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Author: Rob Jeppsen

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Each episode finds Rob Jeppsen and guest diving into the biggest question in business: How do you create predictable, repeatable, and scalable success? They discuss tactics and practices that the best sales leaders use to drive head-turning success. Rob lets you know what you can expect from each episode and gives you his promise: you'll leave each episode with new ideas to help you drive high growth with your team.
111 Episodes
Chris shows us how sales leaders can face tough changes, adapt, and win. Learn how your sales team can find success by adapting to each prospect’s situations daily, and quickly find ways to show value. Chris shows us how identifying new opportunities for personal growth is more important than ever, and when you are at peace with yourself you are better able to adapt successfully.
Todd Caponi, Founder of Sales Melon, teaches us how to get your product’s imperfections considered and taken care of early in the sales process and reduce buyer defense mechanisms. Transparency outperforms perfection when you are talking to a customer because it removes some of the friction inherent in the sales process. Customers can just confirm the flaw, rather than putting time and energy into finding them when you are transparent right from the start. Help your customers do their homework. Help them reduce the anxiety that they feel as they work to ensure they are making the right decision.
One of the biggest mistakes sales leaders make during their 1:1’s with their sales reps is having conversations but not making commitments. On this episode of the Sales Leadership Podcast, learn from Armand how to build a culture of commitment for your team, and then teach your reps to get commitments with their customers.
Laura joins the Sales Leadership Podcast and talks with Rob about culture. She defines culture as a consistent observable pattern of behavior. Culture drives every company, no matter what the business builds and sells. Laura says that culture is made up of the small things the people at your company do every day, not the big things you do once a year or something you did years ago. Culture can be a leader’s best friend or their greatest challenge. Learn from Laura how the best corporate cultures are intentionally maintained, and not just a happy (or unhappy) accident.
Scott defines the role of a sales leader as helping salespeople reach their desired level of success, whatever that is. Scott is well-known as a sales leader who can show you how to evolve your team to changing conditions, and that those teams who move first will have great advantages over slower-moving competitors. Learn how important it is to be a doer, and to be one of those who take quick action and win the most.
Mike Bosworth, author and founder of Solution Selling, talks about the concerns buyers go through in the sales process, and how you can manage those concerns. Buyer phases go from emotional to logical to emotional again, and navigating through these phases can be challenging for unprepared salespeople. Learn how you can build a better relationship with your customers and help them reach their own visions of success.
Morgan Ingram, Director of Sales Execution and Evolution, JB Sales Training joins us on Episode 105. Are you an action-oriented leader, or just a big talker? Morgan shows us how to be an action leader, not merely a thought leader. While planning is important, doing is what helps you create confidence, and figure things out. The best and most-effective sales leaders can demonstrate the key skills and activities that lead to success. Now is the time for your sales team to evolve, and you can start by following Morgan’s proven path to sales success.
The sales world has changed, and many sales leaders are wondering how to rewrite their sales playbook. Julie Hansen, Founder of Performance Sales and Training, shows us how video has become not just a critical platform for sales success, but a critical skill as well. Julie is an expert at using modern sales tools and processes like video to sell, and can help your team learn, apply, and internalize winning skills to deliver a persuasive, compelling presentation or demonstration that wins business when it counts…and it always counts.
As sales leaders, our job is to sell our way through this current Covid19 crisis. Members of our sales teams have to believe they can win, and to do this they have to know that their leaders believe. We must push our confidence into our teams and lift them up. Learn from Heather that doing builds confidence, and you as a leader can create a culture of doing and lean into challenges. Taking action builds confidence, and confidence is what is needed to sell through this difficult time.
Sam Dunning, Sales & Marketing Director and Co-owner of Web Choice joins Rob on the podcast to talk about how great managers create clear, well-lit pathways to success. They don’t just give them a quota and then let the stack-rank report light the way. The best managers don’t leverage pressure and gamification, they create individualized plans for each member of the team and then help them execute. The plan is very personal…and not an “average” plan for the entire team.
Darryl’s powerful combination of sales and marketing experience brings a valuable view of the sales world today. With the Covid19 crisis affecting every business, salespeople need to take better care of each lead. Your targeted customers are picking up the phone and letting their guard down a bit more than during the “old normal”. If you can be authentic and offer relevant and helpful information in the customer’s own voice, the same voice a marketer uses, then you can get back the high growth place where you belong.
Kristina Jaramillo, President at Personal ABM, talks with Rob on this latest edition of the Sales Leadership Podcast about how to rebound from the Covid19 sales crisis and what it will take to teach buyers how to buy again. Selling used to be about meeting the needs of the customer by solving a problem, building a good business case versus the risk of not solving a specific problem. Now selling requires finding a way to solve the problem right now, and purchase decisions are made requiring many more people to come to an agreement on a solution that must solve a mission-critical problem.
Alain Hunkins, Managing Director of Hunkins Leadership Group, shows us that success or failure is often a result of the environment we create, and sales leaders have the responsibility to shape environments that lead to success. The emotions of sales leaders are contagious, and the environment is set by the people in the company, not the outside influences. Alain’s three C’s: how do we connect, how do we communicate, and how do we collaborate are powerful ways leaders can create the culture at their company.
Paul Salamanca, VP Global Accounts at SecurityScorecard, joins Rob on the 98th episode of the Sales Leadership Podcast. Paul says that in this unique environment, true salesmanship will stand out. Fundamental sales skills are still the key to winning deals. Customers still need to identify there is a problem worth solving, and that you are the best partner to help them solve that problem. They still have to be willing to secure the political and financial resources to make it happen. Sales leaders who take the time and energy to develop basic skills at the individual level for each sales rep will find great success in spite of the challenges resulting from Covid 19.
Dale Dupree, CEO of The Sales Rebellion, joins Rob to talk about the kind of leader you choose to be. Do you really know your sales team? Do you support what they want, or are you just translating to them what you want to accomplish? Learn how legendary leaders use constructive methods to help your reps build confidence and reach success levels higher than they think is possible.
If you are looking for a new opportunity during this challenging time or if you just need to update your resume for the future, this episode features Robynn Storey of Storeyline Resumes. Robynn’s company is the top resume expert on LinkedIn, and she talks about how you should own your success when telling your story through your resume in a way you are not afraid to share it or talk about it to hiring managers. We need to be able to show not just that we have something to offer to hiring managers that they are looking for, but also that we can bring the impact that companies need in a salesperson.
Corey Sommers, Co-Founder of Enableocity joins Rob on the Sales Leadership Podcast. Corey says that sales enablement is a way to prepare salespeople to build trust, and trust is the currency of any relationship. For many of us, trust is tough to define, but we all agree it is important. When salespeople show their customers that when they experience interactions with you that they solve problems they care about or achieve results that are important to them, those experiences will build trust, and this is one of the great ways to stand out from your competitors.
Kristie Jones, Principal of Sales Acceleration Group, joins Rob on the podcast to talk about how companies who use creativity and innovation to change during this challenging time will be the ones who win their way to not just survival, but high-growth success. Companies must be ready to adapt quickly and be prepared to reevaluate everything. Kristie reminds us that when we embrace change, we have to understand that failure is to be expected as we implement new products, new pricing models, and new partners.
This week's episode features Chad Olds, VP Worldwide Enterprise Sales for Anchore. Chad's motto is "Be kind, and grind." His message is that especially in these crazy and difficult times, companies still need their salespeople to be successful. Sales managers should lead with kindness, but don't stop pushing to get the results your business needs to win deals. Those that adapt most rapidly to this new environment will be the ones to not just survive but keep on that golden road to high success.
Colleen Stanley, CEO of SalesLeadership, joins Rob on the podcast this week to talk about how empathy will help sales leaders connect with their sales teams in these difficult times. Real-world empathy means you understand what is really important to both your sales representatives and your customers. With a new reality facing most of us, including new tools, new skills, and a new selling environment, Colleen shows us some new ways to take on these challenges and win.
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This is a refreshingly honest and frank interview. John Madsen is a great storyteller who has practical insights into the power of mindset for sales, business and life in general.

May 28th


This is a refreshingly honest and frank interview. John Madsen is a great storyteller who has practical insights on the power of mindset for sales, business, and life in general.

May 28th
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