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A Podcast for water treaters who deal with the treatment of cooling towers, boiler and closed loop systems.
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094 The Other One with Jay Farmerie, CWT Episode 94: Show Notes I'm sure you couldn't wait to tune into the conclusion of last week's episode  The wait is over.  This week Jay Farmerie, CWT joins us again to talk about what happens when water treaters get called in to court.  Jay has served as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants for many years.  During that time, he has learned many helpful items that he graciously shares with us, The Scaling UP! Nation! This episode is sure to make you think about how you do your service and document it in a service report.  I hope you enjoy my follow-up interview with Jay Farmerie, CWT   Key Points From This Episode:   What happens when parties don’t agree? [0:01:39]  Working with customers [0:3:41]  Equipment failures [0:04:15]  Being Pro-Active [0:07:42]  Metallurgy [0:15:56]  Courtroom experience [0:28:30] Tips and advise [1:07:41]  And  a lot more!   Tweetables:  "The more data we have, the more we can predict what's going to happen. And we can stop the problems before they start." @jayfarmerie @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOtherOneWithJayFarmerieCWT "Don't ever stop learning. There's something new to learn everyday." @jayfarmerie @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOtherOneWithJayFarmerieCWT “Do something pro-active and help yourself!” @jayfarmerie @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOtherOneWithJayFarmerieCWT “The only stupid question is the one that’s not asked.” @jayfarmerie @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOtherOneWithJayFarmerieCWT “Read more and learn more faster!” @jayfarmerie @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOtherOneWithJayFarmerieCWT "If it wasn't written down, it wasn't done." @jayfarmerie @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOtherOneWithJayFarmerieCWT Links mentioned: AWT   Cyrus Rice Water Consultants Bruce Ketrick on LInkedIn The One with Jim Lukanich Controllers with Tom Tinney  Books:  AWT Technical Reference & Training Manual Never Call Me a Hero
093 The One with Jay Farmerie, CWT Episode 93: Show Notes As you all have heard me speak about on the show, I am endeavoring to become a better water treater each and every day.  This includes learning what I don’t know I don’t know.  This can be a very difficult task when you embark on this journey by yourself.  That is way I have engaged others to help me.   I believe that everyone should have a mentor to help them with the above-mentioned task.  Fortunately for me I have several.  About 20 years ago I asked Jay Farmerie, CWT if he would mentor me.  Lucky for me, he said yes.  Because of our relationship, I have someone who is engaged in helping me find my blind spots to uncover what I don’t know I don’t know.    On today’s episode I interview Jay about his career and all things water treatment.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.  Key Points From This Episode:   Being a Mentor [0:07:30]  Starting GLA Water Consulting [0:20:21]   Bid Specifications [0:23:35]   Requirements to become a Certified Water Technologist [0:32:54]  Water Treatment Standards [0:35:57]  Water Doctors[0:41:12]  Minimums for Water Treatment [0:47:32]  Water Softener tests[0:50:13]   Magic Questions [0:52:49] And  a lot more! Tweetables:  "It's so much easier to become better at this job when you are not doing it alone." @traceblackmore  @jayfarmerie #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneWithJayFarmerieCWT    “It takes a village to build any Water Treater!” @traceblackmore  @jayfarmerie #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneWithJayFarmerieCWT “What do you know from the testing that you’re doing that actually validates that you’re doing what you are supposed to be doing?” @traceblackmore  @jayfarmerie #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneWithJayFarmerieCWT "If it wasn't written down, it wasn't done." @jayfarmerie @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneWithJayFarmerieCWT Links mentioned: AWT   Cyrus Rice Water Consultants GLA Water Consultants    American Association for the Advancement of Science
092 The One About My TED Talk Experience Episode 92: Show Notes If you have listened to my end year shows, you know I am a goal setter.  I believe that if you challenge yourself to grow beyond your comfort level, you challenge yourself to grow, period.  I also believe that most people don’t challenge themselves to grow and by default they stay the same.  The brutal fact is if you are staying the same, others are going to pass you, so there is no staying the same, the same will actual move you backwards.  This year I decided I wanted to work on my public speaking skills.  Specifically, I wanted to do my first TED Talk.  For those of you that don’t know TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.  Most of my speaking experience is with training.  I have never made up a narrative (story) and spoke on it before.  At the time of the release of this episode, I have not yet made it to the TED Stage.  In an effort to get there, I'd love for you to nominate me at:  If you want to see the actual recording of my talk go to:   I hope you enjoy this episode as I take you through the process of my preparation to do something I have never done before.  Key Points From This Episode:   Working with Tim Fulton [0:01:01] TED Talk and all about it [0:04:07] 7 Habits of Highly Effective People [0:05:16] Preparing for the TED Talk [0:08:06] Professional Speech Coach [0:39:44] My Small Business Matters Conference 2019 experience [0:42:13] And a lot more! Tweetables: "Don't just live to get to the next thing. It is not about the end, it is about the journey and getting there!" - John Finton @TF_SBM @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneAboutMyTEDTalkExperience #SmallBusinessMatters #SBMConference2019 "If we know what we're building together, we can help each other build it." @traceblackmore @TF_SBM #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneAboutMyTEDTalkExperience #SmallBusinessMatters #SBMConference2019 "If your people understand why you started the company, now they can help you more than you can ever imagine." @traceblackmore @TF_SBM #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneAboutMyTEDTalkExperience #SmallBusinessMatters #SBMConference2019 Links Mentioned on this episode: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People TED Talk Speaker nomination TED Talk Experience | 2019 Small Business Matters Conference 060 The One About Public Speaking Tim Fulton on LinkedIn Tim Fulton on Twitter Small Business Matters Website
091 The One That's All About Filming Amines (Closed Loops and Cooling Towers) Episode 91: Show Notes Wow!  Three weeks of filming amines.  What else is left to talk about?  Closed Loops and Cooling Towers of course...  Marodi Cribari and I are back to finish up this series on filming amine technologies.  Adding from our previous two conversations, we talk about using filming amines in the application of cooling tower and closed loop systems.  This episode lets you in on valuable tips and information you need to know if you plan on using filming amines in a system that is not a steam boiler.   More about Marodi Cribari: Marodi Cribari is a biochemist from Denver, Colorado. She graduated in 2008 from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in biology and chemistry. Early in her career she was a bench chemist developing fluid systems and colloidal particle dispersions. Now she works in water treatment focusing on technical education an product application. Fun Fact about Marodi:  She is a professional ballroom dancer! DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS Key Points From This Episode:   Closed Loops Systems [0:01:39] Nitrate Programs [0:04:51] Metallurgy of systems [0:07:18] Metering [0:07:36] Dosages [0:13:08] Aluminum [0:16:07] Glycol [0:25:27] PTSA and Filming amine [0:28:25] PTSA Residual [0:34:53] Cooling towers [0:36:45] Oxidizers and Non-Oxidizers [0:40:55] Material compatibility [0:49:52] Cleaning Probes [0:52:43] Filming Technology [0:54:17] And a lot more! Tweetables: “Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one testing result.” @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari  ‘Knowing what type of problem’s you are trying to solve is vital. And identifying what needs to be done in order to be successful.” @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari  “The water treatment industry is the original green industry. We were saving water before other people knew how to save water.” @traceblackmore @marodicribari #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari  "Filming Technology is not only coming, but it has arrived. And it’s here in force!" @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari "Educate yourself, get familiar with it, be comfortable with it. So that if you're competing against it, you know how." @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari Links Mentioned on this episode: Audible Logan Manaranche on LinkedIn   Xavier Labeille on LinkedIn  Books  Dr. Seuss ABC's   Girl, Wash Your Face Birth in Four Cultures Downloadable Materials  IAPWS Technical Guidance Document Long Chain Fatty Amines and Their Derivatives for Corrosion Protection in Water Treatment Applications  Film-Forming Amines in Steam/Water Cycles 
090 The One That's All About Filming Amines (Boilers) Episode 90: Show Notes If you haven't listened to last week's episode, Episode 89, The One That's All About Filming Amines (General) I think you should start with that one first.  That is the episode where we talk about general knowledge of the filming amine products.    In today’s episode we get down to application in boilers. Boilers are where filming amines got their start (at least in the water treatment arena.) And this is where I personally have most of my experience. A manufacturer sought me out about six years ago and asked me to evaluate how a particular blend a filming amines worked in a steam boiler. It was new technology at the time, and we all learned together. You will hear about this experience in today’s episode. You will also learn amount many of the things I learned as a part of that and applying these products since that time. But it’s not just me, Marodi is back too!  Join Marodi Cribari and I as we talk about all things filming amine when it comes to steam boilers.  Key Points From This Episode:   Using Filming Amines [0:00:40] Filming Amines on Boilers [0:01:35] Film Forming Products [0:04:47] Scale or Corrosion [0:08:47] System Inventory [0:08:56] Key Performance Indicator [0:09:28] Calcium Scale Build-Up [0:10:57] Specific Limits [0:12:38] Feeding the Product [0:16:23] Water Meter [0:21:42] Other tests [0:29:09] Picking a method [0:35:37] New to Filming Amines? [0:38:57] And a lot more! Tweetables: "Testing for residual of Filming Amine is truly no different than testing for residual like a different product, like sulfite." @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari #filmingaminesinboilers "In a world of residual testing, instead of testing the four common ones that we're we used to, we're just testing the one." @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari #filmingaminesinboilers "When it comes to testing filming amines, pick a method and go with it" @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari #filmingaminesinboilers "In the world of testing, it's better to be consistently wrong, than not consistent." @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari #filmingaminesinboilers Links Mentioned on this episode: Audible The One That's All About Filming Amines (General) AWT Presentation
089 The One That's All About Filming Amines (General) Episode 89: Show Notes This one is straight from the Scaling UP! H2O mailbag! I have received dozens of questions about filming amines after Episode 80, Filming Amines. In that episode, I shared with the Scaling UP! Nation! the paper I presented at the 2018 Association of Water Technologies Convention and Expo. In fact, after I presented this paper, several people came up to me with question about filming amines. So here is what I think is going on: We water treaters are used to doing our craft in a particular way (the way we are used to.) When we change what we are used to (say using filming amines) some of us get nervous. Scaling UP! H2O to the rescue... Today's episode was meant to be a one-part episode with WST’s Marodi Cribari. However, there was so much information to cover we decided to cover filming amines for the next 3 weeks! Marodi has a great way of explaining us through many of the questions water treaters have. Although she works for WST, she answers our questions in a way that can apply to any supplier that you use. This week we will be talking about filming amines in general. You will learn how they started and how they came to be used in our water systems. Next week we tackle boilers and the third and final week, we talk about closed loops and cooling towers. I promise that after these episodes you will be well prepared to start your journey into learning more about filming amine technologies. Happy Learning! Key Points From This Episode:   Systems and Products [0:00:55] What is a Filming Amine? [0:07:12]   Organic and Inorganic Chemistry [0:07:45]  BCT [0:09:36] Polyamines [0:09:50]  Organic Surfactants [0:10:18] Different types on Filming Amines [0:11:06] ODA (Oxydiamine) [0:15:06] How does Filming Amines work? [0:19:57] Does it affect Heat Transfer? [0:22:50] Suitable Systems [0:27:29]  And a lot more! Tweetables: "We should be allowed to functionally make choices and move forward and make decisions for ourselves but at the same time that slows us up and sometimes we hold ourselves back." @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari "Part of the innovation and the development of this types of things came out as a necessity!" @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari "If your goal to educate yourself more about Filming Amines, just READ and educate yourself." @marodicribari @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari “Scaling UP! Nation, stay tuned because next week we are going to talk about specific systems on Filming Amines." @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatsAllAboutfilmingamines #FilmingAmines #MarodiCribari Links Mentioned on this episode: Audible
088 Pinks and Blues: Heat Transfer Episode 88: Show Notes Key Points From This Episode: Heat Transfer Efficiency Managers [0:02:00] Equipment Treaters [0:01:35] Heat Exchange [0:02:58] Heat Transfer [0:03:42] Water Treater Job [0:05:55] Universal Solvent [0:09:37] Microbial [0:11:24] Calcium Carbonate Scale [0:14:28] Chillers and more [0:16:53] AWT Annual Convention and Expo [0:26:57] And a lot more! Tweetables: "Our job is to make sure that the equipment that we are treating is working as efficiently as possible." @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #pinksandbluesheattransfer #heattransfer #pinksandblues "Water treaters have a prospective that other vendors don't!" @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #pinksandbluesheattransfer #heattransfer #pinksandblues "When you come back to your territory you will be able to just lie it on fire because you now have a new idea that you didn't have before." @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #pinksandbluesheattransfer #heattransfer #pinksandblues “It all starts with meeting people! It all starts with you wanting to improve the industry that you are in.” @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #pinksandbluesheattransfer #heattransfer #pinksandblues Links mentioned Audible EP10: The One with Jim Lukanich AWT Annual Convention 2019 Show Ideas
087 The One That Takes You to AWT’s 2019 Technical Training Episode 87: Show Notes Scaling UP! Nation! you know my favorite time of year is when I get to teach at The Association of Water Technologies Technical Training Seminars. Not only do I get to talk about my favorite topic, I get to teach it! But the best part is I get to talk to other water treaters! Being the gracious host that I am, I decided that I had to share this experience with the Nation! Join me as I talk with Attendees and Trainers of the AWT 2019 Technical Training Seminars. Key Points From This Episode: AWT Technical Training [0:02:11] Class Comments [0:03:36] How to decide on which class to attend to? [0:03:54] Best of Fundamental Applications [0:8:55] 4 Equipment manufacturers [0:10:30] Boiler Controllers [0:13:20] Cooling Water Systems [0:18:41] Tooth Analogy [0:19:24] Agastopia [0:23:48] Waste Water [0:30:28] Legionella [0:3027] Sales Training [0:45:25] And a lot more! Tweetables: "Technical Trainings: Study before you go!" @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "There's always new stuff, new information coming out" @KyleRossi @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "AWT is the BEST resource to further your knowledge in the water industry." @KyleRossi @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "When you come to training, have a few goals. And get those goals accomplished and when you go back, take back something and teach some other people." @MarkLewis @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "When you leave here, you know what to expect, you know what's out there, you know how you're gonna be spoken about, and you can do a better job" @MarkLewis @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "There is always a bright spot." @JimLukanich @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "Everybody that came to the AWT Technical Training walked away with knowledge and confidence!" @JustinRanger @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining “Start learning about Legionella now because if you don’t other will and we need to keep our business safe!” @BillPearson @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining Come to AWT Technical Training. It’s educational, it’s a great networking experience.” @AngelaPike @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "I think coming to the AWT Technical Training is great because you learn things and then later on look back on it. And might skip the “Making the mistakes” part.” Tanner Mark @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "AWT Seminar is a great unbiased training/learning format for us to learn." John Wendell @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "As a business owner, we set funds back for training and education. And if you aren't doing that, you aren't moving forward." John Wendell @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining “Beyond the piece of learning educational classes, it’s the networking and feeling a part of this larger industry and not just the little island that is your territory.” @ConorParrish @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "You have got to keep learning, you have to keep up with technology, and what's coming up in the industry." @RussellBaskin @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining "Going to these Technical Training seminars is like drinking from a fire hose.If you go with the intention to try and capture every bit of water out of that fire hose then you are not set up for success!" @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #TheOneThatTakesYoutoAWT2019TechnicalTraining #AWT2019TechnicalTraining Links Mentioned on this episode: AWT Technical Trainings CWT Tips GUESTS Russell Baskin of Tower Water Management Conor Parrish of FCT Water Treatment Kyle Rossi of Aqua-Serv Engineers, Inc. Mark Lewis of Southeastern Laboratories  Jim Lukanich of Applied Technologies  Justin Ranger of CH2O, Inc.  Bill Pearson of BPEARSON Consulting LLC  Angela Pike of Management Solutions Plus  EPISODES EP8: The One with Conor Parrish  EP10: The One with Jim Lukanich  062 The One with the Pulsafeeder Guy
086 Pinks and Blues: Alkalinity Episode 86: Show Notes If there is one thing that confuses most water treaters, it is the subject of alkalinity. Alkalinity is a topic that if you can understand, it helps you better understand some of the tests you run on your systems. In fact, knowing alkalinity can tell you what test to run and not to run. Join me as I answer several questions about alkalinity on this Pinks and Blues episode. Key Points From This Episode: What is Alkalinity? [0:01:08] pH Scales [0:02:09] Bicarbonate Alkalinity [0:03:59] Carbonate Alkalinity [0:04:16] Hydroxyl Alkalinity [0:04:53] Calcium Carbonate [0:05:34] Calcium Phosphate [0:06:40] Zero-Alkalinity (Carbonic Acid) [0:10:48] And a lot more! Tweetables: Join me as I answer several questions about alkalinity on this Pinks and Blues episode. @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #pinksandbluesalkalinity #understandingalkalinitybetter #wateralkalinity "Alkalinity is very important to our water treatment programs because our programs are designed on the type of  Alkalinity that you have in your water." @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #pinksandbluesalkalinity #understandingalkalinitybetter #wateralkalinity "Calcium Phosphate - hard and will crack concrete walls. Hydroxyapatite - nice fluffy snow." @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #pinksandbluesalkalinity #understandingalkalinitybetter #wateralkalinity “We now have more than 10K subscribers in over 60 different countries! Thank you so much Scaling UP! Nation.” @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #pinksandbluesalkalinity #understandingalkalinitybetter #wateralkalinity Links Mentioned on this episode: 084 Pinks and Blues: pH
085 The One with the Business Operating System Episode 85: Show Notes OK Scaling UP! Nation! You know that I love business. And I love helping people in business even more. If there is a common denominator with almost every business I help, it is that they are trained to be water treaters, but not to be business owners or managers. Here I go again, more on EOS, The Entrepreneural Operating System. EOS has helped me and my company more than any other system or book. Today, we cannot imagine working without it. I also use EOS as a tool to help other companies I work with. And... They love it as much as I do. Join me as I interview Mike Paton of EOS Worldwide. We talk about how to solve most of the problems we all have in business. So, if you own a business or work for a business, get ready to learn about one of the best tools for any business. FREE TOOL: EOS Delegate and Elevate More about Mike Paton: Mike Paton has been learning from entrepreneurs for most of his life. Today he works hard to give back - as an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, Certified EOS Implementer™, and as the Visionary for EOS Worldwide. Paton discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) a dozen years ago while trying to take a $7 million company to the next level. Feeling stuck and more than a little frustrated, his search for answers led him to Gino Wickman and EOS. Having helped run four entrepreneurial companies, Paton instantly recognized the power of this simple, holistic “way of operating” a small business. He quickly became a passionate advocate, joined the Professional EOS Implementer Community, and dedicated himself to helping other entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Since then, Paton has conducted more than 1,200 full-day sessions with the leadership teams of more than 110 companies and helped thousands more entrepreneurs by sharing EOS in dynamic talks and workshops the world over. During that journey, Paton wrote Get A Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable with Gino Wickman and then succeeded Gino in the role of Visionary for EOS Worldwide. In that role, he leads a close-knit community of more than 250 Professional EOS Implementers™ around the globe - each passionate about helping entrepreneurs run better businesses and live better lives. Key Points From This Episode: Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) [0:00:46] Book Recommendation [0:01:22] How to take advantage of EOS [0:05:04] What is EOS? [0:08:05] Lessons Learned [0:09:42] EOS Creed [0:10:16] Common frustrations and challenges [0:10:39] EOS activities [0:14:33] Why is it called an Operating system? [0:22:20] EOS Series books [0:28:16] FREE tools [0:33:39] Learning more about EOS [0:36:22] And a lot more! Tweetables: "Lesson #1: If the people in-charge don't want to run their business this way, it will not work!" @MikePaton @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #Theonewiththebusinessoperatingsystem #EntrepreneurialOperatingSystem "Don't lose sight of your vision and your passion." @MikePaton @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #Theonewiththebusinessoperatingsystem #EntrepreneurialOperatingSystem "Make sure to surround yourself with great people who are good at and have passion that your business needs." @MikePaton @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #Theonewiththebusinessoperatingsystem #EntrepreneurialOperatingSystem "Trust the process!" @MikePaton @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #Theonewiththebusinessoperatingsystem #EntrepreneurialOperatingSystem "I urge you to try something new so you can get better results." @traceblackmore @MikePaton #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #Theonewiththebusinessoperatingsystem #EntrepreneurialOperatingSystem "Folks! We are almost 10K Subscribers and we're in 57 countries. And the only way that is happening is because you. The Scaling UP! Nation are out there!" @traceblackmore #scalinguph2o #scalingup #scalinguppodcast #scalingupnation #Theonewiththebusinessoperatingsystem #EntrepreneurialOperatingSystem Links Mentioned on this episode: Mike Paton on LinkedIn The Entrepreneurial Operating System Mike Paton Email Books Mentioned The Son: Philipp Meyer Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less Learning How to Avoid THE GAP Unique Ability Good to Great The Energy Bus EOS Series books Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination Get a Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable How to Be a Great Boss What the Heck is EOS? Shows Mentioned Ep 22: The One with Tim Fulton
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