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Author: Ian Altman

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B2B selling expert, Ian Altman hosts the Same Side Selling podcast. Organizations rely on Ian to modernize their sales approach to achieve business growth. Ian draws on his experience as a former CEO of two decades to help people and organizations dramatically grow revenue.

The Same Side Selling podcast features sales and business topics, as well as insight from industry leaders with proven success. Ian interviews some of the brightest minds who share proven methods to help YOU achieve success and grow revenue with integrity.

Tune-in for inspiration, entertainment, and especially actionable takeaway messages that can drive remarkable results.

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Our professional relationships are the most important asset we have when it comes to growing our careers and our businesses. Most people think of this as “networking.” But in today’s hyperconnected market, the most cost-effective and high-return route to new, repeat, and referral business is through our existing networks, not through adding more social media “friends” and “connections.” In this episode, relationship marketing expert Zvi Band shows you how to deepen your personal connections to achieve your professional goals—using the CAPITAL strategy of relationship-building techniques.Listen and Discover> Ways to create a relationship marketing process that helps achieve your business goals.> Methods to stay connected and build relationships.> How to prioritize the difference between what's important and what's urgent.> Things you can do to help stand out for your customers.> And much more...More Same Side Selling episodes available at
The founder and president of M3 Learning, Skip Miller, is on a mission to destroy the term decision maker because he believes, there are really two, not just a single decision maker. According to Skip, you have people above the line and below the line. Skip joins us to talk about some of the great misconceptions related to decision making in the sales process and the difference between above the line and below the line buyers. Skip shows us how to specifically navigate above and below the line to get better results in your business. You're going to learn a ton from Skip Miller.Listen and Discover> Why there isn't one decision maker.> What it means to sell above and below the line.> That people below the line, maybe seeing the world from a two-dimensional viewpoint and above the line executives are looking at the three-dimensional view of the past and the future.> The biggest mistake that you see businesses make when they're selling to quote the decision maker.> How does a seller make the transition from the below the one buyer so that they now include the above the line buyer?> And much more...Same Side Selling Podcast
Best-selling author, Liane Davey, joins us to discuss her latest book, The Good Fight: Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization Back on Track. Liane shares so much great information about why we need to change the image we have in our heads about what conflict can and should look like. Conflict is not only inevitable, it is actually necessary for business. According to Liane, if there isn't a conflict in your organization, you'd actually be worse off rather than better. On this episode, Liane shares what conflict means and provides a conflict code on how to approach conflict in order to reach good collaboration and outcomes. You're going to learn a ton from Liane Davey.Listen and Discover> Why conflict is actually good for innovation rather than bad.> The difference between good conflict and nastiness.> Tools and techniques you can use to make conflict productive in your organization.> How measuring Conflict Debt can have a huge impact on your organization.> And much more...DIsocover the Same Side Selling
Over the last five years, we've had the good fortune to work with many amazing companies achieve some pretty extraordinary results. We've watched companies grow from $14 million to over $100 million. Other companies who have doubled and tripled in size in a matter of a year or two. And seeing companies go from 20% to 90% of their team hitting their numbers in less than a year. Many organizations have been able to measure tangible impact into the hundreds of millions of dollars for their customers. And across all of these Same Side Selling case studies, there is a common set of criteria, a common set of conditions that work across all these organizations. You may be thinking, I'm going to say, the common thread is Same Side Selling. While there is some truth to that, there are many companies who have read same side selling but don't get the same sorts of results. The real key to success in many of these businesses is less about the system itself and more about the disciplines that they follow.Listen and Discover> Why it's less about sales system you implement and more about the discipline you follow.> What it means to take a sincere interest in the results that you're going to achieve for your clients.> How much time the top organizations spend every week practicing and roleplaying to mentor their team and improve skills.> The importance of seeing the world through your client's lens rather than your own viewpoint.> And much more...Discover more at
191 | Where Science Meets Marketing, Dan Russell by Ian Altman
Oscar Trimboli says the difference between a world-class seller and a recreational seller comes down to listening. Oscar is obsessed with the commercial cost of listening. Through his work with Chairs, Boards of Directors and Executive teams, Oscar has experienced the transformational impact leaders and organizations can have when they listen beyond the words.In this episode, we discuss how to use deep listening in the workplace to get to the truth faster, and how with your clients and prospects, what you may be hearing isn't what you should be listening for. You're going to learn a ton it is a fascinating episode with Oscar Trimboli.Listen and Discover> How to get to the truth faster with your clients and for that matter anyone.> Why you should avoid why-based questions in the discovery phase with a client.> How to help people solve complex problems in business.> Methods to listen for what's not said as much as what is said.> The risk of using sales scripts in real business.> And much more...Discover more about the Same Side Selling podcast at
Are you really building credible relationships with your clients and prospects or are you just showing up to sell them something and then move on? Larry Levine the author of Selling From The Heart joins us to talk about how your authentic self sells you. We discuss how relationships are what will fuel your sales funnel and allow you to reach your sales goals.  Listen and Discover> Strategies to help build credible relationships with your clients and your prospects.> How to avoid dehumanizing your interactions with prospects and client.> Methods that allow you to lead with your heart in an effort to help, not just sell. > Why practice is critical to your success in sales and leadership.> How to be consistent with business growth.> And much more...Discover more at
We all know that word of mouth is the key to growing just about any business. In fact, you can spend a small fortune trying to get people to find you. When one of the best things you can do is get referrals from existing customers who have had a great experience working with you. So how do you get those referrals from your clients? On this episode, I give you specific steps to follow and a proven formula to help earn referrals.Listen and Discover> Steps you should take to earn referrals.> How to know when is the best time to ask customers for a referral.> The specific question you need to use when asking for referrals?> How to build a culture of referrals.> And much more...Discover more about the Same Side Selling Podcast at
Did you know that video content in 2019 is exactly where we were in 1996 with harnessing email as a sales tool? Those that do not get on board with video as an essential sales tool are going to be left behind. On this episode, Marcus Sheridan shares how to create video content that can help drive revenue. He also explains why video needs to be used primarily as a sales tool, not a marketing play. Marcus Sheridan leads one of the most successful digital sales and marketing agencies in the country. You're going to learn a ton from Marcus!Listen and Discover> Why Video is a primarily Sales tool.> Seven categories of videos that you should create to help drive sales and revenue.> How to integrate video into the sales process.> What types of videos help disarm customers and build trust.> The impact of putting a ‘bio video’ in your email signature can have on your business.> How to create a culture of video in-house for your organization.> And much more...Discover more at
We're joined this week by my good friend Bob London of Chief Listening Officers. Bob is a frequent guest on our podcast sharing amazing insights into how to uncover the truth about what your client is thinking, wishing for and even complaining about. On this episode, we focus our discussion on customer intimacy. Intimacy is having close proximity to deeply understanding your customers' perspective, priorities, and challenges. Bob shares techniques to help your organization dramatically improve your ability to listen and gain customer insights. Uncovering the truth within your customer base will a big impact on your success. You're going to learn a ton from Bob London.Listen and Discover> 5 steps to help you uncover the truth in what's really important to your customers.Benefits of a human to human listening approach.> How to dedicate yourself to ‘Agendaless Listening’.> What is an elevator rant and how can you use it? > Why you need a customer ombudsman.> And much more...Discover more at
Comments (2)

Stan Mullins

This required me to change my networking practices. I was enjoying Burkus' book on audible within a couple of days. I so much prefer the science presented as opposed to a How-To book. I can design my own plan using the proven details. Thanks Ian for choosing great interview candidates!

Dec 26th

Stan Mullins

I should buy and READ Joey's book.

Apr 28th
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