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Join Janice and her guest, Alexis Dobbins, for a special conversation about what we must do to set up our girls to succeed in the new school year, and how the release of GIGO-II: REVISED EDITION, A MUST HAVE empowerment handbook for every Black & Brown girl's personal library, can assist them. 
Follow Janice's journey to the finish line | celebrating over 20 years of empowering girls with this modernized edition of her MUST HAVE personal development & social-emotional learning tool.
Join Janice and award-winning children's book author, Reem Faruqi (moved to the US from Pakistan at age 13) for a lively discussion about Reem's experience sharing stories based on her childhood and culture, including her spirited book, "Unsettled.”
Join Janice and her guest, Beth Reaves, President of The Washington School for Girls, as she talks about her belief in the importance of educational equity for young girls of color and her work to provide a school environment that allows every girl an opportunity to thrive and flourish. 
Join me New Year's Eve for a lively conversation with my guest, Amanda Chambers, founder of Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC, to talk about self-publishing and the "Author in You."  
Join Janice and her guests, Janice Patterson Gibson (childhood girlfriend) and Tineal Summers (former mentee), two amazing special education professionals, in an engaging and informative conversation about the practice of educating students in a way that provides accommodations that address their individual differences, disabilities, and special needs | SPECIAL EDUCATION. Their knowledge and compassionate dedication to this challenging profession is more than evident in their combined 50+ years of service. Join us!
This show -- a month by month GRATITUDE List -- is for Black girls and young women, and other females of color who are struggling with addiction, and for those who have overcome the grip and are on the road to recovery. Whether it's been 3 days, 30 days, or 30 years or more --- Women and girls do recover. I am a testament to that | and GRATEFUL!
Join Janice and BFF, Tuere Marshall, retired English Professor and Literacy Advocate, as they tackle an important issue among the Black community -- literacy | "if we are going to empower the NEXT GENERATION OF BLACK WOMEN WARRIORS, we need to make sure they are equipped with the power tools they need to succeed."
Join Janice in conversation with special guest Erica Austin. Erica is a powerhouse author, public speaker, and social influencer that has dedicated her life to youth development through empowerment and faith. Her thoughtful new book Poised for Greatness aims to provide a set of foundational principles, including discovering your passion, pushing past self-imposed limits, and achieving your dreams. 
A lively discussion about how jumping rope and putting your ideas on paper can inspire you. Special Guests: Joy Jones, Author, Playwright, & Founder of DC Retro Jumpers and Myra Morgan-Martin, Author, Life Wellness Coach, & Original DC Retro Jumper
Join us for GOT IT GOIN' ON® Empowerment Book List for Black girls and other girls of color, and hear from Janice on the importance of reading.
Sharing the inspiration behind writing the GIGO personal development handbook series & the 20th-anniversary edition; the process; and what it takes to get into the hands of girls and their caregivers and service providers. Hope it will inspire someone to put their story on paper.



Welcome to Sankofa Konversations: Empowering the Next Generation of Black Women Warriors. Tune in to this episode to learn what the Sankofa Konversations podcast is all about.
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