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Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.

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Conversing brightly is a requirement to find yourself on Scott Radley's The Brightest Conversation in Hamilton Radio. The ever bright and conversational Jeff Mahoney joins Scott for this week's edition to talk about using cell phones in the classroom, retesting people to keep their driver's license after certain ages, retiring after years in the newspaper industry, how the delivery of news has changed with time and more. Guest: Jeff Mahoney, Reporter & Columnist, The Hamilton Spectator
It's looking like our government is going to do more of the same, increase spending and take the deficit up to a new high. Guest: Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation - Who is actually making the decisions on post-secondary campuses regarding what's hate speech? Is that same debacle being reflected in the classroom? Guest: John Bonnett, Associate Professor, Department of History, Brock University - We've been talking about the chances of Shohei Ohtani joining the Toronto Blue Jays and there's often an element of facetiousness present but could it actually happen? Guest: Mike Wilner, Baseball Columnist for the Toronto Star - The Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame will be inducting multiple Hamiltonians as part of its upcoming class with Eugene Levy and Martin Short being only some of the big names being honoured. Guest: Eric Johnston, Hamilton-based Stand Up comedian performing at the Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame festivities
Would running Hamilton's Wild Waterworks as a public-private partnership be beneficial? The City will be looking into it. Guest: Matt Francis, Councillor for Ward 5 with the City of Hamilton - How does demand for Christmas trees impact tree growers around here? Are evergreens sprouting left, right and centre or do they take more work than your average tree? Guest: Jeff Beattie, Ward 10 Councillor, City of Hamilton & Owner, Winona Gardens - The local real estate market has been extremely hot for the last while but that seems to have changed completely. What's sparked this change and how is it impacting sales and how they're conducted? Guest: Nicolas von Bredow, President, Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington
There's another delay in the seemingly never-ending LRT saga as the two-way Main Street conversion has its start date pushed back to 2026. Guest: John-Paul Danko, Councillor, Ward 8, City of Hamilton - What is the lasting impact Canadian soccer legend, Christine Sinclair, has had on the Canadian sports landscape? Guest: Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, CEO of Canadian Women & Sport - Should we teach math differently? That's the question being raised as Canadian students' math marks continue on a steep downward slide. Guest: Dr. Paul Bennett, Founding Director & Lead Consultant, Schoolhouse Consulting and Author, "The State of the System" & Educhatter blog - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Tuesday, an updated football operations structure for the club will see Orlondo Steinauer focus on the President of Football Operations role, while Ed Hervey has been named the team’s General Manager. The club’s next Head Coach will be announced later this week. Guest: Josh Smith, Reporter for 3 Down Nation in Hamilton
The Red Hill debacle is no secret to Hamiltonians but a report investigating the parkway and its failures is pointing to an even larger management failure. Also, Hamilton has a new City Manager but is that something the general public should worry about? Does it matter the average citizen who their city's manager, what they've done, etc? Guest: John Best, Publisher, The Bay Observer - Canada's parliamentarians and senators were invited to view video recordings taken by Hamas and security cameras during its October 7 attack. How many actually attended and what does that tell us? Guest: Kevin Vuong, MP for Spadina-Fort York - Do the Blue Jays have a legitimate chance at Shohei Ohtani? Should they even entertain the thought? Has the NHL become a 'no-hitting league'? These questions and more get covered and debated on this week's edition of Sports Talk with Don Robertson. Guest: Don Robertson, Head Coach & Owner, Allan Cup Champion Dundas Real McCoys & Broker of Record, ComChoice Realty
With another edition of The Brightest Conversation in Hamilton Radio comes the return of Mike Fortune who joins Scott to talk about building up Hamilton's waterfront, sneaking into a baseball stadium, if there's a problem with Christmas, politicians' financial irresponsibility and more. Guest: Mike Fortune, Host, The Hamilton Network, Cable 14
A 'Vacant Home Tax' for Hamilton was voted down by City Council. What's wrong with this iteration of the proposed tax? Scott speaks with one of the councillors who voted against it. Guest: Matt Francis, Councillor for Ward 5 with the City of Hamilton - Christmas is being called back into question. What's wrong with it and who are the ones putting forward this notion? Do they have a point? Guest: Elissa Freeman, PR and Pop Culture Expert - The university experience that's being had by many undergraduate students seems to be less than satisfactory. What's causing this to be the case? Guest: Glenn Keeler, President of the Canadian University Survey Consortium
A vehicle explosion at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls closed multiple border crossings in the region. What's it like being the mayor when something like this happens in your city? Guest: Jim Diodati, Mayor of Niagara Falls - We have heard that the explosion on the Rainbow Bridge was not an act of terrorism but what if it was? How would that change things, especially in this time where tensions are extremely high. Guest: Phil Gurski, President of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting, former CSIS analyst and author of ‘When Religion Kills’ - As we face a shortage of nurses, how can it be addressed while ensuring that patients are getting the full, competent care they require? Guest: Dr. Jason Profetto, Chair of MD Admissions and Director of Family Medicine at McMaster University - How did Canada's Men's Soccer Team have a spectacular loss to Jamaica when they were expected to bowl over Jamaica? Is this just a case of the team needing a roster reset? Guest: Joe Callaghan, Journalist for The Toronto Star, The Guardian, and The Irish Examiner
How would more transparency in Hamilton City Council's in-camera meetings impact the way they're conducted? Guest: John Best, Publisher of The Bay Observer - With the Fall Economic Statement being released today by the federal government, do we have a bright future ahead of us or are we staring down a very bumpy road? Guest: Dr. Lori Turnbull, Professor & Chair of Public & International Affairs with Dalhousie University - Accidentally changing your phone to a foreign language with a different alphabet, the best baseball player potentially coming to the Blue Jays and outrageously expensive tickets to sports games are all on the docket for today's discussion with Bubba O'Neil! Guest: Bubba O'Neil, Sports Anchor with CHCH and Analyst with the Ticats Audio Network - Electric cars are back in the news following a man from Stoney Creek being told that a replacement battery for his electric car would run about $50,000. Is this an anomaly that's going to change as we see the technology improve? Is it worth passing on this version of electric cars in favour of another style akin to the Betamax vs VHS decision that had to be made once upon a time? Guest: David Adams, President & CEO of the Global Automakers of Canada
Have you been feeling exhausted lately? Or is this burnout? GUEST: Dr. Nita Chhinzer, Associate Professor of Leadership & Organizational Management with the University of Guelph Survey: Young Canadians are increasingly trusting news shared broadly on social media GUEST: Janine Allen, President and Partner at Kaiser & Partners
Hamilton-Centre MPP Sarah Jama is claiming that she's going to continue the fight against being censured and that preparations are being made for a legal fight with Doug Ford. Guest: John Best, Publisher of The Bay Observer - A major shift to the path Hamilton's proposed LRT will take has been put forward. Where will the train line be going and are the cars even capable of it? Guest: Abdul Shaikh, Director of Hamilton LRT Project Office - The CFL's Grey Cup championship is only a few days away but that isn't the only thing that's happening with the league. Guest: Josh Smith, Reporter for 3 Down Nation - Marvel's super hero movies used to make billions with each new addition to the vast universe of media however that seems to be slowing which means Marvel, and it's parent-company Disney, have an interesting challenge to face. Guest: Robert Thompson, Director of the Bleier Center For Television And Popular Culture at Syracuse University
Great names, sharp uniforms and interesting team logos are all crucial pieces of the puzzle that is building a successful sports brand but it seems like the upcoming Professional Women's Hockey League has dropped the ball on a few of those elements. How will this impact the league's launch as they make efforts to build fan bases and viewership? Also, will The Beer Store's potential end spell out disaster for beer sales in Ontario or will it be the best thing for it? Guest: Moshe Lander, Senior Economics Lecturer with Concordia University - Hard lessons are being taught to Gen Zs and Millennials as the economy plays hardball. That's the message being sent by The Food Professor, Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, who joins Scott to explain further what he means by this. Guest: Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Professor of Food Distribution and Policy, and Director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University - Did you know that the Canadian military has a presence in Israel? How involved is the CAF and do what degree? Is this presence sending a message that Canada has taken a side and should they even be there to begin with? Guest: Stephen M. Saideman, Paterson Chair of International Affairs at Carleton University, and Director of the Canadian Defence and Security Network - An arrest and charge of manslaughter has been made in the wake of the death of Adam Johnson. While there are other cases of athletes entering the courtroom for actions mid-game, will this one be similar? Guest: Jeff Manishen, Criminal Lawyer, Ross & McBride; Former Crown Attorney
How is an unbearable smell being emitted by a landfill on the Mountain being addressed? Guest: Donna Skelly, MPP for Flamborough-Glanbrook - Why is there a proposal to change what school board trustees can say and to whom they can speak? Is it a good idea? Guest: Todd White, Hamilton Wentworth District School Board Trustee for Wards 5 & 10 - It's time for another edition of Sports Talk with Don Robertson as we get ready for the 2023 Grey Cup here in Hamilton among many other things. Guest: Don Robertson, Owner of the Dundas Real McCoys
The Brightest Conversation in Hamilton Radio features Jason Farr who's done everything from sit on Hamilton's city council to host a morning radio show however his knowledge goes far beyond just those two realms. With plenty happening at home and abroad you can be sure there's no shortage of things for Scott & Jason to talk about. Guest: Jason Farr, Host of Hammer Down with Jay & Mike and former Hamilton City Councillor
Bus strike negotiations aren’t just about HSR, but 11 other unions, tax dollars and spiking city costs. Guest: Vito Sgro is a Former Mayoral candidate in 2018, and Liberal Candidate for Flamborough-Glanbrook in the 2021 election - What will be the lasting impacts of iconic sports tourism events like the Grey Cup in Hamilton 2 of 3 years? Guest: Neil Lumsden MPP for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek and Minister of Sports - How should the topic of freelance photographers be approached in the wake of CNN cutting ties with a Gaza-based photographer? Guest: Jeffrey Dvorkin, Senior Fellow at Massey College, Former Director of Journalism at the University of Toronto-Scarborough and author of “Trusting the News in a Digital Age” - Preparing your house for a Canadian winter can be extremely expensive but that doesn't mean it has to be. Guest: Corrie Morton, Energy Conservation Supervisor at Enbridge Gas - The actors' strike is over in Hollywood. Does this mean your favourite shows will be back on the air next week? Guest: Bill Brioux, television critic and author
Hamilton City Council was buy today and there's plenty to unpack from the bus driver strike to banning/limiting graphic material spread around by anti-abortionists. Guest: John Best, Publisher of The Bay Observer - As the war between Israel and Hamas rages on, Canadians share sympathies with both the side of Israeli civilians and Palestinian civilians. Polling has found interesting responses from Canadians on the conflict. Guest: Jon Roe, Research Associate with Angus Reid - We're dealing with a housing crisis but it's not the first time this kind of challenge has been faced. What if we took a page out of the wartime housing playbook and built homes like that? Guest: Frank Clayton, Senior Research Fellow with the Centre for Urban Research and Land Development at Toronto Metropolitan University
As Hamilton's living rate goes up, the question as to whether or not it's implementation is feasible is being brought back up. Guest: Tom Cooper, Director of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction - Having a first hand account of the atrocities committed by Hamas is something no person should ever have to endure but it's important that we know. Scott speaks with someone who has seen those horrors. GUEST: Sabrina Maddeaux, Columnist with the National Post - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats's Grey Cup drought has been extended by another year. GUEST: Steve Milton, Journalist for The Hamilton Spectator - Remembrance Day isn't a stat holiday in Ontario. Should it be made one without betraying the reason we mark the day and honour our veterans? GUEST: Nathan Tidridge, A teacher at Waterdown District High School teaching Civics, Treaty Studies, as well as Canadian and World History
Can Sarah Jama weather the political storm she's found herself in the middle of? Guest: John Best, Publisher of The Bay Observer - Why are we seeing a decline in the number of family doctors? How can we go about fixing this problem? Guest: Dr. Jason Profetto, Family Physician & Chair of Clinical Skills and MD Admissions with McMaster University - A lot has happened in the world of sports since Scott and Don have spoke last which means there's plenty to talk about on this week's edition of Sports Talk with Don Robertson. Guest: Don Robertson, Head Coach & Owner, Allan Cup Champion Dundas Real McCoys & Broker of Record, ComChoice Realty
The Israel-Hamas conflict brought about many statements from politicians of all stripes but one, in particular, brought about extra consternation. Guest: John Best, Publisher of The Bay Observer - Efforts to redevelop some of the Stelco's land in Hamilton are underway as a master plan is being put together with the intention of submitting it within the coming months. Guest: Steven Dejonckheere, Overseeing development for Slate Asset Management on the Stelco Hamilton Land - The Maple Leafs have played their season opener as the Ticats are fighting to finish their season with a pleasing outcome. How are both teams playing and what's needed on each front? Guest: Bubba O'Neil, CHCH sports anchor and analyst with the Ticats Audio Network - A new documentary is pulling back the curtain to reveal the unbelievable amounts of kindness and genius behind the beloved kid's TV show, Mr. Dressup. Guest: Rob McCallum, Director of 'Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe'
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