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Everyone faces bullies, at school or work or even amongst our families. In Psalm 62, King David cries out to God to protect him from the bullies who were oppressing him. In the process, he looks forward to Jesus, our ultimate protection against bullies. And he shows us how we can stand up to bullies today.
Psalm 61 offers insight into how to engage with God when life doesn't go as we had planned. In difficulty and hardship, the Psalmist (David) offers us a blueprint for speaking to God, in doing so, we are given an insight into how to pray deep and rich prayers in the midst of suffering.
It is said that man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air...but only for one second without hope. What then do we do when we feel hopeless? Join us as we seek the Lord for hope in Psalm 54.
Forgiveness is free to us because it costed God greatly - his one and only Son. Join us as we meditate on Psalm 51 to savour to richness of God's grace. There is no sin so great that God will not forgive. But this also helps us as we struggle to forgive those who have sinned against us.
The wealthy are often either idolised or demonised by our culture. But how should we actually view them? And does the Bible have anything to say about them? Psalm 49 provides an interesting lens and gives us at least 3 perspectives. Join us as we hear what God has to say to all of us about the rich.
Do you think Jesus is beautiful? That's a weird question because we don't know what he looked like. But that's the question that Pastor Kamal poses this week, as we look at Psalm 45. It's a psalm about a royal wedding. And it gives us a unique angle on what it means to belong to Jesus.
What do you do when you feel distant from God? Psalm 42-43 provide a blueprint of what it means to engage with God despite how distant He might feel. In these Psalms we are taught how to seek God, despite not feeling his presence, by remembering His faithfulness to us in Jesus.
Suffering can actually be a good teacher. It's the unwanted 'gift' no one wants. What does suffering have to teach us? Psalm 38 reveals something about what we can learn and how we should respond when we find ourselves physically afflicted or when the circumstances we find ourselves in is crushing us. Listen along as Rev. Eugene (Senior Pastor of GracePoint Presbyterian Church) walks us through this Psalm one verse at a time.
Why do Christians sing and praise? Why is music such an integral part to Christian worship? Psalm 33 helps us to understand this better within the context of God's faithfulness and love. So join us as we better grow in our knowledge of this topic and as we seek to raise our voices in praise and worship to our great God and King.
You can tell how powerful someone is by the authority of their word. The manager of a shop can tell her employees what to do. The CEO of a business can tell the managers under him what to do. And the President of the USA can make a declaration of war and send the combined might of the US armed forces against someone. How powerful is God's word? What does he use his command authority to achieve? That's what Psalm 29 is about - the power of the voice of the LORD. Enjoy this week's podcast and be blessed!
It comes as no surprise that many parts of the Western world is departing from its religious, and particularly, Christian roots. There are a number of consequences to this. But it certainly raises the question: how do we engage with them? Psalm 28 gives us a model that guards us from catastrophising the situation and being careless with the situation. Listen along for more!
Fear is a powerful emotion that grips us. It controls us in more ways than we realise. How do we overcome our fears? Do we run, duck, and hide? Do we face up? Psalm 23 gives us insight on how we can face our fears. Listen along as Rev. Eugene (Senior Pastor of GracePoint Presbyterian Church) walks us through this Psalm one verse at a time. For an even more expanded exposition of Psalm 23, please visit
No one likes to be weak. But what is strength? Where does strength come from? Psalm 21 shows us the true nature of strength and how it ought to be wielded, and it encourages us to turn to God for strength in order that we may faithfully follow him and serve others. Join us as we see how Jesus redefines our understanding of strength.
We all know that there is a difference between needs and wants. But what do we truly need? Psalm 16 helps us to consider this and enables us to discover that God is actually all that we could ever truly want and need. He is the one who gives us safety, satisfaction, and security. Knowing this means that we are enabled and empowered to be generous with what we have.
Most of us believe that God cares about how we live. But we also sometimes believe that God's grace is so great that how we live also sort of does not really matter. Afterall, surely God will forgive! Isn't that his "job"? We may think that right living is not a bad idea but it is ultimately not necessary. Grace covers all, doesn't it? Psalm 15 challenges our view of grace and highlights that while salvation is unequivocally in Christ, those who are in Christ also ought to grow in their desire to walk in righteousness. What does that look like? Listen along!
"I prefer the God of the New Testament over the God of the Old Testament." Have you ever heard people say that? It is an idea that the God of the Old Testament is mean, judgmental, and harsh, while the God of the New Testament is kind, generous, and loving. Sure the latter is better than the former! But is this really the case? Psalm 11 shows us that there is a consistency in God's character all throughout Scripture and redemptive history, and it also shows us that there is a correspondence in his justice and judgment, love and law, and anger and affection.
Do you ever feel small and worthless? This is a loaded and sensitive question. But how we see ourselves radically shapes the way we relate to others. Psalm 8 shows us that we have every reason to feel small and worthless. Yet at the same time, it also shows that how we see ourselves in Christ changes everything. Small yet significant. Sinful yet saved. Simple yet made strong.
Psalm 5 poses a very important question: do we feel like we need to be polite with God? How we answer that question shapes the way we approach, pray to, and relate to God. What we'll discover here is the Psalmist using surprising and shocking words in his prayer. In doing so, he shows us we can confront deep and raw emotions like grief while also committing them to God.
Psalm 1 sets the scene for us. It speaks of the injustices of the world we live in - where the wicked seem to prosper and where the righteous seem to suffer. Yet in the midst of all of this, the Psalm also shows us the path to flourishing. It is by delighting in the law of the Lord. It is not about trying harder. It is about who we depend on. The Lord who knows all, sees all, and loves his own invites us to depend on him.
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