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This podcast is full of powerful insights, experience and exercises for you to thrive in yourself and your business.
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This podcast is taken from my recent talk about ‘crisis evolution’. I will take the listener through the 3 significant stages we are likely to experience as we change, evolve and grow and it’ll be great if you came along.  There is opportunity for all of us to reshape our lives and businesses and when we understand and learn how to move through these stages, we are likely to create a future where we create something new, innovative and impactful. The 3 stages of crisis evolution are: Anxiety - It is a normal response to be anxious in a time of crisis.  Acceptance - The next stage is acceptance; acceptance of the facts, the situation, the change, the pain and then being with these thoughts and feelings.  Adaptation - This is a dynamic period of creation, it’s movement, action and likely to be a new world view.  We will look at the process of adaptation and bring innovative thinking to the adaptation process.
In coaching, one of the most powerful tools we use is truth. This is often referred to as “calling someone out” and it can be incredibly uncomfortable and yet massively liberating. In this episode, I share a few examples of how this plays out from my work and my personal experience.
It’s world mental health day and I’m sharing some thoughts and experience on the subject.
If, like me, you’re a man and sometimes wonder what ‘strength’ or ‘weakness’ is then take 10 mins to listen to latest podcast. We need a better description and conversation around how men often see themselves and a better understanding of shame or misinterpretation. If you have beliefs that mean you can’t reach out, you can’t be heard and more importantly that you think you are weak and useless then these beliefs new to be challenged. Strength is dealing with hurt, damage, pain and not an out dated notion of ‘a man’ and whatever that looks like.
Are you finding that you not saying what’s really going on for you? Do you try to ‘keep the peace’ or hold back from telling people how you actually feel (because you have some unconscious fears that you are not acknowledging?) In this podcast (12mins length), I talk about speaking the truth with examples from my coaching work and an effective strategy to make the changes so you can be OK with discomfort and become strong and authentic when dealing with difficult conversations in your relationship(s).
I have an autoimmune disease which has been a tough ride ride for the last 4 months and I share my experiences and thoughts on how to get through a challenging health condition. If you are currently unwell or have a similar health condition, then this podcast may give you some knowledge and insights you can consider and use.



What is perception and how would you describe yourself?
Defining strength includes the physical , mental and emotional strength. When you work on an integrated approach, you can utilise strength in all areas of your life.
What is strength?

What is strength?


A short discussion about strength from Sal & Mark at Fusion Training.
Workshop integrating martial arts, breathing control, weights, movement, psychology and yoga.
This is a simple and effective breathing practice to help you relax and calm your system.
This episode, I consider what it means to be realistic. Does taking an attitude of realism help you or hinder you?
If you are feeling lost, confused and have lost sight of your vision and goals then this episode is for you as I talk about feeling lost and it’s value.
Handling Fear

Handling Fear


Fear is a natural and powerful experience that we all experience in certain situations. Understanding and mastering its processes is essential.
If you want to achieve anything in life, you may believe you need lots of motivation. Actually, you’ll get far greater reward from structure.
My experience of bouldering and climbing up a wall has many parallels to other areas of life where we are aiming for. I share this experience because so you can also get an insight and inspiration to climb to where you want to go too.
Entrepreneurs, business owners and smart people can massively benefit from collaborating with others. This episode is a peak into my business life and live experience of collaborating with others.
For entrepreneurs, business owners and smart people. Considering the power and the fact of collaboration and how it could help you.
Awareness - it’s vital for healthy relationships and here is a short, punchy piece to help you.
Change, evolve & grow

Change, evolve & grow


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