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Jason Santana is the Sr. Vice President and Head of Global Sales Strategy and Operations at Axiom. Jason is a data scientist turns Sales Leader. He’s had massive success with some of the largest, most successful sales teams in North America. He joins us today to discuss one of the biggest challenges sales leaders face…using data to inspire rather than weaponizing data as so many sales leaders unintentionally do. This is a fantastic decision for every sales leader of all experience levels. For video snippets of this and other episodes, head to Sales Leadership United at
Stratton Glaittli is the Director of Sales for ToolBx, a high-growth SaaS company in the contruction management space. Prior to joining ToolBx, he helped develop a multi-billion dollar inside sales business for Wayfair. Stratton joins us today to share how to have coaching conversations that create influence that ultimately changes lives and careers. If you want to enhance your coaching skills…this is a can’t miss episode. For video snippets of this and other episodes, head to Sales Leadership United at
Katy McFee has had an award-winning career as an Executive Sales Leader with emphasis in the biotech and technology segments. Today she is the CEO and Founder of Insights to Action and works with sales leaders worldwide helping develop new and emerging sales leaders. Her mission is to help new and aspiring leaders get to that next level…and get there fast. She shares her framework of how to get “unstuck” in your career and earn that first…or next promotion. For video snippets of this and other episodes and for Rob's sales leadership resource center, head to Sales Leadership United at
Maria Bross is the Director of Sales Development for She has been recognized by LinkedIn 3 times as a top 100 voice in sales and her work building and leading sales development systems has turned a lot of heads. She’s a recognized expert in coaching who learned firsthand why coaching is so important…and she shares this high-impact coaching blueprint with us in this insightful episode. For video snippets of this and other episodes, head to Sales Leadership United at
Tyler Barron is the CRO for Encapture. Tyler has led high-growth SaaS teams for over 10 years with great success. He joins us in this episode and shares how strong, authentic connections to members of the sales team are required for success as a sales leader in today’s environment…and how to do it…in this important conversation. To see video clips of this or other episodes, head to Sales Leadership United at
Daniel Disney has earned the title of the King of LinkedIn. Daniel works with sales leadership teams worldwide to help them use LinkedIn to create revenue generating machines. And Daniel has cracked the code in a very unique way. LinkedIn has recognized Daniel as the most influential LinkedIn Sales Expert for 2019, 2020, and 2021. Daniel shares how leaders can help their teams use LinkedIn effectively as part of their Sales Leadership system. To get Daniel’s #1 best selling book, the Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide, visit
Chris Kosrow is the Sr. Sales Manager of US Growth for Showpad. In this role, Chris takes brand-new sellers and helps them become successful in a very predictable amount of time. In this episode he shares his blueprint for helping new sellers become “Customer Ready” quickly. Right now, so many companies are requiring multiple years of experience and are avoiding talented people with less experience. Chris shows everyone in this episode how to tap in to fantastic talent that others overlook in this can’t miss episode.
Mike Weinberg is one of the top experts in Sales Leadership in the World. Mike is an award winning sales leadership trainer, a highly sought-after speaker, the author of 3 best-selling sales leadership books, and the host of the Sales Management Simplified Podcast. Mike joins the show and talks about how to be a sales leader who is a difference maker and why Sales is more about the heart than it is the head. To learn more about Mike check out
Tod Spooner is the Chief Sales Officer for Kings III Emergency Communications. Tod and his team have had head turning success as they provide a service that saves lives and families. Tod joins the show to share how to create an environment where members of the team choose growth and are able to experience life-changing years. Being an influencer isn’t about likes and clicks. Tod shares how being an influencer is about getting members of the team to intentionally and willingly choose growth and chase improvement in this important conversation.
Brandon Fluharty is VP of Strategic Account Solutions for LivePerson. Brandon helps salespeople have the most successful years of their careers…not by focusing on specific sales techniques and tactics but more through designing and developing personal operating systems at an elite level. He’s learned HOW to ditch the grind and instead have personal growth that fuels elite performance…all while avoiding burnout. Be sure to connect with Brandon on Linkedin and to sign up for his newsletter to get all the resources Brandon has for sales leaders around the world.
Hannah Huesman is the Mental Performance Coach for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. Hannah has been recognized as one of LinkedIn’s top Voices in Sports for 2 years in a row. She joins the podcast today to share how sales leaders can effectively help the members of their teams intentionally build strong mindsets that fuel performance. To get more from Hannah, check out #MentalSweatMonday on any of your social media platforms where she shares a short strategy to help you build a mindset you can count on.
Jamal Reimer is known in the sales world as one of the experts in large enterprise sales. His book, “Mega Deal Secrets” helps salespeople worldwide land massive deals even if they are seasoned sales pros. Jamal joins the show and shares how to fuel each member of the team with purpose and how a sales leader can create more impact by connecting to things other than the numbers in this important conversation. To learn more about Jamal and his work, check out
Alex Newmann helps sales teams scale fast. His newest playbook for prospecting has turned heads worldwide and will help you add systems that fuel effective and efficient prospecting. In this episode, Alex shares how curiosity fuels rapid success and how sales leaders can build more curious teams. To get Alex’s playbook, please visit To get a copy of Don Cash’s hiring guide, send an email to
Dale Dupree is the founder and CEO of the Sales Rebellion. Dale’s mission is to bring love back to sales, create legendary experiences for prospects, and rise above the status quo. Dale and the Sales Rebellion help salespeople worldwide rise above the average salespeople in companies of all sizes and industries. You can join Dale’s Slack community at and learn to up your prospecting game at
Matt Green is the Chief Revenue officer for Sales Assembly. Matt and the Sales Assembly team offer the first Scale-as-a-Service Platform and work with some of the most exciting B2B tech companies in the world. Matt joins us today to talk about why it is so important for Sales Leaders to reach out to resources all around them so they don’t have to do it alone. Matt shares some really helpful insights on how to create perspective and how to find resources that will help you create more impact, faster. To get more from Matt and the Sales Assembly team, head to
Larry Long is one of the top sales motivational speakers in the world. He is an award-winning sales leader, a highly sought-after speaker, and joins us this week in his second appearance on the Sales Leadership Podcast. And this encore is a can’t miss as he talks about leading with intentionality and building authentic belief. You can learn more about Larry and his work at
In the first episode of 2022, Rob shares a personal SKO for each listener, based on some of the SKOs he is delivering to sales teams worldwide right now. This episode will give you five laws to help you make 2022 the best year of your career. For video snippets of this and other episodes of the Sales Leadership Podcast, and for more content and trainings from Rob, head to
Warren Zenna is the founder and CEO of the CRO Collective, a B2B consultancy for CROs worldwide. Warren and his team help CEOs and CROs re-engineer revenue strategies and revenue operations to meet the emerging demands of modern business dynamics. In this episode he shares how to advance your sales leadership career, attributes of world-class sales leaders, and how you can create more impact faster.
Troy Barter is the Director of Sales for Hired. Troy has led High-Growth Sales teams for several years and is an expert in helping salespeople get on a well-lit pathway to success. He joins the show today and talks about how to become that sales leader who is a “Difference Maker” in the careers of those you lead. Move past the quota and start connecting to the people you lead in this high-energy conversation. Troy’s insights around the role of people development and the reasons it matters will help every single sales leader create greater impact in the lives of those people they lead.
Steve Schmidt is the Founder and CEO of Tidal, a lead generation agency responsible for helping sales teams build some of the healthiest, most robust pipelines in the world. Steve works with sales teams all around the world and helps them accomplish big results…fast. Steve has turned a lot of heads with the rapid growth with Tidal and he joins us this week in a conversation about how sales leaders can help people think bigger, play bigger, and achieve life-changing results. You can learn more about Tidal at
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This is a refreshingly honest and frank interview. John Madsen is a great storyteller who has practical insights into the power of mindset for sales, business and life in general.

May 28th


This is a refreshingly honest and frank interview. John Madsen is a great storyteller who has practical insights on the power of mindset for sales, business, and life in general.

May 28th
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