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Author: Earwolf & Laci Mosley

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“Scam Goddess is a podcast dedicated to fraud and all those who practice it! Each week host Laci Mosley (aka Scam Goddess) keeps listeners up to date on current rackets, digs deep into the latest scams, and breaks down historic hoodwinks alongside some of your favorite comedians! It's like true crime only without all the death! True fun crime!”
36 Episodes
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Diona Reasonover is on the show to break down the OG influencer. And can we just say, it's an honor to be part of The Order. Stay schemin!  Photo taken by Kim Newmoney. Research by Sharilyn Vera.  Sources:
Ma The Mobster with Fat Tony

Ma The Mobster with Fat Tony


What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Fat Tony is on the pod to break down an old lady gang leader. PLUS the man who stole food at gunpoint. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Stay schemin!
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Matt Rogers is on the pod breaking down the aspiring comedian who couldn't steal the spotlight, so stole cash instead. Stay schemin!
Bonjour, con-gregation! On zis week of Scam Goddess Gary Curtis breaks down ze French scammer who maybe shouldn't have bet on himself. Le stay schemin!
What's poppin con-gregation? Hari Kondabolu is on the pod this week to break down the nark who was also a shark. Stay schemin!
¿Que está poppin, con-gregation? This semana Ira Madison III, Oscar Montoya, AND Siobhan Thompson are ALL here to discuss Spain's Sweetheart Hilaria Baldwin. Stay schemin. Chao!
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Tahir Moore is on the pod to break down the patriot who puts the fake in fake news. Stay schemin!      Content warning: this episode is more explicit than most, so maybe don't listen to it with yo kids!
Hear ye, hear ye con-gregation! This week Ron Funches is on the pod to expose the "princess" who was taken hostage by pirates and also her imagination. Stay schemin!
"Mess Detective" Ashley Nicole Black is on the podcast today. She and Laci break down the man who capitalized on creating fake capital. Stay sabotaging the confederacy, stay schemin!
Happy new year, con-gregation! This week Aparna Nancherla is on the show to dissect the scientist who hypothesized that if he stole grant money, then no one would know. His hypothesis was incorrect. Stay schemin!
Bonjour, con-gregation! Baron Vaughn is on ze podcast today to discuss ze French imposter who scammed his way into millions. Très wild, non? Hon hon hon. Stay schemin!
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Rhea Butcher is on the pod to break down a German man and his frauline who treated scamming like its own art form. Stay schemin!
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Nore Davis is on the podcast talking about the Big Bertha who took her scams to the stage. Stay schemin!
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Solomon Georgio is on the podcast listening to YOUR listener letters. Heads up, venmo does not text you! Stay schemin!
What's poppin, con-gregation? This holiday week we're thankful for Nicole Byer and this episode she recorded with Laci before the pandemic. Stay safe, con-gregation!
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week is an encore performance from Jacquis Neal. He and Laci break down the lone star state criminal who showed us everything's bigger in Texas- including insurance fraud.   Research by Sharilyn Vera.   Sources:
Pop the champagne, con-gregation! Priscilla Davies is on the show this week, AND Leg 2020 was a success. Plus we get to ze german mastermind behind Milli Vanilli. Stay voting, stay schemin!
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Lilan Bowden is on the podcast to break down the hipster who started scamming before it was cool. Plus, Soulja Boy up in that copyright infringement. Stay schemin!   Research by Sharilyn Vera. Sources:
Breaking news, con-gregation! No, not that there's water on the moon. Conan O'Brien is on the show to welcome Scam Goddess into the Team Coco podcast family! Conan and Laci talk through Jordan Belfort of Wolf of Wall Street fame, and Laci teaches Conan how to sound less like a cop. It doesn't work. Stay schemin!    Research by Sharilyn Vera.   Sources:,months%20before%20he%20was%20released []
What's poppin, con-gregation? Langston Kerman is on the show this week to unpack the associate professor who thinks white is the new black. No tanks, boiiiiii. Stay schemin!
Comments (57)


100%, this all started with Alec Baldwin getting bamboozled. He deserves it though, tbh. 😂

Mar 3rd
Reply (1)


Wow she scammed her way into a whole Hollywood family! 👏

Feb 19th


This episode is hilarious! Great chemistry!

Feb 17th


Agreed Gary scammed Laci. Also as a queer woman I agree with Gary that the Victoria Secret photoshoppers made childhood more difficult! 😂

Feb 17th

Kim Murray

I love the vibe with multiple guests, it's like a Scamgodess party.

Jan 29th

Brooke Venning

Invite Conan back!! this was one of the best episodes you've done. I loved it! 😁

Dec 17th

Cristina Corales

OMG are they aiming for an audience of kids? Calm down, stop yelling and laughing and tell the story. I lasted 10 minutes then I had to delete.

Dec 17th

Bailey Merrell

please stop swallowing so close to the mic. it sounds disgusting and makes me gringe everytime.

Nov 23rd


My favorite thing about Jessica Krug is that she pronounces her last name like "Cruz". Like... how? 😂

Nov 14th

Lacey Ann

I think my favorite part of this episode is Laci is straight up hitting her pipe while her guest is talking. Love the scam girl

Nov 5th


Hell no it didn't go down on my hospital bill because I had an itemized bill and I was charged $9 per rubber glove every time they came in to check on me which was a lot because I had an ovary removed so I was bleeding a lot!! Imagine $9 a glove each time it was over $2K for gloves!!!! One fucking oxycodone was $110 thats more than street costs!!!!

Oct 29th

Daria Dwyer

ew the eating ruins it so much

Oct 6th

Anna Clay

The Buddy Cianci story is FASCINATING! Check out the first season of Crimetown, all about Providence. I was skeptical, like "how can there be a whole season of a podcast about crime in Providence, Rhode Island?" and I was so wrong. It's excellent, most of my fellow Scam Goddess listeners would probably really like it.

Sep 22nd

Nika Deitch

trixie mattel is an anti semite who thinks dressing up like anne frank and making jokes about the tragedy of holocaust are funny so i wont be listening to this one thats for sure

Sep 11th


okay, I just discovered this podcast!! where has it been all my life! thank you Laci! 🙌🏾

Jul 14th

Alex Quinn

Laci, why is your driving history like my classmates? She ran over the recycling bin, then almost hit her dad when he tried to pull it out from under the car the same morning before school (HS)

Jul 8th


I'm gonna go ahead and guess that Teresa has never lived in a small town in the frigid north, lol. It's very common for folks to leave their car running outside the store around here. I don't recommend it, but it's not unusual.

Jun 28th


Wish I'd heard about this podcast sooner, I'm loving it!

Jun 24th

Bob Orange

why's she eating? :( it's only a 42 min recording

Jun 23rd

Arielle Niss

This show never fails to make me laugh out loud!

Jun 10th
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