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California had a data glitch in the reporting system of coronavirus reports, an 86 year old Navy Vet had a stroke on his house boat and couldn't call for help but his Chihuahua saved the day, safe ways to have people over at your house, and people who do office jobs are more likely to have a sharper mind when they get older compared to labor jobs!
Smash Mouth performed at the very already controversial  Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight” climbs the charts again from a video teens listening to the song for the first time, YouTube prank stars Stokes Twin charged with felony after bank robbery video, and FBI agents had a warrant at the home of YouTuber Jake Paul!
Russia has registered the first coronavirus vaccine in the world, a circus in Germany has been making profit during the pandemic buy selling animal poop to people who want to get rid of other animals in their yard, routine that humans do daily but do not realize it, and some fast facts!
There was a shooting outside of the White House that involved the secret service, HGTV’s show Fixer Upper is coming back, John Wick is shooting movies 4 and 5 back to back,  college football is looking to be cancelled, and a poll ranks who was the best James Bond!
Almost every San Francisco restaurant is breaking this one covid rule, sick days and snow days for school will no longer exist anymore due to Zoom,  if you can get a million dollars will you take it and run into every red light or not, and summer ween for guys is thing!
A Big Brother recap of Sunday night's episode, Antonio Banderas celebrates his 60th birthday by revealing he has covid-19, and Sylvester Stallone sells his pimped out Cadillac SUV for $350k, and actor James Hong who is 91 has a huge campaign to  get his Hollywood star!
Vinnie’s mom brought his baby book with her to which Vinnie shows off his awards from elementary school!
Vinnie reads all your contributions through text messages!
NASA says the best meteor shower of the year is coming, Ben and Jerry’s says if you want their ice cream to avoid freezer burn is to turn the tub upside down, bandanas are the worst face mask to use, a new dating app is out for cat people, and people on Reddit reveal how they caught their partners cheating on them!
Orlando Bloom posts a video of Katy Perry ghost rides the car while pregnant, Carol Baskin is going after Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion for their music video use of exotic cats, Taylor Swift still has the number 1 album, and Blink-182 comes out with their new song for quarantine, and a Jimi Hendrix guitar is sold at an auction for over $200k, and America is going to get their version of Eurovision!
An eight year old boy who is trying to help his mom since she lost her job started selling planets, a man in Treasure Island, Florida is arrested for assaulting a boy who was wearing a mask, only 42% of Americans say that will get the corona vaccine when it is ready, and a survey asked people who planned on getting married this year where asked what they will do next year!
Mark Zuckerberg is now worth $100 billion, James Corden and Stephen Colbert are going back to a studio format to film their show, Oakland A’s setup a go-fund me with a sign to fly over the stadium to heckle the Houston Astros & there was a brawl between the two teams at one of their games over the weekend, and Minnesota linebacker Cameron Smith found out he needs open heart surgery after he tested positive for covid!
Collin Morikawa, who is also a recent Cal Grad one the PGA Golf tournament, a quarter of parents are still not sure what is going on for the future of their kids school during the pandemic, a school in Illinois is banning students from wearing pajamas while doing classes online, and people are brushing their teeth more during the pandemic!
January Jones shoots her shot with NBA star Kawhi Leonard, the ‘Friends’ reunion for HBO Max has been delayed again, Selena Gomez is joining Steve Martin and Martin short for a comedy series on Hulu, and Zsa Zsa Gabor's widower is taking her ashes on a farewell tour of Europe!
Sarah has her cousin’s Tucker son and friend staying over and Vinnie’s wife went to go pick up his mom in Southern California!
Vinnie reads all your contributions through text messages!
A guy from Florida who hacked a bunch of Twitter accounts was in court where his hacker friends zoom bombed the hearing and played porn, a man is upset about his family going against his dress code for his wedding, a father to be was upset at his gender revival party that he wasn’t getting the child he wanted, and today is national beer day!
Brain May leads a massive guitar cover with other famous guitar gods of his song Bohemian Rhapsody, Now That's What I Call Music still puts out albums, CeeLo Green has an alter ego, and BTS has a new album out!
Some high school students in Georgia are suspended for posting a photo of a packed hallway at their school, a third of people say it's been months since they hugged someone they don't live with, and some fast facts!
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