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Author: Rachael O'Brien | Morbid Network

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Sinners are often people who believe they deserve every little thing they desire, and hurting others along the way…well that’s just road Kill.  On a small scale it’s scary, but on the scale these people have done it it’s down right evil.

Preachers, church, your faith are your most trusted source of comfort…but what happens when that world is shattered…
Season 1 of Seven Deadly Sinners took on the world of Televangelists and cultish child sexual predator, Warren Jeffs.

That’s just the beginning though, in Season 2 of Seven Deadly Sinners, we’re traveling to the depths of hell covering Preachers who kidnap, rape and murder the ones who trust them the most.   

What if, after leading you in prayer, he lures to the bedroom. 

What it the same preacher who captures your heart, kidnaps your child.

What if, the priest serving you communion used those same hands to dispose of a corpse.

These Preachers committed heinous crimes - right under …your…. nose.. - with a bible next to their bed - and a cross around their neck. 

Rachael O’Brien is the host of Seven Deadly Sinners, and she guides you on this hellish journey of deception all under the guise of Faith. Subscribe and listen on @applepodcasts  Now Let’s close our eyes, bow our heads and buckle up.
32 Episodes
Coming off the troubled teen series we felt compelled to cover what happens when teens are actually dangerous.  We utilize the Columbine School Shooting in Colorado and the mental states of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris to explore this. Written and Voiced by: Rachael O'Brien Research and Writing Assistance by: Kate Kodman Produced by: Rachael O'Brien and Greg Hunter Music by: Greg Hunter featuring John Christy Sources: American Tragedy Documentary Amazon Prime NPR Wikipedia The Atlantic Washington Post Time Magazine ABC News The Guardian Start creating healthy habits RIGHT NOW, go to to pick out your flexible monthly plan and the FIRST 100 LISTENERS will get TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF your first order.
Today, Ash and Alaina from The Morbid Podcast (our podcast goddesses) chat with beautiful, hilarious and spicy Tyler Hyde and Johnny Cann from That's Spooky. If Tyler and Johnny's personalities don't immediately make you fall for them, their ability to tell a story with compassion, spice and lighthearted humor in all the right places will have you swooning in seconds. We chatted with these about their relationship, their favorite paranormal happenings and how That's Spooky came to be. Come on in, friends. The water is fabulous. LINK TO FULL EPISODE: ( Follow Tyler & Johnny and That's Spooky! Instagram: @Thatsspookypod
Today is the final episode on the Pride filled out-of-control billion-dollar Troubled Teen Industry. WWASP, deaths and lack of regulation - all stops along the winding road from Synanon. We’re not talking about insects, but an organization that runs dozens of troubled teen camps across the country and the world. Their sting? Just as painful, and sometimes, even deadly. And like, Chuck Dietrich of Synanon, we have another unqualified man ready to carry the torch of attack therapy and abuse all the way to the bank. A man by the name of Robert Litchfield, who without the benefit of a college degree, parlayed his work into a multi million dollar industry. And inspired scores of programs like his that are responsible for many horrific deaths of children, a few of which we will hear about today. We will also hear about what Breaking Code Silence and celebrities like Paris Hilton are doing to shut these facilities down. PROMO CODES: Start creating healthy habits RIGHT NOW, go to , pick out your flexible monthly plan of smoothies and the FIRST 100 LISTENERS will get 25% your first order. Get gorgeous shiny hair personalized for you with Prose! Prose is the healthy hair regimen with your name all over it. Take your FREE in-depth hair quiz and get 15% off your first order today! Go to Get your next delicious bowl of guilt-free cereal at ​ and use the code ​SINNERS​ to save five dollars off your order!! SOURCES: Rolling Stone magazine The Doctor’s talk show BBC America “Locked in Paradise” New York Times “Skeletons in the Classroom” The Hartford Courant Bangor Daily News
Spencer is hilarious, magnificent and is waiting to be cast in the next Lifetime flick, so please get your people to talk to his people.  Ash and Alaina from Morbid talk to him about his favorite cult leaders, what brought him to true crime and which killer he thinks kept it the most weird!  Link to his podcast:
From Circle of Hope Girls Ranch to Escuela Caribe we are discussing the Troubled Teen Industry's widespread abuse and we have cult leader Charles Dietrich of Synanon to thank for the inspiration of self help through shame and berating for it. On the flip side, we also have Paris Hilton for helping to expose it! Sources: -New York Times  -Indoctrination podcast “Troubled Teen Industry” episode -Kansas City Star -60 Minutes -Dr Phil Talk show -The Doctors talk show -Kidnapped For Christ documentary
27: Pride - Synanon

27: Pride - Synanon


A cult that has been described as one of the Most Violent and Dangerous Cults in American History, Synanon, which started as a rehab turned self help group and eventually compound based religion would go on to influence an entire industry that still operates today.  This is truly one of the most wild stories ever! SOURCES: LA MAG PAULMORANTZ.COM CABINET MAGAZINE LA TIMES THE NEW YORKER  WIKIPEDIA YOUTUBE CULTEDUCATION.COM
In part 3 Tony escalates into the true monster he would live to be until his dying day.  Once Susan Alamo was gone, Tony was left to run the cult with reckless abandon, ordering the followers to pray over Susan's dead body 24 hours a day for a year straight, in order to "resurrect her", her body, not buried.... just sitting open casket in a room.  Tony also begins the most brutal beatings the cult had ever seen, went on the run after feds tried to arrest him for that and tax evasion, before being caught.  And so much more evil ensues!  Sources: Ministry of Evil Documentary on Sundance Tulsa World Texarkana Gazette
Susan and Tony Alamo are, the over confident duo, who managed to lure hundreds of people into their cult to work for free, sign their outside paychecks over to them, and worship the ground they walked on.  In this episode we cover how they lured them in, how they kept them brainwashed and a huge surprise at the end where Susan Alamo's grift comes back to haunt her. Rolling Stone Ministry of Evil Documentary  Get 10 free delicious no contact meals with Hello Fresh! Just go to and use code sinners10 for 10 free meals, including free shipping!
Hear an exclusive clip from the new true crime podcast, Crime Weekly. Crime Weekly is a co-production from Audioboom and Main Event Media. Join hosts Derrick Levasseur and Stephanie Harlowe every Friday as they discuss all the crime headlines of the week along with cases that interest them. Crime Weekly is out now. Subscribe to Crime Weekly on Apple Podcasts:
The cult of Tony and Susan Alamo "The Alamo Christian Foundation," began shortly after Tony Alamo moved to Los Angeles in the 1960s.  He was convinced his big break as a musician would come any day but he spent most of his time lying and scamming others out of money and into believing he was a big deal.  What he claims happened next is he heard the voice of God and linked up with another con artist Susan Alamo, who claimed the same.  What happened next is shocking.  Decades of stealing money from their followers and abusing children and their starry eyed followers. Join the over one million people taking charge of their mental health with Better Help!  Visit for 10% off your first month of online counseling! Sources: Ministry of Evil by Sundance youtube wikipedia
John D White is a true monster, and he knows it, admitting in police questioning that he is a real life monster who cannot control his lust for devious sex, dominance and blood.  He was also a coward. After being sentenced to life in prison for murdering his fiancee's daughter in order to have sex with her corpse this evil man committed suicide at the age of 56 leaving behind a legacy of hatred and violence toward women.  Sources for this episode: ID's Sinister Ministers Mercury News USA Today Join the over 1 million people taking care of their Mental Health with Better Help.  Get 10% off your first month at Get the best horror content with Shudder.  To try Shudder for free for 30 days go to and use promo code SINNERS !
Happy Thanksgiving - Part 3
Wrath…Jane Whaley’s deadliest sin, can be described as, the uncontrolled hatred for someone or something, and the unquenchable desire to exact revenge on said object/person. Sure, that definition might make sense if the wrathful person is responding to someone harming or even killing their loved one. But where in the hell did Jane Whaley’s wrath come from?  Because she directed her wrath fueled fury on the most naive and faultless, children who simply laughed, babies who naturally cried, and adults who were just trying to get by in their day to day lives. Currently, Jane Whaley, is 80 years old. She’s flashy. She frames her angry face with hair that seems almost purposely shaped into bold parenthesis meant to emphasize her anger.  Two large aqua-netted curls that look like they were formed by hot rollers the size of a Costco sized coffee can. She wears St John suits tons of jewelry and looks like a 1980s poster woman for the working gals movement.  But she is not the head of Redbook magazine, or the CEO of Sears, she is an evangelical oppressor with no formal theological training, just the incessant need to manipulate and control people to fill the void of what would have been an average existence.  Shudder is your go to for everything spooky! The Netflix for Horror! As the world’s premier streaming service for horror, thriller and supernatural content, Shudder is spooky 24/7/365. Get started streaming the best horror, thriller and supernatural content. To try Shudder free for 30 days, go to and use promo code SINNERS !! Murder in House Two - is a true crime podcast like you have never heard before. It is about mass murder – but so much more. It is about cover ups, the fog of war and one man’s fight for justice. It took US Film director Michael Epstein 10 years  to make as he searches for the truth behind the Haditha Massacre in Iraq back in 2005.  24 unarmed Iraqi civilians – including women, the elderly and young children – were shot multiple times by a group of US Marines. Listen to Murder in House Two on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Sticher, or wherever you like to listen! SOURCES:  Broken Faith: Inside One Of America's Most Dangerous Cults by Mitch Weiss and Holbrook Mohr by John Huddle Multiple survivor accounts listed in the episode Articles by AP The Pretend Radio podcast by Javier Leiva
In Part 2 we will hear about the night Kari Baker died, how Matt Baker paraded around his mistress within days of Kari's death, his isolating of his daughters and Kari's family's newly formed plan to get the truth.  Sources: Deadly Little Secrets: The Minister, His Mistress, and a Heartless Texas Murder by Kathryn Casey 48 Hours Crimes of Passion Podcast Get started streaming the best horror, thriller and supernatural content with Shudder!  To try Shudder free for 30 days, go to and use promo code SINNERS
Lust in the simplest of terms can be described as an intense longing, perhaps a coming of age confused - constant thought of a high school crush or a celebrity you see on TV.  People who are in the throes of lust may lose their sensibilities, since lust seems unable to recognize the reality of a situation or motivates one to neglect it. It’s a excuse that can be slightly valid in the most innocent of cases but there’s a fine line between a crush, and lust crossing dangerously over into stalking, non consent, or even worse violent sexual assault. But the crush excuse or innocent lack of “sensibility” in the moment does not describe the subject of this season’s lustful lecher Pastor Matt Baker.  No, in fact he was callous, unashamed, and unapologetic in his pursuit to control and take what he felt he deserved.  He “ordained” the time or place of the encounter. He sought to conquest and manipulate,  but mostly barrel his way into groping or finding the most disgusting of times to violate innocent teens, women, and overall, everyone that knew him.  But the person he manipulated, gas lit and violated the most was his unbelievably devoted wife, who’s life was destroyed by her husband Matt Baker... Sources: Deadly Little Secrets: The Minister, His Mistress, and a Heartless Texas Murder by Kathryn Casey 48 Hours Crimes of Passion Podcast
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Jesus Christ. What a horrible little person.

Mar 9th


not quite sure I agree with how she delineates sociopathy from psychopathy. my understanding is psychopaths are those who know things are wrong, but do them anyway. Your Ted Bundies of the world as she mentioned. but sociopaths are those that don't see that nuance of right or wrong. what is just IS. Those who have no grasp of societal norms. Your Ed Kempers of the world. of course, most psychology is just bunk anyway, so take that with a grain of salt, ha ha!!

Mar 7th


yay!!! congrats, Rachel!!!

Feb 14th

Sean Rosenau

30:33 When he's saying 'crawl on your belly' all I can see is Vince Mcmahon telling Stone Cold Steve Austin 'YOU'RE FIIIRRRED'!!!

Jan 21st

Daniel Cole

love your work girl keep up the great work

Nov 20th

Daniel Cole

awesome podcast you did a great job on that I mean all your shoes has been good but you knocked it out of the ballpark on this one

Oct 22nd

Daniel Cole

I love your show keep up the good work and seeing some of your comedy work you're funny and beautiful really just see this

Oct 14th

Judelbugs Rutter

I heard of this guy literally yesterday when I listened to this podcast. I'm keen to hear your take on the Jimmys over the next few weeks

Jul 15th

Judelbugs Rutter

I had never heard of this person until today. w o w what a 👿

Jul 9th
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