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Comedy alert! Each season we have a little get together episode with Don Silcock, senior travel editor for Scuba Diver magazine and Lissa Rebec of Sea Shepherd.  However, now that borders are open, trying to get Lissa and Don in Sydney and available at the same time is virtually impossible!With that said, we managed to coax Don into the studio by waving a beer under his nose and as a bonus for the show his dive buddy of 20 years came along too... During this episode, we explore a number of topics, including Jayne's diving, international travel lounges that I didn't even know existed, Don's movements and writings, beer, wide-angle camera equipment preferences and diver training.  A little teaser of what may be occurring with the expansion of Scuba GOAT and the upcoming relaunch of Nomadic Scuba, all served up with a large dollop of hilarity, giggles and maybe the odd cuss word (you've been warned). The sensible text and a REAL intro to Jayne JenkinsJayne learnt to dive in the chilly waters along the rugged Welsh coastline before moving to Australia in 1973. She is actively involved in many facets of the diving industry and has been for over four decades and was previously a volunteer diver with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service in Sydney.  This led to Jayne working as a safety diver and researcher for various underwater film, television and photographic expeditions focusing on diving in the Pacific, including the cave diving spectacular Sanctum. Having been an active underwater photography instructor for many years, Jayne went on to establish the first digital shoot-out competition at Lord Howe Island and has won many awards for her photography and remains a regular editorial contributor to Dive Log and Ocean Geographic. For the past 18 years, Jayne has devoted time as Vice President of Australasia for the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUSS) - a scholarship sponsored by Rolex for young underwater enthusiasts. Jayne has been an invaluable mentor to a lucky 13 scholars and has played a significant part in their lives but has now passed it on to one of the younger generation and one of the past scholars. Jayne is currently the resident photographer /consultant with The Ocean Agency formally the Catlin Seaview Survey a fast game-changing creative scientific project. Using specially designed technology, the Catlin Seaview Survey recorded and revealed the world's oceans and reefs like never before, in high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic vision. This led to being part of the brilliant documentary Chasing Coral. Jayne was also a safety diver/camera assistant for a documentary filmed in what she calls “her back yard” Chowder Bay, for the BBC National History unit about seahorses called Fierce Queens.Over her years working in travel and being a keen traveller, Jayne has visited places such as - South Africa, Socorro, Cuba, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Maldives, Tahiti, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tonga, Antarctica, Arctic and many more including Australia.Jayne is also a member of the prestigious Woman Divers Hall of Fame and a Fellow International of The Explorers Club.  Jayne on FacebookDon on FacebookMatt on Insta
Scuba IQ operates from Port Douglas, (north of Cairns) Queensland, Australia.  Clearly, Port Douglas is a perfect destination to get out and explore the Great Barrier Reef and that's exactly what Scuba IQ do. Originally from New Zealand, Martin Connolly spent a few years in the navy and then saw the light, jumped into a wetsuit and spent the next 20 years as a multi-agency dive instructor working in various locations such as Tonga, Spain, Turkey and Thailand.  Scuba IQ and Scuba IQ Expeditions are operated by Martin and his wife,  Louise.  Working closely with local operators they organise training packages as well as full boat charters, delivering an attentive service to the guests who choose to join them. Martin joins us on the show to provide an overview of how Scuba IQ became what it is today, were it is heading and what to expect from an adventure on the MV Argo and the future expeditions organised by Scuba IQ. Expeditions with available spaces:23-28 June 2022 - 5 nights - Minke Whales9-13 November 2022 - 4 nights - Coral SpawningSocial Media links:Scuba IQ websiteScuba IQ InstagramScuba IQ FacebookScuba IQ expeditions InstagramScuba IQ expeditions FacebookMartin on LinkedIn
Steve Crosby walks us through his journey to become a dive pro and what it has taken to stay connected to the dive industry particularly during the pandemic years. Many people have asked me how to get into and become successful in the dive industry.  Hard work and determination... Be like Steve.  He is a shining example of how to progress and focus on the goals one at a time without taking your eye off the prize and all whilst maintaining the right attitude, with a smile.  Steve is one of the nicest guys you would ever wish to meet and I have no doubt that anyone wishing to dive and/or learn from him will have an amazing time whilst doing so.  I'm a big fan of humility and Steve exudes this, just take a listen and you'll see what I mean. Should you wish to get in touch with Steve and arrange some dives you can connect with him through his website at Crosby DiveSteve's diving journey:2004 - He became a NAUI Open Water Diver - Instantly hooked on divingFun dives throughout Central America and the Caribbean.2008 - Completed NAUI Nitrox Course.2013 - Arrives in Koh Tao and realises diving is the industry for him2014 - Completed SSI Dive master and then OW Instructor training2014 - 2015 Teaching various SSI courses2015 - RAID Deco 50 course completed and became a RAID Instructor2016 - TDI Trimix course in Malaysia2016 - RAID Advanced Wreck Instructor 2016 - RAID Instructor TrainerBack to Malaysia to gain qualifications to become a Tech InstructorTioman, Malaysia - completed RAID Deco 40 and 50 Instructor programsTDI instructor course, enabling me to teach technical diving though TDI as well.2017 - Worked for Bali Dive Trek and became a Side-mount and DPV Diver and later received my DPV Instructor CertificationLate 2017 - Koh Tao for Sidemount Instructor and ADV Wreck Instructor Trainer2018 - Co-founded Unique Descent Dive Adventures (UDDA), with the goal of leading expeditions around the worldSept 2018 - Mexico to attain Full Cave Diver CertificationMar 2019 - Egypt to start working at Red Sea ExplorersOct 2019 - Mexico to complete Stage and Multi Stage Courses2020 Covid hit - re-organisation of life and objectivesDec 2021 - Mexico full time to engage in further training and qualifications.  Currently working as a cave and cavern guide having completed CCR Mod 1 and focussing on Cave Instructor qualifications. 
Dr Jen Matthews has pioneered the application of metabolomics to unravel the metabolic interactions underpinning coral health and resilience to environmental change.Increasing environmental pressures, such as increased sea temperatures, are causing the catastrophic loss of coral cover around the globe, including the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world: the Great Barrier Reef. So, it’s unsurprising we are starting to see corals migrate poleward to cooler waters. In fact, Sydney has recently become home to a new subtropical coral. This raises a significant question: Could Sydney be a refuge for corals from the warming GBR? A Human Frontier Science Programme Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney, Jen holds a PhD in Marine Biology (Dean’s list, Victoria University Wellington), a MRes (Imperial College London) and a BSc (Honours, Bath University). Jen is dedicated to finding solutions to current environmental challenges, targeting local (e.g. tropicalization of coastal NSW), national (e.g. Great Barrier Reef restoration), and global topics (e.g. microplastic pollution).Her contributions are internationally recognised, being invited to join the prestigious Coral Bleaching Research Coordination Network, and the International Metabolomics Society Early-Career Members Network. In 2009, she founded ‘Big Blue Conservation’, a not-for-profit organisation protecting and restoring beautiful reef ecosystems in Thailand. Her industry engagement while developing the innovative microplastics removal tool, funded by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation Seed Innovation Grant, has shown her to be an emerging STEMprenuer. Despite her early-career stage, Jen has secured $300,000 in competitive funding, produced 14 publications and actively advocates for effective science communication and women-in-STEM, through programs such as SoapboxScience Sydney 2019-2020.
Kate Parker is a full-time paediatric Speech Pathologist but in her spare time has been a volunteer with Sea Shepherd since 2015, originally taking on a role as an onshore volunteer helping to raise funds through selling merchandise at events and sharing the work of the organisation through outreach and education. She then progressed to offshore crewing and has been on 7 campaigns with Sea Shepherd, starting out as deck crew and most recently Bosun and is now about to head off on another campaign as an officer in the Bridge.Kate also crews with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard and spends most weekends out on the bay training and recovering vessels in distress. Kate has been working her way up for the last 4 years and is soon to take her Coxswains license to become a Skipper for the organisation. Kate also launched her own charity last year called ‘Daughters of the Deep’ which is now a globally registered group whose aim is to address gender inequality throughout the marine industries. With her team of 4 colleagues they help raise the profile of women in such roles as well as fundraise to support women into their own marine based careers. Kates
With over 20 years as a fighter pilot under his belt, Mike Mason currently teaches pilots of the Australian Air Force how to hone their skills and use the aircraft they are flying as a weapons platform.  Human Factors is used on a daily basis to achieve the goals these men strive for, so its fair to say that Human Factors is pretty much second nature to Mike.  Armed with this and Gareth Lock introducing HF to the diving industry; Mike touched base with Gareth and began to learn about the Human Diver and how he could get involved.  Initially learning to dive in the UK, Mike now works in his spare time as a Dive Master at Lets Go Dive Adventures, Nelson Bay.  Following Gareth's tutorage he is also now part of the Human Diver instructional team and is bringing Human Factors to Australia. Mike has planned a FREE introductory zoom meeting on Thursday 17th Feb at 7:30pm (AEDT) for anyone wishing to learn more about what Human Factors is and how you can get involved in the courses that Mike will be providing.  Click here for the link to Mikes intro commencing 730pm, 17th Feb. Links:The Human Diver - Mikes biographyThe Human Diver Australia on Facebook
What a great way to round out Season 2 of the show - Expanding on our look at the Technical side of recreational diving, I'm joined by Ryan Duchatel, JJ CCR Trimix Instructor, cave diver and co-owner of Total Immersion Diving based in Newcastle , Australia.I've found many recreational divers are curious about the tech divers out there and the complex equipment they use.  It seems to be a bit of a dark art and I've regularly heard comments along the lines of "It's for people wanting to dive deep" or "that it is too complex and expensive for me".  The reality is very much to the contrary, technical diving is for anyone who wishes to extend their dives, either in time, depth, range or all of the above.  Ryan talks about the evolution of Total Immersion Diving and provides us with great detail on how a  closed circuit rebreather works and  the many advantages that they provide, such as being able to get closer to wildlife, warmer diving, longer NDL's at all depths, variable partial pressure  Ryan's Immersion Diving - FacebookRyans Pro page - FacebookRyans personal page - FacebookWe gave a shout out to the Behind The Mask team during the show as they are supporting and calling for support from you to ban shark finning in the EU,  please follow the link and sign the petition (EU nationals only) Link to the petition
Graham Willis is a professional dive Instructor operating out of Frog Dive, Sydney, Australia.  Having lived in Sydney for over 30 years it's a fair assumption that Graham knows a lot of the dives sites pretty well and during a chance meeting via mutual friends Graham began chatting with a chap about writing books, namely dive books; Johan Boshoff has the experience of creating publications and with Grahams knowledge of New South Wales the book was born. With 240 dive locations, details about the dive site and considerable detail about the location and local amenities , this book is perfect for the adventurous diver wishing to explore the NSW coastline.If you would like to purchase a copy of Graham's book you can reach him via Frog Dive in Sydney, via Facebook or the link below.  We will also have a link available on the soon to be released new Scuba GOAT website too! The Dive Spots of New South WalesGraham on Facebook
Jeffrey is a dive industry titan specialising in all areas of technical, cave and rebreather diving. He’s logged more than 20 years experience at the pointy end of diver and instructor development, and is also the owner of GoPro Asia and Bans Technical Diving, based on Koh Tao, Thailand. His qualifications include multi-agency accreditations, such as a PADI Course Director and Technical Instructor Trainer, TDI/SDI Course Director, Instructor Trainer for RAID International (which is the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic dive agency), Raid Cave 2 Instructor, TDI Full Cave Instructor, and Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer for all 3 agencies.Jeff is also an instructor for the world’s 3 leading exploration rebreathers: the JJCCR, the XCCR and the SF2.  He’s certified well over 1000 divers in technical, rebreather and cave diving as well as countless technical diving instructors at all levels of their diver training.Jeff is a member of international dive teams assembled for scientific research and exploration objectives.  Two of these currently include Major Projects Foundations led by Dr Matt Carter as well as Bottomline Projects, led by close friend and trusted dive buddy, Mikko Paasi.
Rebecca Griffiths first grabbed my attention via Instagram.  Her account displays some beautiful photographs which I recognised instantly as having had minimal post-shot editing (quite a rare commodity these days).  I continued to follow for a while and found that she was not only a photographer but a diver, free-diver and conservationist too.   As a youngster, Rebecca developed a life-long love for nature whilst living on the southern shores of England.  Fast forward a number of years and she's swapped out the white cliffs and overcast skies for the much warmer,  bluer waters off the Sunshine Coast, Australia.   Keen to protect the oceans inhabitants Rebecca picked up a camera whilst simultaneously becoming a volunteer with Sea Shepherd. This has led to her representing and documenting 6 campaigns at home, and overseas with them.Today we take a more in-depth look at Rebecca's storyline and how Freediving is more advantageous during the efforts she is currently involved in.  As well as discussing her passion and thoughts on photography.  Rebecca is very humble about her achievements, and I feel that she is a shining example of how an individual can be loud and make a statement without  the need of a bellowing voice.  I believe she has only just started her journey so I'm looking forward to what the future may hold for her and her talents with a camera. 
The second part of our mini-series with Deb and I talking through more destinations that every diver should have on their bucket list and highlight some of the up to date travel requirements for the destinations mentioned. See chapter markers for locations discussed and S02 E12 for the first part of this series. Deborah Dickson-Smith, is a writer, editor and publisher who has built a career in the travel media industry.  She has managed to travel (and dive) through most of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia.  Deb now uses these experiences to design tailor-made dive holiday experiences for her clients at Diveplanit Travel.Deb and partner Simon Mallender launched Diveplanit in 2012, initially a blog to sharedive travel experiences and highlight marine conservation issues. Diveplanit has sincemorphed into an online dive travel guide, content marketing agency and dive travelagency, with the purchase of Diversion Dive Travel in 2018.Deborah's Links:www.diveplanit.com information was collected from various sources and correct on the day of recording the show.The travel discount offered by Diveplanit is for international travel (excluding flights), terms and conditions apply. Thanks to Master Liveaboards for their travel information input.
As the world starts to open up,  I reckon it is time to take a look and remind ourselves as to what is on offer. Joining me today is Deborah Dickson-Smith, a writer, editor and publisher who has built acareer in the travel media industry.  She has managed to travel (and dive) through most ofthe South Pacific and Southeast Asia.  Deb now uses these experiences to design tailor-made dive holiday experiences for her clients at Diveplanit Travel.Over the next 2 episodes, Deb and I talk through numerous destinations that every diver should have on their bucket list and highlight some of the up to date travel requirements for the destinations mentioned.Deb and partner Simon Mallender launched Diveplanit in 2012, initially a blog to sharedive travel experiences and highlight marine conservation issues. Diveplanit has sincemorphed into an online dive travel guide, content marketing agency and dive travelagency, with the purchase of Diversion Dive Travel in 2018.Deborah's Links:www.diveplanit.com information was collected from various sources and correct on the day of recording the show.The travel discount offered by Diveplanit is for international travel (excluding flights), terms and conditions apply. Thanks to Master Liveaboards for their travel information input. 
Earlier this year Norwegian born Samuel Rostøl decided to leave mainstream employment as a nurse so that he could focus all of his available time on supporting animal activism.   Soon thereafter, Samuel was invited to join Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands as they documented the annual Grindadrop or Pilot Whale hunts.  His footage has shone an even brighter light on the islands and albeit he casts an imposing figure, Samuel's approach to activism is far from that which most would assume.  During this episode Samuel explains the Grind, the animosity, violence and threats to kill and also the silent support and the reasons behind the reluctance of locals wishing the Grind to halt.On Sunday 12th September the Grind slaughtered 1,428 Atlantic White-sided Dolphins. Albeit this podcast is predominantly non-political I feel the need to include such activity to assist in creating a global response for the betterment of the animals involved. Samuel's social media links: FacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitterIf like me you feel that Samuel's work is invaluable then please join me and show your support  on his Patreon page:, this episode is also available to watch on the Scuba GOAT YouTube channel, make sure you hit subscribe to keep up to date with the next release.  If you are enjoying the show and would like to support the podcast, a review goes an amazingly long way, thank you.  Podchaser review link
Marcel Van Den Berg is a PADI Platinum Course Director, super passionate about professional training and eager to help anyone wishing to become a dive pro.  During this episode, I have a catch up to see how he is supplementing his income during the pandemic, what he is doing regarding pro training and how he is preparing for the borders to allow travel once more. Marcel's passion for training extends far beyond the classroom as he brings his skills to a variety of social media sources, including Youtube.  His main channel "Marcel Van Den Berg" has accrued over 11,000 followers as he posts detailed presentations on how to perform in-water skills demonstrations that budding dive pros will need to be able to emulate to pass their Dive Master and/ or Instructor training courses.  His second channel "Scuba Diving Tips" also has a healthy following of around 8,500 subscribers and is designed to provide a wealth of information on how to perform skills required to pass various non-professional training, such as the PADI Open Water and Advanced courses. We cover a variety of topics in this open and honest look at the dive industry and what the future may hold for the industry post-pandemic and dare I say, quite insightful for those considering entering into the pro side of the business. Marcel is based in Koh Tao, Thailand and operates out of Sairee Cottage Diving, below are their social media links along with details of how to get in touch with Marcel directly.   Finally, (and it's a first for Scuba GOAT) we've also put this Scuba GOAT podcast episode on Youtube too, so if you'd like to see Marcel accidentally breaking his picture frames head on over to the Scuba GOAT youtube channel and while you're there hit subscribe and let me know what you think of the channel. You TubeMarcel Van Den Berg (professional diver training)Scuba Diving Tips  (recreational diver training)WebsiteScuba diving tips websiteProfessional trainingIDC training at Sairee Cottage Diving FacebookInstagramTwitterAnd of course, you will find Marcel in the Scuba Goat Network group on Facebook along with all of the previous podcast guests.  Come and join the network!    xNuLzRtuzsbkny8up61M
An absolutely mind-blowing highlight of my Scuba GOAT journey to date is the 2hrs I recently spent with Dr Sylvia A. Earle on the show.  I’m sure this guest needs little by way of introduction; though her credentials, experience, passion and dedication to our oceans is awe-inspiring and incredible to witness.Sylvia is without a doubt one of my lifelong heroes, and when her office contacted me to arrange some time with her on the show, I was stunned and star struck!  But Sylvia quickly made me forget my nerves with her humility and generosity.Vibrant and ever the optimist, Sylvia shares stories from her remarkable career, insights from her lifetime of learning, and her hopes for ongoing preservation and conservation of our blue planet.  We discuss her latest book National Geographic Ocean: A Global Odyssey, which will have readers fall in love with the ocean all over again (along with being a powerful wake-up call that the ocean is effectively the planet’s “life-support system” and needs to be respected as such).I feel truly honoured to have had the pleasure of connecting with Sylvia via the Scuba GOAT podcast.  If you’ve enjoyed the show, make sure to share it with your buddies and spread the word about Sylvia’s book.  Links Find Sylvia's book at the following link: National Geographic Ocean: A Global OdysseyThe Mission Blue websiteSylvia's social media streamsFacebookInstagramTwitterDon't forget to subscribe to the show to be notified of new episodes and join our "Scuba GOAT Network" group on Facebook to maintain a link with all of the shows guests.
I catch up with two of my dive buddies whilst we are stuck in lockdown.  Lissa Rebec is Sea Shepherd's co-ordinator in Sydney, Australia and Don, the Senior Travel Editor for Scuba Dive magazine.  We discuss a few topics that have caught our attention recently and also highlight a number of excellent people working hard to educate the world on how we should be protecting our blue world.  
Envoy Shark Cull is a hard-hitting Australian documentary directed by Andre Borell.  The film shines a much-needed light on the outdated and antiquated shark control methods deployed in QLD and NSW, that have not changed in methodology since being introduced in 1936.  I was shocked and devastated to learn about this brutal culling program (also discussed with Jonathan Clark on S01 E15) that is not backed by science and urgently needs to be replaced with modern and non-lethal alternatives.If the report Queensland Shark Control Program catch statistics for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is to be believed, 286 sharks were captured between June 2020 and July 2021, of which only 57 sharks were released alive.  The report does not specify or account for the animals caught and killed as bycatch.Envoy Shark Cull is a Mike Tyson sized punch in the face of reality, it is heavily researched and brutally honest; culminating in a unified voice for the animals of the Pacific Ocean.  It is an absolute pleasure to have Andre on the show and I applaud all of his efforts and those who are actively involved in pursuing a resolution in this needless onslaught of our oceans wildlife.Become an Envoy and 'Act Now'Watch Envoy Shark CullEnvoy shark Cull websiteThe cast:Paul De GelderMadison StewartEric BanaLayne BeachleyJuan OliphantTom CarrollHolly RichmondDr. Leonardo GuidaJonathan ClarkLawrence ChlebekInstagram: @envoyfilmTwitter: @envoyfilmTikTok: @envoyfilmFacebook: @envoyfilmau
Originally from Melbourne, Jeff Hansen resides in Perth, Western Australia and is one of 6 Global Directors for Sea Shepherd.  As leader or co-lead he has played a pivotal role in protecting Australia's coastline.  Stopping the West Australian shark cull, preventing the worlds gas hub titan from ploughing through the largest Humpback Whale nursery on earth and stopping BP from drilling for oil in the rich, fragile and biodiverse waters of the Great Australian Bight.  Jeff is humble, passionate and dedicated to the world's wildlife and joins me on the show to discuss various elements that keep him ticking, his opinions and achievements he and the larger global Sea Shepherd team have made. Jeff's links:FacebookInstagramSea Shepherd links:Sea Shepherd Australia Facebook pageSea Shepherd websiteSea Shepherd donation linkDon't forget to subscribe to the show to be notified of new episodes and join our "Scuba GOAT Network" group on Facebook to maintain a link with all of the shows guests.
Connecting with us from Magnetic Island, Australia, we hear from Dr Andy Lewis who managed the ecotourism activities aboard the luxury vessel True North for over a decade and visited a plethora of remote locations throughout the Coral Triangle.   Armed with his PhD in coral reef ecology from James Cook University, and a passion for the reefs, islands and people of the South-Pacific,  Andy developed the Coral Sea Foundation which has evolved at an impressive rate since its conception.  Andy covers a variety of topics and locations and later in the episode, airs his views as to how we should be focusing our efforts to ensure that life on Earth is sustainable for all.  Facebook link't forget to subscribe to the show to be notified of new episodes and join our "Scuba GOAT Network" group on Facebook to maintain a link with all of the shows guests.
Elaine Brett is a dive professional, the resident manager and co-owner of one of the oldest and most successful dive centres on Koh Tao, Thailand. The northernmost of 3 islands in the Gulf, Koh Tao has attracted many tourists wishing to dive and obtain their certifications (with the added chance of seeing a Whaleshark).  At times Koh Tao has been frowned upon for how busy it can get however, this tiny island is without a doubt a fantastic location to visit and is currently having some major rest from activity.  Cue the aquatic life... I'm going to put it out there that post pandemic, Koh Tao should be on every divers wish list! During this episode I catch up with Elaine and hear about life on the island and the exploratory diving she is conducting alongside other long-standing local dive pro's. Master Divers webpage: https://www.master-divers.comMaster Divers Facebook: Divers Instagram: diving Koh Tao, Facebook: diving Koh Tao, Instagram:'s email: info@master-divers.comDuring the show, we mention the book "Nudibranchs and sea slugs of Koh Tao and nearby islands" – written by Rahul MehrotraAvailable from www.conservationdiver.comDon't forget to subscribe to the show to be notified of new episodes and join our "Scuba GOAT Network" group on Facebook to maintain a link with all of the shows guests.
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