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If anyone has ever told you “Relax, it’s just a movie,” this could be the podcast for you.
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S2E3 – About Tommy Boy

S2E3 – About Tommy Boy


The King’s Speech is a brilliantly told story of friendship. In this episode we fawn all over it and discuss: What is true and not entirely true about stutters? What role does confidence and courage play in the movie and our lives? Is the character of Winston Churchill done well? Can we get away with […]
O Brother Where Art Thou is a long and winding series of events that seem unconnected. But are they? In this episode we find out: Is this the Odyssey or not? Just how crafty are the Cohen Brothers? Does Scott have any respect for the dead? Just how southern can an accent be?
S1E12 – About Fargo

S1E12 – About Fargo


In the final episode of Season 1, we discuss: How the Coen Brothers pulled a fast one on all of us. What makes Jerry one of the most unusual villains (is that even the right word?) of all time. Why Marge is the best part of this movie. All the urban legends surrounding this film and whether or not there is any merit to them.
Things get a little dark in this episode, but it’s a riveting conversation per usual. We discuss: Whether this movie is really about drugs. (lol yes) How the unconventional use of sound serves the film. Why we love this movie even though it’s so difficult to watch. Bonus: We both geek out over the soundtrack.
The Shining is one of the most celebrated and studies horror films of all time, but was it always so popular? We answer that for you in this episode. We also discuss: What really causes Jack to go insane and try to kill his wife and son. Whether the whole Tony thing is cheesy or terrifying. What Stephen King thinks about this adaptation.
We really struggle to find things to criticize in this movie, but we have a pretty interesting discussion about: Whether this movie is about getting a second chance at love, or getting trapped in a dysfunctional relationship. How casting Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet’s against type worked in the movie’s favor.
S1E8 – About Titanic

S1E8 – About Titanic


We essentially destroy the Titanic...again. But we feel reeeeally bad about it. Which is more than you can say about the iceberg. We discuss: Why we think the love story between Jack and Kate is actually the least interesting part of this movie. Why the Titanic is pretty much the Fyre Festival of the early 20th century.
S1E7 – About Doubt

S1E7 – About Doubt


We are both cradle Catholics, so we discuss John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt with maybe a little too much passion and familiarity. We cover: Why the story of Doubt is better suited to the stage than the screen. How the use of camera angles reinforces the movie’s message. Whether hierarchical establishments like the Catholic Church are inevitably corrupt, or just ripe for corruption.
We’ve both seen this movie approximately 8 million times, so we get pretty far into the weeds. We discuss: Why all of this could have been avoided if Commodus had been properly loved as a child. Whether the mob truly loves Maximus. How Joaquin Phoenix gives an incredible performance as Commodus despite some silly dialogue.
Groundhog Day is a lot darker than we remember. We discuss: What this movie tells us about what it means to be a good person. How Phil Connors compares to Scrooge. Why Bill Murray makes such an excellent douchebag. Whether Ned Ryerson could have been played by anyone other than Stephen Tobolowsky.
Interstellar is a scientifically rich and visually brilliant, but is the dialogue stilted and emotionally two-dimensional? Baleigh says yes. We also discuss: Baleigh’s least favorite line and why it’s terrible. How the movie is a paradox and whether or not that’s a good thing. Why Topher Grace’s role makes no sense.
We break the first two rules of Fight Club and discuss: Whether this movie is fundamentally about masculinity, the limitations (or lack thereof) of the human mind, or both. Why we think Marla’s character development falls flat. Whether the lack of physical realism weakens the impact of the film. Bonus: Baleigh mistakenly refers to as “,” which is not a thing.
Like 60% of this episode is just us breaking down how fantastic Christian Bale's performance is, but we also discuss: Why this movie isn’t really about boxing. Why Mark Wahlberg’s performance is better than people say it is. The many sacrifices that went into making this movie happen.
The Prestige is a brilliant but complicated movie. We break it down a little bit for you. Here are some of the things we cover: Whether or not this movie has a “good guy.” How this entire movie is a magic trick and whether or not that makes it better. Whether or not Christian Bale takes himself too seriously in this role.
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