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Say Yes! with Carla Hall

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Carla Hall has a mantra: “Say yes. Adventure follows, then growth.” Taking risks is how she became a world-renowned chef (two-time Top Chef Finalist) and television personality (Netflix’s Crazy Delicious, Good Morning America). All along the way, she’s had to deal with people saying “No" to her—a lot. And she’s not the only one. 

On SAY YES!, Carla connects with people who've found success through adversity. In each conversation, her guests talk about how they overcame their own challenges, and how they keep going...even when it seems impossible. Because nobody’s life path is a straight line, and we can all learn from one another’s experiences. Premiering on September 15th.

2 Episodes
Kristen Bell Gets Messy

Kristen Bell Gets Messy


For our very first episode, Carla welcomes Kristen Bell (The Good Place, Frozen). One of coolest things about Kristen is that she’s not afraid to share her messy side. She and Carla talk about why every marriage needs a good “housecleaning,” Kristen's growth mindset, and how she doesn’t care what other people think of what she lets her kids have to drink. This week’s ingredient: Making Mistakes.Support our show by supporting our sponsors!Panera At Home - Panera grocery products are developed by chefs, featuring high-quality ingredients that you can pronounce – and they’re available where you buy groceries, in stores and online!Indeed - Try Indeed out with a free $75 credit at - To get 10% off during your first three months go to
SAY YES! will be a chance for Carla Hall to talk with people who have found success all while overcoming personal and professional challenges. The show will showcase her signature warmth and humor as she digs deep with her respected guests.
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Robin Willis

Carla... Carla... Carla...I mean Miss Hall...I have missed you. I think alot of us have. You are always so much fun. I enjoyed your interview very much...

Sep 17th
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