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Author: Ty Alexander

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Welcome to Self Care IRL, a brave space for you to create better wellness experiences. Join Ty Alexander, wellness blogger and best selling author of "Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died, as she explores strategies and ideas for becoming your best self. This podcast will inspire you to take life by the horns and enjoy the ride despite your traumas or circumstances.

Topics include relationships (especially the one with self), transitions, inner growth, life purpose, spirituality, and whatever else the world throws our way. Sharing the most intimate parts of herself with you...this is Self Care IRL, a podcast by Ty Alexander.

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22 Episodes
In this week's episode, Ty talks you through some hidden habits that you might be doing every day making it very unlikely you'll experience any happiness.
In today’s episode, Ty teaches you how to kick the butt of those unnecessary or excessive feelings of guilt that can also be a psychological burden interfering with your emotions.
Joining Ty this week for a fruitful healing discussion is model, actress, writer, and beauty enthusiast Eugena Washington. Eugena, like many of us, is trying to cope with the scam that is adulthood all while breaking generational curses. Her mission is to show women how to love themselves intimately and unconditionally by sharing her own personal journey of love and acceptance. We collaborated with Mae Jones Magazine to feature Eugena as she is also the July editorial model for Mae Jones. It’s a newly launched fashion magazine that is redefining the look of luxury and dedicated to Black representation. Eugena and Ty talked for over an hour about their dads and how they love them, what success looks like, and the how’s and why’s of loving your body.
Following up from last week's revealing episode,Ty is joined by her good good girlfriend and fellow content creator LaVondra Shinholster of Typical BlaQueen. Listen in as they swipe stories filled with trauma, laughter, and awakening.
No life-changing tips or soul-awakening gems for you this week. In this episode, Ty shares a secret with you. One that she's been holding close to her heart nearly all of her life. If you can relate be sure to share this episode with friends.
This pandemic has been a wildly powerful reminder of how important freedom is - and how much we need human connection. In this episode, Ty is reminding you that the power of freedom still lives in you. Listen to learn how you can gain control again.
There are a lot of norms society has placed on us. But is this really true? In this episode, Ty introduces us to the idea of grief recovery and if it’s possible for you.
Everything about the woman Ty has become came from her mother. In this episode, Ty shares an endearing childhood memory that taught her and her mother a valuable lesson in love. She also gives tips on the things that every mother should tell their daughter.
Lending your time to take care of a loved one is a selfless act. But what happens when you lose a part of who you are during the process. Ty shares 4 tips on how to supercharge your soul when caring for the person you love becomes a burden to you.
Unpacking is just being mindful or aware. And not just being present in your feelings but also being aware of being aware. In this episode, Ty shares some deeply personal stories that lead her to be more mindful which has allowed her to easily unpack her emotional suitcase.
When we think about boundaries we typically think about all of the times people overstep them. But we don’t ever really discuss how we come to set realistic boundaries, how to express our boundaries to people AND how to hold people accountable. In this episode, Ty dissects, unpacks, and unravels what boundaries mean to her and how to set boundaries that are really clear.
Don’t worry you’re not soft or a punk it is totally natural. In the episode, Ty explains why she has no fcuks left to give and will also lay down the law on how you can mimic her behavior.
Confession, there’s a little bit of that girl in us all. In this episode, Ty gets real with herself about why she abandons greatness for procrastination and laziness. She sets a few goals for herself that are guaranteed to be useful AF to you.
With the holidays creeping up on us it’s easy to sink into situational depression. In this episode, Ty reveals how depression has held her hostage and how she keeps pushing even when there is little push left.
It’s time to lessen likability’s hold on you. In this episode, Ty breaks down our obsession with being well-liked and shares what she has unpacked about not being liked from her experiences living in New York.
Ty breaks down why ghosting should not be your first choice of communication and gives you a cheat sheet on how to be a better communicator.
Ty explores the idea of accepting death as a blessing rather than a curse. She also offers listeners advice on how to grieve without guilt while celebrating your own life.
In this episode, Ty celebrates "Be Kind to Humankind" week by asking, are you a kind yourself? She helps you unpack what being kind actually feels like and gives you three approachable tips on how you can be kinder to yourself. Follow Destination Heal on IG: me on IG:
Ty Alexander hosted Destination Heal's inaugural #SelfCareIRL retreat in Mexico. She sat down for an intimate conversation with super-creative and web series creator, Tracie Mae. They chat about what it's like to be a motherless child, things they would have done differently, and how to cope if you're in the storm now.Follow Destination Heal on IG: me on IG:
In this episode, Ty gets super intimate about how she friends and really breaks down how she protects her own energy in any situation. She also gives you four gems that will help you keep your energy fresh and clean (without "saging" people to death!).Follow Destination Heal on IG: me on IG:
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