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This week… Seattle City Council is speaking for the trees. UW researchers are preparing to dive into the world of psychedelic therapy. And the Seattle Center Monorail is having a moment. Northwest News Network’s Jeanie Lindsay and science journalist Jane C. Hu are here to break down the week.
Memorial day is the unofficial start of the summer season, and while barbecues and sales, are nice, Memorial Day is meant to honor people who have died in service to the country. We talk to a teacher at The Red Badge Project about a book of tributes written by veterans that he’s assembling. Plus, a vet reads a story.
It’s spring foraging season, and mushroom hunting is serious business for some people, but there's plenty of mushrooms available in local forests fot Author Daniel Winkler is here to show us how easy it can be to connect with nature and maybe find some edible treats.
Washington state topped a list you do not want to be on last week: We are tied for the fastest increase in overdose deaths in the country. Deaths are up across the US, mostly due to the very deadly fentanyl. But there’s more going on than just a new opioid. National Public Radio Addiction correspondent Brian Mann explains who is being impacted here, and what might help.
The heat is hitting early this spring in Seattle and people are flocking outside. These sunny days are a great time to dust off your paddleboard or kayak. But that water is dangerously cold. Derek Van Dyke, an education coordinator with the Washington State Parks Boating Program will fill us in on the fun of being alert on the water.
This week, there was a shift in leadership at King County’s Regional Homeless Authority. Parks and rec will shut down Alki and Golden Gardens beaches an hour earlier for the summer. And how much would you pay for Taco Bell? KUOW’s Casey Martin and Vaughan Jones are here to break down the week.
Smoke has arrived. Which means it’s time to get prepared. Former firefighter and Life with Fire Podcast host Amanda Monthei is here to tell us how.
When’s the last time you went down to the waterfront? Alaskan Way is busy with construction as the whole area goes through a redesign. But the project is getting closer to completion. We went down to check in on the progress with Angela Brady, Director of the City's Office of the Waterfront and Civic Projects.
Lawmakers are gathering in Olympia today for the start of a special legislative session. There’s only one thing on the agenda: A new drug possession law.
Just in case you forgot, living in the Pacific Northwest means living near volcanoes. They are beautiful. They are also dangerous. And in Washington the month of May is actually volcano Awareness Month. Geologist Elizabeth Westby from the Cascades Volcano Observatory is here to talk about how to enjoy these uniquely Pacific Northwest wonders while also staying prepared for an eruption.
This week… We’re entering a heatwave. The Chinatown International District was deemed an ‘endangered historic place.’ And Microsoft says it’s time to learn how to use AI, or you might get left in the dust. KUOW’s Katie Campbell and Truth Be Told podcast Supervising Producer Ishea Brown are here to break down the week.
Peas and greens are starting to come up in p-patches all around Seattle. And their growth marks a historic milestone - the 50th year of Seattle’s P Patch Community garden program. They’re in high demand. Hobby gardeners use the space for flowers, to experiment with what will grow in Seattle, and for some extra herbs for the salad… But for hundreds of Seattleites, these are small farms sustaining much of their family’s food supply. For the Iu Mien ethnic group, in particular, farming is a way of life. We’ll meet some of them at their garden plots.
A sudden burst of heat is coming up this weekend. If you don’t have a pool or a heat pump, better start making a cool down plan. Seattle Weather Blog’s Justin Shaw is here. He’ll fill us in on the heat dome approaching and what might be in store this summer.
Taking a right turn at a red light is a staple of American driving. They keep traffic moving, but for pedestrians, they're a real health hazard. The Seattle Department of Transportation has a new policy to ban right turns on red at 41 intersections downtown, and to roll out more bans city-wide over the next year. SDOT Director Greg Spotts
Last week, the Wild Fish Conservancy won a lawsuit against the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that will soon halt salmon fishing in Southeast Alaska. Like with any issue, when there is a winner there are also losers and plenty of complications. We’ll get into it with the litigant, an Alaskan fisher, and a historian.
This week… Governor Jay Inslee says he’s ready to pass the torch. The national park service is considering timed reservations at Mount Rainier. And is the West Seattle Bridge cursed? Crosscut science reporter Hannah Weinberger and Seattle Times Food Writer Tan Vinh are here to break down the week.
The Seattle homelessness crisis won’t be solved overnight. But organizations under King County’s Regional Homelessness Authority aren’t confident the agency can do much in 5 years either. Greg Kim is here today. He’s a homelessness reporter for the Seattle Times.
Fasten your seatbelts… People who live around Seattle-Tacoma International Airport are suing the Port of Seattle, Alaska Air, and Delta Airlines for allegedly polluting the air with toxic chemicals. We'll hear from Steve Berman, the lawsuit's lead attorney, UW researcher Dr. Elena Austin and citizen scientist/former SeaTac resident Kent Palosaari about the airport's impact on the environment.
Jay Inslee is not seeking a fourth term as Washington’s governor. For the first time in more than a decade, the state will hold an open race for the governor’s seat next year, opening the door for some familiar faces in a new office. We dive into Inslee and his legacy with Austin Jenkins, staff reporter at Pluribus News.
It’s not just any Monday, today is May Day or International Workers’ Day. This year, the struggle for worker’s rights is making headlines across the country, and at big names in Seattle like Amazon and Starbucks. KUOW’s Labor and Economy reporter Monica Nickelsburg is here to talk about worker power right now, and what the future may hold.
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Kylie Montigo

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6:55 Hold up. How did Councilmember Andrew Lewis get away with "un-promising" $2.5 million? That's unacceptable.

Apr 5th

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commonly known as the big dark? till this podcast, I've never heard Seattle area called that. and I'm no newbie to the area. 🤔

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What I wish from this "Pandemic" is that people connect with the outdoors, but they aren't. I just see a bunch of crybabies connected to their electronic devices indoors.

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I hope this podcast keeps going, I'm enjoying the no nonsense information I'm getting. Thank You.

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My first episode, pretty cool, I want more.

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