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Author: Thomas M. Wurm

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In Sacred Ancestry you will learn:
How to change your mindset and create a lifestyle of health and happiness
To connect with divine energy like your ancestors
That overcoming your limiting beliefs is how you achieve your highest potential
Every week there is a news article about quantum mechanics, spirituality, health, fitness or any other mindset related topic
There will be fringe topics and alternatives views expressed so get ready to learn
You may discover that your highest potential is reached through a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach

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14 Episodes
Five Principles of Success

Five Principles of Success


Are you working toward goals that seem out of reach? You need to listen to this. Remember there is no failure only feedback. Get ready for some Motivation! Show Notes:
Live zoom Interview with Alan Wade and Cindy Preston Everything Mental Health We talk about PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and how to solve those problems.
Connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky to bring in divine energy for protection. This meditation protects your energy going into any event where you share energy with people.
Welcome Meaghan Leigh to the show again! We talk about everything from first responder suicide, mental health first aid, bullying, fear of seeking help and more. You can find Meaghan Leigh's Foundation on Facebook. Join her FB group called Tim's House For First Respponders Support her mission by buying an amazing shirt @
Today I talked to my best friend Jonathan Bessey. We explore everything from nature, nervous system healing, breathwork, earthing, flow states, float tanks, emotional impacts of gardening and landscaping. If you are in the Seattle area and you want to transform your yard into a healing space, check out Jonny's business.
PTSD and Fire & EMS

PTSD and Fire & EMS


Join me for an amazing interview with Maeghan Leigh about her foundation Tims House that helps first responders with mental health. We discuss everything from PTSD, Suicide, to spirits leaving the body, and the ancestral lineage of fighting fire. You can find Meaghan in her Facebook group called Tims House for First Responders Add her on Facebook: Meaghan Leigh Email Meaghan @
Are you tired of suffering in silence because you don't have any self-worth? Are you looking to connect with your Feminine Power so you can become empowered to be who you are meant to be with confidence? Are you ready to face your pain and create healing through finding your power as a woman? This episode I am so blessed to be joyed by the wonderful Hayley Woodgate. In this episode, you will her awakening stories, why she became a coach and where she is going! Hayley works with her ancestors and spirit guides her every move in her amazing journey through suffering to healing others. Find Hayley at:
Mental Emotional Release

Mental Emotional Release


Today we talk about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mental Emotional Release. If you want to learn how to release past traumas, PTSD, quit smoking, etc... Listen to this show. Alan and Cindy Wade are International Best Selling Authors and Addiction Counselors for many years before they found these powerful techniques. Reach out to Alan and Cindy through: The Magic Within: How to Transform your life Awakening: Out of the Darkness into the light Both Books can be found on
DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS DRIVING This Guided Meditation teaches you how to send your energy into the Earth for grounding and recycling. Learn from the trees in the visualization then go out and DO IT! *This has Theta Brainwave Binaural Beats-->NOT SUGGESTED FOR PEOPLE WITH EPILEPSY
Mindset, Golf, Spirit

Mindset, Golf, Spirit


Special Guest Blaine Sietz Mindset-Golf Coach Email: Book: Interested in working with coach Blaine? Schedule a Consult: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Blaine Seitz, PGA, TPI F2, MWOD The Mobilitas Method Check Out my NEW BOOK, "Better Golf from the Inside Out" Free Download - --- THE MOBILITAS MANIFESTO "The Mobilitas Method focuses on the ingredients needed to reach your greatest potential; Mindset, Wellness, Movement, Fitness, Lifestyle... When you can find yourself in a better place physically and mentally, you will perform to your greatest potential. It's only when you trust yourself and let all the pieces of the puzzle fall together without trying to manipulate the result that you'll finally achieve what you're looking for."
Quantum Mindset, NLP, Internal Leadership. Powerful episode! Lead yourself before you lead others. I had some technical difficulties last week so there is a rough transition around 12 minutes. Worth it. Internal Leadership ebook-->
Just two soul brothers talking about consciousness on all levels. We cover everything from children remembering past lives, Micheal Newton's lives between lives, divine energy, unconditional love, plant medicine, and why flow state is so important. This is a deep dive into the human experience. For Seattle Folks: check out Contact me if you are interesting 1 on 1 coaching.
We cover everything from Cattle mutilations, Space exploration, and why anxiety is giving you technology. We end with energy medicine and how to ground yourself. Show Notes:
My story and how I became a writer, life coach, and podcast host. My journey through my awakening experiences and my healing crisis.
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Freddie Matara

Really enjoyed this meditation. Thanks!

Feb 12th

Freddie Matara

Excellent meditation! I'll revisit this often. Thank you 🙏

Dec 27th
Reply (2)

Freddie Matara

Great episode! Just completed 16wks of mindset training and listening to shows like yours really helps keep me in the flow. Thank you!

Nov 22nd

Freddie Matara

Great Convo! I share many of these experiences and have read the Newton books. Getting to know some of our past lives is truly illuminating! Thanks for being you!

Nov 9th

Freddie Matara

Great episode! I like the news brief to ease into the flow💫

Nov 7th
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