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Every Monday and Thursday, Serial Killers takes a psychological and entertaining approach to provide a rare glimpse into the mind, methods and madness of the most notorious serial killers with the hopes of better understanding their psychological profile. With the help of in-depth research, we delve deep into their lives and stories. Serial Killers is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.

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On the outside, Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo appeared to be a perfect couple—but they held a dark secret: Paul’s sadistic aggressions were seemingly unstoppable, spurred on by Karla’s compliance. The secrets—and the bodies—piled up.
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When Paul Bernardo met his bride-to-be Karla Homolka in October 1987, he had already raped his first victim. But Paul's sadistic sexual appetite only seemed to deepen Karla's desire for him. And when his sick interest turned toward her 15-year-old sister, Karla let one thing guide her next move: her unrelenting need to please him.
By torturing and killing his fellow inmate, Robert Maudsley won his escape from Broadmoor Mental Hospital. But when confronted with more pedophiles at Wakefield Prison, he knew he couldn't stay there. Unfortunately, no one was listening to him. And the only thing that had ever gotten him attention was killing...
Abused by his parents from a young age, Robert Maudsley spent his childhood bouncing around orphanages and foster homes before running away in 1969. He spent years living on the streets of London, where he met a man with a dark secret… and decided that man couldn’t live.
In 1959, Eric Cooke committed his first murder in the sleepy city of Perth, Australia. And, having gotten away with the crime, it seemed nothing would slow down his bloody rampage.
Born in 1931 to a caring mother and alcoholic father, Eric Edgar Cooke had a turbulent home life. His string of break-ins and petty thefts were met with sympathetic authorities who gave Cooke second and third chances… But their leniency was cast aside in favor of more violence.
While Joseph Swango’s patients died at alarming rates, few people seemed capable of connecting the mysterious deaths with the doctor-in-training. The alarm bells only rang once he began poisoning his colleagues…
As a teenager in the ‘70s, Joseph Swango had an intense fascination with the macabre, even keeping a scrapbook full of newspaper clippings about murder and car crashes. As he got older, he realized that one career in particular would give him daily contact with death: medicine.
In the late ‘80s, Aileen trolled the highways outside of Daytona, Florida looking for johns. But these days, she was interested in more than sex work. Her johns had always treated her as disposable. Now, armed with a .22 caliber handgun, she was ready to return the favor.
More abused than loved, Aileen Wuornos suffered through her childhood in 1960s Michigan. She became a sex worker and petty thief, eventually hitchhiking to Florida—where the work that made her an outcast led to the murder that made her infamous.
For decades, it seemed like Charlie Brandt's first murder was a shocking, unexplainable anomoly—something he would never repeat. But in 2004, another violent crime would make headlines, and unearth secrets no one ever saw coming.
In January 1971, 13-year-old Charlie Brandt retrieved his father's gun and committed a shocking murder, saying it was like he “was sort of programmed to do it.” After 17 months in a mental health facility, he was free, and everything returned to normal… Or so it seemed.
By the early 1980s, Watts had stabbed three women to death. As police closed in on him, setting up tails and even bringing him in for questioning—but unable to detain him—he fled to Texas, where he disappeared into the city then known as “The Murder Capital of the U.S.”
Unable to contain his dark fantasies and suppressed rage, Coral Eugene Watts targeted women in Michigan and Texas starting in 1974, and continuing for nearly a decade. His crime sprees were a reign of terror that for him, brought a perverse kind of relief.
Still desperate to ignite a race war in the United States, Joseph Paul Franklin sought more prominent targets, hoping to draw attention to his cause. But he also found satisfaction in impulsive, isolated murders. When it seemed no one would ever catch him, he got careless.
He studied Mein Kampf. Changed his name. And joined white supremacist groups across the country. Fueled by hateful rhetoric and armed with guerilla warfare tactics, Joseph Paul Franklin set out to ignite a nationwide race war—right in the midst of the Civil Rights movement.
In 1977, Cottingham was married with three kids, two secret girlfriends, and an itch for abusing sex workers. As the years wore on, he developed increasingly bizarre torture rituals, and his crimes escalated in both body count and brutality.
He had an idyllic childhood in the 1940s and ‘50s, but as Richard Francis Cottingham grew, he began having dark, dehumanizing sexual fantasies about women. When he started working in New York City, he took those violent, twisted dreams and made them a reality.
In 1979, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris sexually assaulted and murdered five teenage girls. For months, authorities were at a loss to explain the disappearances of their victims, but eventually, Norris and Bittaker got reckless, and the crimes of the Toolbox Killers were revealed to the world.
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Yasmine C

Despite the heinous crimes that she committed, which includes the tape and murder of her own sister, Karla Homolka is a free woman. She changed her name, got married, and is the mother of two.

Sep 18th
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Mark Filby

Great show, fascinating but shocking as well, keep up the good work

Sep 17th

Heather Jones


Sep 16th

Kirsten Farr

loved these episodes. I ve been left feeling sorry for Robert. its truly inhuman the way he has been treated. He should have been given the help he needed.

Sep 10th

Anjelica Ramsey

I'd love an episode on Jaron Van Der Sloot. He was the first killer I remember seeing on TV and he chilled me to the bone because he was only a couple years older than me, and very handsome, and for the first time I saw myself as someone that could have ACTUALLY been a victim of a serial killer. Not sure if he technically counts as a serial killer though. He killed 2 young women, but only got convicted of the second murder. Anyway, just a suggestion.

Sep 8th

J Coker

paddock, pavement... mates. you really did research on this one

Sep 4th
Reply (1)

Dianna W

OMG! I live very close to Kenova, WV. I've never heard of him.

Aug 28th

Timothy E. Mannion

Hey guys, any plans on doing an Ivan Milat episode?

Aug 27th
Reply (1)

Henri Chinaski

Why do you pronounce his name like that? The ending of the same rhymes with "oh", not "ooh"

Aug 26th


I will not listen to "very presidential." there is enough discord, anger and hatred already. In my opinion you are not shedding any new light on anything. This podcast will just be gossip and judgie stories from #ashleyflowers who has literally no clue. no thanks.

Aug 25th
Reply (1)

Missy Minor

Definitely my favorite so far. Long list and great storytelling.

Aug 24th

Pamela Sobze

It's one thing to recycle episodes, but it's a whole other level of shade to delete the original and fail to address that it's a repeat or update. So over your nonsense 🙄.

Aug 24th

Michael S

If this turns into another Trump hater outlet I'll be unsubscribing from all the Paracast channels. I won't be the only one because we're tired of politics being brought into everything. Ask the NBA, MLB, & Pedowood how their anti Trump rhetoric has worked out for them. Stop with making everything political, its horrible for business. #WWG1WGA

Aug 15th

Henri Henry

Tony Curtis completely embodied, a killer in the movie.. I thought Curtis deserved an Oscar 4 just being believeble as a physcopath..

Aug 15th

Henri Henry

Great stuff.. Brudos in Mindhunter was brilliant,, they (Actors) masterful human study of character actor.

Aug 14th

Mike Cole

Is "ample bosom" code for "Big Booby's"? 😂 God I hope my mom doesn't read this! lol

Jul 20th
Reply (1)

Tŕisû Ness

I don't see/can't find episode 1 of this two part series

Jul 20th
Reply (2)


I'm sorry, terrible guy rip to the victims and all but I cannot stop seeing his name as Moses Shithole.

Jul 11th
Reply (2)

Matt Foster

is the music from around 10:40 from The Sims???

Jun 30th
Reply (1)

Im Watching You

thanks Greg

Jun 26th
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