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Author: ABC Radio

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Science, culture and everything in between. Feel the heat. All species welcome.
201 Episodes
Nature's rules are made to be broken. Paul Steinhardt just had to find a way.
Research on human embryos has been very constrained. Will that change?
The wattle war

The wattle war


Flower power, and the mighty battle that divided nations.
A skeleton with a back story that's almost too bizarre to believe. What would Suzy think? [REPEAT]
Psychotherapist Maurice Temerlin called Lucy his "daughter"...but then things got weird. [REPEAT]
Death threats. Cyber harassment. Meet three dogged scientists on a mission ...
Few scientists can say they saved the planet. Paul Crutzen did. Legit.
Dark Matter sleuth. #BlackinSTEM pioneer. Particles for Justice co-founder. This incredible physicist will change your sense of the universe and your role in it.
This scientist's childhood in a cult was...let's say...wild. The light and dark of the path to enlightenment.
Pass the scalpel - taxidermy is on the menu.
Science Friction breathes life into the bones of an ancient medical curiosity...and investigates the story of a child lost in time.
88 metres underground, in the labyrinth of chambers and corridors of the world’s large particle accelerator, art and science collide in wild and wonderful ways.
How has one of the world's poorer nations become a shining star in this pandemic, when rich countries failed to save lives? Two African movers and shakers tell it like it is.
An athlete plays detective to clear her name from scandal. Is anti-doping science to blame?
Don't forget this. You're an animal. And it just might be lovely.
There is nothing this physicist with radical roots won't think about!
The pandemic is personal and political for data scientist Inioluwa Deb Raji and historian of medicine Evelynn Hammonds.
A sliding door moment. A test of character. A career on the line. What would you do?
When Jimena Canales went looking, she found them everywhere. But Science's demons are not the supernatural souls of religion.
No-one thought they would work. This dogged scientist persisted with a difficult idea. Now it's driving the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
Comments (3)

sabigotho acedia

the podcast stops at 69% and i get an error message that something is wrong with the file.

Apr 27th


Top notch podcast. Highly recommend. ❤️

Dec 11th

Vahid Ghadiri Rad

Full of annoying and loud harsh sounds to envisage horror movies and scenes, but earsplitting.

Apr 6th
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