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Author: Rob Jeppsen

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Each episode finds Rob Jeppsen and guest diving into the biggest question in business: How do you create predictable, repeatable, and scalable success? They discuss tactics and practices that the best sales leaders use to drive head-turning success. Rob lets you know what you can expect from each episode and gives you his promise: you'll leave each episode with new ideas to help you drive high growth with your team.
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Ralph Barsi, VP of Global Inside Sales of, joins Rob and talks about how sales leaders can earn the right to be a leader who is listened to. The best sales leaders are those who have created standards of excellence and who know what brings success for their reps and makes sure they are following a well-lit path to high growth. Ralph teaches us about how having an attitude of gratitude will help us keep things in perspective and make it through the tough times that are a part of being in sales.
Richard Harris of the Harris Consulting Group joins the podcast to share what the great sales leaders do to be successful. First, sales leaders help their company leaders realize they don’t need to know it all. Sales leaders should utilize sales operations teams to manage the important sales data and make sure baseline metrics are tied to revenue. Richard also discusses his work with Uncrushed, and how the group helps sales leaders find better mental health.
Max Altschuler joins Rob for the second time in the Sales Leadership Podcast to share his excellent method for creating goals and having a growth mindset. As we start this year, use Max's tactics for taking stock of what is important and beneficial for you, and plan out where you want to be in 2021 and beyond.
John Barrows joins the podcast to talk about how companies can "get sales right" by starting with the leaders who are fully involved in creating that amazing sales culture and drive improvement for each individual rep. John warns that sales leaders who just chase a number will lose out on developing their teams and will end up not reaching the high growth levels that are possible. Learn how to define the core values that can unite your team and paint the vision that drives success.
This is one of our greatest hits from the Sales Leadership Podcast, original episode #5. Mark Smith is VP of Sales for Womply. Womply has not only entered high-growth mode….they’ve been there for awhile now. His secret to ongoing growth? It isn’t a sales methodology, technology, or process…though they certainly use all of those things well. The fuel that has helped Mark’s team succeed has been developing trust. Mark shares why trust is the currency of every relationship and how they’ve built a team where trust helps them execute, adapt, and smash all of their sales goals. Mark believes the biggest challenge each leader has is to get every team member to believe in themselves. And here’s an interesting twist: If you have to ask for their trust, you’re doing it wrong. Mark lays down a blueprint on how to create a team fueled by mutual trust. The results speak for themselves.
Lisa Magnuson of Top Line Sales joins us to talk about how you and your sales teams can get those big deals won. Lisa defines a "big deal" as a deal 5x over what is normal for your company, and she talks about the huge gap between the experience of sales leaders over the sales reps when big deals are in the pipeline. Learn how teams can rise above the challenges by focusing on the important issues and get those big deals won.
Dave Kennett, CEO of Replayz joins Rob to talk about the benefits of having a sales coaching culture. Less than five percent of sales teams have a coaching process, and Dave shows us how companies who coach their reps more often exceed their goals. He and his team have reviewed hundreds of sales calls, and he shares the best practices of the sales reps who are top performers. Go to the link below to see the free coaching guides Dave has offered to listeners of the Sales Leadership podcast.
Amy Volas, the Founder & CEO of Avenue Talent Partners, joins Rob to discuss the ways sales leaders can attract, hire, and retain the top sales talent. Amy shows us how to learn what your company requires of its salespeople, and how to tailor your hiring to ensure the best fit for both the rep and the business. With the sales crisis of a higher percentage of salespeople leaving their jobs to find greener pastures affecting businesses across the globe, Amy has the answers to how to make sure you get the sales team that your business needs to reach and sustain high growth.
Daniella Sardi, Director of Client Acquisition at TriNet, teaches us why coaching your reps is the key to high-growth sales. Daniella shows us how having an individual development plan for every rep on your team maximizes your impact as a leader. Focusing on the motives each rep has for success and then tailoring activity and skills can result in measurable improvement for both high-and-low performers, and bring explosive growth to your company's bottom line.
Travis Huff, Director of B2B Sales for Wayfair has driven growth that resulted in Wayfair being recognized as one of the fastest growing stocks in 2017. His blueprint is simple: Talk is Cheap. Too many leaders talk about key things like onboarding, metrics, playbooks, and coaching. Travis builds process around them. Learn how you can build processes around onboarding and coaching that not only gets reps to revenue quickly, but create consistency in how your leaders connect to the development of each individual and help develop unique roadmaps for each rep’s success.
Shep Maher of Betterworks talks to Rob about the state of sales coaching in business today. Shep explains that while sales coaching is getting a lot of attention from companies right now, the skill of sales managers is not where it needs to be. One particular area that needs attention is the level of individualization each leader gives to each sales rep. Each coaching session needs to have a consistent time and a consistent focus on the individual, and each rep needs to know that the sales leader is invested in their success. Shep is a true champion of sales coaching, and we learn a lot from him in this episode.
Robert was our first-ever guest on the Sales Leadership Podcast, and still one of our most-listened-to episodes. Many subscribers have not yet heard this amazing sales leader, so we decided to bring him back to share the leadership blueprint that has helped him achieve double-digit growth in a mature, single-digit growth market.
Steven Broudy, VP & Head of Sales for Bevy, teaches us about how finding and developing the best people are crucial to maintaining the core values companies must have to reach hyper-growth. Learn why being uncompromising on who you hire by using assessment and selection helps leaders screen candidates to find those who can succeed under the conditions of your sales team.
Josh Braun, the founder of SalesDNA, shows us how sales teams can reach their greatest success when they understand the customer's world. Josh teaches us how to overcome the disconnect between the words reps are saying and what the customer's job is actually about, and learn to speak in the customer's language. We have to be different in a meaningful way, and then show how we are different creatively in a way that people care about.
Meg Kopka of BetterManager joins us and talks with Rob about the crisis facing companies today: research shows that 70% of sales reps leave their jobs because of their managers. Meg recognizes that managing sales teams is a tough job that most are not properly trained for, but she gives us her blueprint on how becoming a better manager can be learned through learning the principles of coaching while employing empathy and awareness.
This week Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled Consulting shows us how companies can grow faster and more predictably using technology, consulting, and strategy. Jake describes how sales leaders can eliminate variance by standardizing the set of core competencies reps have, and by creating common messaging that is customized to each business. Then, use technology to reinforce these skills and behaviors.
Kelly Roach joins the Sales Leadership Podcast and shows us why being fanatical about setting the right tone and expectation can make the difference for your reps. Kelly teaches us how spending part of each day helping each rep improve creates a culture of coaching that will create phenomenal growth.
Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach shows us how to engineer remarkable growth without adding huge amounts of headcount to match. Learn why building the right system for each sales process will solve your toughest problems and how training and enabling your sales leaders can help your teams reach the success that before looked impossible.
Jason McElhone, Founder, and CEO of RemoteSales shows us how in this tightest of job markets, it is essential that you are able to recruit salespeople worldwide. Technology now makes it possible to hire the best salespeople, wherever they are. Learn why self-starters are the best remote workers, and why having a culture of "fail fast, fail forward" is the key to having success in the tough grinder of the sales lifestyle.
Justin Welsh joins Rob as our first-ever repeat guest. They talk about Justin's keys to eliminating the guesswork as you build a high-growth sales team: Getting the right people, and then the right process. Are you managing data the right way? Justin also discusses how to maintain your own personal balance and sense of who you are to avoid burnout and depression.
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