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Author: Rob Jeppsen

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Each episode finds Rob Jeppsen and guest diving into the biggest question in business: How do you create predictable, repeatable, and scalable success? They discuss tactics and practices that the best sales leaders use to drive head-turning success. Rob lets you know what you can expect from each episode and gives you his promise: you'll leave each episode with new ideas to help you drive high growth with your team.
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This Week Ginnette Harvey, Sr. Vice President of Sales for the Specialist Staffing Group joins us and talks about the importance of your Sales Leadership Identity. What do you want to be known for? How do you create a leadership style that creates both trust AND results? What are the characteristics of the Sales Leaders today creating the most impact? Check out this episode with one of the top sales leaders in the modern era.
Ryan Bott leads sales at one of the largest companies in the world. He shares why authentic relationships are so important today and more to develop them. In a time where everything seems to be changing, the importance of connection to the people you lead has NEVER been more important than it is right now. Connect before you correct...and your leadership efforts will have more impact...faster...than ever before.
As we kick off 2021, one of the most important topics a sales leader can put structure around is Momentum. Momentum is a sales leader's best friend. With momentum, you give teams reasons to believe. With momentum, people think their leaders are geniuses. With momentum, people overlook mistakes. Momentum is very real...and very elusive. Dale DuPree is the founder and CEO of Sales Rebellion. He's a highly sought after author and speaker and helps sales teams worldwide build momentum by creating experiences that help you stand out. In this can't-miss episode, Dale joins us and talks about how sales leaders can build momentum in very real, very tangible ways to help your team get off to a fast start. And as we all know...the better you start, the better you'll finish.
Jake joins us again on the Sales Leadership Podcast to talk about how sales is changing in 2021. As sales teams work to keep customers and close more deals in 2021, one of the best ways to ensure success is to build multiple relationships in your accounts and create positive experiences for all of them. Do not get stuck working with just one person and leaving the success or failure of the future of the account on that one person. Learn how to use mutual action plans to build experiences your customers will thank you for.
Communities have exploded on the scene for salespeople and sales leaders and become an important resource. And none have grown faster or become more valuable than RevGenius. Jared Robin, co-founder of RevGenius joins the show to share why Communities are so important to the growth and success of a sales leader, how they can find the right communities for their career, and how to get the most out of your community involvement. This is an eye-opening conversation that will change how you pick the communities you participate in.
Roderick Jefferson, one of the founding members of the Sales Enablement Society and a top sales leadership guru joins the podcast to teach us how to focus on the buyer experiences rather than the goals and intentions of the seller. Problems get prioritized, while products do not. Roderick shows us how to create experiences that are shared by both the buyer and the seller, creating more wins and more satisfied customers. To order the book, “Sales Enablement 3.0: The Blueprint to Sales Enablement” please send an email to: If you’d like to learn more, Roderick is offering $35 off of his Udemy “Best Seller” course, “Applying The Art & Science Of Sales Enablement” until 12th January 2021 by using the code: SALESENABLEMENT
Is your sales team in a state of emergency? Not enough in your sales pipeline is certainly a reason for concern. Learn from Jen about how to create predictability in your pipeline and how to build a sales system that makes it easier for the customer to choose you. Consistently improving by 1 or 2% on a consistent basis will give you the small edge that is often the difference between winning the deal or being one of the many who lose out.
Lee Brown visits the Sales Leadership Podcast and shows us how clarity, diagnosis, and coaching are his keys to leading sales teams towards intentional improvement. Lee says leaders should show someone what great looks like and create a model of awesomeness rather than just telling their teams about it. Leaders who keep their skills sharp are always more effective with their sales teams and can lead from the front. Learn from Lee how to model awesomeness and show your sales team how they can exceed their sales goals.
Thomas joins Rob on the Sales Leadership podcast to show us how to mobilize faster than the competition. Thom is constantly testing and using micro-campaigns to find out what works best for his teams’ sales process and is all-in on intentional improvement by finding ways to sell smarter no matter how successful his teams are. He involves everyone on his team in his testing as he looks for the next upgrade, and then he is quick to pivot as the market changes. When you are prepared, you can face big opposition and still come out on top, so learn from Thom how to use these methods to ensure your team’s success.
Kevin is a sales leader who has managed high revenue sales teams from any angle and he teaches us why forecasting is the most important number for any sales organization. Using AI can help sales leaders make the most accurate forecast and give you a competitive advantage right from the start. Measuring engagement from the customer and using the experiences they have as a part of your forecasting. Learn from Kevin how to make your reps experts on the problems they are solving, and boost engagement through their curiosity.
Tim joins Rob on the podcast to talk about how you can help your team achieve meaningful standards, and set new goals. What helps someone be an elite performer vs average? As you seek to be not just good, but elite, Tim shows us how leadership is a journey, and it is something we can work on and improve consistently. We can do this with a system that shows us how to orient toward the outcome we want, and then become elite to get there.
With Covid 19 still forcing business to deal with more uncertainty and stressful changes, Michael joins Rob on the podcast to talk about how you can have revenue certainty. He starts by predicting churn and focusing on how to keep existing customers by ensuring renewals. Learn from Michael how you can use your sales methodology to build predictability and confidence to help plan the customer experience after the sale.
Ryan Staley, Founder and CEO of Whale Boss, knows that enterprise selling is a different beast, where everything is bigger: the number of users, the number of buyers, the total risk, and the potential reward. It is a high-stakes game and requires a different set of skills and experience. Ryan talks with Rob about a better way to sell to the enterprise, and how to show differentiation and build consensus. Sign up for the Enterprise Sales Summit here:
B2B sales are becoming more complicated, and more people are involved in purchase decisions than ever before. How you sell can be more important than what you sell! Mark knows sales teams need to win now and can’t wait for things to hopefully get better in 2021. He shows us how to win the deals that matter now using mutual action plans, and how to simplify the buying process and create an easier pathway to sales success.
Expert in scaling companies, Zorian teaches us about stress and passion, how each salesperson feels these In their jobs. Taking care of your team members is required before you to take care of your customers. Zorian loves to quote Eisenhour, who said, “You don’t lead by hitting people over the head, that is assault!” A great leader is someone who makes everyone on the team better. He teaches us that we need to get your team SET: give them support, energy, and trust.
Dionne joins the podcast and teaches us about sales leadership today. Everything is about leadership, the good and the bad. If you like what your team is doing, look in the mirror and congratulate yourself, you are doing some good work. If you don’t like what your team is doing, also look in the mirror, and consider your connection to your team. How in touch are you with what is really going on? Learn from Dionne how to stay connected to your team, and how to address the good and the bad as a sales leader.
Catie joins the Sales Leadership Podcast and asks, how purposeful are you in your role as a sales leader? Having purpose will help you make every single person who works for you become the best version of themselves, professionally and personally. Catie explains how focusing your purpose can help you develop new skills for your sales process to become a high impact leader in a virtual environment, rather than simply a talking head.
Robert Beattie, the first-ever guest of the Sales Leadership Podcast, joins us two years later to share his advice and knowledge on how to lead through the confusion and stress facing sales leaders as 2020 ends. His recommendation? Don't be that manager who just creates noise. Reps are facing more noise than ever, personal, professional, physically. Pressure coming from new challenges, new opinions, new points of view, new health challenges, new professional challenges…everywhere, there are crazy things causing confusion. Don’t be a manager who adds to the noise, but a leader who cuts through the noise.
Dale joins us on this episode to talk about the role of sales coaching in businesses today. Leaders who don’t know how to be a good coach to their reps are becoming exposed, and professional salespeople will look elsewhere for leaders who will provide that kind of development. When business is good, winning covers a lot of bad leadership. When things get tougher, are you prepared to coach your team out of it?
Chris shows us how sales leaders can face tough changes, adapt, and win. Learn how your sales team can find success by adapting to each prospect’s situations daily, and quickly find ways to show value. Chris shows us how identifying new opportunities for personal growth is more important than ever, and when you are at peace with yourself you are better able to adapt successfully.
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This is a refreshingly honest and frank interview. John Madsen is a great storyteller who has practical insights into the power of mindset for sales, business and life in general.

May 28th


This is a refreshingly honest and frank interview. John Madsen is a great storyteller who has practical insights on the power of mindset for sales, business, and life in general.

May 28th
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