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Expert Marketing Strategies, Advice & Tips on Search Engine Marketing & Optimization. Call In Live with your questions on SEO/SEM, Social Media
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What it takes to create content that will help you rank in search engines in 2020
How to produce the best content for your website.
In this episode we take a deep dive into Google Analytics and learn some really great strategies you can use improve your overall site performances and improve your tracking capabilities.
Digital Marketing during the coronavirus what companies should be doing during this time.
How to position your business in local search, Working with clients to help them understand what they need to be doing and assist business through these tough times.
How agencies and business owners should adjust during coronavirus pandemic and what you should do to stay ahead.
Joining us today is noted site auditor and speaker Casey Markee of Media Wyse. We discuss how the COVID-19 virus has changed search behaviors online specifically within his lifestyle, recipe and travel niche. Travel of course is dead but for food bloggers specifically, the only things doing well are comfort food, baked goods, and cocktails. We discuss Post-BERT changes that have happened with sites and the announced and unannounced updates that have rolled-out over the last six months. Finally, Casey sits for our popular "love it or leave it" challenge.”
Brian Dean of Backlinko goes over his skyscraper methodology. Search Talk Lives best of shows.
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