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Author: Earwolf & Laci Mosley

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“Scam Goddess is a podcast dedicated to fraud and all those who practice it! Each week host Laci Mosley (aka Scam Goddess) keeps listeners up to date on current rackets, digs deep into the latest scams, and breaks down historic hoodwinks alongside some of your favorite comedians! It's like true crime only without all the death! True fun crime!”
38 Episodes
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week on the pod, it's Meatball! Meatball and Laci break down the teenage scammer who was accused of stealing 23 million dollars but still probably couldn't get a date to prom. Plus, the scammer employed by stealing from unemployment. Stay schemin!    Research by Sharilyn Vera.   Sources:
What's up, con-gregation? This week Trixie Mattel scammed her way onto the podcast to discuss a man scammin' on the gram. We're all for a flex but it's harder to flex from prison. Plus, Laci and Trixie talk the hero using government contracts to scam the government. Stay schemin, but maybe don't post about it!   Research by Sharilyn Vera.   Sources:
Description: What's poppin, con-gregaton? The wait is over. This week Yassir Lester drops by the pod to dissect- you guessed it- the Fyre Festival. Yassir and Laci break down false promises, class action lawsuits, and, of course, that infamous "take one for the team" incident. Plus a bonus music industry scam. Stay schemin!
What’s popping, congregation? This week Gianni Paolo is on the pod to expose the Brazilian man who never played football, but did play the football league system.  Plus the importance of calculus to scammers. Stay schemin!    Research by Sharilyn Vera.   Sources:
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Lamorne Morris is on the pod to talk about the man who was so good at scheming that Spielberg made a movie about it. Plus the girl who "does braces." Stay schemin!    Research by Sharilyn Vera. Sources:
It's a feed drop, con-gregation! We're talking about a new scammer, James Arthur Ray. He built a following of devotees who were promised a path to wealth and happiness. Yeah. Scam! But we all just want to belong. So drink the Kool-Aid and subscribe to Wondery's new mini series "GURU: the dark side of enlightenment."
Good day, con-gregation! This week Laci and guest Chrissie Fit take you back in time to the early 1900s when a scammer ahead of her time tricked her way into the history books. Plus, the DIY AirBnB that left a scammer's victims SOL.   Research by Sharilyn Vera. Sources:
Privyet, con-gregation! Ify Nwadiwe is on the pod this week to spill the Russian tea on an olympic doping scandal that gave Russian athletes a scandalous advantage at the Sochi Games. Plus some good old fashioned Nigerian internet scams!   Research by Sharilyn Vera   Sources:
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Miles Gray (The Daily Zeitgest) is on the pod to break down the greatest scheme in modern love. Honestly, this guy's amazing. We swipe right! Mazel!
What's up, con-gregation? Scam Goddess is bringing you premium content full of brand new, premium scams. In Con-Fessions, Laci is joined by her friend Priscilla Davies to dissect listener letters full of YOUR scam stories. Thanks for snitching!  Listen to Con-Fessions every other Thursday, only on Stitcher Premium. If you don't have Stitcher Premium yet, go to and use promo code SCAM to scheme your way into one month of premium listening. Stay schemin!
What's up, con-gregation? This week Laci is joined by Tawny Newsome to hear the sales pitch from the star fraud salesman himself, Don Lapre. Plus more proof that love is blind (and expensive!)  Research by Sharilyn Vera. Sources: []nearly-400000-in-a-romance-scam/ []
BONUS : Con-Fessions

BONUS : Con-Fessions


The scammers are busy and it's hard to keep up! In Con-Fessions, Scam Goddess Laci Mosley and her hilarious friend Priscilla Davies break down even more scams and listener letters. They've got all new schemes and they're all for you, con-gregation. Stay schemin!
Greetings Con-gregation! This week Tracy Clayton (Another Round, Strong Black Legends) is on the pod to talk about the superintendent with a 4.0 average in fraud. Plus, a good old-fashioned pyramid scheme from Tracy and Laci's favorite white woman: Tyra Banks!   Research by Sharilyn Vera.   Sources:
Peace be with you, con-gregation! This week Bernard David Jones (The Mayor, Uncorked) is on the pod for this week's scam sermon involving a missionary who will have plenty to talk about at his next confession. Plus, some good old fashioned cut off your hand insurance fraud!    Research by Sharilyn Vera.    Sources:
This week Marie Faustin is on the pod to talk the intersectional feminist who lies, cheats, and steals, but at least is helping close the wage gap. Plus the influencer who tried to trick the internet into thinking he was two people at once? It didn’t work out. Research by Sharilyn Vera.     SOURCES:
Good day, con-gregation! This week Jojo Gibbs, star of TWENTIES on BET, sits down with Laci to unpack the brains behind the Yale students with no brains: it's the college admissions scandal! These parents spent THAT much money on their dumb kids? Damn, Felicity Huffman really put the Desperate in Desperate Housewives.      Research by Sharilyn Vera.   Sources:
What's poppin, con-gregation? This week Open Mike Eagle is on the pod to break down the hip hop hoax from across the pond. Then, the work place accident one man fell for, but his insurance company didn't.  Sources: [] []
How's isolation, con-gregation? This week Sydnee Washington is on the pod to talk a deadly insurance fraud scheme that blew up in some scammers' faces. Scam smarter than this, ok?!
What's poppin con-gregation! This week Lizz Adams breaks down the nightmare that is multilevel marketing schemes. Watch your back! Plus on scammer of the week, meet the bank robber who's all bark and no bite.   Research by Sharilyn Vera   Sources:
What's poppin con-gregation? This week Janelle James is phoning in during the Rona to break down the Argentinian robbers who dug themselves into a hole. Plus, she talks the 22 year old influencer who might go from blocking her victims to posting from her cellblock. Stay healthy and schemin!    Research by Sharilyn Vera.    Sources: [] [] []
Comments (38)

Mercedes Riddick

okay, I just discovered this podcast!! where has it been all my life! thank you Laci! 🙌🏾

Jul 14th

Alex Quinn

Laci, why is your driving history like my classmates? She ran over the recycling bin, then almost hit her dad when he tried to pull it out from under the car the same morning before school (HS)

Jul 8th


I'm gonna go ahead and guess that Teresa has never lived in a small town in the frigid north, lol. It's very common for folks to leave their car running outside the store around here. I don't recommend it, but it's not unusual.

Jun 28th


Wish I'd heard about this podcast sooner, I'm loving it!

Jun 24th

Bob Orange

why's she eating? :( it's only a 42 min recording

Jun 23rd

Arielle Niss

This show never fails to make me laugh out loud!

Jun 10th

Hully Piper

wowwwww.this guest is clueless.

May 12th

Lucy Sharf

Your podcast brings me so much joy Laci. Thank you!!!

Apr 16th

Brooke Venning

omg.. "some reckless homo" 😂😂😂

Mar 17th

Holly Boulanger

I listened to the entire episode. Do I get a 🏆?

Feb 24th

Mary Beringer

Is it me, or is there some wild editing happening?

Jan 17th
Reply (1)


Love the intro song💕

Jan 15th

Carissa Brown

First episode I've listened to, are you eating?????

Jan 10th

Tiffany Marie

my favorite Shaq appearance is definitely static shock

Jan 7th
Reply (1)

Tiffany Marie

so the one thing I'd say, is that girl couldn't afford to lose that money. she says in "my friend anna," she got totally screwed because she DID NOT have that money, she put it on credit thinking Anna would repay her asap. and then her credit was destroyed because of it. otherwise very funny episode

Dec 28th
Reply (1)

LaSherra Green

The Nigerian accents had me dying! 😂

Dec 6th


honestly it's a good podcast, just wish they left politics out of it, why can't people just perform they show without publicizing their beliefs into everything...

Dec 4th
Reply (3)

Liz Flagler

Awesome show!

Nov 26th

Ida k

scams, cons, frauds, thank you Scam Godess for shining light about the Scams and Scammers!

Nov 17th
Reply (2)

Carolyn Carney

the intro song is EVERYTHING

Nov 15th
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