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Author: Paul Crane and Dave-Te' Thomas

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The Scout's Honor podcast provides inside information from teams along with unique perspective from Scouting Services, Inc. Dir. of Operations Dave-Te' Thomas. He and former CNN Sports anchor Paul Crane provide news, information and player insight from inside teams in all four major sports, football, baseball, basketball and hockey.
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Dave Del Col hosts an all star bowl game prep show to kick off the 2023 draft season. Behind on the rosters for the East-West Shrine Bowl or the Senior Bowl? Don’t worry Dave’s got you covered. Overviewing his favorite prospects from both games Dave dives deep into the rosters to give you the inside scoop of who to keep your eye on this week.A must listen for all draft fans.
Host Dave Del Col looks ahead to the 2022 NFL Draft with David Syvertsen of Ourlads Scouting Services.
In the first Scout's Honor podcast since May 2020, new host Dave Del Col, one of those handpicked by the late Dave-Te' Thomas to continue the show, speaks with Senior Bowl Executive Director Jim Nagy in advance of the 2022 NFL Draft.
RB Qadree Ollison may finally get his long-awaited chance in Atlanta now that the Falcons have a new coaching staff. Our late scouting guru Dave-Te' Thomas was a big fan of Ollison when he was drafted out of Pitt in 2019. Here are some of his comments from before the Falcons' 2019 training camp started, followed by one mid-season. Dave-Te' was saying "Free Qadree Ollison" two years ago.
Dave-Te' Thomas looked ahead to the 2021 draft before his passing in 2020. Hear his take on some of the top names at most positions from his scouting prior to the 2020 season. As always, some of his perspectives differ from many others, especially at the QB position. This was his final recording, done in April 2020.
The late Dave-Te' Thomas goes through his analysis of Wyoming QB Josh Allen before the 2018 draft. What he saw initially, what he saw when he looked closer, researched and analyzed. In the end his best case scenario; we're looking at "the second coming of Jim Kelly."
Dave-Te' Thomas comments on WR, OL & defense in April 2020 while looking ahead to 2021 NFL Draft. He had some favorites even without getting to see the 2020 college season.
Dave-Te' Thomas comment on QB Justin Fields in April 2020 when looking ahead to 2021 NFL Draft.
Dave-Te' Thomas on some of his concerns regarding QB Trevor Lawrence in April 2020, before being able to see Lawrence play one more season. Dave-Te' saw some things in Lawrence as a sophomore that caught his attention; and it had nothing to do with talent.
Dave-Te' Thomas describing Trey Lance as his top 2021 QB in April 2020, before knowing how COVID-19 would affect the upcoming season.
This is a short clip of Dave-Te' Thomas discussing the 1st round pick of Clemson CB A.J. Terrell by the ATL Falcons from the April 24th podcast labeled "1st Round Draft Wrap and Look Ahead." While most were criticizing the pick, listen to Dave-Te' tell Atlanta fans not to "jump off the ledge." He said Terrell would be in the Pro Bowl "within two years."
This is the discussion about safety Kyle Dugger of Div II Lenoir-Rhyne from Oct 28 Scout's Honor podcast. Dave-Te' called him second best defensive player in this draft. On original podcast, talk of Dugger begins at 30:00 mark. All of it played here.
Dave-Te' Thomas was high on Chase Claypool out of Notre Dame well before the draft, calling him his "Cream of the Crop" at the tight end position, but acknowledging Claypool may become more of a wide receiver in the NFL. Regardless, listen here to Dave-Te' explaining why the Steelers made a great pick selecting Claypool in Round 2 of the 2020 Draft.
Dave-Te' Thomas called Josh Allen of Wyoming his "Cream of the Crop" of QBs prior to 2018 NFL Draft. He never thought Allen would be the first QB drafted, but how he could perform the best over the long run. Baker Mayfield went #1 to CLE, Sam Darnold #3 to NYJ, Allen #7 to BUF.Listen to just a few of his comments from a March 2018 Scout's Honor podcast where Thomas explained why Allen would be a risk coming from the program at Wyoming, but also how Allen had an "It" factor. In the end Thomas said he felt Allen would be a Blake Bortles at worst, but at best another Jim Kelly.
Dave-Te' Thomas predicting in March 2020 that Jameis Winston would sign with the New Orleans Saints after his release by the Bucs. It happened in late April.
Paul Crane and Dave-Te' Thomas tie a ribbon on the 2020 NFL Draft and look ahead to 2021. With a closer look at ATL's "Tale of two drafts," the new FA season pushing salary cap ramifications to next year and a detailed look at the top names in the 2021 draft. Dave-Te' lists his top players at all positions in the next draft where Trevor Lawrence is his 3rd QB.
Paul Crane and Dave-Te' Thomas welcome guest Scott Wright of to help break down some of the best and worst of the NFL Draft. There will be many places where fans of PIT, GB, DAL, BAL, MIN, ATL, TB and several others will want to pay particular attention. There are disagreements on certain labels, unusual insight in to NE and a look ahead to 2021. Another treat for all fans.
Paul Crane and Dave-Te' Thomas welcome Steelers fan Tim Haver to help break down PIT's draft and the rest of the AFC North. Get ready for wide-ranging insight to the Steelers, Ravens, Bengals and Browns along with a fantasy tip toward the end.
Paul Crane and Dave-Te' Thomas welcome avid Giants fan and program friend Dave Del Col to help break down the drafts of the Giants, the rest of the NFC East ad AFC East. From the Giants' picks from the top and bottom of their draft to the rest of the division, more excellent insight and perspective. When looking at the changing AFC East, in addition to draft analysis, could Cam Newton be changing his mind about waiting until training camp to find a team? Another treat for football fans.
Analysis of NFL Draft

Analysis of NFL Draft


Paul Crane and Dave-Te' Thomas welcome David Syvertsen from Ourlads Scouting Services to help breakdown the NFL Draft. From trends created by certain teams, to those which stuck to specific philosophies, it's a real treat for football fans and draftniks to hear two of the most knowledgable men in the business discuss this draft.
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