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Scary Stories For A Rainy Night

Author: Being Scared

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TRUE scary stories...accompanied by the ambient sounds of rain. Support this podcast:
18 Episodes
These scary stories are true, and not for the faint of heart!!! --- Support this podcast:
I hope you are wanting some nightmares tonight...    =) --- Support this podcast:
FIFTEEN Scary as hell true stories. Over an HOUR long!! --- Support this podcast:
Are you ready for these TRUE stories? =) .....Sleep tight!! --- Support this podcast:
Here you'll find three TRUE scary stories, all of which are absolutely CREEPY.....ENJOY! --- Support this podcast:
These stories are perfect - To keep you SCARED while you fall asleep =) --- Support this podcast:
Your favorite podcast is BACK, and these stories are going to CREEP YOU OUT!! --- Support this podcast:
Enjoy Episode 11, full of intense, scary as hell stories...     =) --- Support this podcast:
Someone is in your house.... Enjoy episode 10!! =) - B. Scared --- Support this podcast:
I hope you enjoy episode 9............are you sure your backdoor is locked? - B. Scared --- Support this podcast:
Episode 8 is special. It is a long, insane, fictional story that will blow you away.  It is 8 chapters in total. Each chapter is separated by a pause... Enjoy!! =) --- Support this podcast:
I hope you enjoy these super creepy allegedly TRUE stories!  --- Support this podcast:
I hope you enjoy Episode 6!  TRUE stories... --- Support this podcast:
I hope you enjoy Episode 5!! These stories are creepy as hell!! --- Support this podcast:
All of these stories are allegedly true...which is disturbing. --- Support this podcast:
All of the stories in Episode 3 are allegedly true. I think you'll find this batch particularly eerie... --- Support this podcast:
Episode 2 is narrated by the YouTuber Being Scared. I hope you enjoy... --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Episode 1 of Scary Stories For A Rainy Night.  All of the stories heard are allegedly true, and are narrated by the YouTuber, Being Scared. Sleep tight... --- Support this podcast:
Comments (8)

Australian SkyWatch

so glad you're on castbox, now I can listen when I'm driving with no reception! hopefully I don't get paranoid when I'm going down a dodgy road in the forest in the middle of nowhere!

Jul 4th

Michael Zewde Hägglund

Love your work! Hope to see more on spotify/castbox in the future! :) much love.

Jul 1st

Brooke Venning

I tried to like this podcast but the narration isn't very good. The way he reads is too overdramatic. It just makes everything feel cheesy. Just my own personal preference of course. I like a bit of a more neutral narration like on Let's Not Meet. Then the story speaks for itself.

Apr 19th

Dan Shephard

One of the best scary narrators online! Keep up the scary work ‘being scared’ me ol’ mucka xxx 🛸

Feb 6th

Taybah Malik

Love this podcast. One of the most genuinely scary ones. When will we be hearing more?

Jan 30th


Love your narration!

Jul 15th


gave u 10 bucks im also a patron enjoy bro keep em coming

Jul 7th

Hannah Irish

So glad you are on Castbox! I am in love with your YouTube channel and was looking for more content. i’m currently listening to the episode about the whitmore hotel - definitely my favorite story I’ve heard from your channel. I’ll be sure to share this with my friends. Thank you!

Jun 29th
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