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A Podcast for water treaters who deal with the treatment of cooling towers, boiler and closed loop systems.
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132 Pinks and Blues: 12 Week Year  Episode 132: Show Notes As you know, I love to make goals. I love achieving those goals even more. At a very early age, I learned how to stretch myself to accomplish things I wanted to do. However, it wasn’t until later in life that I learned tools to help me be more efficient at reaching those goals.   Last January, I started a Mastermind Group called The Rising Tide Mastermind. I am pleased to report it is a huge success. We have two full groups and a waiting list for another two groups. If you are interested in learning if this is the right fit for you, click here. In the Rising Tide Mastermind, we expand our knowledge and help each other achieve our goals more efficiently.   We use each other’s past experiences to give advice.   We act as a sounding board to help vet out ideas.   We hold each other accountable to do what we say we are going to do.   We read topical books to help expand our minds and make us better.   One of these books was the 12-Week Year written by Brian Moran. It not only teaches you how to create your goals, but it also teaches you how to plan and execute those goals. I was introduced to this book about two years ago when my business coach Tim Fulton recommended it as a part of our one to ones. A one to one is where you get together with a coach and solve issues. This is something I offer as a part of the Rising Tide Mastermind.    The book does a great job of giving you a complete process around your goals. Here are the eight elements of the book:   Vision: A compelling vision creates a clear picture of the future.   Planning: An effective plan clarifies and focuses on the top priority initiatives and actions needed to achieve the vision.   Process control: A set of tools and events that align your daily actions with the critical actions in your plan.   Measurement: Lead and lag indicators that provide comprehensive feedback necessary for informed decision-making.   Time use: Using your time with clear intention is a must.   Accountability: Accountability is ultimately ownership. It is a character trait, a life stance, a willingness to own actions and results, regardless of the circumstances.   Commitment: Keeping your promises to others, build strong relationships, and keeping promises to yourself builds character, esteem, and success.   Greatness in the moment: The results are not the attainment of greatness, but simply confirmation of it.”   Join me as a try my best to give you the in’s and out’s of this “game-changer” book when it comes to goals.     If you would like a copy of this book, please go to .   This book is also available on Audible from the same link. If you don’t have Audible, please enjoy a free book and a free month on us Links mentioned On This Episode: Scranton Associates Virtual Assistants Audible Books:   The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months
During this time of crisis, we need to focus on what we can do to stay the course. We want to help you come out strong on the other end! That’s why the Rising Tide Mastermind is hosting the Proactive Webinar Series.  These webinars are completely free, so share this link with anyone you think can benefit.  Our speakers will help advise us on what to focus on as we navigate this uncertain road.  Join us Thursday at 1 PM EST! Thursday, April 2 at 1 PM EST Adam Lean from the CFO Project will be sharing what metrics we need to be looking at during this time.  He will also share tips on how we can use these metrics as navigation tools at any time. Thursday, April 9 at 1 PM EST Adam Shapiro of the Sales Reform School, will be sharing What the Heck Should Sales Do with EOS®?: Whether you are currently implementing EOS or are just EOS-curious, you can prepare your sales team with a few EOS lessons.  He will also share with us how we should be considering sales during these unprecedented times.
131 The One About Standard Operating Procedures Episode 131: Show Notes Nation! Are you as excited as I am about Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). I’m guessing probably not. There was a time where I didn’t get very enthusiastic about them either, but they have changed my life. I promise, they did!  SOP’s are the specific items that have to be completed in order to perform a particular task or duty. As a business owner, most of these procedures were in my head because I was the one that did them (at least in the beginning.)  For a solo-preneur, there is no issue with having all of your procedures in your head; you are the only one performing the task. The problem comes when you want to scale or, in other words, hire somebody who will take over those tasks. And this was my issue.   When I first started hiring people to do the tasks that I needed help with, the only way they could get that needed procedural information was to ask me. If they forgot how to do the procedure, they had to ask me again. If they needed the clarify something about the process, once again, they would have to ask me. I didn’t have time to do my work because I was busy doing their work, or at least that was how I felt. The truth is I trained them that the only way they could get the information they needed was to get it from me. It wasn’t that I was doing their work for them; I didn’t provide them with the necessary tools so they could get questions answered without me. I had created a nightmare for myself because I didn’t know how to put tasks into a procedure. Once I learned how to do that, everyone was happier.   Today’s guest is Alicia Butler Pierre, a Jedi master at creating standard operating procedures. It was Alicia that helped me understand the problem I was creating by not having SOP’s. She shared a technique using notes cards that allowed me not only to start thinking about writing the SOP’s but made it very more comfortable to see, understand, and deliver to my team. She is going to share that same technique with you on today’s show.     If you own a business, you need SOP’s. If you work within a company, you need SOP’s. If you do a task repeatedly, you need SOP’s.     Please welcome Alicia Butler Pierre.  More about Alicia Butler Pierre  Alicia Butler Pierre is the founder and CEO of Equilibria, Inc., a 14-year-old operations management firm specializing in business infrastructure for fast growing small businesses.  Alicia has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University and an MBA from Tulane University.  She’s also a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has authored business content generating over half a million combined views across various online platforms.  Alicia hosts the weekly Business Infrastructure: Curing Back Office Blues podcast.  She’s also the author of the Amazon bestseller, Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success.  Committed to doing the right things the right way, Alicia's mantra is "to leave it better than you found it."  Links mentioned On This Episode: Trace was recently feature on the Business Infrastructure Podcast Alicia Butler Pierre on LinkedIn Alicia Butler Pierre on Twitter Business Infrastructure.TV Equilibria, Inc. Scranton Associates Virtual Assistants GoCanvas Books:   Behind the Facade
Scaling UP! Nation! , we are a community!  And as a community, we can get through anything.  During this time of uncertainly, we must stay proactively positive.  As we socially distance ourselves, how do we stay connected?  More specifically, how are you staying connected?  Are you reaching out to people and letting them know you are thinking about them?  How are you punctuating the positives?  Get yourself in the habit of recognizing positive things.  Focus on things you can do, not things you cannot do.  Choose to be proactively positive.  To help with this, the Rising Tide Mastermind is hosting The Proactive Webinar Series.  This week Cindy Miller, communications expert will tell us how we should be communicating with our customers.  To register for this free webinar, go to  We will have a new speaker (expert in their field) every Thursday at 1pm.  Please help us spread and share this link.    Remember to be proactively positive. 
During this time of crisis, we need to focus on what we can do to stay the course. We want to help you come out strong on the other end! That’s why the Rising Tide Mastermind is hosting the Proactive Webinar Series.  These webinars are completely free, so share this link with anyone you think can benefit.  Our speakers will help advise us on what to focus on as we navigate this uncertain road.  Join us Thursday at 1 PM EST! Thursday, March 26 at 1 PM Cindy Miller will be sharing Crisis Communications in a Coronavirus World: In today's new normal, strategic communications is more important than ever. We'll explore what smart companies are doing to protect and promote their brand with communications that put people first, embrace greater good, and provide transparency to customers. Thursday, April 2 at 1 PM Adam Lean will be sharing what metrics we need to be looking at during this time.  He will also share tips on how we can use these metrics as navigation tools through any time. Thursday, April 9 at 1 PM Adam Shapiro will be sharing What the Heck Should Sales Do with EOS®?: Whether you are currently implementing EOS or are just EOS-curious, you can prepare your sales team with a few EOS lessons.  He will also share with us how we should be considering sales during these unprecedented times. Sign up below to get the link to join Thursday's webinar!   ​ We invite you to join us Thursday, 3/26, 4/2, & 4/9 at 1 pm to hear from some great speakers on how to sustain your business during this Pandemic.       Send me the link! We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Powered By ConvertKit
130 The One About The Tools I Use Episode 130: Show Notes Scaling UP! Nation! Thank you!   Why am I thanking you? Well, you're fantastic. More specifically, you have helped me with this podcast in so many ways. Here's what you do:   You listen to the podcast.   You get great guests for me to interview.   You tell others to listen to the podcast.   You give me questions to help with future episodes.   And the list goes on.   Today's episode is from some questions that the Nation! has asked. They are specific topics that I have brought up on the show before but needed more clarity. I created this episode to help you with some of the tools I use that help me.   To be fully transparent, I have a unique opportunity and perspective to help water treatment companies and individuals. I have insight into how they can be of use for water treaters. Some of the items we are talking about today are tools I have developed and facilitated specifically for the water treatment industry. These products and services will create a commission or fee that will come back to me.   Tool #1: Roth IRA  A task I do that I love is meet one on one with people. A 'one to one' is where I devote a specific time to talk with someone about anything they would like to discuss. Typically, it is around goals or an issue, but I never know what topic someone will bring up. Most recently, people have been asking me about savings. Excuse the rant, but schools are not preparing people with how they need to save money for their long-term goals. Schools are not even preparing incoming students for the barrage of credit cards they will get as a new college student. The lack of knowledge and abundance of credit card debt has led many young people not to know what to do. So, by default, they do nothing, at least in the savings department.    I want people to know you have to pay yourself first. Otherwise, no one else will do it for you. What do I mean by 'pay yourself first'? Get a Roth IRA. Put $100 a month into it, and you will have a great savings plan started. Many younger people I speak with tell me that "I don't want to lose access to my money." Well, with a Roth, you can take out your contributions without any penalty. I believe you cannot afford not to do this. The best time to start is today. Compound interest is a game-changer. The more time your money has, the more your money will work for you. Please talk to a financial advisor to start contributing to a Roth IRA today.  Tool #2: Virtual Assistant Using a Virtual Assistant is a tool that has been a real game-changer for me. As I am sure you know, you cannot do everything. Sometimes even trying will paralyze us into doing nothing. A few years ago, a friend told me about how he uses a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help him with tasks. Honestly, as much as the idea of having somebody help me, the sense of not knowing who the person was or how to delegate work to them paralyzed me. I did nothing for several months until my friend told me how concerned he was about how stressed I was getting. His conversation lead me to hire my first VA. Since that time, I have learned not only how to delegate, but how to create effective communication between myself and my virtual staff. If this sounds like something that could help you, let me help you through my experiences. Go to to learn how we can help.   Tool #3: Calendars and Time Blocking  Time management is another issue that many water treaters struggle with. I have found that most do not keep a calendar. So, my biggest tip here is to start keeping a calendar. Anytime you commit your time to something, put it in your schedule. Your calendar should be a tool that you can use to see all of your commitments.   Another tip around the topic of time management is how to get non-time specific items done. For this, I use a tool called time blocking. All this means is I block an amount of time in my calendar to work on tasks. But here is the critical part, I don't do anything else while I'm working in that time block. I let people know I'm working on a time block and not to disturb me unless it is an emergency. These two tips will help you get things done. Implementing these boundaries will help you hold yourself accountable to do them.   Tool #4: Audible  People also ask me when I have time to read as much as I do. The truth is, I don't. I found a tool called Audible that reads to me in the car. With this tool, I'm able to get to where I need to be while reading. Two years ago, I read 65 books in a year using Audible. My grandfather told me that if I didn't take time to read, I wouldn't keep my mind open to learning when the opportunity showed itself. Reading encourages learning and keeps your brain, looking for learning opportunities. If you would like to try Audible for free, please go to    Tool #5: Leadership Teams  I have dedicated several shows to a simple system for running your business more efficiently. Many people have asked me if I could help them adopt some of these principles in their company. I've helped other companies implement these strategies before, but I have never mentioned it on this podcast. If you think that a clear and straightforward system would help you and your company with its operations, please go to to find out more.   Tool #6: The Rising Tide Mastermind  If you are a regular listener of the show, you have heard me talk about the Rising Tide Mastermind. Many of you have asked me about what a mastermind is. A Mastermind is a group of people who get together to:   Have comradery with each other Help each other solve problems Hold each other accountable Celebrate the successes of others The Rising Tide Mastermind is a group that serves the water treatment community in all of these areas and many more. If, after listening to today's show you want to find out more about The Rising Tide Mastermind, please go to to find out more. After you fill out an application, I will talk with you to personally see if it is a good fit.   I hope these tools help you get to where you are going faster. All of the tools talked about in today's show have helped me, please let me know if I can help you with anything mentioned here today.  Links mentioned On This Episode: Rising Tide Mastermind  Virtual Assistants The Top 30 Things You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant Right Now! Leadership Business Operating Systems Article 104 The One on Generational Diversity   Audible  12 week year planning  12 week year book  7 Habits of Highly Effective People   The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business  What the Heck Is EOS?: A Complete Guide for Employees in Companies Running on EOS  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team 
129 The One That Helps You with Sales Presentations Episode 129: Show Notes Nation! a water treater must wear many hats. You have to be fluent in plumbing, electricity, chemistry, physics, and even psychology, to name a few. Our job never gets boring. We are always learning and taking on new challenges. One of the duties that I didn't mention in the list above was sales.  It doesn't matter what you are doing in your job; you are always selling something. It could be your service, yourself, or even the actual account. To be successful in water treatment, we must all sell.   Our guest today is Bryan Gray. Bryan teaches others how to sell more effectively by using the psychology we know about the brain. He also addresses why we need to be concise with our sales messages to navigate through a multi-person decision.  Today, it seems that with the internet, everyone is an expert.  So, Bryan helps us understand how to address that and how to use that to our advantage. The key questions we must answer for potential clients are, "Why you?" and Why now?".  Bryan Gray and his team at the Revenue Path Group offer a free e-book called Sales is Broken: Surviving & thriving through the tectonic shift in the Age of Acceleration. It will provide more information as you dig deeper into this subject.   I'm sure you will get some great ideas from today's episode.  Key Points From This Episode: Radical Polymers [0:00:12]    Technical Training Schedule [0:04:05]  Fundamentals of Selling [0:10:28]   The Limbic Brain [0:16:03]   The Transition [0:20:14]   How Does The Brain Work? [0:23:18]    Failure Point [0:30:19]   Prioritize Decision [0:31:50]   Helpful Tips [0:33:49]   Bryan Gray’s Presentation [0:37:25]  And A Lot More!  Tweetables:   "When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, a potential client will make a decision."  @BryanGray @TraceBlackmore #TheOneThatHelpsYouwithSalesPresentations #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #sales #salespresentation #watertreatmentindustry #presentation #howthebrainworks #RevenuePathGroup “70% of the buying journey is done alone in this age of the internet. Technology makes it difficult to differentiate yourself.” @BryanGray @TraceBlackmore #TheOneThatHelpsYouwithSalesPresentations #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #sales #salespresentation #watertreatmentindustry #presentation #howthebrainworks #RevenuePathGroup "It’s not what you say to a prospect. It’s what they hear.” @BryanGray @TraceBlackmore #TheOneThatHelpsYouwithSalesPresentations #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #sales #salespresentation #watertreatmentindustry #presentation #howthebrainworks #RevenuePathGroup "The most critical questions to answer when speaking to a prospect are ‘why should they choose me?’ and ‘why should they choose me now?" @BryanGray @TraceBlackmore #TheOneThatHelpsYouwithSalesPresentations #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #sales #salespresentation #watertreatmentindustry #presentation #howthebrainworks #RevenuePathGroup "What motivates your prospective client? Then begin to elevate the threats that you eliminate.” @BryanGray @TraceBlackmore #TheOneThatHelpsYouwithSalesPresentations #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #sales #salespresentation #watertreatmentindustry #presentation #howthebrainworks #RevenuePathGroup Links mentioned On This Episode: Radical Polymers Bryan Gray on LinkedIn Revenue Path Group on LinkedIn  Revenue Path Group on Instagram Revenue Path Group Company Website MediaSauce Company Website Books:  The Challenger Customer: Selling to the Hidden Influencer Who Can Multiply Your Results At Home: A Short History of Private Life  Beastie Boys Book  
128 Pinks & Blues: Tonnage x3 Episode 128: Show Notes Every week you hear me ask for questions from you, The Scaling UP! Nation! and I am happy to report that you answer those requests. One of the topics that have come up from listeners of the show is for me to define why we do certain things in water treatment.  Most of your questions have revolved around math.   Over the last few Pinks and Blues episodes, I have been answering a few of your questions about equations we all use, but don’t know where they came from.  Let’s do another one today! Today, we will be talking about the mysterious, tonnage times 3 to find the recirculation rate. If you are trying to find the evaporation of a cooling tower, you need to know the recirculation rate. And, because being a water treater is never easy, you can never find that information. At least not easily. Because of this common issue, we have all used the common “rule of thumb” tonnage times 3 equals the recirculation rate. But why and where does it come from? That’s what we are going to answer.   To calculate the evaporation rate, you usually use this equation: If you have ever wondered why we measure cooling in tonnage, it because it is based on a ton of ice.  So, our equation is all about melting a ton of ice. The image below shows how we get a chiller ton:  A cooling tower not only has to take out the heat a chiller removes, but also the heat that the chiller creates in that process.  With all of that in mind, below proves how we get to tonnage times 3:  So there it is, the math does work!   I hope that you can now confidently use this equation we have all been using for years. But now, since you understand the equation, it should bring more meaning to you.  Key Points From This Episode:  Radical Polymers [0:00:10]     AWT Training [0:01:43]   Doing Math On the Podcast [0:06:46]    Evaporation Rate [0:10:22]   The Recirculation Rate [0:12:35]    Why We Use The Word "Ton" [0:13:32]      How To Get Tonnage x3 [0:20:05]    And A Lot More!   Tweetables:   “The more you give to this industry, the more that you will get back. @TraceBlackmore #pinksandblues #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #tonnagex3 #watertreatment #watertreatmentindustry #EvaporationRate #RecirculationRate #MathonPodcast     “When you let people know what issues you're having, they can use their experience to answer your question in a different way that will allow you to solve them. @TraceBlackmore #pinksandblues #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #tonnagex3 #watertreatment #watertreatmentindustry #EvaporationRate #RecirculationRate #MathonPodcast     Links mentioned On This Episode: Radical Polymers Rising Tide Mastermind Association of Water Technologies
127 The One With Tom Hutchison   Episode 127: Show Notes Several months ago, I released a podcast on having multiple generations in the business (EP 104). Since that time, I have heard from several members of the Nation! who wanted to know more about how one generation transitions to another. Many of the original owners of the water treatment companies out there are retiring.  So, what should a business do to transition to the next generation properly?   At the last Association of Water Technologies conference, Tom Hutchison of HOH Water Technology delivered a paper on this very topic. Tom interviewed 22 business owners of multi-generational businesses and asked them questions around the transition. Tom was gracious enough to come on today’s show and share his findings with the Scaling UP! Nation!  AWT Multi-Generational Businesses | DOWNLOAD! Key Points From This Episode:   Radical Polymers [0:00:10]    Rising Tide Mastermind [0:04:03]    AWT Training Schedule [0:05:56]   40 Years After In Water Treatment [0:11:30]    Multi-Generational Businesses [0:17:15]    Reason Why Generations Fail [0:24:50]      Start With “Why?” [0:29:16]   Family Dynamics [0:35:40]   4 Ways To Transition A Business [0:45:46]   Best Time To Talk Transition [0:54:07]    Why We Need To Have EOS [0:56:15]   And A Lot More!  Tweetables:   "Things have changed since I was in the field in the '80s and '90s. I think customers have changed, as the market has changed, it is a different world for water treaters today. I think I know all the right answers, but I know what the answers were in 1980, and I am not so sure what they are now in 2019." - @TomHutchison   @TraceBlackmore #TheOnewithTomHutchison #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #HOH #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #TomHutchison #EOS #multigeneration  "Fifty (50%) percent of second-generation businesses are successful, fifteen (15%) percent of third-generation businesses are successful, and five (5%) percent of fourth-generation businesses make it." - @TomHutchison @TraceBlackmore #TheOnewithTomHutchison #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #HOH #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #TomHutchison #EOS #multigeneration    "There is nothing more important to me with regards to HOH than to make sure that I've properly transitioned to the next generation." - @TomHutchison @TraceBlackmore #TheOnewithTomHutchison #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #HOH #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #TomHutchison #EOS #multigeneration     Links mentioned On This Episode: Tom Hutchison on LinkedIn HOH Water Technology Radical Polymers Rising Tide Mastermind    Association of Water Technologies  122 The One with Reid Hutchison   123 The Other One with Reid Hutchison   104 The One on Generational Diversity   045 The One That Brings Your Team Together   085 The One with the Business Operating System  Books:   Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't Dance in the End Zone: The Business Owner's Exit Planning Playbook   The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business  Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business  
126 The One That Explains where 120,000 Comes From   Episode 126: Show Notes I think that one of the most chaotic fields out there is water treatment. Think about it. Most of your customers don't understand it, and many water treaters can't explain it. Everything can be perfect today and then be off tomorrow. Add to that the fact that most water treaters are only at their accounts every few weeks; there is just so much that can happen. Another entry into the race of chaos is that water is very dynamic; it changes. The system's operational parameters also change. Change is the norm when it comes to water treatment. Because of all this chaos, I seek salvation in math!   Did he just say that? MATH? Yes, I did. Math, albeit an unpopular topic or even a scary topic to some, is the only non-chaotic item we have in our world of water treatment. I know several out there in The Scaling UP! Nation! are not fans of math because they have not been properly introduced.  I get the privilege of teaching water treatment math for The Association of Water Technologies. When I first started this endeavor, I found that people had a hard time embracing the concepts around some of our mathematics water treatment equations because they did not understand the equation. That is the secret sauce to my math class. Teach the equation to help make sense as to why it works. Basic algebra is as advanced as we get for 90% of all of the equations we use. So, I believe that when a person understands why an equation works, they understand the equation.   You can't talk about a water treatment equation without using the words "rule of thumb." This is typically the answer someone will get when they ask to where a constant in an equation comes from. I guess "rule of thumb" sounds better than "I have no idea where that comes from." My self-inflicted task was to find out where all of these rules of thumb came from.   Today's episode is the second time I have talked about math on this podcast. I get requests all the time for me to talk about math. After airing episode 116 about the system sizing procedure, I received very positive feedback on how explaining the equation or doing math on the podcast was welcomed. We are going to talk about one of the most used constants or rules of thumb we use in water treatment equations, 120,000.   Key Points From This Episode:   Radical Polymers [0:00:10] AWT Business Owner's Conference [0:01:43] WQA Conference [0:06:36] The 120,000 Equation [0:09:12] Proving The 120,000 [0:13:45] How To Simplify 120,000 [0:17:12] And A Lot More! Tweetables:   "If you don't take time out of your day-to-day to work on your day-to-day, you're not getting better." @TraceBlackmore #TheOneThatExplainswhere120,000ComesFrom  #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #pinksandblues #watertreatmentindustry #watertreatment #ruleofthumb #systemvolume "Doing something incorrectly quickly is not fast; it is slow. It will cost you more time, and it will cost you just about every other resource that you can think of." @TraceBlackmore #TheOneThatExplainswhere120,000ComesFrom  #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #pinksandblues #watertreatmentindustry #watertreatment #ruleofthumb #systemvolume Links mentioned On This Episode: Radical Polymers Rising Tide Mastermind AWT Business Owners Meeting Water Quality Association 111 The One with Eric Russo, CWT 116 Pinks and Blues: System Volume
125 The One with Justin Ranger, CWT   Episode 125: Show Notes I am an advocate for joining an association that contains people in the same type of water treatment as you.  Our job is so specific, it can be lonely. You won't exactly find people who do what we do at the local pub. But that is the most likely place to find our kind. Just because water treaters are challenging to find, it doesn't mean that they are not out there. For example, look at the Scaling UP! Nation!, we are over 10,000 strong. It just means that we have to seek each other out intentionally. That is why associations are a great place to join. Associations expose you to educational programs and tasks that better the industry. You will hear about legislation update, breaking news in your industry and so much more.     One of the organizations I have been an active member of and promote a good deal on this podcast is The Association of Water Technologies, AWT.  Last week the AWT hosted a Business Owners Meeting in Tampa, Florida. For this meeting, owners of water treatment companies can get together in the same room and share experiences to learn how to do business a little bit easier.  I look forward to sharing with you what I learn from fellow business owners.  My top reason for joining an association is the people you meet. It was someone I met at AWT who encouraged me to start this podcast (Conor Parrish EP 8.) Most episodes you hear from someone that I met through the AWT. And today's guest is from that group.   Our guest today if Justin Ranger, CWT. Justin and I will be talking about how he got into this industry to what made him want to get his CWT. We are going to cover much ground today, so please enjoy my interview with Justin Ranger, CWT.   More about Justin Ranger   Justin is an Account Manager for CH2O, Inc. and is a Certified Water Technologist through the Association of Water Technologies. Ever curious, he pursued multiple degree paths (though he realized he needed to pick just one if he wanted to graduate) in math, chemistry, engineering, and philosophy while earning his bachelor's degree from Boise State University. After graduating, he entered the water treatment industry, where he was able to use his interdisciplinary background and critical thinking skills to solve problems. Key Points From This Episode:   Rising Tide Mastermind [0:00:03]   Water Treatment Community [0:03:32]   The Technical Training & Seminar Schedule [0:07:00]   The CWT [0:18:54]   Justin's Day To Day Experience [0:26:41]   Lockout Tags [0:37:46]  Overcoming Common Issues [0:45:26]   How To Be The Best Water Treater [0:48:16]   And A Lot More! Tweetables:   "The industry is relatively new in terms of the last 150 years; I think that people are going to want to see professional credentials when selecting and hiring water treaters or water treatment companies @JustinRanger @TraceBlackmore #TheOnewithJustinRangerCWT  #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #CH2O #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #JustinRanger #12weekyear "It's good to educate ourselves, so we know the difference between when the responsibility falls with us and when it falls on the customer. We can help with the catalyst." @JustinRanger @TraceBlackmore #TheOnewithJustinRangerCWT  #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #CH2O #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #JustinRanger #12weekyear "Be an excellent water treater: Know your trade well, and do the right things in terms of protecting the equipment, being a professional, and being an asset to the customer in every aspect." @JustinRanger @TraceBlackmore #TheOnewithJustinRangerCWT  #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #CH2O #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #JustinRanger #12weekyear "Don't wait for somebody else to teach you, take the initiative to go out and find the information for yourself." @JustinRanger @TraceBlackmore #TheOnewithJustinRangerCWT  #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #CH2O #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #JustinRanger #12weekyear Links mentioned On This Episode: Justin Ranger on LinkedIn CH2O Inc. Rising Tide Mastermind   13 Week Year Planning  Association of Water Technologies 120 Another One with Dr. Janet Stout Part 1  121 Another One with Dr. Janet Stout Part 2  Books:   The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months
124 The One That’s all about the International Water Conference  Episode 124: Show Notes Nation!, you know I talk a lot about the Association of Water Technologies, AWT. However, there are so many water-related organizations out there. I wanted to share some other ones with you.   Today we are speaking with Jim Summerfield and Jay Harwood, who volunteers with The International Water Conference, IWC. I ask them all the questions I thought you would want to know about the IWC!   The IWC is holding its annual conference in San Antonio, Texas, November 8 -12, 2020. Their show is larger than the AWT and organized differently. If you haven't seen how papers are submitted, it is worth going just for that. They are currently accepting abstracts for papers at their upcoming conference. So, if you are interested in that, go to The deadline for papers is March 6, 2020.   I would encourage you to take a look at different water-related organizations you can join to broaden your perspectives. You never know what you don't know. Being active in organizations exposes you to new people and new ideas. Being an active member helps raise the tide in the entire water treatment community. Please enjoy my interview with Jim and Jay.  Key Points From This Episode:   Radical Polymers [0:00:12] AWT Technical Training Schedule [0:01:40] What is IWC? [0:07:13] How To Join The Organization? [0:13:05] Volunteering Experience [0:19:35] Why You Need To Attend IWC? [0:28:02] What is PFAS? [0:34:30] 2021 Conference [0:38:16] One Thing To Know About IWC [0:42:26] And A Lot More! Tweetables:   "We're all trying to make money, but at the same time, we have a passion for doing what we do." - @JayHarwood @TraceBlackmore  @IntlWaterConf #InternationalWaterConference #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #IWC #JimSummerfield #JayHarwood #AWTTrainingandSeminars #WaterTreatment #Seminars #IntlWaterConf #IWC80 "We want to educate people more about the conference. For example, the papers are a big hook. As an attendee, it's great because you get to learn more." - @JimSummerfield @TraceBlackmore @IntlWaterConf #InternationalWaterConference #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #IWC #JimSummerfield #JayHarwood #AWTTrainingandSeminars #WaterTreatment #Seminars #IntlWaterConf #IWC80 "It is not just about holding a membership card that will do nothing for you. You have to get involved in those organizations, and by giving yourself to those organizations, you will get back ten-fold."  @TraceBlackmore @IntlWaterConf #InternationalWaterConference #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #IWC #JimSummerfield #JayHarwood #AWTTrainingandSeminars #WaterTreatment #Seminars #IntlWaterConf #IWC80 Links mentioned: Jay Harwood on LinkedIn Jim Summerfield on LinkedIn Radical Polymers AWT Business Owners Meeting  International Water Conference Website
123 The Other One with Reid Hutchison  Episode 123: Show Notes Last week we heard from Reid Hutchison of HOH. Reid told us about how he started in the industry and many more exciting things about himself.  One of the many items that he and I share is that we both use the Entrepreneurial Operating System to help run our companies. EOS is one of the tools that I can say has made my team better, thereby making my company better.   EOS is a consolidation of tools that any business can use to run the company. The analogy that is used more often than any other is a computer operating system and a program running within that operating system, like a word processor.  EOS is the operating system, and your company is the word processor. The tools in EOS give you a framework that any company can use to run more effectively and efficiently. Like so many others, I was taught to be a water treater; running a business was secondary. EOS has made all the difference.  I had the privilege of interviewing some of the top tiers of EOS on the podcast. Mark Winters on episode 38 and Mike Paton on episode 85. If you have any questions about EOS, I highly recommend you listen to these episodes.   In addition to our discussion of EOS, Reid and I continue to explore a host of topics. Please enjoy the conclusion of my interview with Reid Hutchison of HOH.  Key Points From This Episode:   Radical Polymers [0:00:11]   Rising Tide Mastermind [0:01:53]   Attend To A Training [0:03:32]   CWT Examination [0:07:41]   Clean Water Projects [0:18:39]   How To Learn New Things In Water Treatment [0:29:39]   How To Get The Podcast On Your Feed [0:32:06]  Weirdest Thing In Water Treatment [0:35:58]  Advice For New Water Treater [0:39:59]   Biggest Lesson In Water Treatment [0:46:58]  The Therapy Question [0:45:12]   And A Lot More!  Tweetables:   "Scaling UP H2O was my introduction to the wild world of water treatment." - @ReidHutchison  @traceblackmore #TheOtherOneWithReidHutchison #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #RadicalPolymers #sponsoredepisode #EOSJourney #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #ReidHutchison "There are always new problems to solve in water treatment." @ReidHutchison  @traceblackmore #TheOtherOneWithReidHutchison #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #RadicalPolymers #sponsoredepisode #EOSJourney #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #ReidHutchison   Links mentioned On This Episode: Reid Hutchison on LinkedIn Reid Hutchison Company Website Rising Tide Mastermind   Radical Polymers   AWT Business Owners Meeting  WEX Global 2020  038 The One That Shows Us How to Run Our Business w/ Mark Winters 085 The One with the Business Operating System Books:  How to Be a Great Boss   Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business   What the Heck Is EOS?   Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business   The Personal MBA   Myths and Mortals   12 Rules For life  
122 The One with Reid Hutchison Episode 122: Show Notes As water treaters, we all have many things in common. Our commonality is what allowed Scaling UP! H2O to form and grow a community called the Scaling UP! Nation! One of my favorite questions to ask members of the Nation! is: “how did you start in the industry?” While the answers can sometimes be similar, there is always a uniqueness to each one.  I like this question because it reminds me that we all start at the same place; we all had the first day.  How we get to that first day might be different, experiencing that first day galvanizes us all into a group called water treatment professionals.  I asked that same question to today’s guest, Reid Hutchison of HOH.  I first met Reid at an AWT Technical Training Seminar that he was at because he heard me mention it on the podcast.  I liked him right out of the gate!  In case you missed a previous show or two, my advice was that if you are practicing the same type of water treatment as me, you should attend the technical training the Association of Water Technologies hosts.  This advice also included attending both the Fundamentals and Applications training and the Technical training.   (Fundamentals and Applications training is for someone who has been in the industry for three years or less.) The Technical training is for those preparing for their Certified Water Technologist designation. Most people attend one or the other. Many think that since they have been in the business for several years, they have nothing to gain on the Fundamentals and Applications side. To this, I say nye, nye. The AWT strategically adds topics to the F&A seminar and deletes them from the Technical seminar to help with time and overall understanding.  If you don’t attend both, you are missing information. It is also a chance to connect with new water treaters and customers.   Reid talks about his experience with the seminars and so much more. As a member of the water treatment community, you are sure to relate to Reid and take away a lot of useful information.     Please enjoy my interview with Reid Hutchison.    Key Points From This Episode:    Radical Polymers [0:00:13]    Business Owner's Meeting [0:01:56]    Before Getting Into The Family Business [0:09:47]    How To Manage Working With Relatives [0:13:45]    EOS Journey [0:20:25]    EOS Advice To Issues [0:31:20]    Learnings From AWT Training & Seminar [0:37:51]   Different Kinds Of Speaker [0:50:10]   How To Make Math Interesting On Podcast [0:54:43]    Takeaways From Technical Training Seminar [0:57:59]   Take Notes Effectively [1:00:15]    And A Lot More! Tweetables:   "People that want to grow and succeed are willing to ask hard and challenging questions." @ReidHutchison  @traceblackmore #TheOneWithReidHutchison #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #RadicalPolymers #sponsoredepisode #EOSJourney #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #ReidHutchison "Even if you don't own a water treatment business, you do own what you do. @traceblackmore  @ReidHutchison  #TheOneWithReidHutchison #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #RadicalPolymers #sponsoredepisode #EOSJourney #AWTTrainingandSeminars #goalplanning2020 #TechnicalTraining #ReidHutchison Links mentioned On This Episode: Reid Hutchison on LinkedIn Reid Hutchison Company Website Radical Polymers  AWT Business Owners Meeting WEX Global 2020
My hope as you listen to episode 120 and 121 is that you are starting to feel empowered to understand this preventable disease and that you are feeling equipped with better tools to fight this battle.   Dr. Janet Stout has always been a strong supporter of the water treatment community and Scaling UP! H2O. In this two-part episode, Janet fills us in on what has taken place in the world of “legionellology”.  Janet created this term to better capture the work she does.  Among this update includes the revision of ASHRAE’s 188, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services position, and even some new bacteria guidelines you may never have heard of.   I know you will receive a wealth of information about legionella from these two episodes.  Please talk to your customers and help them understand that we all play a part in this “grey battle” called Legionellosis Prevention. Until a standard gives us guidelines, we have to partner with facility owners and managers to help them make better decisions.  Key Points From This Episode:   Rising Tide Mastermind [0:00:04]   Establishing A Water Management Team [0:02:08]   Text And Flow Diagram [0:03:58]   Control Measures, Monitoring And Control Limits [0:05:42]   ASHRAE 188 [0:11:17]   Best And Worst Plans [0:13:41]   Proper Way Of Testing Legionella [0:15:28]    "CMS" (Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services) [0:20:26]   And A Lot More!  Tweetables:   "Don't collect the sample right where you added the biocide or right after you add the biocide. Collect the sample right before the next dosing and away from where the dosing is occurring." (How to collect samples for legionella) - Janet Stout  @traceblackmore #AnotherOneWithDrJanetStout #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #legionella #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #DepressedCoolingTower #LegionellaDisease #7habits #goalplanning2020 "Test to protect. It's not hard. We can do it, and if we do it, we will end legionella's disease. - Janet Stout  @traceblackmore #AnotherOneWithDrJanetStout #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #legionella #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #DepressedCoolingTower #LegionellaDisease #7habits #goalplanning2020 #SpecialPathogensLab #Pathogens #Lword #BadBlood #Traction #AtomicHabits Links mentioned:  Janet Stout on LinkedIn  Rising Tide Mastermind  Special Pathogens Lab   AWT Business Owners Meeting  EP9: The L Word  120 Another One with Dr. Janet Stout Part 1 Books:   Bad Blood by John Carreyrou  Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman Atomic Habits by James Clear 
It is hard to believe that the last time I had a complete show featuring Dr. Janet Stout was in July of 2017.  That was only episode 9, making her one of my first guests! Since that time, she has been on a few shows when I ran into her at various conventions we both attended.  Janet has always been a strong supporter of the water treatment community and Scaling UP! H2O.   Since airing the interview with Janet back in 2017, I would have thought that by now, we would have seen more movement on legislation around the topic of legionellosis prevention.  There has been a multitude of legionella outbreaks over the last three years, including a significant one in my hometown of Atlanta, GA. Today, most of us are still waiting for our cities to catch up to what other countries have been doing for years. While we wait, almost every party involved has questions on how to proceed in the prevention of Legionnaires Disease.  Owners confuse a water treatment program with a Water Management Plan.  Whether you like government getting involved or not, I think we can all agree that having a standard to conform to is better than having the “grey lines” most of us have to navigate through today.   In this two-part episode, Janet fills us in on what has taken place in the world of “legionellology”.  Janet created this term to better capture the work she does.  Among this update includes the revision of ASHRAE’s 188, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services position, and even some new bacteria guidelines you may never have heard of. I know you will receive a wealth of information about legionella from these two episodes.     My hope is you also are empowered to understand this preventable disease. How are we supposed to fight a battle without any tools?  Sure, we have the tools, but our customers are not allowing us to use them in many cases due to cost and a general misunderstanding of responsibilities.   Please talk to your customers and help them understand that we all play a part in this “grey battle” called legionellosis prevention. Until a standard gives us guidelines, we have to partner with facility owners and managers to help them make better decisions.  Janet Stout's Specialties: Legionella and waterborne pathogens  Key Points From This Episode:   Rising Tide Mastermind [0:00:04]   New Year's Resolution [0:01:45]   AWT Business Owner's Meeting [0:04:10]   What's New With Legionella? [0:08:21]     Legionella's Disease [0:15:18]   Depressed Cooling Tower [0:22:51]   Biggest Misconception About Legionella's Disease [0:24:40]   And A Lot More!   Tweetables  "Don't rinse your CPAP devices in tap water, you are opening yourself up to legionella's disease. " - Janet Stout  @traceblackmore #AnotherOneWithDrJanetStout #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #legionella #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #DepressedCoolingTower #LegionellaDisease #7habits #goalplanning2020 "Most of the cases of legionella's disease that are occurring in the United States and around the world are associated with the building water distribution systems, particularly the warm water systems." - Janet Stout  @traceblackmore #AnotherOneWithDrJanetStout #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #legionella #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #DepressedCoolingTower #LegionellaDisease #7habits #goalplanning2020 "A plan without a test result, is meaningless." - Janet Stout  @traceblackmore #AnotherOneWithDrJanetStout #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #legionella #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #DepressedCoolingTower #LegionellaDisease #7habits #goalplanning2020 Links Mentioned On This Episode  Janet Stout on LinkedIn   Rising Tide Mastermind   AWT Business Owners Meeting   EP9: The L Word  Books:   7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
119 The First One of 2020 Episode 119: Show Notes Nation! Happy 2020!!   Everyone gets excited about the New Year. Some look at it as a fresh start. Others look at it as a time to get things accomplished. And I know some look at it as 11 months until you have to produce results for the end of the year. (I see you out there!)  Last year, I took Nation through a process I do every year called SCOLL and SMART. I talked about SCOLL on the previous week's episode when I wrapped up my year of Scaling UP! H2O. If you missed it, listen to that episode first. Today's episode is about planning the upcoming year. I do this with a tool called SMART. SMART is a tool that allows you to get results from your goals.    SMART stands for:   Specific   Answer the questions:   *  "What is to be done?"  *  "How will you know your goal is completed?"    Describe the results (end product) of the work to be done. Write your description in such a way that anyone reading the objective will most likely interpret it the same way. Specific goals are observable. Observable means that somebody can see or hear (physically observe) what you are doing.  Measurable (use measurement)   Answers the question:   * "How will you know it meets expectations?"   Define the objective using assessable terms (quantity, quality, frequency, costs, deadlines, etc.). It refers to the extent to which you evaluate against a standard. An objective with a quantity measurement uses terms of amount, percentages, etc.. A frequency measurement could be daily, weekly, 1 in 3. A goal with a quality measurement would describe a requirement in terms of accuracy, format, within university guidelines.   Achievable   Achievable answers the questions:   * "Can the person do it?"   * "Can the measurable objective be achieved by the person?"   * "Does he/she have the experience, knowledge, or capability of fulfilling the expectation?"   * "Can it be done giving the time frame, opportunity, and resources?"   Each of these items must be included in the SMART objective if they will be a factor in the achievement.   Relevant   Answers the questions:  * "Should it be done?"  * "Why?"    * "What will be the impact?"     Time-Oriented   Answers the question:  * "When will it be done?"   It refers to the fact that an objective has endpoints and checkpoints built into it. Sometimes a task may only have a due date. It might signify the end of the task, or it might launch you into the start point of another. Sometimes a task has several milestones or checkpoints along the way to help you or others assess how well something is going. Checkpoints are reminders to allow for corrections or modifications to ensure that results meet expectations. Other times, an employee's style is such that the due dates or milestones are there to create a sense of urgency that helps them to get something finished.   We've created a downloadable that will help you through this process. Click here to download your S.M.A.R.T Objectives Worksheet.  Another one of my favorite techniques to get things accomplished is running a 12-week year. Most of us wait until year-end is upon us to take action with our objectives. Human nature is to create urgency when time is running out. The 12-week year plan takes advantage of that natural mindset by chopping up the year into 12-week segments.     The 12-week year uses the SMART tool and combines it with a scorecard around metrics that you will hit every week. Brian Moran wrote a book called The Twelve Week Year and I highly recommend reading it. Using this technique will allow you to get more done in 12 weeks than others do in a year.   Click here for another downloadable that will walk you through the Twelve Week Year. Please Note: In the episode I refer to it as the 13-Week Year. This is because I use it over a period of thirteen weeks. Thanks for understanding! Key Points From This Episode: Think And Grow Rich [0:00:05]   The Rising Tide Mastermind [0:00:35]   Atomic Habits [0:03:08]   Wins and Loses Last Year [0:04:51]    What is S-M-A-R-T? [0:08:05]   The 13 Week Year [0:14:03]   How Much Do You Plan? [0:19:40]   The Recap [0:21:20]   Five (5) Minute Journal [0:22:53]  And A Lot More!  Tweetables:  "Most of us don't have a problem in planning, most of us have a problem in execution." @traceblackmore #TheFirstOneof2020 #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #Temperament #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #13weekyear #5minutejournal #thinkgrowrich #atomichabits #goalplanning2020  "Always re-evaluate your plans." @traceblackmore #TheFirstOneof2020 #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #Temperament #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #13weekyear #5minutejournal #thinkgrowrich #atomichabits #goalplanning2020 "When it comes to goal planning, less is more." @traceblackmore #TheFirstOneof2020 #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #Temperament #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #13weekyear #5minutejournal #thinkgrowrich #atomichabits #goalplanning2020 Links Mentioned On This Episode: Rising Tide Mastermind S-M-A-R-T Worksheet 13 Week Year Planning Books mentioned:  Think And Grow Rich Atomic Habits The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months The Five Minute Journal
118 The Last One Of 2019 Episode 118: Show Notes Nation! It's almost 2020! Where did 2019 go?     Last year I shared with all of you how I set my goals. After that show aired, I received a lot of great comments on how others were using that information. So why not do that again this year? I think it is essential to evaluate how the current year went before you start planning for next year. Doing so allows you to understand what life is telling you. Your life and your results are always critical indicators of how things are going and what you should be doing. We need to take the time to listen to what life is telling us. To bring this into perspective, I like to ask myself why I was successful at the items I accomplished and why I was not with the things I didn't? Then I can key in on what needed to happen or didn't happen to create success.    Another tool I use to help with this prospective is called SCOLL.   SCOLL stands for:   Successes   Challenges   Opportunities   Lessons Learned   In this episode, I take you through SCOLL on my past year's experiences with Scaling UP! H2O. I hope you use my example to start your year-end and next year planning off right. Happy New Year! Key Points From This Episode: Rising Tide Mastermind [0:00:32]    What is "SCOLL"? [0:03:45]    The Challenges Of The Show [0:07:24]    Opportunities [09:10]     Lessons Learned [0:12:21]    5 Minute Journal [0:18:41]    How To Use The Journal [0:25:08]    And A Lot More!   Tweetables:  "Be sure to take your advice." @traceblackmore @kahleenedelman  #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #TheLastOnefor2019 #FiveMinuteJournal #Journal #7habits #ThinkGrowRich  "Our words are gifts to people." @kahleenedelman @traceblackmore #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #TheLastOnefor2019 #FiveMinuteJournal #Journal #7habits #ThinkGrowRich  "If you can figure out what’s getting in the way of your goals, you will be unstoppable reaching them." @traceblackmore @kahleenedelman  #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #TheLastOnefor2019 #FiveMinuteJournal #Journal #7habits #ThinkGrowRich  "We need to take the time to listen to what life is telling us." @traceblackmore @kahleenedelman  #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #TheLastOnefor2019 #FiveMinuteJournal #Journal #7habits #ThinkGrowRich  Links Mentioned On This Episode: Rising Tide Mastermind Ep 22: The One with Tim Fulton 066 The Last One of 2018 092 The One About My TED Talk Experience 114 The One Where We Talk Masterminds   115 The One With Marketing Expert Jeff Henderson 117 The One With Temperament Expert, Kathleen Edelman Books mentioned:  The Five Minute Journal I Said This, You Heard That – Workbook: Kathleen Edelman Think And Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
117 The One With Temperament Expert, Kathleen Edelman Episode 117: Show Notes Nation! I am so excited to bring this show to you. As I mentioned in last week's episode, learning about the four temperaments is hand's down one of the most useful things I did this year. It has helped ALL of my relationships. You are probably are asking yourself: What is a Temperament? This show will answer that for you.     My guest is Temperament expert, Kathleen Edelman. Her mission is to help people use words that build others up. She says that the words we use when we speak are our gift to others. That statement should make us want to think about our words more carefully! Kathleen explains what the four temperaments are by defining the needs, manipulation techniques, strengths, and weaknesses. This information is invaluable as we related to others.   Have you ever had a conversation with someone, and the person takes your meaning in a different way than what you meant to say? I have found that this used to happen to me all the time. After working with Kathleen, I have learned techniques on how to communicate best with others. Kathleen understands that different people respond to words differently. She has mastered how to identify what words to use and gives us the tools to do the same thing.   Please join me in welcoming Kathleen to Scaling UP! H20. Key Points From This Episode: Think and Grow Rich [0:00:04]   Rising Tide Mastermind [0:00:36]   I Said This, You Heard That Workbook [0:05:02]  Kinds of Temperaments [0:10:37]    Understanding Temperaments [0:15:22]   Acceptance to Temperaments [0:20:55]   Temperament Strengths [0:23:07]   Responsibility Of A Listener [0:35:13]   Communication [0:46:55]  Know Your Temperament [0:49:05]   And A Lot More!   Tweetables:  "Most of communication lands on the listener not the person speaking." @kathleenedelman @traceblackmore #TheOneWithTemperamentExpert #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #Temperament #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #Isaidthisyouheardthat #KathleenEdleman #temperments “Most of the time we listen to respond. Instead, we should listen to understand.” @kathleenedelman @traceblackmore #TheOneWithTemperamentExpert #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #Temperament #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #Isaidthisyouheardthat #KathleenEdleman #temperments "The reason we have conflict is mostly miscommunication. What causes you not to pause, can cause so much damage because words are powerful. " @kathleenedelman @traceblackmore #TheOneWithTemperamentExpert #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #Temperament #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #Isaidthisyouheardthat #KathleenEdleman #temperments "Initiate the pause, celebrate the differences and show grace." - @kathleenedelman @traceblackmore #TheOneWithTemperamentExpert #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #temperament #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #Isaidthisyouheardthat #KathleenEdleman #temperments Links Mentioned On This Episode: Rising Tide Mastermind I Said This, You Heard That Website Kathleen Edelman on LinkedIn Kathleen Edelman on Instragram I Said This, You Heard That on Instagram I Said This, You Heard That on Facebook  I Said This, You Heard That on YouTube  Books mentioned:  I Said This, You Heard That – Workbook: Kathleen Edelman Think And Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
116 Pinks and Blues: System Volume Episode 116: Show Notes I am so grateful for the members of the Scaling UP! Nation! I have the best audience in all of podcasting. To great content every week every episode, I beg the Nation! to help me by asking questions they would like for me to answer. The Nation! has responded to that call once again!   Today, a friend of the show, Eric Russo, of episode 111, asks about the rules of thumb when it comes to determining volume in a closed-loop system. If you have ever heard me speak on this topic, you know I don't trust rules of thumb. But I do accept math.   WARNING: This episode contains MATH. Today's episode is about how I use math to determine how much volume is in a closed-loop system.  Below are the calculations I talk about on the show.  Estimating System Volume:  Πr2 x 7.48 x pipe’  Π = 3.14  R = half the pipe diameter and then square that number (must be in feet)  Pipe = 7.48 the conversion to get feet of pipe into gallons  Titration Drop Manipulation:  SDC / (NV / OV) = NDC  SDC= Standard or Original drop count in ppm  NDC = New drop count in ppm  NV = New volume  OV = Original volume  Volume Calculation:  (120,000 x NaNO2) / Δ x (conversion) = Gallons in the system  NaNO2 = the lbs. Of sodium nitrite added to the system  Δ = the change in NaNO2 in the system from your addition  Conversion = if you are using a nitrite test (not a sodium nitrite test), you will need to account for the fact you added sodium nitrite and only tested for nitrite.  The conversion will be 1.5  120,000 the conversion/axiom that 1 pound of anything in 1,000 gallons of water will yield 120 ppm  Nitrite test procedure courtesy of Aquaphoenix:  Test Species Conversion:  What we add / what we test = conversion factor  Key Points From This Episode: Rising Tide Mastermind [0:00:35]   Journaling [0:04:24]   Rules Of Thumb [0:08:38]   Calculating The System Volume [0:10:06]    Calculation For Pipe [0:12:32]   Compounded Addition [0:15:45]   Nitrite Test & Sodium Nitrite Test Procedure [0:23:11]   Get A Copy Of 5 Minutes Journal [0:32:55]   And A Lot More!   Tweetables:  "Setting goals is the first step into turning the invisible into the visible." @TonyRobbins  @traceblackmore #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #systemvolume #PinksandBlues #TitrationDropManipulation #VolumeCalculation "If you can figure out your losses and what was getting in your way, you can quickly turn those into wins." @traceblackmore #Masterminds #MastermindGroup #RisingTide #CWT #IWC #AWT #scalingupnation #scalinguppodcast #scalinguph2o #scalingupandbeyond #traceblackmore #systemvolume #PinksandBlues #TitrationDropManipulation #VolumeCalculation Links Mentioned On This Episode: Rising Tide Mastermind 103 The One About What a Water Treater Fears Ep 22: The One with Tim Fulton 114 The One Where We Talk Masterminds  Robbins Research International, Inc. (Tony Robbins) 111 The One with Eric Russo, CWT   Books mentioned:   The Five Minute Journal Think And Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
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