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Author: Fellowship Bible Church

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Sending Biblical Truth.

Be a part of the conversation as we talk through our weekend worship services at Fellowship Bible Church.
69 Episodes
Calling Upon His Name

Calling Upon His Name


Caleb returns to discuss the calling upon the name of the Lord in scripture, and the powerful precedent it sets for our lives.
Mark and Alicia talk with Pastor Mark Carey about Romans 10. They discuss verses 1-10... believing, confessing, and riches.
Mark and Alicia talk with the Pastor of Global Missions, Scott McManigle, about the book of Romans and God's promise to Israel and to the global church.
Caleb, Alicia, and Pastor Mark discuss sovereignty, election, and the magnitude of God.
Caleb and the Marks unpack Romans 9, the weekend snow, and the notion that God permits what He hates so He can accomplish what He loves.
The Sermon Spotlight hosts are talking application this week! How can we engage "woke, cancel culture" in a loving Christ-centered way with Romans 9 in mind?
What About Israel?

What About Israel?


Caleb and the Marks prepare for Romans 9-11 and discuss FBC's integration into online church life. Video version available on YouTube!
Caleb, Alicia, and Pastor Mark unpack the "these things" from Romans 8:31-39. Video version available on YouTube.
Where Was God in 2020?

Where Was God in 2020?


Chairman of the Elder Board Mike Thomas joins SS to discuss FBC's weekend year in review! Video version is available on our YouTube channel.
The SS team unpacks the Christmas season and looks ahead to the new year.
Christmas is upon us! Let's unpack Jesus' words from Luke 19.
Pastor Dennis debriefs Follow the Star with us, and breaks down the depth and breadth to John Chapter 10.
The host trifecta discusses Jesus' message of hope from Luke 4:14-21.
Alicia, Caleb, and Pastor Mark talk about encouragement from Romans 8:26-30.
Mark Carey elaborates on Romans Chapter 8, and "groaning" with Mark Francis and Ben Sanford as hosts.
Pastor Mark talks with Alicia and Caleb about adoption, being an heir of God, and endurance through suffering.
Pastor Mark Carey, Caleb Pearson, and Alicia Battaglia talk about the path to victory and setting our minds on the Spirit.
The host trio meets online to discuss the sermon and its implications on Election Day!
The Embodiment of Love

The Embodiment of Love


Pastor Dennis joins us for our final recap of the Law before we set our sights on Romans 8.
The Law and the Spirit

The Law and the Spirit


Dennis McNutt joins Sermon Spotlight to discuss the law of the Old Testament and the implications of the newness of the Spirit.
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David Patton

I'm excited to see this flourish! Good work gentlemen. Great radio voices!

Oct 31st
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