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Sew organised style podcast channel showcases people in our community that help others. You’ll hear a range of interviews about style and sewing from Anne Whalley and Susan Goodwin and with people who are also working through various ways to manage issues affecting their lives. They bravely share their strategies with our creative online community everyday.
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Kenneth D King keeps building on his many talents - millinery, jewellery, couture sewing, developing his Kenneth D King bag and more recently barbie doll couture. He's also helped his friend leave a domestic violent relationship and Kenneth show people how to be the person they are. Many people now have patterns that fit them, the skills to sew beautiful clothes and Kenneth keeps on educating people around the world.
In this second episode with Kenneth D King we learn 3 more things about his talents. Well there really are more gems we learn about Kenneth in this episode and re-listening to both episodes is a must. Kenneth also gives us some sewing tips he's learnt the hard way. He’s a wonderful bloke and so his podcasts are wonderful. Go and listen to Kenneth’s All Grown Up Now podcast and have a good binge listen to them. Go to his website or see him at Sew Expo at Friday Night Live on 28 February 2020. Our own Anne Whalley is sharing a booth with Kenneth and Ryliss Bod at Sew Expo
E16 Susan Khalje

E16 Susan Khalje


Susan Khalje, one of the foremost educators and practitioners of couture sewing in the world. Susan is an exceptional and sought-after teacher running couture sewing technique workshops throughout the United States as well as internationally. Here in Australia we’ve had the benefit of having Susan teaching her couture sewing technique workshops during her Australian teaching tours. She’s packing her bags right now so those of us who are going to her workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide from January, can spend time in her amazing sewing presence. You'll hear how passionate she is about couture sewing education. It's logic!
E15 Julia Bobbin

E15 Julia Bobbin


She’s coffee person with a sewing problem and today you’ll hear how there’s so much more to this Melbourne sewing icon. She's featured in Sewn Magazine this month. It’s been 10 years since that fateful day on 27th August in 2009 when she first slouched in front of a sewing machine and sewed two pieces of calico together with a straight stitch. Love at first stitch and ever since then she spends all of her waking hours fantasising about what she’s going to make next. Now with cleaner audio!
E14 Meet Amy and Ali

E14 Meet Amy and Ali


While hand sewing at Social Sewing in Brisbane, Ali May chats to our Brisbane correspondent Amy Tuite. You may know Amy on IG as Makingmarilynemulatingelle. Amy is one of Brisbane Spoolettes sewing focused group. Yes the Brisbane Spoolettes sew but they social sew and give each other lots of support and friendship through their creative pursuits. Sewing is just one of them. Ali May shares her latest sewing joys and her travel experiences on instagram.
Astratex is a long time European textile importer for Melbourne's fashion manufacturers, movie productions and local sewing people like you and me. The Melbourne store has closed and they will be online only in 2020. We spoke to Julie when we were shopping instore!
Until 22 March 2020, The Powerhouse Museum has a special collection by Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson: Step Into Paradise. This audience view hears Jenny and Linda talk about this collection that captures their creative partnership of more four decades as one of the most influential pairings in the history of Australian fashion.
Erica Bunker has been providing her sewing experience to the sewing community for over 10 years. It’s Erica’s style that has always taken our design ideas those offered by commercial patterns to make styles that reflect who we are. Erica’s style and sewing experience offers us a raft of options to make our clothing runway worthy. We’ve loved following Erica’s work for a long time and you’ll be able to hear that in this podcast.
Erica Bunker DIY Wardrobe and Eryn launched their first collaboration pattern - Erica Dress - at 'Style Sew Me' patterns. You'll hear how they've built on their long term friendship to develop this new pattern design so we can benefit from Erica Bunkers' DIY wardrobe style aesthetic. Erica Bunker's innate style sense with Eryn's trusted pattern design process is the magical formula that gives us a stylish and achievable pattern suit any body type. Listen closely about the block sizing used for this new dress from Erica Bunker and head over to Eryn’s website and grab your Erica dress today.
E9 Finding your tribe

E9 Finding your tribe


Adelaide had their first 'frocktails' in September. @groovygreylook Meridy Dunn gives us an insight about how with Betty and Fiona, they brought together country and city sewists together. How do you find your tribe? Keep an eye out for part 2 with @groovygreylook in Series 2.
With the opening of their new 'Selective Fine Fabrics' Upper Mt Gravatt store, Anna and Louise explain why they are definitely a fabric store to visit when you visit Brisbane. Their flagship store in Logan is much loved by their loyal customers. Listen to how they are enhancing the bridal experience.
Anne Whalley takes her blog post about planning to sew a travel wardrobe and talks us through a working example to demonstrate the key issues you'll need to figure out along your sewing journey.
We met Tatyana at her lovely work studio and she chatted about her design aesthetic and her couture heritage and how her love of couture sewing is helping Australian develope these techniques through her sewing/couture workshops and Australian Sewing Guild leadership. You’ll hear how her dedication to keeping these skills alive in Australia means that she does answer couture questions well into the night through her social media networks. Tatyana Anderson's heritage is witnessed in the detailed elegance of her luxury bedroom wear collections. Born and trained in couturier designing, pattern making and sewing in Russia, Tatyana migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1989. A third-generation couturier, she started sewing at the age of 5, "helping" her grandmother with an evening dress for one of her many clients. She then applied her talents to suits, corsets, children's wear, evening garments and wedding gowns, but it is luxurious and sophisticated bedroom wear that has captured her passion and imagination. Her magnificent work has been described as structured, demure and as understated opulence. Tatyana is passionate about her new home country and her hand selected talented team of artisans. She is dedicated to designing and producing her luxurious garments at her boutique studio here in Melbourne under Ethical Clothing Australia standards. She also works tirelessly with global artisans to take her garments to the new level of luxury. Elegant embroidery, luxurious laces, Swarovski crystals and handmade jewellery adorn her every garment with loving care.
Style and invisibility can affect how you feel; how people don't see you and how can dampen your spirits. Anne Whalley's style expertise offers us a few easy tips to be visible everyday.
There was a time when the thought of online fabric shopping was an idea sewing and craft people would not consider or want. Elizabeth of has created a couple of very helpful blog posts about online fabric shopping. Elizabeth has always shared her research and ideas for sewing people because she has always been supportive to the community. Earlier this month Elizabeth wrote a great blog post called '16 tips for better fabric shopping online'. Elizabeth has now added The ultimate jumbo mega guide to online fabric stores with a spreadsheet containing over 200 online fabric retailers that span across 5 English speaking countries - The States, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. This is just the start of a great resource from Elizabeth that you can contribute to. Join me now and hear the real story behind Elizabeth's research.
E3 Marooned the play

E3 Marooned the play


In Australia 3 million Australians are living with anxiety or depression. Each day in Australia 6 men take their lives. However 82 men call an ambulance due to suicidal thoughts or attempts.( This episode of Sew Organised Style we listen to one man's journey to open communication about those people who have taken their lives through the people who are left behind. In two days, Michael Grey Griffith wrote Marooned, a new play in memory of a friend he lost. Developing Marooned has been a journey in itself for Michael. At Kaikey's Lane cafe on Saturday morning in Melbourne Michael spoke to us about Marooned. The background cafe noise is real and not recorded. Warning: We discuss suicide prevention, depression and anxiety.
The sewing community is very cohesive on Instagram. Everyone has their favourites and build friendships about sewing but it's their life that keep them together. Raquel refashions and develops her sewing skills using dead stock clothes from local Taipei resellers. She has ventured into pattern testing and has just agreed to be a Minerva maker this year. She's used her sewing passion to create clothes she is comfortable to wear everyday. Raquel also shared her breast cancer resources with us in this episode.
Jump on a tram to get to Jimmy’s Buttons - an icon to the sewing community and Melbourne locals. It's where we can source all sorts of notions locally. Jimmy has been serving the clothing community and the sewing community now for 31 years and he confessed to us that he wants a holiday.
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