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The official Seattle Mariners Podcast features programs that take a daily and long-range look at Mariners baseball.

Seattle Mariners Baseball: Game highlights, analysis, interviews and previews, hosted Gary Hill. Extras: Beat reporters join national correspondents to take a look ahead at the developing story lines latest news.
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Mariners Classics will feature the marvelous 8 RBI game from Mike Blowers. On Mariners Pod Mike will talk about that amazing night. We will also hear his vintage interview with Dave. Shannon will also explore the importance of 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.
On Mariners Classics we will take a listen to the incredible four-home run game authored by Mike Cameron. On MarinersPod, we will hear from Cameron, Boone, Rick, Dave and Lou.
We take a listen to a found interview with the great Tony Gwynn. Roger Clemens will also give the backstory of how he almost missed the start in his 20 strikeout game against the Mariners.
Brian Holman was nearly perfect against the A's on April 20, 1990. We will take a listen to the entire bottom of the 9th inning. We will also revisit a conversation with Holman and Ken Phelps together.
No. 649: Colin Curtis

No. 649: Colin Curtis


On Mariners Classics we have Felix Hernandez dominating the New York Yankees on June 30, 2010. Colin Curtis was starting in left field that day for the Yankees. We talk to Colin about his journey from growing up in Issaquah to facing Felix in his very first MLB start.
Mariners Classics continues with the Felix Grand Slam game. Ryan Rowland-Smith was the winning pitcher from that game and joins us to talk about it.
Aaron Goldsmith is back as we have a very long and meandering chat about our favorite conversations.
Felix Week continues as Shannon Drayer stops by to share some Felix stories. She also tells us about her favorite Felix start.
No. 645: Felix Week

No. 645: Felix Week


Felix Week starts tonight on Mariners Classics with his domination of the Red Sox in 2012. We will recap the game here. We will also revisit a very fun chat with Dan Shulman.
No. 644: Favorite Things II

No. 644: Favorite Things II


Aaron Goldsmith returns and we talk about your Favorite Things stories. We also chat about #civilskillets, RC Cola, hot dogs and more.
No. 643: The Kingdome

No. 643: The Kingdome


We say goodbye to The Kingdome on Mariners Classics tonight. On MarinersPod we listen to the touching last words from Dave on his final Kingdome broadcast. Lou, Edgar, Jay and Alvin Davis will also share their memories.
We will listen to history tonight on Mariners Classics when Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. go back to back. We will hear the story from Rick Rizzs. Griffey Jr. and Griffey Sr. will share their thoughts. Hall of Famer Dave Winfield will also talk about what it was like to be there.
On Mariners Classics we have the 2001 division cinch. On MarinersPod we have Dave talking with Lou about that night. Jason Churchill joins us as well as we talk about the Draft, the AL West and so much more.
Aaron Goldsmith is here and we talk about our favorite items. We again ask for your stories. Neil Scott also joins the show to tell the story about the recording of the first Mariners broadcast.
No. 639: O'Keefe

No. 639: O'Keefe


Mariners Classics features the first game in Safeco Field history. We will play some audio of Dave from the booth and dugout in 1998 during construction. Our good friend Colin O'Keefe will visit to share some stories.
No. 638: Felix

No. 638: Felix


The next two nights on Mariners Classics will feature Felix Hernandez. Tonight we will hear his perfect game and tomorrow his final start. On Mariners Pod we will enjoy the highlights and praise from his perfect game and his career in two different pieces. Enjoy.
Aaron Goldsmith returns as we take a listen to stories of your favorite games. We take some time to explore "What's the matter with Gary?" We also inform everyone that Aaron is growing a mustache.
The next two days on Mariners Classics will feature Games 4 and 5 of the 2001 ALDS. Today on Mariners Pod, we will take a listen to the final half inning of each of those games and the celebration after.
Keith Hernandez joins us as we revisit one of our favorite conversations.
Aaron Goldsmith joins Mariners Pod and we talk about our favorite games. We are also asking for you to tell us about your favorite games. There are guidelines though so you'll have to listen to find out.
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Jonas Grumbie

Mike Cameron is one of my favorite all time Mariners. I'm glad he's on staff now

Jun 11th

Jonas Grumbie

the game when he hit the grand slam.

May 20th
Reply (1)

Jonas Grumbie

it's so sad the Mariners couldn't have managed to score a few more runs when he was on the mound, so his wins would be a little more reflective of his talent.

May 2nd
Reply (1)
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