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Screenprinters are earnestly pursuing the perfect white ink and end up with dozens of unused gallons of ink on their shelves in the search. The truth of the matter is that the problem is not the ink, but rather the way in which it is being used.
Are you weighing your ink as it arrives at your shop? If not, you should be. The cost of ink, second only to labor cost, is an expendable that must be accounted for and should be done on a job-by-job basis.
If you want to increase the quality of your halftone or four-color process printing the information in this episode will provide some of the knowledge you need to begin.
How you can put another $28,000 or more in the bank each month.
The light integrator only measures the amount of UV energy emitted by the lamp, and it cannot provide proper exposures.
50 Thinking Points

50 Thinking Points


A discussion of problems that people face every day because they didn't apply thought to what they were doing.
You may be inadvertently causing problems with exposure and resolution. Let’s talk about it!
Using the proper steps to reduce tension loss that occurs on all polyester mesh.
It's about initiating -- continually creating situations that force you to become better than you currently are — purging yourself of all your imperfections.
Learn how to find your normal and abnormal spoilage rates, and how to reduce your spoilage to increase your profit margin.
Become a fly on the wall as we walk a printer through knowing the correct exposure time before making the exposure each and every time, without fail.
Learn how to properly choose and use the squeegee in this episode.
Discussion on the tensioning of the mesh and what to expect of the newer meshes.
The Importance of EOMR

The Importance of EOMR


A discussion about the relationship between the percentage of a stencil’s EOMR and the quality of the printed image.
There are many tools available to screenprinters and they are all great at what they do. But there is one that is a multipurpose tool that everyone needs and few are using.
In this episode, we discuss a number of problems that you can easily fix to make registration problems disappear.
We talk about eleven reasons why you may be creating the rough ink problem.
The majority of textile printers do not realize that they are paying more than needed for Plastisol ink and using more than necessary.
How it affects the printing process
This essential task of moisture removal should be one of the most straightforward tasks in the screenprinting process.
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