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Learn from great minds in the industry as security professionals discuss relevant topics to help all other security managers, learn, grow, and succeed both personally and professionally.

Topics to include leadership development, priority management, technology, risk and compliance, loss prevention, asset protection, work plans, and a myriad of other relevant topics for Security Professionals.
29 Episodes
When it comes to security, organizations invest large sums of money in the security systems in order to protect their buildings, people, and assets.  As technology continues to improve and sit on company networks, protecting the security systems investment and the network is of critical importance. In episode 029, Morgan Harris, shares with us the… The post EP-029 Protecting Your Security System Investment with Morgan Harris appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
The cloud is understood by most these days as organizations are pushing more and more business applications to the cloud.  When it comes to video, there are still many questions on if and how video can utilized in the cloud. In episode 028, Hans Kahler, an executive with Eagle Eye Networks, shares insights and helps… The post EP-028 Understanding Cloud Video with Hans Kahler appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
The “Peter Principle” states that all will be promoted to their highest level of competence and often promoted one last time to a role in which they are not competent.  Also know as the level of incompetence.  When leaders reach this point there are two options.  Stay there the remainder of their career or learn… The post EP-027 Winning In Business with Sara Mays appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
Employees often feel that their personal social network interactions have no direct impact to the organization they work for.  What many are not aware of is that personal social network interactions can create a direct threat to the organization they work for and is often accidental. In episode 026, Philip Tully shares about the threats… The post Ep-026 The Threat of Social Networks with Philip Tully appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
As most of our historical workplace applications move to the cloud, many are starting to ask about and explore cloud access control.  Although the technology is not new it’s wide spread acceptance is. In episode 025, Dave Williams with Brivo answers many common questions about cloud access control.  He compares cloud with traditional access and… The post Ep-025 The Benefits of Cloud Access Control with Dave Williams appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
One of the greatest threats to organizations is the employees and their daily behaviors.  Humans are vulnerable to the targeted threats from skilled social engineers that specialize in gaining access to facilities, networks, and ultimately intellectual data. In episode 024, Sean Ahrens, the social engineering ninja helps us understand the threat or organizations face due… The post EP-024 The Art of Human Manipulation (aka. Social Engineering) with Sean Ahrens appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
As security managers we spend our time focused on technology, investigations, and problem solving to feel confident that we are providing value to the organization we lead. In episode 023, Tom Hall challenges us to think about the value we provide and to reflect on the idea that our value is not based on our… The post EP-023 Art of Building Strong Relationships with Tom Hall appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
Although “analytics” is not a new term or concept in the security industry, the effectiveness of analytics has been hit or miss for many years causing many to have concerns with the overall performance of analytics. In episode 022, Lindsey Silva helps us understand how analytics have improved and why they can now be trusted. … The post EP-022 The Value of Smart Learning Analytics with Lindsey Silva appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
Many are predicting a mass convergence of cyber security and physical security management roles.  Large organizations are already bringing two disparate departments together to work as one unified security team often under one senior manager. In episode 021, with Hector Sanchez, we discuss what this means for physical security managers and explore ways that physical… The post EP-021 The Unavoidable Convergence of Cyber and Physical Security with Hector Sanchez appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
The railroad was one of the last major innovations that changed the power landscape of cities across America.  It might be possible that the power landscape is changing again as many cities adopt high speed data pipelines and take advantage of smart city solutions to bring improved efficiency and enhanced public safety to the area. … The post EP-020 Understanding Smart City Solutions with Justin Bean appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
Life as a security manager is busy and full of fires, mostly figuratively and sometimes literally.  We spend our days responding to emergencies, investigating issues, and solving problems.  This work leaves us little time to work on our true priorities that allow us to accomplish the goals we seek to reach for our department. With… The post EP-019 Leadership Planning and Implementation with Lee Sanguinette appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
Many in the public sector of security (law enforcement or military to name a few) at some point attempt to make a transition into the private security space.  From the surface, it seems that this transition would be simple, but many who have gone before know there are many challenges to be faced when making… The post EP-018 Successful Security Career Transitions with Michael Betten appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
When building an IP based security system, the focus tends to be on the edge devices such as the cameras, intercoms, or the controllers.  Often, the most overlooked piece of the design is the device that controls the entire security network, the switch.  In episode 017 with Dennis Troxel, we explore why the switch matters… The post EP-017 The Switch Matters – Greater System Intelligence with Dennis Troxel appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
It is better to have a crisis communication plan and not need it than to need it and not have one.  For some unknown reason, most humans believe that a crisis happens to others, but is not likely to happen to them.  This same reasoning infiltrates many organizations.  In this Episode 016, George Wheeler discusses… The post EP-016 Crisis Communication Plans with George Wheeler appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
The number of IOT devices being placed on organizational networks is growing at a rapid and potentially unmanageable pace.  Each IOT device offers efficiencies to an organization that can’t easily be overlooked. Unfortunately, the same IOT devices bring on a level of risk to the security or the organizations network. In episode 015 with Lucas… The post EP-015 Internet of Things Legal Liability with Lucas Amodio appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
In Episode 014, Patrick Burns discusses the importance and many benefits of professional networking.  In addition to theory, Patrick provides examples on how we can improve our professional networking skills with peers, vendors, and  law enforcement agencies.  Patrick offers practical advice on how to get the most out of conferences and achieve your professional networking… The post EP – 014 The Benefits Of Professional Networking w/ Patrick Burns appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
Brian Howell started his security career in law enforcement and was able to effectively transition himself into successful security management roles in the private sector.  He is recently transitioning out of the security industry for a time in order to pursue another opportunity that fulfills a portion of his life goals.  Brian Howell has effectively… The post Ep – 013 The Pursuit of Success w/Brian Howell appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
Episode 12 – Managing Cyber Security Risk with Steve Bogle Topics of discussion include… Navigating and integrating physical and cyber security within organizations The importance of cybersecurity awareness training for employees The most common cybersecurity vulnerabilities Common motivation behind cyber attacks What motivates cybercriminals The review of cybersecurity best practices for organizations and employees Steve… The post EP – 012 Managing Cybersecurity Risk w/ Steve Bogle appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
Episode 11 – The Changing Landscape of Loss Prevention with Matthew Trader Topics of discussion include… Definition of Loss Prevention History of Loss Prevention Current trends in loss prevention Changes in Loss Prevention Technology The changing techniques and procedures of Loss Prevention Matthew Trader – LinkedIn  The post EP – 011 The Changing Landscape of Loss Prevention w/ Matthew Trader appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
Jonathan Rollins is a veteran loss prevention manager that excels due to his excellent interviewing skills during corporate investigations. On episode #10, Jonathan provides detailed insight on effective interview techniques for corporate loss prevention investigations. Conversation includes…  Effective loss prevention interview techniques How to prepare for a loss prevention investigation interview The importance of understanding… The post EP – 010 The Art Of An Effective Corporate Investigative Interview w/ Jonathan Rollins appeared first on Security Pro Insights.
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