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Author: Ian Altman

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B2B selling expert, Ian Altman hosts the Same Side Selling podcast. Organizations rely on Ian to modernize their sales approach to achieve business growth. Ian draws on his experience as a former CEO of two decades to help people and organizations dramatically grow revenue.

The Same Side Selling podcast features sales and business topics, as well as insight from industry leaders with proven success. Ian interviews some of the brightest minds who share proven methods to help YOU achieve success and grow revenue with integrity.

Tune-in for inspiration, entertainment, and especially actionable takeaway messages that can drive remarkable results.

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I'm joined once again by Bob London of Chief Listening Officers. In this episode, we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of LinkedIn. Our goal is to help people understand what works and doesn't work on LinkedIn - and why. Plus we dive into specific principles and approaches you can adopt in networking and communication that could help your business.Listen and Discover> The biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn and how to avoid doing the same thing.> How to connect with someone new on LinkedIn.> The benefit of spending more time listening on LinkedIn and how to do that.> What it means to establish yourself as a subject matter expert, not as someone who's just there to sell something.> And much more...Discover more about the Same Side Selling podcast at
We are joined this episode by the legendary Connie Podesta. Connie, an expert in the psychology of human behavior and sales strategies has helped millions of people take sales to a whole new level. Her psychological background and business perspective provide us amazing insight into sales. In this episode, we talk about some of the keys to psychology that can really influence your sales success.You're going to learn a ton from Connie Podesta!Listen and Discover> What it means to take psychology seriously in sales and business.> Why it's more important to “quit” doing things rather than say what you're going to do> Insights  “The Best Sales Book Ever -  Cut Through The Obstacles and Send Sales Through The Roof" - that Connie co-wrote with Meredith Elliott Powell.> And much more...Discover more about the Same Side Selling Podcast at
We’re joined by a repeat guest, Raman Sehgal, the founder and CEO of ramarketing. A few years ago Raman shared with us how he successfully doubled his business growth. Since that discussion, Raman has grown the business 10 fold! This case study episode highlights the biggest misconceptions when it comes to business growth and the specific things that Raman’s team did to help them focus on the right types of clients to accelerate their trajectory. We also dive into things that you can do in your business to achieve remarkable growth.Listen and Discover> Why it never works to chase any and all business.> The impact of trying to be everything to everyone.> How to disarm the notion so that you're not just there to sell something whether the client needs it or not.> That all PR is not good PR.> Why it’s essential to know the problems and value that you deliver for your clients.> And much more...Discover more about the Same Side Selling podcast:
Whether you are a CEO or a senior executive or someone in sales, the discipline of self-reliance is critical to your productivity and success. In this episode, John Jantsch explains the importance of self-reliance and how to develop the habit of becoming self-reliant. You'll also hear an excerpt from John’s new book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur, Daily Meditations to Feed Your Soul and Grow Your Business.John certainly opened my eyes to the impact of becoming more self-aware and the importance of focusing on it every day. I am surprised what a difference spending just a few minutes every day on this can make.You’re going to learn a ton with John Jantsch!Listen and Discover> The key stages of being self-reliant.> How to become more self-aware.> An approach to dealing with the fear of risk and failure in business.> Where success comes from and how to impact it.> And much more...Discover more at
In this episode, I talk about the best approach to use during that initial contact with someone. It could be with an inbound inquiry, an outbound call with a potential client, or someone you're connecting with via networking opportunity. I share how to avoid the biggest mistake that is incredibly common during initial contact situations - it’s known as prematurely pitching your product and service.Listen and Discover> Why prematurely pitching your product and service only repels a potential customer.> How to avoid sounding like a stereotypical salesperson during the initial contact.> A method to determine whether or not a potential customer has a problem that you’re good at solving, that they feel is worth solving.> The Same Side Pitch - follow this idea of Entice, Disarm, and Discover.> And much more...Discover more about the Same Side Selling Podcast
We’re joined by a repeat guest, Marcus Sheridan. Marcus is a guru when it comes to marketing and sales communication.  In this episode, we focus specifically on video communication in the world of sales. Video content is a powerful tool that is often overlooked or even avoided. Marcus shares how video can help shorten sales cycles and accelerate the client’s decision-making process.You’re going to learn a ton with Marcus Sheridan!Listen and Discover> The biggest misconception people have when it comes to video communication in the world of sales.> How to have a culture of video with sales and marketing.> Is video a marketing or sales tool?> Why video can help build trust.> Two keys that can help you shorten sales cycles.> How video can help accelerate the client’s decision-making process.> And much more...Discover more about the Same Side Selling podcast at
Scott Ingram is quota carrying B2B sales professional with a $3 million quota. In his spare time, Scott hosts two sales podcasts where he interviews and deconstructs world-class sales performers to uncover their favorite sales books, habits, routines, strategies and tips. Scott believes we can learn the most from people who are the best and he practices that daily with his endeavors.We have a great discussion about attributes and traits the top 1% performing sales professionals have in common, CRM processes and what it takes to be successful. You’re going to learn a ton from Scott Ingram!Listen and Discover> The biggest misconception people have about the top-performing salespeople.> Attributes and traits top performers have in common.> Why commission and the dollars actually aren't the biggest drivers for salespeople.> What makes CRMs work (and not work) for sales professionals.> And much more...Discover more at the Same Side Selling Podcast a t
Christina Daves, the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) PR strategist joins us to share a ton of tips and pointers that can help with public relations and getting free publicity for your business.Having no resources for advertising or hiring a PR firm, Christina taught herself everything she could about generating her own publicity. She has appeared in over 1000 local and national media outlets and has a regular segment on Good Morning Washington. Christina, together with her clients, reached over 873 million views and generated over 8 figures in sales from free publicity in one year.Well known for her best-selling book, PR for Anyone™ - 100+ Affordable Ways to Easily Create Buzz for Your Business, Christina has a new book called The DIY Guide to Free Publicity.I’m thrilled to have Christina share her wisdom with you because I learned so much from her and I'm sure you will too!Listen and Discover> The biggest misconception about PR and which pitfalls you can avoid.> How to become a valuable asset for media outlets.> Some of the traps or mistakes that people make when they're trying to pitch ideas.> Specific steps you can take to become PR famous.> How to move the needle and help get free publicity on your own.> And much more...Discover more at
As soon as you start trying to convince someone, you sound like a stereotypical salesperson and you don’t want to fall into that trap. On this episode discover how to shift your focus away from convincing clients and prospects. Instead, you want your prospect to convince YOU they have a problem that's worth solving. This mindset shift can really make a difference in your business and the top-performing clients the I work with see measurable results from it.Listen and Discover> How to uncover the Issues your customers are trying to solve.> Questions you can ask to uncover the Impact and Importance with your client.> Why defining results with your client will help you stand out over other organizations.> And much more...Discover more at
Every day we entrust some of our most important messages to a form of communication that doesn't build trust, provide differentiation, or communicate clearly enough. Ethan Beute explains how to dramatically improve relationships and results with your customers, prospects, and team by adding personal videos to emails, text messages, and social messages.Ethan is the Chief Evangelist at BombBomb - a company helping people become more successful in implementing simple, personal videos to rehumanize their businesses. On this episode, Ethan shares great insight from his new book Rehumanize Your Business: How Personal Videos Accelerate Sales and Improve Customer ExperienceYou're going to learn a ton from Ethan Beute!Listen and Discover* Specific tips to ensure you come across authentically in video communication with your customers and employees.* How you can use video to follow-up with clients after a meeting in competitive situations.* Methods to help you become more relatable via video.* What constitutes ‘good enough’ in video messages.*And much more...
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Stan Mullins

This required me to change my networking practices. I was enjoying Burkus' book on audible within a couple of days. I so much prefer the science presented as opposed to a How-To book. I can design my own plan using the proven details. Thanks Ian for choosing great interview candidates!

Dec 26th

Stan Mullins

I should buy and READ Joey's book.

Apr 28th
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