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On this week’s show, we discuss the latest escalation in the fight over Spotify’s reclassification of its premium subscription as an audiobook and music bundle in the US, the lawsuit against Drake for putting one of his own song titles on a t-shirt, and the return of the band formerly known as Easy Life, who have nothing to do with easyJet. SECTION TIMES 01: Spotify (00:10:22) 02: News in brief (00:17:24) 03: Drake and Hard Life (00:19:28) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Music publishers now fighting Spotify audiobook bundling trick on multiple fronts • Drake sued over t-shirts referencing his track ‘Members Only’ • Easy Life return as Hard Life following easyGroup legal battle NEWS IN BRIEF • The COVID trend of late-in-the-day ticket purchases has continued, says Eventbrite • Musicians now see success from a more long-term perspective, study finds • Martin Shkreli ordered to hand over copies of Wu-Tang album ALSO MENTIONED • Touting, touring and AI in the spotlight in election manifestos
On this week's show we discuss the US government’s legal action against Live Nation that seeks to force it to sell off Ticketmaster, ticket touts’ plans to fight the Labour Party’s proposed 10% price cap on the resale of tickets, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: Live Nation (00:06:40) 02: News in brief (00:23:07) 03: Ticket resale lobbying (00:26:52) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Live Nation monopoly is “anticompetitive” and must be broken up says DoJ lawsuit • Live Nation faces class action that could involve millions of ticket buyers • Hackers claim to have accessed personal data about 560 million Ticketmaster customers • Campaigners respond to “astounding” report on the “sinister” lobbying plans of ticket touts NEWS IN BRIEF • US court agrees to fast-track legal challenge over TikTok ban • Parklife founder Sacha Lord under pressure as Arts Council and GMCA launch investigations into COVID funding • Queen deal • Government confirms it has issued drug-testing licences to “some of the leading festivals in the UK” ALSO MENTIONED • Spotify sued over decision to stop supporting Car Thing • Spotify price hike in France • Revealed: how touts drew up secret plans to sabotage Labour’s ticket reforms (The Guardian)
On this week's show we discuss the battle between the music publishers and Spotify as it ramps up another gear, Sony Music's lawsuit accusing the Marriott hotel chain of “rampant” copyright infringement, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: Spotify (00:04:39) 02: News in brief (00:22:15) 03: Sony Music (00:25:13) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Spotify’s conduct proves US compulsory licence isn’t working, says NMPA boss • Sony sues Marriott over social media posts NEWS IN BRIEF • Leadmill eviction battle in court • Live industry welcomes ticket tout prison sentences • TikTok wants its legal case against US “sell-or-be-banned” law fast-tracked • Scarlett Johansson accuses ChatGPT of stealing her voice ALSO MENTIONED • Live Nation monopoly is “anticompetitive” and must be broken up says DoJ lawsuit
On this week's show we discuss the battle between music publishers and Spotify over its plans to reclassify its subscriptions as bundles of music, audiobooks and podcasts, and commercial media companies hit out at the BBC’s plan to sell advertising on its podcasts. SECTION TIMES 01: Spotify (00:03:48) 02: News in brief (00:15:20) 03: BBC (00:17:48) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • The MLC is suing Spotify over audiobook bundling • Publishers accuse Spotify of licensing gaps in letter the streaming service has dubbed a “misleading press stunt” • US music publishers ramp up the rhetoric against Spotify's royalty reducing bundling trick • Media companies hit out at plan for BBC to sell ads alongside its podcasts NEWS IN BRIEF • TICKET Act passed by US House Of Representatives • Universal removed as defendant on explosive Diddy lawsuit • TikTok creators file lawsuit against US sell-or-be-banned law • Utopia swings the axe again with significant job losses across remaining non-UK operations • ATC takes majority stake in Raw Power ALSO MENTIONED • Sony Music tells 700+ AI companies to respect its copyrights
On this week's show we discuss the UK Parliament’s Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee recommending that a levy on ticket sales for large scale shows be implemented by September and that the government should instigate a VAT cut for grassroots music venues, plus the concerns surrounding the launch of a new SXSW festival in London. SECTION TIMES 01: Grassroots venues report (00:06:50) 02: News in brief (00:14:18) 03: SXSW London (00:17:38) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • MPs set September deadline for ticket levy to support grassroots venues and shows • SXSW London could disrupt delicately balanced music ecosystem and should reconsider its date NEWS IN BRIEF • TikTok sues the US government over sell-or-be-banned law • Goldman Sachs analysts upbeat about music industry after a “turning point” year • Lucian’s lunch money under threat as shareholder pressure mounts over “excessive” pay packet • Nine of the ten wrongful death Astroworld lawsuits now settled, says Live Nation • OfCom should use Online Safety Act powers to force Facebook to act on ticket scams, says Which? • Music Venue Properties announces purchase of The Ferret in Preston • Apple finds out the hard way that not everyone thinks destruction is a form of creation
On this week's show we discuss the calls on both sides of the Atlantic for new AI laws to protect creators, the big love-in between Universal and TikTok as they finally resolve their differences, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: AI laws (00:07:00) 02: News in brief (00:20:29) 03: Universal x TikTok (00:23:20) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • MPs call on UK government to create “a pro-creative industries AI bill” • FKA Twigs and Warner boss tell Senators about the urgent need for a US-wide law to regulate deepfakes • Universal and TikTok are best buds again • Universal boss Lucian Grainge talks up the new TikTok deal which “will protect the integrity and value of human artistry” NEWS IN BRIEF • EU TikTok ban “is not excluded” says European Commission President, as FCC Commissioner says US ban won’t be scuppered in the courts • CEO of NewJeans label Ador refuses to convene board meeting as parent company HYBE tries to push her out • R Kelly fails to overturn Chicago conviction • Astroworld victims want first trial to be livestreamed • Taylor Swift and Record Store Day push UK vinyl sales reach highest level since 1994 ALSO MENTIONED • Could Co-op Group terminate Manchester arena naming rights deal? Fury mounts as safety incident forces yet more Co-op Live show cancellations
On this week's show we discuss the bidding war compounding the latest in a long line of dramas at Hipgnosis, the faltering start for Manchester’s new Co-op Live arena and more.  SECTION TIMES 01: Hipgnosis (00:04:59) 02: News in brief (00:18:48) 03: Co-op Live (00:12:15) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Hipgnosis debacle might be over as Concord offers to acquire entire share capital of SONG - but there’s a catch… • Blackstone tops Concord offer for SONG, hints at invoking call option • The state of Hipgnosis • To the moon! Concord reaches for the high notes as it ups its SONG bid to $1.25 • Co-op Live GM says grassroots venues are “poorly run”, before cancelling thousands of tickets to test event at the very last minute • Manchester’s new Co-op Live arena cancels launch shows as power issues delay opening NEWS IN BRIEF • The clock is now TikTokking as US Senate votes through sell-or-be-banned law • Amazon AI employee claims she was told to breach copyright rules because “everyone else is doing it” • Moving BBC radio to an ad-funded model would be a disaster, says Radiocentre • Drake threatened with legal action over AI Tupac in Kendrick diss track ALSO MENTIONED • AI and music one year later: What happened? And where are we at? (Spot Festival, 3 May, 1pm) • Dissecting The Digital Dollar: What’s changed? (Spot Festival, 4 May, 11.45am) • The new pay-out models: What are the consequences for you as an artist and as a songwriter? (Spot Festival, 4 May, 1.15pm) • The great streaming swindle: That’s how much money is swindled every year in the music industry (Spot Festival, 4 May, 2.15pm)
On this week's show we discuss the warning from UK politicians that there need to be “tangible steps to improve musicians’ remuneration and performer rights” by this time next year, and Blur drummer Dave Rowntree’s class action lawsuit against PRS For Music over songwriter royalties, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: Performer remuneration report (00:05:39) 02: News in brief (00:14:53) 03: Dave Rowntree v PRS (00:19:23) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • “Fundamental reform of music streaming” must come soon, say MPs • Blur’s Dave Rowntree leads class action lawsuit against PRS For Music seeking “hundreds of millions of pounds” for songwriters NEWS IN BRIEF • WIN renews shared values of the independent music community • GEMA says German song right income is booming, but digital growth is lacking • Timeline for TikTok law in Senate still to be confirmed, though Minority Leader says its deserves "urgent attention" • Universal relaxes TikTok boycott - but only if your name is Taylor Swift • Have a playlist idea but don’t know what songs to put on it? Spotify’s AI bot can help with that • Spotify planning tools to allow users to remix tracks ALSO MENTIONED • Westway Lab
On this week's show we discuss UK Parliament's Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee's hearing on the grassroots live music crisis, and the Nirvana logo legal battle's return to court. SECTION TIMES 01: Grassroots live music crisis (00:08:13) 02: News in brief (00:17:09) 03: Nirvana logo (00:21:43) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • MPs hear about the crisis in grassroots live music - a ticket levy might help, but how would that work? • Nirvana ‘smiley face’ copyright dispute back in court NEWS IN BRIEF • Rapper ordered to pay $800,000 to Sony over TikTok hit with unlicensed sample • Sean Combs properties raided in federal sex trafficking investigation • Discrimination, lower pay and shorter careers are the norm for female musicians in the UK, study shows • RIAA 2023 Year-End Music Industry Revenue Report ALSO MENTIONED • As BMG’s 2023 numbers show continued growth, could a merger with Warner Music or Believe be on the cards?
On this week's show we discuss the ruling in the long-running noise dispute involving Manchester's Night & Day that allows the venue to continue running club nights but potentially puts other nearby venues at risk, plus the BPI’s legal threats against a service that uses AI to create cover versions of songs in seconds. SECTION TIMES 01: Night & Day (00:08:13) 02: News in brief (00:15:15) 03: Voicify (00:19:57) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Night & Day ruling makes it “open season” on Manchester’s night-time economy says Music Venue Trust boss • BPI threatens to sue voice cloning site Voicify NEWS IN BRIEF • More performers seeking specialist health support, says BAPAM • Music and visual arts organisations back new climate change charity Murmur • Black Eyed Peas sued for licensing interpolation but not sample of Scatman • IFPI report shows 10.2% growth in global recorded music market • MIDiA shows $35.1 billion in global recorded music revenues - but what does that number actually mean? ALSO MENTIONED • Spotify publishes new Loud & Clear, says the focus now is artists “dependent on streaming as part of their livelihood” • Thom Yorke calls Spotify 'the last desperate fart of a dying corpse' (The Guardian)
On this week's show we discuss proposals voted through the US House of Representatives this week to force TikTok owner ByteDance to sell the video-sharing app or face a ban in country, and the UK Labour Party's pledge to introduce a cap on ticket resale prices if it wins the next election. SECTION TIMES 01: TikTok ban (00:03:20) 02: News in brief (00:14:21) 03: Ticket resale (00:17:00) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Selling TikTok would be last resort for ByteDance, sources say as House votes through sell-or-be-banned law • TikTok insists it isn't forcing Americans to phone politicians as ban proposal gets fast-tracked in Congress • Labour commits to UK ticket touting price cap, as Ed Sheeran's team welcomes guilty verdict in ticket tout court case NEWS IN BRIEF • EU AI Act “world-first” say music trade bodies as European Parliament votes it into law • Texas governor tells SXSW boycotters “don’t come back” • Joe Rogan is back on Apple and Amazon - so Neil Young is back on Spotify • Bad Bunny sues fan over unofficial concert recordings on YouTube • Glastonbury announces headliners, as UK festival cancellations pass 20 ALSO MENTIONED • Believe x WMG takeover dance warms up as financial regulator is called in
On this week's show we discuss the €1.8 billion fine Apple has been ordered to pay by the EU following an investigation into claims of anti-competitive behaviour made by Spotify, and Live Nation's explanation of why everyone else in the music industry is to blame for rising ticket prices. SECTION TIMES 01: Apple v Spotify (00:06:26) 02: News in brief (00:20:48) 03: Live Nation (00:25:33) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • EU fines €1.8 billion at end of Spotify initiated competition law investigation • Apple hits out at EU competition ruling that “ignores the realities of a market” • Live Nation says rising ticket prices definitely not its fault NEWS IN BRIEF • WMG is toying with an offer for Believe that would wipe out Warner’s cash reserves - but is it serious, would Believe shareholders sell and can WMG afford to bet the farm? • Hipgnosis Songs Fund takes a haircut - and might have bigger problems to come • New US-wide TikTok ban proposed in Congress • Mean Millennials scrap streaming subscriptions, mail order music is booming - and Apple Music might be making £500 million or more in the UK • Raye wins record-breaking six BRIT Awards ALSO MENTIONED • Tidal phases out HiFi Plus tier, makes higher quality audio part of its standard subscription product • The Truth About Ticket Pries (Live Nation)
On this week's show we discuss the news that UK music retail revenues are back to where they were at the peak of the CD era in 2001. So long as you imagine that no time has passed in between. Plus, the brewing legal battle of Kanye West’s “shameless” interpolation of a Donna Summer track. SECTION TIMES 01: UK music revenues (00:06:47) 02: News in brief (00:15:20) 03: Kanye West (00:20:38) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • UK music retail revenues reach record high, according to ERA stats • Donna Summer estate sues Kanye West over “shameless” uncleared sample NEWS IN BRIEF • €111 million in TikTok revenue is nothing when you’re Lucian Grainge - but, he says, “my phone is always open” if Shou Zi Chew wants to be friends again • Warner boss teases superfan app that will be "a cross-platform solution" • Spotify vs Apple name-calling kicks off again after EU mega-fine rumours • UK Music again calls for VAT cut on tickets ahead of budget statement • And Finally! Ed Sheeran has let British music down, and now everyone only likes K-pop • Miley Cyrus tops IFPI singles list • Seventeen top IFPI albums list ALSO MENTIONED • Trademark dispute over Earth, Wind & Fire tribute shows back in court
In this special edition of Setlist, Andy Malt and Chris Cooke dive into topics covered in CMU's latest series of masterclasses, which look at the music business in 2024. We talk through key trends in streaming, copyright, AI and more. SECTION TIMES 01: The music business in 2024 (00:04:58) 02: Music streaming in 2024 (00:12:51) 03: News in brief (00:19:55) 04: Music copyright in 2024 (00:22:51) 05: Music and AI in 2024 (00:33:01) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) CMU'S 2024 MASTERCLASS SESSIONS Get an expert overview of the topics that will define the music business in 2024, including copyright, streaming and AI, as well as economics of streaming developments. The four sessions discussed on this edition of Setlist are available to watch on demand, with four more still to come. Find out more and book all eight sessions for just £299 including VAT here NEWS IN BRIEF • Apple faces €500 million fine after Spotify-prompted EU competition investigation • EU to investigate TikTok over online safety concerns • Universal splurges almost quarter of a billion dollars to buy KKR out of Chord Music • Music industry’s billion dollar damages win in Cox case overturned • Sam Mendes’ Beatles biopics
On this week's show we discuss questions and potential legal action over the politicisation of arts funding, as Kneecap are denied money by the British government and Arts Council England issues new guidance for anyone thinking of being controversial, plus the legal battle over royalties currently brewing between MLC and Pandora, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: Arts funding (00:04:23) 02: News in brief (00:14:54) 03: MLC v Pandora (00:16:46) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • UK Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch’s decision to block MEGS funding for Kneecap “unlawful” says band as it prepares legal action • Arts Council says free speech and controversy is fine, but please follow a detailed risk assessment first • MLC sues Pandora over unpaid royalties NEWS IN BRIEF • Tributes pour in as BBC radio presenter Steve Wright dies • Musicians' Union reluctantly reaches deal with English National Opera over orchestra cutbacks • NTIA says nightlife faces cultural crisis after 400 club closures since 2020 • As another grassroots venue closes, MVT renews calls for a ticket levy ALSO MENTIONED • Music industry welcomes German ruling holding TikTok liable for unlicensed content
On this week's show we discuss new developments on AI in the EU and UK that have given the music industry cause for both celebration and concern, and the commercial radio industry's anger as BBC Radio looks to give music fans more choice. SECTION TIMES 01: AI regulation (00:05:24) 02: News in brief (00:15:52) 03: BBC Radio (00:19:11) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Music industry welcomes EU member states agreeing AI Act • Planned UK code of practice on copyright and AI shelved • Government needs to "urgently reconsider" approach to copyright and AI, says culture committee Chair • Commercial radio sector calls on OfCom to block BBC's plans for four new radio stations NEWS IN BRIEF • Spotify CEO slams Apple in earnings calls and hints at more job cuts • Warner Music’s Kyncl goes big on importance of major labels and data, says he is confident UMG TikTok dispute will be resolved • Michelle Jubelirer stands down as Capitol CEO as Universal Music restructure goes into effect • Indie labels say Apple's new payment model will take money from their artists to benefit the majors • Megan Thee Stallion marks “beginning of a new chapter” with Warner deal ALSO MENTIONED • Music mogul Irving Azoff and Apple exec Eddy Cue build their ultimate golf course (Golf Digest) • And Finally! Irving Azoff and Eddy Cue’s new golf course is open for business. And no, you can’t join
On this week's show we discuss Universal and TikTok’s big bust up that has seen the major label’s music removed from the social network, the damning report on the “boys’ club” music industry and how it holds women back, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: UMG v TikTok (00:02:49) 02: News in brief (00:13:57) 03: Misogyny In Music report (00:17:20) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Universal Music is going to war with TikTok, accusing the social media giant of bullying and intimidation • TikTok accuses Universal of “greed” and “false narrative”, begins removing tracks • Misogyny remains “endemic” in “boys’ club” music industry says UK parliamentary report NEWS IN BRIEF • Lords committee calls on government to clarify copyright obligations of AI companies • 71% of music creators fear multi-billion dollar music AI business could stop songwriters from earning a living, says new report • Music industry celebrates YouTube passing 100 million premium subscribers • UK government publishes new UK streaming transparency code ALSO MENTIONED • RIAA welcomes US government's latest piracy reports, but urges a "close look" at voice cloning sites • Read the full 'Misogyny In Music' report • The F-List’s Vick Bain on UK Parliament’s Misogyny In Music report and the industry’s next steps
On this week's show we discuss how Apple Music's "spatial audio bonus" will benefit major labels to the detriment of independent labels and creators, the report finding that on average two grassroots music venues per week closed down in the UK in 2023, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: Apple Music (00:04:23) 02: News in brief (00:11:43) 03: Music Venue Trust report (00:14:26) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Apple Music’s “spatial audio bonus” will favour major labels at the expense of small labels and creators • Two grassroots venues close down every week, according to new report from Music Venue Trust NEWS IN BRIEF • Madonna and Live Nation will "vigorously" defend late show start lawsuit • American musicians' union begins talks over AI and streaming with the Hollywood studios • Spotify uses EU Digital Market Act blog post to take potshots at Apple, announces superfan clubs • Publishers hit back at Anthropic's claim that AI copyright cases should be filed in "its Silicon Valley backyard" • Hipgnosis Song Management “cherry picked assets” for proposed sale to Blackstone says latest briefing from Hipgnosis Songs Fund ALSO MENTIONED • BRIT Awards nominations finally balance gender, genre and independence • MVT Annual Report
On this week's show we discuss the new certification for "respectful" generative AI companies that get permission before training their models on copyrighted content, redundancies at Pitchfork as its team is merged with men's magazine GQ, and more. SECTION TIMES 01: AI certification (00:05:15) 02: News in brief (00:15:16) 03: Pitchfork (00:18:29) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Former Stability exec Ed Newton Rex launches Fairly Trained AI certification • Job cuts at Pitchfork as its team is merged in with GQ NEWS IN BRIEF • Council Of Music Makers sets out its five key priorities ahead of ministerial review of economics of streaming work • Council Of Music Makers memo • UK’s IPO to look at neighbouring rights and reciprocal payments to foreign performers • UK's largest nightclub operator heading into administration • Universal Music to lay off hundreds says Bloomberg: company responds and says it will create “efficiencies” • Apple changes App Store rules following Supreme Court announcement, but Epic vows more legal action • Spotify hits out at Apple's "outrageous" new App Store rules ALSO MENTIONED • Music data white paper
On this week's show we discuss the start-of-year memos from the bosses of Universal Music and Warner Music, both of whom put the spotlight in super-serving superfans, plus the ASA ruling against Viagogo's advertorial pieces in the NME, and lots of stats about the music market in 2023. SECTION TIMES 01: New year memos (00:04:45) 02: News in brief (00:18:37) 03: Viagogo (00:25:01) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) THIS WEEK'S MAIN STORIES • Universal “most successful company in the history of the music industry” hoots Grainge in 2024 memo • Lucian Grainge's 2024 memo to Universal Music Group staff • Warner Music boss talks streaming model and super-fans in start-of-year memo • UK’s Advertising Standards Authority raps Viagogo over NME paid editorial NEWS IN BRIEF • Vinyl sales grow, cassettes slump; streaming now 87.7% of UK music consumption • UK music retail brought in £2.2 billion in 2023 says ERA • India’s streaming growth explodes to hit over one trillion streams, Gen Z pull back on streaming subscription spend ALSO MENTIONED • Music industry welcomes proposed new laws to help performers protect their voices and likeness from AI clones • Artificial Intelligence and the music industry in 2023 • CMU's 2024 Masterclass Sessions • Sony Music chief talks streaming, short-form, gaming and AI in investor presentation (May 2023)
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