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Welcome to Dave Turner’s Seat Yourself podcast series. Seat Yourself delivers news and information from all over the world on the foodservice and hospitality tabletop industry. Dave is the globally known Chief Evangelist and Editor for A non-traditional journalist, Dave has spent nearly 30 years as a sales and marketing executive in the world of hospitality.
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This week, we offer up 7 quick steps on how to improve and elevate communications both internally and externally. In times of crisis such as COVID-19, communication becomes very critical to how organizations navigate their way through the turbulence. Both employees and customers want to know what a company or organization’s plans are, even as those plans are evolving. So, leaders need to be sure the correct message is being conveyed. In this episode, we discuss 7 quick steps from the American Psychological Association for doing just that.
This week, cocktail & spirits guru Zander Lauritzen Hansen returns to continue the conversation about the psychology that glassware brings to the overall hospitality guest experience. This time, however, we dig deeper discussing specific spirits and drinks such as whisky and tiki-drinks. Then, Zander gives us his take on the psychological importance of glassware to the wine and beer guest. We finish up with a lively discussion about sustainability and open the door to future episodes with a conversation on low and no-alcohol beverages. All in one single episode!
Life After Tabletop

Life After Tabletop


This week, we sit with Seth Iadarola, the new Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for THERMA-TEK and Dade Coolers. As a former hospitality tabletop sales executive, Seth talks about his time in the tabletop sector and how it prepared him for his current role. He also shares insights on why he is excited to bring his talents to his new organziation. In segment two of this podcast, we ask Seth to share his take on the current state of the foodservice and hospitality industry, along with his advice to those who seek to stay within the hospitality tabletop category.
After receiving notes from a number of listeners wondering where we’ve been for 2 weeks and worrying about our team’s wellbeing, it made me think about who in our industry that I worry about. So, in this episode of Seat Yourself, I detail the three people I worry about and why. I also offer up a few suggestions for all three on how to deal with our current industry struggles. And, for the record, both myself and our team are fine. In fact, we are working diligently on several 2021 projects that we think you will like very much in the coming year. I thank everyone who sent notes but all is well on the TabletopJournal front.
This week, friend of the podcast & cocktail conversationalist Zander Lauritzen Hansen joins us again. This week our focus will not be specifically on cocktails, however. This week, we will turn attention to the glassware used in serving cocktails and why the glassware you choose for your cocktails matters so much. Copenhagen-based and a global leader in the bartending scene, Zander will also cover current trends in both cocktails and cocktail glassware, along with how you can capitalize on those trends.
This week, in our last Seat Yourself of August, we take on a couple of the key issues confronting many of us within the foodservice and hospitality industry around the world. There have been so many challenges from the COVID pandemic crisis – but none more deeply and with such long-lasting effect than that of the loss of #identity and #purpose for so many of us within our industry. This week, we will attempt to put a bit of perspective around it all and help us to turn back towards having meaningful purpose no matter how our professional story may play out. In addition, in our Introduction, we will pay tributes to a couple of hospitality tabletop industry greats that we have recently lost.
This week, Seat Yourself friend Greg Kirrish joins us again - this time to discuss the notion that perhaps the comeback of the foodservice & hospitality industry may already be underway, but just not easily visible to everyone just yet. There’s some specific evidence that there just may be reasons for optimism….but as usual, our conversation doesn’t run from the realities of our current situation. In the discussion, we also talk about the keys that companies of all types – operator, supply chain, and manufacturer/supplier – all need to focus on for success as we think about coming out of COVID-19 lockdown.
This week, when our scheduled guest had an emergency and could not make it, we had an opportunity to test our agility and quickly pivot to re-write our planned podcast. Keeping with our original idea of maintaining good mental health and the various support groups available to us during these trying times, we have tried to focus our attention on the needs of our colleagues within the global hospitality and foodservice industry. Practicing self-care and self compassion could never be more important than during the current COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to those two critical elements, we all will need the support of others at some point and sometimes we will need the help of a group of others. This week’s episode has thoughts on all of that to help ourselves or others that we may know.
This week, in our latest Creative Spectrum episode, we sit with hospitality tabletop veteran Bob Thomson for a different kind of conversation. However, today’s conversation won’t be about tabletop and we think you may find a side of Bob that many are not likely aware of. As you probably know by now, each of our conversations in our Creative Spectrum series are meant to influence, impact and inspire. As Bob describes his own “2nd Chance” journey with his new venture Bobby T’s Up In Smoke, we think he scores direct hits on all three of those. And, if you listen closely, you may even be able to “hear” the smile in Bob’s voice as he describes both the how and the why behind SW Florida’s hottest new brand–Bobby T’s Up In Smoke.
In this week’s episode, we switch back to our focus on beverages – specifically, cocktails-to-go, except that this time we add in some great content on mocktails as Copenhagen’s Zander Lauritzen Hansen returns to Seat Yourself. Zander is CEO of Mixology International. Additionally, Zander gives us his take on how restaurants and bars can take their sustainability efforts to the next level and a few reasons for doing so that you may not have considered. All this under a new banner we are calling the Beverage Bar.
In this week’s episode of our new series The Creative Spectrum, we could not be more excited to sit with this week’s guest. In what might be our most anticipated interview to date, the very talented – and very creative - Jason Wange from Cal-Mil Products joins us. Jason has recently started a new position as Sr. Director of Sales for the Western Region Sales for Cal-Mil and you may be wondering… “Why? "- in a series called “The Creative Spectrum”, would we would have a foodservice sales manager on our podcast? Let’s just call it Jason’s strong message of creative “compassionate thinking” and “creative product/company cultures”. Listen to our episode and we’re guessing you’ll understand our “why” on this week’s episode.
In this week’s episode of our new series The Creative Spectrum, we are extremely excited to welcome designer-creator Yvette Craddock. Yvette is a designer-creator whose talents extend into many areas of design and creativity – whether they be when she designs spaces or experiences, or the products that Yvette designs. Based in America’s southwest region, Yvette’s projects  - and the positive influence generated by them – can be felt all across America. We are extremely excited to have Yvette Craddock join us and discuss her views on great design and what that means, along with her thoughts and opinions on how all of us are positively impacted by design each and every day.
In this next episode of our new series The Creative Spectrum, we are very excited to have Sahar Madanat join us. Sahar is Founder of Twelve° - a growing and award-winning multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers based in Amman, Jordan Sahar has been working with both national and international clients for the past twenty years. And while Sahar is an industrial designer by her training – she is an entrepreneur and design advocate by heart. One of the most award-winning designers in the Middle East, Sahar’s design work ranges from medical devices to new concept furniture. We are extremely excited to have Sahar Madanat join us and discuss her philosophy towards creating, her design process and the influence and inspiration she hopes to bring to others with the creations that she and her teammates at Twelve° bring forward.
In the launch of our new series The Creative Spectrum we are very excited to have as our first guest London’s Maham Anjum.  A graduate of the Royal College of Art and Central St Martins, Maham’s creative dinnerware designs have been used extensively in the hospitality industry as well as creating ranges for international manufacturers. Maham Anjum joins us to discuss what inspires and drives her creativity, along giving us a glimpse in the creative life of a true global ceramic artisan.
In this episode of our Seat Yourself podcast, we start with the exciting announcement of our new series The Creative Spectrum. As we look towards the future, we tell you the “why” behind this very exciting new series and the thought process behind its development. This week’s episode of Seat Yourself also includes a timely commentary on how can use the current coronavirus situation to our advantage and become a stronger – and better – self.
In this episode of our Seat Yourself podcast, Zander Lauritzen Hansen returns for a deeper dive into the growing trend of Cocktails-To-Go. With specific topics such as menu recommendations, why certain spirits work better for cocktails to go and even suggestions on how to partner with vendors, Hansen speaks directly to operators of all types. And, of course, Copenhagen-based Zander Lauritzen Hansen is the head of the Danish Bartender Association and is CEO of Scandic Bar and Mixology International.
In this week’s episode of Seat Yourself podcast and our mini-series On The Frontlines, we once again adjust to conditions-of-the-moment when we get back together again with Greg Kirrish. Originally, we had planned on discussing with Greg the various updates on the re-opening of our beloved hospitality and foodservice industry – both here in the U.S. and abroad. However, events of the past few days brought this past weekend’s protests across America to the top of our discussion pile. And, while we realize that there are other parts of the world who remain focused on their restaurants and bars re-opening, we do address a number of the challenges and issues that operators will be facing as they begin their re-opening process. But, certainly, you cannot be speaking about the hospitality industry in America without addressing the impact of the protests that have taken place and continue as we speak. In this week’s episode, we take on both of these challenging and difficult issues.
In this week’s episode of Seat Yourself and our mini-series On The Frontlines, we circle back around to catch up with David Otto from Tovari BV to get an update on the Dutch & Belgium hospitality markets and where they stand as things begin to open up. Additionally, we discuss with David the projects that Tovari has been working on during the lockdown period, including a gorgeous new catalog, a brand-new Amsterdam showroom and a concept that David is calling "100% European-Made" While the hospitality business has been quiet these past 2-3 months, the team at Tovari has been very active and we are not at all surprised.
In this week’s episode of Seat Yourself and our mini-series On The Frontlines, our host Dave shows his agility after some last minute schedule changes forces him to fly solo for this episode. This unique opportunity gives Dave a chance to recap some of the key learnings of the previous 9 weeks of On The Frontlines and to offer up his ideas on timelines for what the future will bring for the tabletop category and hospitality sector. Dave also talks about the 2 principle areas of focus for companies to concentrate as we find our way through the remainder of this year. He finishes up with the main ingredients that will be necessary for success in the both the near-term and beyond.
In this Special Edition episode of our Seat Yourself podcast, we sit with Zander Lauritzen Hansen once again, this time to discuss increasing operator sales and profits through a vibrant Cocktails To Go program to accompany the operator’s takeaway/carryout food menu. In their conversation, Dave and Zander talk about not only the reasons of why cocktails, wine and beer should be an integral part of your takeaway & carryout program, but they also offer up specific ideas on improving the logistics for your program and increasing your program’s awareness with your target market. Copenhagen-based Zander Lauritzen Hansen is the head of the Danish Bartender Association and is CEO of Scandic Bar and Mixology International.
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