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Science Extra - Full program podcast

Author: ABC Radio National

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Science Extra is available again this summer but this podcast feed is no longer being used.

To listen, subscribe to the Science Show podcast from ABC RN on the ABC Listen or wherever you get your podcasts.
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Science Extra is available again this summer! To listen, subscribe to the Science Show podcast from ABC RN on the ABC Listen or wherever you get your podcasts.
This year, for the summer of 2017-18, Science Extra will be broadcast on ABC RN from 7-8am on Sunday. This hour will include episodes of The Infinite Monkey Cage and Ockham's Razor. Those shows have their own podcasts, which you can find in your favourite podcasting app. ABC Science Editor Jonathan Webb's discussions of the science year in the review will appear in the Science Show podcast feed.
The Monkey Cage get's a good night's sleep; goodbye to the ABC science program Catalyst, discuss science communication, and Ockham's eradicates crown gall in fruit trees.
The Infinite Monkeys catch up with 200 years of Frankenstein; we remember Ahmed Zewail; there's a survey of how the 'F' word affects our mood; and Ockham's on the science-y-ness of our parliament.
Infinite Monkeys on The Battle of the Sexes, farewell to an archeological great, nanotech and molecular Lego, and Part 2 in the exquisite fleece quest.
The Infinite Monkey Cage: The recipe to build a universe. Farewell Harry Kroto. Evolutionary biology. Creating an exquisite wool: Pt. 1.
Brian Cox and Robin Ince take to the stage at Glastonbury Music Festival in their Infinite Monkey Cage; we remember Bill Mollison who died this year; there's the new biological science of nano information; and Ockham's Razor on the ground-breaking medical procedures undergone by Shaun Stocker.
Ideas for the future, vale ABC's Darren Osbourne, using butterflies to invent new material, and an exploration of two cultures.
The Infinite Monkey Cage is preoccupied with plants, goodbye to Alastair Lucas, what would it be like to live in a zillion year town and the ecology of bees in Europe.
The Infinite Monkey Cage looks at the solar system, vale Lisa Jardine, the harm from Wifi and other radiation, and when museum objects clash with a noise orchestra.
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