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A massive part of CFO success is being in a company whose values and mission you deeply resonate with. That is the case with today's guest, who took her expertise to help a biotech company do its share in tackling a global pandemic. In this episode, Kelly MacDonald, CFO of Dynavax Technologies Corporation, discusses the pivotal moments in her career. She talks about the value of both a CPA and an MBA, and the importance of mentors in shaping her professional growth. Kelly shares how she redefines the role of the CFO, emphasizing the strategic importance of the finance organization. She talks about her unique partnership with Dynavax's CEO and how their collaboration contributes to the company's success. Gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of biotech finance, including the challenges and opportunities faced by CFOs in the evolving landscape. Whether you're aspiring to a CFO role, interested in the biotech industry, or seeking inspiration for professional growth, Kelly's journey offers valuable lessons and perspectives. Tune in to discover the intersection of finance, strategy, and leadership in the ever-changing world of biotechnology.To book a demo with Payhawk, click here. (
The only path to go is forward when a life-altering crisis comes. Today’s guest faced one of life’s tremendous challenges, and here’s her secret on how she managed to stay on track. Ranu Sharma, a Finance Director, has a story to tell about mentorship, public speaking, the challenges she faced with her son, and how the tragic event changed her leadership. Although Ranu faced a life-altering personal crisis, she went through, but she managed to stand against that storm and tread into life’s raging waves. She shares advice on how professionals could also trudge into your journey no matter the challenge blocking your path. So, step into this inspiring episode with Ranu Sharma and be a rockstar professional like her!  To book a demo with Payhawk, click here. 
The advent of technology paves the path for businesses to deliver cutting-edge services or products. Joining Jack McCullough today is Glenn Hopper to reveal his secret about how CFOs remain the leading edge in the business. He is a CFO at Eventus Advisory Group and the author of Deep-Finance: Corporate Finance In The Information Age. In this episode, as a guru on Gen AI, Glenn shares his insights on the importance of understanding generative AI and how it helps produce better results. He also addresses data privacy and data security. Not only does he provide a wealth of insights in this episode, but Glenn also offers new possibilities in positioning yourself as the vanguard towards success. So, tune in to this episode with Jack and Glenn today! To book a demo with Payhawk, click here. 
Running in an ultramarathon is a great teaching experience for every leader. It opens your eyes that success is not just about the run itself, but how your push boundaries and going beyond your abilities. Jack McCullough sits down with Sandra Beaver, CFO of Evolus, to share the parallels between ultramarathons and her professional journey. She discusses the complexities of financial leaders, particularly the strategic collaboration between a CEO and CFO. Sandra also opens up about the ups and downs of leading a multimillion-dollar company, the symbiotic relationship between self-care and career success, and the importance of attentive listening. To book a demo with Payhawk, click here. 
 Embark on an inspiring journey with our Rockstar CFO guest as he redefines the finance narrative, delving into the unexpected joys within the CFO role. Ashim Gupta currently serves as the CFO of UiPath, a position that he took after more than 10 years working in financial roles in GE. Beyond the usual financial discussions, this conversation explores the Ashim's perspective on offensive AI strategies, achieving a one-day close, and the delicate balance between professional success and personal fulfillment. Uncover the Ashim's refreshing take on job displacement fears amidst AI advancements and their uplifting insights on human resilience in adapting to technological shifts. This conversation goes beyond the boardroom, revealing Ashim's cherished role as a parent, and a surprising daily ritual involving classical Indian drums, emphasizing the importance of finding joy in every aspect of the finance journey.
In business, there’s only one thing that’s more important than success –sustainable success. If you have a sustainable business model, you get to weather any storm that gets thrown in your way and even thrive in spite of it. That has been the path that iconic food brand Chipotle took and its rockstar CFO, Jack Hartung, played a key part in making that happen. Jack is one of the longest tenured CFOs in the US, having served around four decades in the role, ten times the average tenure of most CFOs. In this episode, he tells us what it’s like to handle the financial aspect of one of the world’s most iconic food service brands and how creating a solid balance sheet is crucial to creating sustainable success for your business. Tune in and learn from one of the best in the business!
Leading in a world of chaos and change means embracing innovation, staying agile, and making history, not just reporting it. In this inspiring episode, Carolina Dybeck Happe, the CFO of General Electric takes us in the iconic company’s journey of transformation. Carolina shares the challenges she faced during the onset of COVID-19. Her story shows how her leadership played a pivotal role in driving GE's financial performance, balance sheet improvements, and ultimately, the strategic direction of the company. She emphasizes the power of being agile and open to change in today's chaotic global economy. Plus, Carolina shares the secret behind her iconic LinkedIn photo and her exhilarating experience flying a Swedish fighter jet. Tune in now for an episode that's not just about reporting history but making history, one that showcases the true essence of leadership, and above all, inspires you to embrace change and innovation in your own life and career. To book a demo with Payhawk, click here.
Tony Robbins once famously said that if we don’t grow, we die. And the secret to growth is outside that circle we call our comfort zone. That seems to be the theme for our guest’s personal and professional journey, which took her from Transylvania to holding a CFO role in one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Jack McCullough talks with Yoana Land, CFO Transformation at L’Oreal North America. The conversation explores the evolving role of finance professionals in a digital age, emphasizing that AI should be seen as a partner rather than a replacement. Yoana’s personal background, including her roots in Transylvania and her language skills, adds a unique and engaging dimension to the conversation, making it fascinating and insightful to follow. Tune in!To book a demo with Payhawk, click here.
Being a successful CFO means declaring your ambitions boldly, embracing failure fearlessly, and balancing life's fine tune of work and family. In this episode, we sit with Mala Murthy, CFO of Teladoc Health, to discuss the evolving role of a CFO in the erratic business world. She shares her journey from her humble beginnings to reaching the pinnacle of the corporate world, dissecting what it means to be a CFO. Mala also shares a glimpse into her personal life as a working parent, finding the delicate balance between career and family. She admits the difficulty of finding the balance, but that with having the right priorities in place, both personal and professional lives can flourish in harmony. Tune in now and discover what it takes to become a dynamic and versatile leader.To book a demo with Payhawk, click here.
Being the CFO of a pre-IPO unicorn is one heck of a job title to have, especially in your first 90 days. But as the new CFO at the rapidly growing startup, Axonius, Chris Kramer is more than up to the challenge. With a successful track record as a unicorn-status company, Axonius is poised for a significant financial event, but what does this mean for the CFO and the company's culture? Chris sheds light on the financial and cultural shifts that come with the transition to a public company. Join in as we explore the intricacies of CFO life in a pre-IPO company, the importance of financial transparency, the impact of an IPO on company culture, and a whole lot more!To book a demo with Payhawk, click here.
Being a CFO is more than just being responsible for the financial side of the business. This is what today’s guest proves to us. Wetteny Joseph is the executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer of Zoetis, the world’s leading animal health company. In this episode, he joins Jack McCullough to talk about the different hats he wears in the company and the journey it took him to come into his role. Not without challenges, Wetteny shares the story of becoming one of the few black CFOs in the Fortune 500 and what he thinks we can do as business leaders to ensure that the next generation of black financial leaders achieves its potential. He then dives deep into the relationship between finance and sales and marketing, highlighting the importance of being connected to customers and bringing it back to the work we do. From human connection to the bonds between humans and pets, Wetteny offers great insights that can open our eyes to what really matters (no matter what role you are in!). Tune in to find out and more!To book a demo with Payhawk, click here.
When we combine financial acumen with storytelling prowess, we discover that innovation knows no boundaries. In this episode, we sit down with Shannon Nash, CFO of Wing, to hear her remarkable journey from the world of finance to the silver screen. Shannon opens up about her career trajectory, starting as a tax accountant and rising to the helm of Alphabet's cutting-edge subsidiary, Wing. She reveals the innovative culture at Wing, where autonomous drone technology is redefining the concept of delivery. As a CFO, Shannon is surely not only crunching numbers but also inspiring and supporting those around her. But that's not all—Shannon's journey transcends the corporate world as she shares her passion project as a filmmaker. She reveals how her own life experiences, including raising an autistic child, ignited her desire to bring impactful stories to the screen. Get ready for an episode that celebrates determination, resilience, and the power of making a difference. Tune in now!To book a demo with Payhawk, click here.
Welcome to another episode of Secrets of Rockstar CFOs! Join our host, Jack McCullough, as he interviews Dr. Aradhana Sarin. Aradhana is the CFO and Executive Director of AstraZeneca, with a journey that’s both inspiring and impressive.Aradhana shares her path from practicing physician in Africa and India to leading a global enterprise. You will hear about her pivotal decisions and challenges faced, which shaped the leader she is today. She also shares her passions – team building, sustainability, and elevating female leaders.But Aradhana’s influence extends beyond her role as CFO. She’s a board member at AB InBev and the American Red Cross, two of the world’s most respected organizations.And there’s more! We conclude our conversation by discussing Aradhana’s social media presence and surprising hobby. So, let’s dive in and learn from Aradhana’s unique journey.To book a demo with Payhawk, click here.
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