of experience at high-growth companies like BYJU's, YourStory, and now at Springworks. Springworks is one of the fastest-growing HR tech companies in India known not only for tech but also for their innovative culture OS. Abhash shares the playbooks and all the secrets behind the amazing culture at Springworks. We talked about building the right culture from scratch and how to take the top-down approach to implement it. We also discussed how culture overpowers good/bad leadership. All this and much more with Abhash in this episode. Connect with Abhash on LinkedIn - Checkout SpringWorks -
We hosted Kausambi Manjita, Founder & CEO at Mason, in this episode. She was a guest on the S4E5 of the show previously. Mason is the no-code automation engine - made for commerce. In the episode, Kaus talks about tapping on the no-code wave focusing on the eCommerce vertical. She also shares their exciting experience in pivoting from Kubric to Mason. Connect with Kaus on LinkedIn - Check out Mason -
In this episode, we hosted Ruchin Kulkarni, Co-founder of to talk about product-led growth. Toplyne helps sales teams at product-led companies convert their freemium users! Prior to this, Ruchin was with Sequoia overlooking the growth stage investing in SaaS, dev tools, and enterprise software. While at Sequoia, he worked with a bunch of PLG companies. Ruchin shared about the opportunities he saw in the PLG space in India and later created Toplyne. He also shares why NOW is the time for PLG companies to shine. All this and more in this episode with Ruchin. Connect with Ruchin on LinkedIn - Check out -
In this episode, we hosted Praveen Das, Co-founder of, to answer frequent questions about marketing data and analytics. We start with discussing how B2B marketing has changed over the years, and how the change has affected data capturing. Also, how new types of GTM influence analyzing the data. Are we in the Data 3.0 world? Data 1.0 was about capturing; Data 2.0 was about stitching it and building relationships. Is Data 3.0 all about delivery? Know more about it in this episode. Learn more about - Connect with Praveen on LinkedIn -
In this episode, we hosted Arjun Pillai, former Founder & CEO at and currently SVP Products and Growth at ZoomInfo, to talk about Insent's exit to ZoomInfo. is Arjun's second exit. He exited his first company, Profoundis, to FullContact back in 2016. Post which, he went on to build, which got acquired within three years. We talked about the entire journey of the acquisition, right from the initial reach out to finalizing the exit. Arjun shared the deciding factors behind the exit. He also shares how Insent's product will fit into ZoomInfo's suite of products and what's the future of Insent (now ZoomInfo Chat). All this and more in this episode with Arjun. Connect with Arjun on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS Jobs here -
In this episode, we invited Sairam Krishnan, Marketer in Residence at Accel, to talk about Storytelling. Sairam has over a decade of experience in Marketing with companies like Freshworks, Wingify, iMocha, and currently Accel. We start by talking about what got Sairam interested in storytelling when he joined Freshworks back in 2011. Sairam talks about how to tell a story for each audience. Whether you're an investor, founder, or executive, you have different needs of listening to stories. And he also talks about how he's educating people via his newsletter - All this and more with Sairam in this episode. Connect with Sairam on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS jobs here -
In this episode, we hosted Sreedhar Peddineni, Co-founder at GTM Buddy. Sreedhar has been in the SaaS industry for over 2 decades now. He started his first company, Host Analytics back in 2001. In 2011, he cofounded Gainsight (previously JBara Software) along with Jim Eberlin. After a great exit with Gainsight, Sreedhar is currently building GTM Buddy where they are enabling the sales team achieve their true potential. With Sreedhar, we discussed how the SaaS industry has shaped over the past two decades. And his view of how the SaaS ecosystem is growing especially in India. Additionally we also talked about the story behind Gainsight and the Customer Success function. All this and more with Sreedhar in this episode. Connect with Sreedhar on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS jobs here -
In this episode, we hosted Shilpa Singh, Head of GTM/Commercial Strategy at Amazon to talk about creating a GTM playbook for targeting the enterprise segment. We discuss how a SaaS company can enter the enterprise segment and what are the best practices companies can follow. Shilpa also shares the building blocks of a GTM strategy required to target the enterprise segment. Moving upmarket means a lot of change, we discussed all the changes that a company goes through during the process. All this and more with Shilpa in this episode. Connect with Shilpa on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS jobs here -
In this episode, we hosted Arundhati Balachandran, Senior Director, Customer Success at Chargebee, to discuss being data-driven in the customer success world.  Arundhati made the shift from Sales to Customer Success at Chargebee and is now leading the team.  She talks about the imp metrics for CS teams and the less popular but critical metrics they track at Chargebee. She also emphasizes the Net Retention Rate and its importance. All this and more with Arundhati in this episode. Connect with Arundhati on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS jobs here -
In this episode, we hosted Ashwin Krishna, Marketing Director at We talked about building a locally relevant and globally scalable GTM strategy. Ashwin is a B2B marketing and growth leader with strong commercial acumen and a 15-year track record inspiring teams to deliver hyper-growth in SaaS companies across the Middle East, APAC, and the USA. We discussed getting to know the marketing before entering, picking the right persona, setting up GTM goals, and more. Ashwin also shares his best practices to follow while creating a GTM strategy while going behind a particular market. Connect with Ashwin on LinkedIn - Check out -
In this episode, I hosted Smriti Chopra, Product Marketing at Zapier to talk about building the alignment between the PMM team and other teams. Smriti was previously managing APAC Partner Marketing at Hubspot and has rich experience in B2B marketing plus taking several products to market over the years. We discussed the goals of the PMM team and what makes it the catalyst for business growth? Smriti talks about how to make better-informed decisions by building a solid alignment between the PMM team and other teams. All this and more with Smriti in this episode. Connect with Smriti on LinkedIn - 
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