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Science from the Sporran, with the Naked Scientists
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Science from the Sporran, with the Naked Scientists

Author: The Naked Scientists

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The Naked Scientists have uncovered an extraordinary collection of old film reels featuring experimental scientist Dr Ernest Otherford. He had a
penchant for exploring the laws of science using whatever was in his sporran...
12 Episodes
We present the final outing of this twelveweek featuring the inscrutable Dr Otherford as he succeeds in his efforts to make a simple tennis ball ascend into the air with a most surprising level of rapidity. This he achieves with the sole aid of a ball purportedly obtained from exotic lands.
Subsequent to a typical indulgence in his reveries, the daring nature of Dr Ernest Otherford's character compels him to re-enact one particular jaunt: that is to say, obscurity. Post-haste, the dexterous doctor fashions a circumstance of invisibility within a large Pyrex(R) basin by the witty employment of amber-coloured oil derived from vegetables.
The enthralling conventions that govern a phenomenon commonly described as attraction are mischievously exhibited by the redoubtable Dr Ernest Otherford in this fastidious escapade of escapades. Despite lacking something in the way of good manners, Dr Otherford succeeds in his purpose with three rudimentary items: an inflatable India rubber, an aluminium beverage canister and some disorderly hair.
In anticipation of explorative feats typically confined to the world of Jules Verne, Dr Otherford devises a dirigible that somewhat lacks a means of manoeuvrability. The esteemed Dr achieves this triumph through the utilisation of such extraordinary objects as a refuse receptacle sack, a segment of cardboard and a peculiar clock-regulated electrical bread heater.
A sporting Dr Otherford inspects the qualified merits of a vigorous games technique known as backspin in which a cardboard cylinder, that one hesitates to venture originated from a temple of convenience, is unbound from a rotary swathe of elastic and proceeds along the most remarkable of trajectories.
Upon resumption of his ambulatory grounds inspections, Dr Otherford convenes a vessel of carbonated vegetable extract-based imbibation fluid with a mint of salubriousness and produces from within his capacious sporran an eruption of quite heroic magnitude.
A most bellicose form of artillery is ingeniously mobilised by Dr Otherford subsequent to his precipitous detection of a locomotive aspirator from within the dark reliquary of his sporran.
Following an excogitation upon the baroque quality of aqua vitae in the sober milieu of his withdrawing room, Dr Otherford relishes the gravity-defying nature of the most avant-garde materials known to civilisation: to wit "plastic" and "rubber."
An hurricane of most symmetric and yet lilliputian proportions is manufactured with the exploitation of a vessel of synthetic-organic solids, some adhesive strips and water by the highly-regarded Dr Otherford.
Dr Ernest Otherford assembles a material manifestation of his naval warfare reveries through the ingenious employment of a polymer resin bottle and sachet of condiment.
The esteemed Dr Otherford partakes of a perambulation within his estate when he abruptly is compelled to thrust drinking facilitators into objects of a vegetal nature. Most invigorating!
The audacious experimenter achieves the most sublime effect of levitation through the engagement of an imbibition flute and an inscrutable electrical contraption which appears to self-generate wind.
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