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A Podcast for water treaters who deal with the treatment of cooling towers, boiler and closed loop systems.
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Today I’m talking about sales. I know, I know, sales can sometimes feel like an icky word, but an excellent salesperson is a professional who is always trying to solve their clients’ problems, instead of trying to sell them a product. And before we can help our clients find solutions, we need to be able to clearly share Why we do it, How we do it, and What we do.   In this podcast I’m going to walk us through the lessons I learned after reading Simon Sinek’s fantastic book, “Start With Why.” This book changed how I sell because it helped me understand why water treatment is so important, to begin with. And the book made me realize that if I couldn’t put my deep feelings of love and admiration for water into words, I’ll never be able to clearly express to a client why water treatment is essential.   In the book, Simon Sinek’ writes about “The Golden Circle”, which I’m going to break down for you in detail in the podcast but I wanted you to have this visual as a reference.     Bottom line: This podcast is going to give you the tools you need to share with your clients why we love working in the best profession in the world.   Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client.     -Trace   Applying Simon Sinek’s The Golden Circle to water treatment:  Why: We exist to promote the stewardship of the world's most valuable substance, water.  How: We optimize how water works in your system by promoting its longevity and efficiency. We reduce our customers operating costs and water usage.  What: We are a water treatment company.  Behavior: Let us do your water treatment.  Timestamps:   I love sales [6:30]  Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle [8:15]  How our brains process information [12:45]  Measuring your sales with key metrics [16:42]  The importance of a good CRM [22:15]  James’ Challenge: “Research Ryznar Saturation Index (RSI)” [24:15]  One of my favorite things to teach: LSI, RSI, PSI [25:55]    Quotes:  “I love being a salesperson.” -Trace Blackmore  “Salespeople today are more professional because our customers are more professional, which means we always need to be at the top of our game.” -Trace Blackmore  “Solve your clients’ issues instead of selling them a product.” -Trace Blackmore  “You don’t just need company core values, you need to have your own personal core values.” -Trace Blackmore  “We know that our industry is more than just a commodity.” -Trace Blackmore  “Lagging metrics is easy to record because it has already happened. Leading metrics are indicators of future performance.” -Trace Blackmore  “LSI, RSI, PSI were the first things I dove into when I started teaching math. I like to think about why the equation is set up the way it is and work backward.” -Trace Blackmore  Links Mentioned:  Simon Sinek’s The Golden Circle Presentation  Episode 182 - The One Where We Share How We Create The Podcast  Submit a Show Idea  The Rising Tide Mastermind  AWT (Association of Water Technologies)  Episode 139 - The One With CRM Expert, Resa Gooding   Events:  Scaling Up Business Webinar Series - Adam Lean May 28th   WEF/AWWA Utility Management Conference 2021 - August 3-6 in person, Atlanta  Water Environment Federation - Check out all of their upcoming events    Books Mentioned:  Start With Why - by Simon Sinek      
It’s a joy to have Paule Genest (Jen-nes) on the show this week to talk about marketing. She is the founder and President of PGPR, specializing in coaching and growing your company’s communications, marketing, and public relations department, elevating your team to the next level.    Paule Genest is Co-Chair of WOW (Women of Water at the AWT- Association of Water Technologies). Over the past 35 years, Paule has worked in public, private, cooperative, and philanthropic. Her clients, and I, particularly appreciate her creative spirit, her human approach to business, her kindness, and her great ability to connect people and rally them around a common vision to promote the influence of targeted projects.     Furthermore, she is an adjunct professor at Université de Montréal and Université de Sherbrooke, she teaches Social Responsibility and Public Relations. She holds a bachelor's degree in administration and marketing and holds the PRP (Professional in Public Relations) and ARP (Accredited Public Relations Professional) designations.      Bottom line: Paule Genest is by far the best marketing person in the water treatment industry. Today, please listen to the things she shares with you, and if you do only one or two of them, your business’ marketing is going to be miles above everyone else’s. I urge you to start working on your marketing plan today.   Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client.   -Trace    Timestamps:   Introducing Paule Genest, Accredited Public Relations Professional, Coach, Professor, and Co-Chair of WOW (Women of Water at the AWT- Association of Water Technologies) [6:50]  An introduction to marketing [12:49]  What KPIs should we look at in a marketing campaign? [25:08]  How to lead a great marketing meeting [27:00]  What are some of Paule’s favorite marketing campaigns? [32:21]  How to start marketing [36:05]  How to budget for a marketing campaign [39:50]  Lightning Round Questions [45:34]  James’ Challenge: “Calculate Holding Time Index (HTI) of a cooling tower.” [51:55]    Quotes:  “Anything that has helped me on my career path, I put on this show.” -Trace Blackmore  “Paule Genest is by far the best marketing person in the water treatment industry.” -Trace Blackmore  “Life without water is not a life, water is essential.” - Paule Genest  “All of us will be a “marketer” at some point in our lives.” - Paule Genest  “Research is at the heart of everything in marketing.” - Paule Genest  “If you don’t know your client’s needs, you cannot meet their needs. Take the time to listen.” - Paule Genest  “When we implement a strategy, it’s all about sharing the good news and learning from our mistakes.” - Paule Genest  “My favorite marketing campaigns move me; they make me cry or laugh.” - Paule Genest  “A brand is a promise.” - Paule Genest  “A step that is frequently overlooked, is the maturing of your launch. I stress soft launches with a small target audience to see if you hit your target. It gives you a chance to reassess, reinforce, or change your content.” - Paule Genest  “Be present and visible in the market.” - Paule Genest  “Return on investment and influence is key.” - Paule Genest  “We need to find a breakthrough idea and build around it. Stand out and be proud of what it is that you are and what you do.” - Paule Genest    Links Mentioned:  PGPR - Paule’s company  Foundation Maman Dion  Paule’s LinkedIn  Submit a Show Idea  Rising Tide MasterMind    Events:  Water Environment Federation Events - see their list of upcoming virtual events   Scaling Up + AWT Business Webinar - May 28th @11am EST   The Hang networking event- June 10th @6pm EST  AWT Technical Training    Books Mentioned:  Playing To Win - by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin   Live Big: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Passion, Practicality, and Purpose - by Ajit Nawalkha  Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It - by Dorie Clark  The Elin Hilderbrand Collection: Volume 2: Nantucket Nights and The Blue Bistro - by Elin Hilderbrand  Celeste Headlee - 10 ways to have a better conversation from TED Talks     
Welcome to the Scaling UP! H2O podcast, where we scale up our knowledge, so we don’t scale up our systems.  Today’s guest is TGWT (Tannin Guys Water Treatment) President & Chief Executive Officer located in beautiful Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, Louis-Philippe Cloutier. Louis has fifteen years of experience working as President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board at TGWT, and since TGWT started in 2005 he has been a knowledgeable and passionate advocate for using tannin in water treatment.   Louis has been honored with several awards and accommodations including Best Startup Award for TGWT, Sustainable Supplier Of The Year Award, and Eurêka Award Winner: Public and para-public categories.    Bottom line: Louis-Philippe Cloutier knows how to run a successful water treatment business and one of those keys to his success is using tannin.   Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client.   -Trace    Timestamps:   Louis-Philippe Cloutier shares the history of tannin [6:40]  Tannin and food safety: FDA Approved, Organic Certified, and Kosher Certified [17:02]  Tannin chemistry [18:30]  Feeding the tannin [21:30]  Advantages switching to tannins, and operating parameters [24:08]  Why have you used tannin since 2005? [35:59]  What’s the strangest thing to happen to you since you started doing water treatment? [44:10]  Lightning Round questions [45:45]  James’ Challenge: “Question every chemical product you use at each location to ensure they are the best choice for the application.” [53:10]    Quotes: “Our purified tannin triples cycles in steam boilers. It reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gases.” - Louis-Philippe Cloutier  “Tannin is a natural extract. There are 3,000 species of tannin. The species we use comes from the bark of trees. It has to be purified to become a purified tannin.” - Louis-Philippe Cloutier  “Pressure. Temperature. Purification.” - Louis-Philippe Cloutier  “Tannin replaces your sulfite and your polymer/disbursement.” - Louis-Philippe Cloutier  “Tannin will interlink with the magnetites and form a thinner and more robust film on metal than the usual products.” - Louis-Philippe Cloutier  “Tannin is Green Chemistry. It is FDA Approved, Organic Certified, and Kosher Certified” - Louis-Philippe Cloutier  “It’s the best career out there. I don’t know why anyone would want to do anything else, other than water treatment.” - Trace Blackmore    Links Mentioned:  Louis Cloutier’s company, TGWT  Submit a Show Idea  Rising Tide MasterMind    Events:  Business Webinar - Adam Lean May 28th  AWT (Association of Water Technologies)     Books Mentioned:  Scaling Up - by Vern Arnish  Playing To Win - by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin    
The first time I heard a podcast, I was hooked. I fell in love with a free platform where you could learn as you drove to client's businesses, while mowing the lawn, or simply taking a walk around the block.   One of my core beliefs is that you should constantly be learning and helping others learn, so in April of 2017, after a great deal of support and coaching, I decided to start a podcast 'by water treaters for water treaters.' I opened Episode 1 with the following line: "The goal of this podcast is to bring you topics that will expand your general water treatment knowledge, inform you about the industry, and simply have fun around the industry we have chosen to be in."   After four years of hosting this podcast, I've learned so much, created a great team, and met people I never dreamed I'd get the chance to meet, let alone interview. I am humbled and grateful you choose to listen to this podcast each week.   This can be a lonely industry. This can be a hard industry. We want you to get it right. We at Scaling UP H2O are here to equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed and build a community of water treatment professionals.  Thank you, Scaling UP Nation! We wouldn't have the show without YOU! I'm humbled and honored to be your roadside friend as you travel from client to client.  -Trace    Timestamps:   How the podcast started and the people who help make it happen [0:20]  What are your top four Successes, Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons Learned from the podcast? [15:05]  If you knew then, what you know now, would you have started the podcast? [33:49]  If my Dad were still alive today, would he listen to the Scaling UP H2O Podcast? [35:05]  Why do you release the podcast on Fridays? [36:50]  Would you ever consider doing a daily podcast? [38:29]  James' Challenge: "Learn how a chemical dosing pump works." [41:09]  Why do you think the podcast is so successful? [43:10]  Quotes:  "The goal of this podcast is to bring you topics that will expand your general water treatment knowledge, inform you about the industry, and simply have fun around the industry we have chosen to be in." -Trace Blackmore, Episode 1 of Scaling UP H2O  "The biggest challenge is: You don't know what you don't know." -Trace Blackmore  "When you decide you want to start a podcast and keep your day job, it's a challenge, but over the last four years we have never missed an air date." - Trace Blackmore  "My mission statement: have the podcast be the catalyst to raise the bar in the water treatment industry." - Trace Blackmore  "Don't be afraid to start something new." -Trace Blackmore  "Don't be afraid to ask for help." -Trace Blackmore  "I now have a team helping me get further faster." -Trace Blackmore  "The number one reason why this podcast is so successful: You, You, You, You!" -Trace Blackmore  "I'm so humbled that we have so many listeners week after week." -Trace Blackmore  "This can be a lonely industry. This can be a hard industry. We want you to get it right. We're here to equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed and to build a community of water treatment professionals." - Trace Blackmore    Links Mentioned:  Episode 1   Episode 4 with Charlie Cichetti   Episode 8 with Conor Parrish  Episode 186 with Conor Parrish  Episode 187 with Conor Parrish  Episode 176 with Mike Standish  AWT (Association of Water Technologies)  Episode 182 with Sean Dooley and Lauren VonFeldt   Ray Baum Memorial Water Technologist of the Year Award  Rising Tide Mastermind       
Today's guest is Bob Niemiec (KNEE-mick), Managing Partner at Twisthink, a digital innovation partner working to help companies bring their new products or services to life. Through hands-on partnerships fueled by strategic insight, human-centered design, and advanced technology, the Twisthink team has consistently unlocked game-changing opportunities for clients. Bob Niemic and Tinktwist are entirely devoted to creating the ideal user experience, which allows their customers to become leaders in their industries and accelerate growth.   We're going to take a deep dive into how to bring innovation into our companies, what it takes to build a great team, how AI can help us achieve our goals, and why Lean Management and Human-Centered Design are crucial to any company.   Thank you, Bob, for coming on the show, sharing your insight and expertise, so we are equipped to rise above the mediocre grind and elevate ourselves to see a company's bright future driven by human-centered design.   Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client,  -Trace   Timestamps:   Introducing Bob Neimic's game-changing approach to think differently [3:00]  Great teams: Bringing together multiple skillsets and generations in the workplace [7:45]  Operational excellence and innovational excellence [12:57]  Lean Management and Human-Ceneted Design [20:51]  What are the payoffs of innovation excellence? [24:05]  What inspires your clients? [34:01]  What's the biggest mistake you see your clients make? [37:30]  What's the big takeaway you want people to know? [40:32]  Lightning Round Questions [43:25]  James' Challenge: "Check makeup water for ammonia." [49:05]   Quotes:  "Innovate. Accelerate. Grow" - Bob Neimic  "There is nothing harder and more worthwhile than developing a great team." - Bob Neimic  "You cannot grow without change." - Trace Blackmore  "Operational excellence secures the present. Innovational excellence secures the future." -Roger Milliken  "The skill of design or industrial design is a way to raise the bar for innovational excellence." - Bob Neimic  "Human-Centered Design: Discovery, Analyze, Create, Develop." -Bob Neimic  "Now more than ever, we need to take advantage of the digital age." - Bob Neimic  "More empathy is critically important right now." - Bob Neimic  "We cannot claim to be innovational excellent without diversity." - Bob Neimic   Links Mentioned:  Robert Niemiec’s LinkedIn  The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA)  Charity Water - A nonprofit that deploys pumps to regions of the world where there is no access to clean drinking water, on a mission to end the water crisis    A Practical Guide to Understanding AI  Rising Tide MasterMind  Submit a Show Idea  Episode 24: LSI, RSI, and PSI    Events:  The Hang (6.10.21 at 6PM EST)    Association of Water Technologies (AWT's) Technical Training Seminar     Books Mentioned:  Start With Why   So You Want To Talk About Race 
Are you considering making a career change to become a water treatment professional? Are you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed in your first year working as a water treater? Or are you navigating how to retire from a life spent working in the water treatment industry? If so, today’s podcast is for you.   Our guest is fellow Mastermind member and Continuous Improvement enthusiast Shawn McGrade. Shawn started as a building engineer and decided six years ago to become a successful water treater. Today we will discuss his water treatment journey, how he became the top sales rep at his former water treatment company, the importance of mentors, continually developing yourself, and some things he wished he would have known the first year starting in this remarkable industry.   Being a water treater is an incredible privilege. Our clients allow us to see behind the curtain, revealing to us fortunate few how things are made. They trust us to make the right call so they can keep doing what they need to do. Water treaters are crucial to a wide variety of facilities, and thankfully there are people like Shawn McGrade and our Scaling UP! H2O listeners who daily demonstrate to their clients the importance and benefits a great water treater can be to their company. Nation! Thank you for being astounding at what you do!   Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client,  -Trace    Timestamps:   James’ Challenge: “Research Langelier Saturation Index (LSI).” [5:01]  Changing professions, Shawn’s journey to becoming a successful professional water treater [7:02]  An average day as a water treater [23:00]  What should we be doing when selling new accounts? [31:05]  Joining the Rising Tide Mastermind for continuous development [35:04]  What are the best ways one can be successful in the water treatment industry? [45:40]  What advice do you have for those looking at a career change? [47:02]  The importance of mentors [49:30]  Resources to help you become a better water treater [57:20]  Lightning Round Questions [1:02:01]    Quotes:  “I looked at water treatment as an opportunity to make something of myself and take things to the next level.” - Shawn McGrade  “Being patient, cordial, sharing things in laymen’s terms are crucial when communicating with customers.” - Shawn McGrade  “The day-to-day is never the same, and as water treaters, we need to wear a lot of hats to be successful and bring value to your customers.” - Shawn McGrade  “If you sit back and let your client show you what they do, let them walk you around the plant, it’s a huge way to build trust and build that relationship.” - Shawn McGrade  “We get the front row seat to see how it’s made. To get those private tours, to see how it’s made, it is priceless.” - Shawn McGrade  “If we learn something from each experience, then that means we are going to get better the next time that opportunity comes around.” -Trace Blackmore  “If we keep doing what we’ve always done, pre-COVID, we will never be successful in the future. We need to change our sales techniques to the new climate.” -Trace Blackmore  “You have to be dedicated and committed in order to be successful.” - Shawn McGrade  “Normally we are busy working ‘in’ the business, and Mastermind allows us to work ‘on the business and ‘on’ ourselves. “ - Trace Blackmore  “The advice I’d give to any water treater is to: Be patient. Don’t get overwhelmed. Invest in yourself. And to educate yourself to feel confident in those technical topics.” - Shawn McGrade  “Let’s encourage more women to be in the water treatment industry.” - Shawn McGrade  “When you are with a customer and don’t know the answer, don’t lie. Integrity is everything in this business. Look it up and get back to them.” - Shawn McGrade    Links Mentioned:  Shawn McGrade’s LinkedIn  AWT (Association of Water Technologies)    Rising Tide Mastermind   Submit a Show Idea For Our Podcast  Association of Women in Water, Energy & Environment  Wim Hof Cold Therapy     Events:  The Hang networking event (4.8.21 at 6PM EST)     Books Mentioned:  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  The 12 Week Year  ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 118  Traction  The Miracle Morning  The Advantage   The Success Principles   Can’t Hurt Me      Podcasts Mentioned:  Lewis Howes   Dr. Rhonda Patrick  Joe Rogan     
Nation! For those of you who are new to the podcast, I started it as a passion project, and it has grown to become a trusted resource for water treaters around the world. I believe that you should share what you know so that you can enhance others; that is why I make the podcast every week. I'm honored that you've chosen to listen every week as you drive from client to client.  Today's episode is Part Two of a two-part series where I am the one in "the hot seat" interviewed by fellow Mastermind member Conor Parrish. It is an honor to have such a highly-regarded water treatment professional interview me. Conor received his CWT (Certified Water Technologist) certification through AWT (Association of Water Technologies) three years ago and has been in the industry for six years.  You submitted the questions Conor asks me today, our listeners, so if ever you've had a question you'd like answered on the show, please click the Show Ideas tab at the top of the page and let us know how we can help you 'scale up your knowledge, so we don't scale up our systems.'  Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client, -Trace   Timestamps:  James' Challenge: "Measure the pH of DPD free chlorine test after reagent addition." [1:45]   What is your daily routine? [5:02] What are the most significant changes you've observed over time in the water treatment industry since you began in the 1990s? [8:30] What will the future look like for water treatment professionals? [15:30]  What is the most embarrassing thing you've done as a water treatment professional? [20:25] If you could have a beer with any historical figure, who would you choose? [27:20] What are some of your favorite non-business books? [29:30] What are some of your favorite SCUBA stories? [33:40] What are some of your favorite podcasts? [43:30]   Quotes: "I decide what I want to say "Yes" to on my calendar by saying "No" to the things that are not important." - Trace Blackmore "Our water equipment is getting smarter, and today we're able to make program decisions based on that data." - Trace Blackmore "There is so much we can do today that we were not able to do in the 1990s, thanks to water treatment technology." - Trace Blackmore "There is only so much water. And because of that, we need to utilize it properly." - Trace Blackmore "Without a doubt, the 2030 water treaters' job will be to make sure they are as efficient as possible in their water usage. I think that is going to be their primary job." - Trace Blackmore "Our careers and industry are here to stay, and change isn't something we need to be afraid of as a water treatment professionals." - Trace Blackmore "Water conservation and energy conservation will become crucial in the future." - Trace Blackmore "I believe that you should share what you know so that you can enhance others; that's what podcasts do." - Trace Blackmore   Links Mentioned: Pinks and Blues: Closed Loop Systems - Episode 116  The One Where We Talk About Artificial Intelligence - Episode 183  Rising Tide Mastermind Submit a Show Idea Podcasts: The Tim Ferris Show Passive Income - Pat Flynn The Way I Heard It - Mike Row Manager Tools Podcast Events: International Water Conference (11.7-11.11) Business Owners Webinar (3.26) with Tim Fulton   The Hang networking event (4.8.21 at 6PM EST)  Books Mentioned: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People The Speed of Trust  The Hunt For Red October  A Game Of Thrones Books   
Hey Scaling Up Nation! Fellow Mastermind member Conor Parrish is interviewing me in part one of a two-part series starting today. Conor Parrish is Director of Business Development at FCT Water Treatment. He attended Drake University, graduated with a degree in Environmental Science, and then moved to Colorado to take an opportunity with FCT Water. He has his CWT and has been in the industry for 6 years; it is a privilege to have him on the show.    For those who have been longtime listeners, you’ll know that I was hoping that my staff would listen to it when I started the podcast. I never imagined that what began as a passion project would turn into something that thousands of water treaters listen to each week.  I am humbled and honored to be the host of this podcast. It has allowed me to teach and give back to the professional water treatment industry I care about so much.  I hope you enjoy today’s episode!  Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client,  - Trace  Timestamps:   James’ Challenge: “Determine the volume of a cooling or closed loops system by calculation and tracer addition.” [5:25]  Conor Parrish interviews Trace Blackmore [7:30]  Why do you do the podcast each week? What is your motivation? [8:50]  What was the most challenging podcast you’ve ever created? [11:14]  How has the podcast evolved since 2017? [14:48]   As the show evolved, what are some of the changes you’ve seen when asking guests to be on the show or what topics guests want to discuss? [19:00]  What have listeners told you about the impact of this podcast? Anything new on the podcast that we can look forward to it? [21:20]  How do you balance all of your commitments? [28:25]  What advice would you give to a water treater feeling burnout in their job? [45:50]  Trace’s Challenge: When was the last time you worked on your leadership style? [52:55]  Quotes:   “I love this podcast because it allows me to teach others about water treatment.” - Trace Blackmore  “The podcast and Mastermind allow me to help raise that bar in the water treatment industry.” -Trace Blackmore  “The reason the Scaling UP! H2O podcast is a success is because I have such great guests!” - Trace Blackmore  “One of the bad things about this podcast is that there is a lot of technology needed, and I am a technology junkie, so I’m always wanting to buy that next new gadget to make the show better.” - Trace Blackmore  “I’m humbled and pleased that people enjoy the podcast.” - Trace Blackmore  “Whenever someone asks me to do something, I always ask myself: If I say “Yes” to this, what am I inherently saying “No” to?” - Trace Blackmore  “Have you ever been too busy driving to stop for gas?” - Stephen Covey   “When you put a value on your time, you realize what the cost is when you’re doing something else.” - Trace Blackmore  Links Mentioned:  Conor Parrish, CWT  World Water Day (3. 22)  Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven - Episode 166   Ray Baum Memorial Water Technologist of the Year Award Recipient    Planning - Episode 178   Rocketbook  Rising Tide Mastermind     Events:  2021 World Water Day (3.22)  Business Owners Webinar (3.26) with Tim Fulton   The Hang networking event (4.8.21 at 6PM EST)  AWT Technical Training AWT (5.5)     Books Mentioned:  Atomic Habits  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People   
 Nation! We’ve received many write-ins from our audience asking how to invest and start saving for retirement. We listened, and I brought in one of the smartest guys I know about those subjects, Wealth Advisor Scotty Neal. Scotty is a friend I met through our Mastermind group, and he has over 25 years of Wealth Advisory experience. Scotty is part of a Wealth Advisory Team that primarily works with a small group of successful business owners, professionals, and executives who are five years out (or less) from an exit. He is an expert at listening to his clients’ needs and catering a financially sound investment plan crafted to his clients’ specific wealth goals.   Scotty is going to share financial advice with Scaling Up! H2O listeners which he would give to people who are just starting their investment journey, to individuals well into their retirement years. We’re going to discuss everything from credit card debt to creating your first budget to which program is right for you:401(k), IRA, ROTH IRA, Mutual Funds to BBQ, yes, that’s right, BBQ.  I hope that if you listen to today’s podcast, you will be empowered to take steps towards securing your financial future. We love hearing from you, our listeners! If you have an idea for a future show, or have a question you’d like me to answer in a Pinks and Blues Questions from the Nation episode, please send us a message HERE. Thanks and enjoy today’s podcast!   Timestamps:   Trace’s challenge: Everyone has expectations of you. Are those expectations clear? The next time you are talking with someone, make sure both sides clarify the expectations so you can equally move forward with confidence [00:10]  James’ Challenge: Explain cycles of concentration to a non-technical person. [6:15]  Introducing Scotty Neal [10:20]  Let’s talk about money [16:10]  How do I know if I am saving enough? [27:50]  What is the best way to invest in your future: 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, Mutual Funds, SEP? [29:45]  How do stimulus checks work? [33:45]  Where should I start investing and how do you know what’s best for me? [39:00]  What is the advice you give to people with different levels of investment experience? [42:12]  What is the biggest mistake people make over and over again when it comes to investing? [53:20]  Lessons learned from Trace’s first financial advisor, his grandfather [59:30]    Quotes:  “Save money for your future. You need to pay yourself just like you are paying your other bills.” - Trace Blackmore  “Time. Time. Time spent in the market is the number one thing that affects investment returns.” - Scotty Neal  “From age 0-18 you are a “consumer” and only take financially from your parents. From age 18-65 you are a “consumer” but you’re also a “producer” because you are working; that’s your time to make money and save money. From age 65 till the end, you’re back to being a “consumer” because you are not working.” - Scotty Neal  “You’ve got money coming in and out. The difference is savings and investable dollars.” - Scotty Neal  “You have to deny yourself in order to invest.” - Scotty Neal  “Have money make money for you.” - Scotty Neal  “Ask yourself: Is this a want, or a need?” - Scotty Neal  “You make what you make. You need to spend less in order to invest.” - Scotty Neal  “When it comes to 401Ks, I tell my employees, “Invest at least the minimum that will allow you to take the maximum of what I can give you.” - Trace Blackmore  “A 401K, is part of your pay. You have to take it. It’s free money!” - Scotty Neal  “There has never a better time to start investing than right now.” - Scotty Neal  “Get a Will.” - Scotty Neal  “Stick. Stay. And Make It Pay.”- Scotty Neal  “Save. Save. Save. Early and Often.“ - Scotty Neal    Links Mentioned:  The Rising Tide Mastermind  Episode 173 - The One With the Exit Plan   Episode 179- The One That Teaches Us to Communicate Better With Others -Kathleen Edelman Part 2   Episode 184 - The One Where I Interview My Mastermind Mentor  Episode 178 Pinks and Blues Questions From The Nation!    Events:  April 8 @ 6 PM - The Hang (A Water Treaters Networking Event)  March 26 from 11 AM - 1 PM EST Free Business Webinar with Tim Fulton (Network. Grow. Learn.)  May 26 & 27 (in-person) Smart Water Utilities Conference     Books Mentioned:  Thomas J. Stanley’s  The Millionaire Next Door  John Grisham’s The Whistler   John Grisham’s The Rooster Bar  Kathleen Edelman’s I Said This, You Heard That   
Nation! I am so excited to introduce you to the man who leads my weekly Mastermind group, Aaron Walker.  Aaron Walker has founded more than a dozen companies over the past 42 years. He attributes much of his success to having surrounded himself with his Mastermind counterparts. Aaron spent a decade meeting weekly with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham, and other outstanding entrepreneurs. Aaron is the founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind that now hosts 20 groups with National and International members. Aaron lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and he has so many wonderful stories and advice to share today!  As you know, I lead several Mastermind groups myself. A large reason I can pour into other leaders in the water treatment industry is because of the individuals I meet with weekly in the Mastermind group. Aaron says to think about a Mastermind as "Your own personal board of directors" who help you personally and professionally. Life is way too difficult to do it alone. We are built as human beings to work with other people. I've found that joining a Mastermind can help you grow through vulnerability, coaching, honesty, and camaraderie.   If you are a water treater interested in joining a Mastermind, please visit my to learn how together we can raise up the water treatment industry.    Timestamps:   Upcoming Events [1:30]  James' Challenge: "Review all your accounts to ensure you've lived up to all your obligations. If not, develop a plan." [6:20]   Introducing Aaron Walker AKA "Big A" [11:40]  A kid working at a pawn shop in Nashville [13:12]  Life after "retiring" at 27 years old [18:16]  The journey from Aaron's first Mastermind group with Dave Ramsey to leading his own group [22:00]  So what is a Mastermind? [32:34]  How do you define success? [39:02]  Lightning Round Questions [43:35]  Trace's Leadership Challenge [47:00]    Quotes:   "If you don't have a mentor, you are missing out on a golden opportunity." -Trace Blackmore  "Life is way too difficult to do it alone. We are built as human beings to work with other people." -Trace Blackmore  "We've all got superpowers and we've all got blind spots." - Aaron Walker  "Dang! You don't know what you don't know." - Aaron Walker  I've read thousands of books as a result of being in a Mastermind." - Aaron Walker  "A Mastermind is your own personal board of directors." - Aaron Walker  "It's about legacy and helping others transform."- Aaron Walker  "Today I would measure 'success' in terms of others success, instead of my own." - Aaron Walker  "If we're not having fun, we need to change direction." - Aaron Walker  "A leader is somebody who makes other leaders." - Captain David Marquet of The United States Navy  Aaron's Southern Sayings: "That's as useless as tits on a boar hog" and "That's a big gentleman."    Links Mentioned:  Rising Tide Mastermind  Aaron's Mastermind Website Captain David Marquet, Episode 29  Get your FREE Audible book at    Events:  Water Environment Federation  3.23 Collection Systems Conference 2021  4.20 Odors and Air Pollutants Conference 2021  5.11-5.14 Residuals and Biosolids Conference 2021    AWT (Association of Water Technologies)  May 5-8 AWT Technical Traning Course  Fundamentals and Applications Class  Water Treatment Training    Books Mentioned:  "Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters" Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles"  Steven Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"  Chris Voss' "Never Split The Difference"  Captain David Marquet's "Turn The Ship Around!"         
Today’s guest is Neil Sahota, an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations A.I. Advisor, professor at UC Irvine, and globally-recognized speaker and author. Neil is a founding member of the UN’s Artificial Intelligence for Social Good Committee, and he’s here to talk about how we can harness the power of AI and use it for social good. Neil is also the author of “Own the A.I.Revolution”, providing a future-forward look at A.I., focusing on how businesses can use it to commercialize while doing good in the world. We’ll discuss things like the challenges posed by A.I. and how we can overcome them, as well as which skill-sets are going to be most important in the near future.    In our interview, I was amazed by how A.I. can help our businesses, lives, and water infrastructure worldwide. Data allows us to make better decisions. We make better decisions when we have better data. When we don’t have data, we’re not making decisions; we’re making guesses. So how good are your guesses?    Timestamps:   Upcoming events for water treaters (see links below) [1:50] Introducing Neil Sahota, Artificial Intelligence Expert  [8:13] How is A.I. being used to improve our water infrastructure around the country? [14:15] What does a water treater need to know about A.I., and how can they start using it? [16:18] How can A.I. improve our capacity and collection of water in agriculture? [19:36] Why Neil wrote the “Own the A.I. Revolution” and how it can help your business [22:33] Positioning A.I. for social good and working with The United Nations A.I. for Good Initiative [24:33] How do you help people to develop a world-class culture? [28:32] What can’t A.I. do? [31:15] Lightning round questions [34:00] Outro [38:11]   James’ Challenge: Test boiler sulfite, both immediately on a sample, and again an hour later on the same open sample. [41:02]  Quotes:   “Artificial Intelligence is a machine that can mimic human thinking to do low-level type tasks that require some cognition.” - Neil Sahota  “Maximize the use of the water we have.” - Neil Sahota  “A.I. unlocks a toolset that we’ve never had before, now we can do way more than that.” - Neil Sahota  “We can use A.I. to influence consumer behavior on their water usage habits."- Neil Sahota  “Data is the fuel for A.I.” - Neil Sahota   “We have to bring people together who want to make solutions.” - Neil Sahota  “Small things add up.” - Neil Sahota  “I believe in the power of storytelling so people can hear the actions and outcomes.” - Neil Sahota  If I can inspire people, soon we are saving a million gallons of water a day.” - Neil Sahota  “Do something and share that story.” - Neil Sahota  “Saving money and saving the planet. It’s a double win!” - Neil Sahota  “Changing the culture takes time and a lot of effort, but it is well worth it.” - Neil Sahota  Data allows us to make better decisions. We make better decisions when we have better data. When we don’t have data, we’re not making decisions; we’re making guesses. So how good are your guesses?”- Trace Blackmore  “We need other people to help us get better.” - Trace Blackmore  “You never know how far the ripples will reach.” - Trace Blackmore  “Until next week, try something new, try to learn something new, and do something new; and be the reason that somebody cracks a smile.” - Trace Blackmore    Links Mentioned:  Neil Sahota’s website  Neil’s LinkedIn The United Nations A.I. for Good Initiative Episode 168 with Jared Gabel  Scaling Up Business Webinar Series Rising Tide Mastermind    Events:  Texas 2021 Virtual Convention March 29-April 1  The Hang online networking event April 8 at 6 pm EST    Books Mentioned:  Neil’s book “Own the A.I. Revolution”     
Scaling UP! Nation, after multiple listeners called or wrote in asking how we create the weekly podcast, we decided to devote today’s episode to how we make the most popular water treaters podcast happen for you, our listeners. Today I have guests Lauren Vonfeldt and Sean Dooley on the show with me. Lauren is my Executive Assistant, and she does everything from booking the guests, to creating the website posts, to designing and executing our marketing campaigns.   Sean is our audio magician. He is an Audio Engineer and makes our episodes sound fantastic by eliminating unwanted sounds, making transitions seamless, and polishing the episodes with added touches to make them sound great each and every week. Lauren and Sean have brought their expertise, passion, and positivity to every episode we have done over the past four years, and I could not create this weekly podcast without them.  Our show is continually improving because of our listeners, and we would love to hear from YOU! If you have not yet, please click the “submit a show idea” at the top of our site and let us know what you would like on future episodes.     Timestamps:   00:32 James’ Challenge “Leave the customer’s lab space or work area cleaner than you found it.”  2:00 Introductions about the team who creates the weekly podcast show  7:15 First things first: guests, data gathering, planning, strategy, and fact-finding  14:25 Recording the podcast  21:57 Audio editing  24:00 Adding the podcast to the website and making a marketing plan  27:45 Highlighting the best parts of the show with Audiograms  30:30 Monthly brainstorming meetings  32:12 How we came up with “The Best Of 2020 Episode”  37:45 Lightning Round Questions    Quotes:  “He created the show to share his knowledge and the knowledge of all the people he knows with the audience.” - Sean Dooley  “It’s not just me. It takes a team, and I couldn’t do the podcast without them.” - Trace Blackmore  “This week, learn something new and take care of each other.” - Trace Blackmore  “It’s all about improving and making each episode the best one yet.” - Lauren Vonfeldt  “Our goal is to make this show the best thing possible for the water treatment industry.” - Lauren Vonfeldt  “Make the show the best it can be.” - Sean Dooley   Links Mentioned:  Submit a Show Idea On Our Website   Lauren Vonfeldt's website  Sean Dooley on LinkedIn  Legionella Episode 150     Legionella Episode 152   Legionella Episode 153     The Best Of 2020 Episode 174  Jeff Henderson Episode 115 
I am thrilled to introduce you to two water geeks who love water AND talking about water just as much as I do; friends, bloggers, writers, and the hosts of the podcast “Water We Talking About?”, Jim Lauria and Adam Tank. Today Jim and Adam will talk about how to become a water advocate by using social media. Jim Lauria is the VP of sales and marketing for Mazzei Injector Company. He got his chemical engineering degree from Manhattan College, has been working in water for 20 years. Adam Tank has been working in the water industry for 10 years. He started as a microbiologist and quality engineer in the CPG world and he is now Director of Software Solutions for a water startup called Transcend Water focused on automating the preliminary design of water treatment assets, in this case, water and wastewater treatment facilities.  If you take nothing else away from today’s podcast, please consider that water is something that everyone on the planet needs, and that you, the real people making things happen behind the scenes, owe it to your community to share what you do and why water is essential, and there isn’t an easier way to do that then through using social media. Timestamps:  [3:15] James’ Challenge “Draw a process flow diagram for your customers; complete with feed points, water meters, blowdown, pre-treatment, boilers, cooling towers, chillers, etc. [7:30] Jim Lauria and Adam Tank, who are you and how did you meet? [14:13] What are you doing to advocate for water and the water industry and how are you creating content? [21:40] What are your two different approaches to content creation?  [26:20] How should someone get started with content creation? [28:43] LinkedIn Advice [38:25] Tagging content [41:34] What’s the one takeaway you want people to get from this interview? [43:07] Lightning Round Questions   Quotes:  “When you tell your story on water... the goal is to be focused on the value of water for everybody.” - Adam Tank “Water, it is a global good that ultimately is critical for life on earth.” - Adam Tank “One of the good things about mentoring is that it is a two-way street.” - Jim Lauria  “Just keep posting and connecting, you never know what could lead to a direct sale.” -- Jim Lauria  “Don’t be scared of posting something that you think is routine, or wouldn’t be interesting, because people outside of the sector or industry don’t have a clue what happens in water.”  - Adam Tank “Catalog the things you find exciting, take a picture, write a sentence, and put it out in the world.”  - Adam Tank “Think of LinkedIn as a business lunch and Facebook as a backyard BBQ. Dress and act accordingly.” -- Jim Lauria  “Don’t just sell. Provide value and people will come back to you.”- Adam Tank “Tell good stories. And get people engaged in the value of water.” -- Jim Lauria  “Just start. Don’t worry about crafting the perfect post. Just post something.” - Adam Tank “Never underestimate your ability to influence other people.” -- Jim Lauria  “Don’t be afraid to embrace change.”  - Adam Tank    Links Mentioned: Episode 47 with  Jim Lauria  Adam Tank’s website Jim Lauria’s website Water Online Rising Tide Mastermind Imagine H2O 120 Water Jim and Adam’s podcast “Water We Talking About?”    Books Mentioned: “How to Get Your Money Back From Big Companies” by Jim Lauria  
Hey Scaling Up Nation! If we have a worthwhile goal, it’s hard, it takes a long time, and it’s probably not fun. Water treaters are constantly on the go, in the car, working long hours, but we need to take the time to take care of ourselves.  Today my guest is a physical therapist, Dr. Andrew Kneeburg. Dr. Kneeburg has helped me get out of pain, find some practical steps to keep me healthy, and inspired me to make better choices so I can keep doing the things I enjoy. He is passionate about getting people out of pain and moving again. Dr. Kneeburg graduated from PT school in May of 2016 and has been practicing outpatient orthopedics for 5 years. He has such a refreshing and down to earth approach to stay healthy and I think if you listen to his advice in today’s podcast, it could change the trajectory of your life for the better. I hope today’s episode inspires you to take better care of yourself.    Timestamps:   00:01 Healthy goals for 2021  10:50 Dr. Andrew Kneeburg introduction   15:20 What can we do so we stay healthy and not hurt ourselves as industrial water treaters?  19:50 What’s water got to do with it?   22:30 Do we need to stretch every day?  26:28 What are the exercises water treaters should be doing?  33:40 What’s the key to working out?  35:10 What’s the importance of sleep?  36:23 What to watch out for when starting a new exercise routine   40:30 Lightning round questions  44:10 The 7th Habit, the Habit of Self   50:26 James’ Challenge: Update your LinkedIn profile to be a calling card for your prospect or customer versus just a resume for your next job. #JC21 and #ScailingUPH20     Quotes:  “Stay active, stay healthy, eat the right things” - Dr. Andrew Kneeburg  “Strengthen yourself so you can be healthy for the long-haul.” - Dr. Andrew Kneeburg  “There isn’t one single diet that works for everyone, find a diet that works for you.” - Dr. Andrew Kneeburg  “Do the exercise movements that simulate what you're doing at work to help you stay healthy.” - Dr. Andrew Kneeburg  “You don’t have to be at the gym 2-3 hour, you just need 20-45 mins of moderate to strenuous exercise.” - Dr. Andrew Kneeburg   “Bottomline: You only have one body and one life, take care of it.” - Dr. Andrew Kneeburg  “If we’re not taking care of yourselves, then we cannot take care of others” – Trace Blackmore  “What are we doing to take care of ourselves?”  – Trace Blackmore    Links Mentioned:  Aquaphoenix   Journal   Feb 11 @ 6 –The Hang   AWT (Association of Water Technologies)  Rising Tide Mastermind    Books and Articles Mentioned:  The Truth About How Much Water You Should Really Drink   How much should the average adult exercise every day?  A Systematic Review of the Effects of Exercise and Physical Activity on Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain  7 Habits of Highly Effective People   12 Week Year       
My guest today is back for part 2 of a lesson in communication. She is Temperaments expert, and I Said This, You Heard That author, Kathleen Edelman. Her mission is to help people use words that build others up. She teaches that “The words you use are a gift that you give to other people”. That statement should make us want to think about our words more carefully! Today, Kathleen further explains the Four Temperaments and what to do when we experience miscommunication. If you missed part 1 of this interview, please check it out on episode 117.  Nation! I cannot have a conversation with Kathleen and not learn something new about the I Said This, You Heard That material. I would consider myself a diligent student of her material for the past two years, and there is always more to learn.   Learning about Temperaments is, hands down, one of the best things I have done to understand how my words sound to people as I am speaking with them. It has been a gamechanger in how I communicate with my team and my family and friends.  I hope that the next time you’re speaking to someone else, you choose words that are a gift from you to them.  Visual Reference:     Timestamps:   Introducing Kathleen [5:55]  Trace, what was your biggest takeaway from the I Said This, You Heard That Book? [10:00]  Describe the 4 Temperaments [13:25]  How do we use the Temperaments in our communication? [19:50]  What to do when you make a communication mistake [29:20]  How can we identify other people’s Temperaments and communicate better? [32:40]  Being aware of how your own weaknesses affect others [42:50]  Don’t use your Temperament as a weapon or an excuse [48:05]  Lightning round with Kathleen [51:51]    James’ Challenge: “Send handwritten notes to those who have helped you” [1:55]    Quotes:   “We are responsible for bringing out the best in each other.” - Kathleen Edelman   “If we take the time to be intentional, the reward is so much greater.” - Kathleen Edelman   “The person responsible for being the best version of me is ME.” - Kathleen Edelman   “Your Temperament never changes, but personality can change over time.” - Kathleen Edelman   “Every Temperament can be a good leader.” - Kathleen Edelman   “It’s never too late to start communicating better.” - Kathleen Edelman   “Learning about the Temperaments has been a game-changer on how I communicate.” - Trace Blackmore     Links Mentioned:   Episode 117, Kathleen Edelman   Rising Tide Mastermind  Events:  The Hang Feb 11 @6pm     Books Mentioned:  I Said This, You Heard That Workbook  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  Atomic Habits  The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom   The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver   Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan    Today's Episode Is Sponsored By:    
This is one of my favorite shows because I always look forward to answering questions from you! My team and I love digging in to gather the BEST answers for you. Thank you for always making these shows such a success by submitting your questions!     Today we’re going to dive into how do you ensure you have the best result from your sample; what makes a complete service report, what to do if you don’t have any other choice than to take a sample from the boiler sight glass; and what are some of my favorite tools?    Please join me to hear the answers to your questions, and after listening, if you have a show idea or want to ask me a question, please go to and click the “Submit a Show Idea” at the top of the page. I look forward to hearing from you.   Timestamps:   Time Management [1:40]  Upcoming 2021 Events [3:30]  How Do You Ensure You Have The Best Result From Your Sample? /How Do You Know If You Can Trust Your Sample? [13:50]  Understanding What Your Test Is Doing [23:50]  What Should Be On A Good Service Report? /What Makes A Complete Service Report? [25:02]  How Do You Produce A Podcast? [31:47]   What If You Don’t Have Any Other Choice but To Sample from The Boiler Sight Glass? [33:14]  What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Things? [35:30]  Can You Give Us More Financial Advice? [45:15]    James’ Challenge  “Conduct an elution study on a water softener” [50:42]  #JC21 and #ScalingUP!H2O      Quotes:    “Get in the habit of scheduling time for yourself.” -Trace Blackmore  “Try to elevate your knowledge and understanding of the tests you run.” -Trace Blackmore    “The 4 things you need to stay organized: emails, contacts, tasks, and notes from the day.” - Trace Blackmore  “Money is a tool; it is never the destination.” -Trace Blackmore    “You need to look at the money you get in 3 buckets:  How much do you need to live on? How much do you need to save? What is the money you are going to give to?” - Trace Blackmore     Links/Products Mentioned:   Episode 175, “The First One of 2021”   Legionella Episode 150  Legionella Episode 151  Legionella Episode 152  Legionella Episode 153    Episode 167, “The One With John Fenton”   Episode 92, “The One About My TED Talk Experience”     LED Rechargeable Light Kit    Episode 6, “Service Reports”  Episode 111, “The One With Eric Russo”   Rocketbook  Erlenmeyer Flask  SteriPen   Digital Titrator   Leatherman Multi Tool      Backup Charger   Sous Vide Cooker   Sense Device   Oculus VR   Keep Talking And No One Explodes Game   Episode 130, How IRA Works   Rising Tide Mastermind      Events:  AWT’s *Tentative* May 5-8 Technical Training   NFS’s Legionella Conference August 2021   The Hang, Feb 11th @ 6pm       2021 Business Webinar Series  January 29th John Fenton on “The 5 Myths About Great Leadership”   To register go to     Books Mentioned:  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  
  What creates excellent customer service experiences resulting in clients becoming passionate fans of your company? What if some simple steps could change a client’s experience with your company from mediocre to magical; would you take them?   Today my lab partner on Scaling UP! H2O is Dennis Snow. Dennis honed over 20 years of customer service skills with the Walt Disney World Company. Today Dennis is a full-time speaker, trainer, and consultant who helps organizations achieve customer service, employee development, and leadership goals. Dennis launched a Disney Institute division responsible for consulting with some of the world’s largest companies. This division quickly became the fastest-growing venture of the Disney Institute and experienced nearly 100% repeat business. He also spent several years with Disney University, teaching corporate philosophy and business practices to cast members and the leadership team. In his last year with Walt Disney World, Dennis’ leadership performance ranked in the top 3% of its leadership team.   Scaling UP! Nation, join us today as we learn from Dennis’s tried and true methods to turn your business from unimpressive to the most impressive in the industry when it comes to excellent customer service.  My challenge to you is this: “Do a little something that pushes you to become better at whatever it is that you deem you need to become better with” [57:17]      Timestamps:    How a 3-month job at Disney became a 20-year career [5:55]   Turning a “Tragic Moment into a Magic Moment” [9:50]   Empowered Employees and Coachable Moments [11:29]   What Is the Customer Asking [13:05]   What Is Backstage Vs. On Stage [16:10]   How To Create Moments of “WOW” For The Customer [20:50]   Seeing And Solving The Potential Points of Pain [25:58]   Communicating The Right Message Throughout The Company [30:18]   What Is Your Book, “Lessons From The Mouse” About? [39:33]   What’s The Bottomline [42:28]   Lightning Round Questions [44:15]   James’ Challenge: “Clean, Organize, and Update Your Water Testing Kit And Equipment” [56:13]      Quotes:   “From the moment you express interest in a job, to the moment you leave, everything in between is training.” -Dennis Snow   “Maintaining your guest or client’s dignity is critical.” - Dennis Snow    “Take what is important to you as an organization and build it into every process that impacts your employees.” -Dennis Snow   “Don’t generate tasks, create experiences.” -Dennis Snow    Links Mentioned:   John Fenton’s Interview, Episode 167    James McDonald’s LinkedIn #JC21 and #ScalingUpH20  AWT   Dennis can be contacted via his website,, or at  (407) 294-1855    Events:  Feb 11 @6pm- The Hang  Jan 26 @11am - Webinar with John Fenton     Books Mentioned:  “Lessons From The Mouse” by Dennis Snow  “Unleashing Excellence” by Dennis Snow  “Story 10X” by Michael Margolis   “The Infinite Game” by Simon Sinek   “Hamilton” by Ron Chewnow
As water treatment professionals, we must continue to expand on our knowledge of the industry. Learning from others in the industry is a great way to do that! One key aspect of the water treatment industry is understanding polymers. Many of us regularly use these products but have no idea how they are created and where they come from.   On the podcast today, we are joined again by Mike Standish, co-founder of Radical Polymers. Mike has over 28 years of experience in polymer additive design and development. Before forming Radical Polymers, Mike served in technical and business leadership roles within global, publicly-traded chemical companies. He is responsible for developing and patenting industry-leading polymers for use in the water treatment, oilfield, and detergent industries.    Mike will be talking all about tagged polymers and what’s new in this space over the last few years in today’s episode. After Mike’s presentation at the most recent AWT conference, I knew we needed to talk further and get this information to the entire industry. As James McDonald has said about Mike from him joining me on episode 14, “Mike is one of those presenters that you’d listen to even if he was reading from a phone book. He’s well-spoken and always highly informative in very relatable terms. Good guest!” I hope you learn something today and enjoy hearing from my friend Mike Standish!     Time Stamps:  Introducing Mike Standish [15:00]  What’s new since Mike’s last appearance on Scaling UP! H2O [17:11]  How does a product go from a concept to something we can use with a customer [18:22]  What does field testing look like? [21:28]  How we test for polymers [24:21]  How do we traditionally test for polymers? [32:45]  What do people need to consider when updating their polymer technology? [38:30]  How stable is the tag polymer with halogens? [43:14]  Where to learn more about tag polymers [45:18]  James’ Challenge [54:53]    Quotes:  “It’s been helpful to me to translate the complexities of polymers into practical use.” -Mike Standish    Links:  Submit a show idea  12 Week Year  Rising Tide Mastermind  The Hang  Business Webinar Series  Episode 14  Reach out to Mike directly  Mike’s AWT Presentation   
Even though most of us were ready for 2020 to be over and never speak its name again, it is essential to take the time to reflect on the past year and what we learned. This is something that I love doing every year no matter what. There were some valuable lessons and many challenges we overcame that we should all be proud of. Once we have taken the time to process the progress we made in 2020, we can turn our attention to the year ahead.     In today’s episode, I discuss some tips on productivity, goal setting, and being intentional with your time as we move into the new year. When we take time to be intentional instead of just reacting to the year, it can make all the difference in our success.   Please enjoy today’s episode and happy New Year!    Time Stamps:  Importance of using a calendar [4:20]  How Trace uses his calendar [10:26]  Using Tribute Statements to be intentional with your time [15:20]  How to prioritize your task list [17:20]  How Trace uses Outlook with his task list [31:30]  James’ Challenge [40:50]    Quotes:  “In the first week of the year, start planning your year.” -Trace Blackmore  “I hope 2021 is your most productive year yet.” -Trace Blackmore      Links Mentioned in this Episode:  Episode 119  12 Week Year  Submit a show idea  The Hang  Rising Tide Mastermind   Franklin Covey Planning Method  
First of all, Merry Christmas! How about this? An episode releasing on Christmas Day. Consider it my gift to you!  2020 has been a year like no other. We have faced many challenges, but I think there are also valuable lessons for each of us to learn from 2020. My favorite thing to do at the end of every year is reflecting on what worked well and what did not work well to make the necessary changes for the next year. And of course, always celebrating how far we have come. Although much was out of our control in 2020, I believe we made the most of it and grew together as a water treatment community.   In today’s episode, we are doing something we have never done before. We are looking back at the top five episodes of 2020 to re-visit some of the lessons we learned together this year. What would you say you learned this year?  Enjoy, and cheers to a new year!   Time Stamps:  Episode 119 - S.M.A.R.T Goals [1:44]  Episode 120 - Legionella [13:39]  Episode 122 - EOS [19:32]  Episode 125 - Safety [27:22]  Episode 137 - Cooling Towers [38:02]  Quotes:  “When it comes to goal planning, less is more.” -Trace Blackmore  “We need to use the knowledge we learned this year so we can make next year even more effective.” -Trace Blackmore   Links:  Episode 119  12 Week Year Planner  Episode 120  Episode 122  Traction  Episode 125  Rising Tide Mastermind  Episode 137   
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