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Sex, Drugs, and Epigenome

Author: Willam A. Seeds, MD

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Our health, and the future of our wellbeing is so critical these days. Take your health into your own hands and learn about how you can up-regulate your metabolic health, your immune system, and your cell efficiency. The latest medical and science advancements are difficult to understand if you're not a professional in the space. This is a podcast dedicated to unpacking these health and wellness advancements in layman's terms, so that everyone can understand and be aware of the types of things that will help keep you healthy, and make you smarter, more energetic, and happier than ever before. Our Expert is Dr. Seeds, a board-certified surgeon practicing medicine for over 25 years, Founder and Chairman of the International Peptide Society, Faculty Developer and Lecturer of the A4M Peptide Certification Program, and leading Peptide therapy researcher. Chief of Surgery and Orthopedic Residency Site Director for University Hospital, Conneaut OH. Professional Medical Consultant for the NFL, NHL, MBL, NBA, and NBC’s Dancing With The Stars, and a husband and father of 3 (very active) sons.This podcast isn't just for the biohackers. It's for the moms and dads, the students, and everyone in between who is dedicated to educating themselves about their bodies, health, and longevity. Send any questions to
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We're back in 2021 with another AMA! Questions Answered:1. Is Selank ok to use for anxiety and depression if you have a platelet count on the low end of the normal spectrum?  I've read that it has anticoagulant effects...2. Do you recommend any peptides for lumbar disc herniations? I have a problem at l5/S1.3. What peptides for leukemia?4. Would you recommend taking Niagen supplements since much of Dr. Seeds' focus is on NAD +?If you're a medical practitioner, visit http://ssrpinstitute.orgIf you're a health enthusiast, visit
The vaccine is here, with over 50 various types on the way. What does it mean for you, what are the differences in vaccines, how do they work, and who is it for?The FAQ's and the myths are explained clearly so you can make the best decisions for your health!TOPICS in this Episode:- MRNA vs. DNA vaccines- Do I need this if I already have the antibodies?- Should I get this if I've already been exposed?- Blood types at risk?Medical Disclaimer: The medical treatments discussed in this channel are not intended for a diagnosis or prescription for viewers. They are meant for educational purposes only. Always consult your physician before administering any of the treatments discussed by Dr. Seeds or his video channel.Follow Dr. Seeds!Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:
Ever wondered what it's like to train like a pro football player?This week, we interviewed Jesse Ackerman who is no stranger to hard work.  He is currently the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Atlanta Falcons, former Assistant Strength & Condition Coach for UT Austin, University of Florida, and Iowa State University, Certified NASM-PEC, NASM-CES, and Trainer for the 1st Battalion, 75 Ranger Regiment (just to name a few). His stance and style on training pro-athletes and other high-performance individuals is unique to say the least. The level of passion he brings to his craft, his trainees, and to himself is a rare sight."The brain is the greatest limiting factor" he explains while describing that hard work can actually be fun.He has helped rehabilitate athletes, has countless stories of overcoming career-ending injuries to come out the other side a more humble, hopeful, awe-inspiring being. Listen as he explains his system for training pro athletes, and how that system can apply to anyone looking for excellence in their craft. It's not "working out"... It's recharging .ANNOUNCEMENT: This Friday is Dr. Seeds' Performance Injury Repair/Recovery & Body Optimization Live Stream Course! Join us via live stream (or watch at your leisure) this Friday December 4-5, 2020! More details here: 
Eyesight is one of the most coveted senses that we often take for granted. Imagine-- living with eyesight until your college years, only to be told that that you have a rare condition that causes you to lose your vision progressively with no hope for a cure...That's what Victor Mifsud heard. It's hard to even imagine the impending doom of losing your vision. There are two ways to deal with it - don't, and fall into a deep depression; or do, and... Well that story is still being written.Victor did both. He fell into a depression, but came out the other side a stronger, wiser, more hopeful being. He is a voracious reader, researcher, and scientist in his own right. He decided he wasn't going to take "no cure" for an answer, and took his health into his own hands.What he's been able to accomplish has his vision doctors scratching their heads going 'how is this even possible'... You have to listen to his story. Or watch his documentary on Itunes - My Neuroplastic Adventure him on social @blindbiohackerJoin his vision summit:
We're back at it, tackling the top health concerns of the year and today we're discussing what your body, nay, your CELLS are dealing with when faced with high blood pressure.It's common, and there's major misnomers about the conditions and the severity of what it means...And with that ominous statement  we leave you with this: your health is your responsibility. Learn about how you can take your health into your own hands, and make your own objective decisions with your health care providers.Keep your questions coming! Email info[at]seeds[dot]md.
JOIN US FOR THE SSRP + LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY'S CANCER RESEARCH SEMINAR! 14, 9:00am Central Time.Another AMA back by popular demand!Medical Disclaimer: The medical treatments discussed in this channel are not intended for a diagnosis or prescription for viewers. They are meant for educational purposes only. Always consult your physician before administering any of the treatments discussed by Dr. Seeds or his video channel.Question 1: I’ve got ME/CFS and peptides have helped immensely with a combo of a few other things, but trying to move the needle from 85%. I was a big gym rat a few years ago and lost about 40lbs due to not being able to work out over the last few years. My goals are to be able to get back in the gym and calm my nervous system down. I’ve improved a ton over the last few years as I was have been bed ridden at times, but symptoms like fatigue, post exertional malaise, POTS symptoms and over active nervous system still linger to a lesser degree than before. Thymosin Beta-4 has gotten rid of my fibromyalgia symptoms about 95% which is amazing. TA-1 and BPC 157 have not been good for me even at low doses. Also tried nasal version of Selank and ARA-290 to no success. Anything else I could try?Question 2:Hello, I am interested in Epitalon for sleep primarily, telomeres, etc. I would love to hear any and all feedback.Question 3:Hi Dr seeds. I listened to your podcast about back pain and with the athlete with the neck problem, thanks it was very informative and gives me hope in healing my own injuries. Do you recommend any peptides for lumbar disc herniations? I have a problem at l5/S1.I understand these are more tricky to heal as they are avascular.JOIN US FOR THE SSRP + LEUKEMIA AND LYMPHOMA SOCIETY'S CANCER RESEARCH SEMINAR!
Another week another AMA!MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The content on this podcast is not intended to serve as a diagnosis or prescription for listeners, but rather for educational purposes only. Always consult with your physician before administering any of the therapies discussed here.Questions Answered:Question 1-Hi William I hope you are well, I use my sons Facebook sometimes, he has a serious neurological condition that head traumas are involved with, Lyme and mold exposure, anyways, we really need some serious help and was curious what your thoughts might be?  my sons brain and spine are “stuck on fire” he says, and he’s got muscle weakness, trouble swallowing speaking etc we don’t know what to do anymoreQuestion 2-If using GHK-cu for injury healing would there be any benefits to injection closer to the injury site like with BPC?Question 3-The general consensus among experts seems to be injecting local provides no additional benefit unless using ultrasound guided injections.But anecdotally I felt like local injections helped accelerate healing for nagging shoulder injury 🤷🏼‍♂️.Let’s ask the expert 😁.William SeedsQuestion 4 - Dr. Seeds talks of monitoring IGF-1 levels so I was wondering what initial labs are done before beginning peptides. Standard labs? Hormone levels? Inflammatory markers? I know this is not your area but is there a resource or mentor you can direct me to. Trying to find the resource I need to get educated and prepared to start prescribing these peptides.Question 5 - Have you seen or heard about this. Not one Doc so far has a clue about these Domination spots(I call them) that appeared on my back Jan 2017. When I garden, i have to spray white vinegar on my back change top, or hop in pool and soap down or they get a red circle around the brown they get angry. They were faded again, but if I'm around any toxin mold or get over heated/hot (and I am in Florida ha), they flareup. I'm think it has to be mast cell reaction from over stimulating the immune system & flaring up inflammation if I over push my energy envelope.. Eboo Blood cleaning stopped that for 7 months bc the brown circles/spots. Very attractive. LOL. It itches if I get hot or sweaty. I think once I can get the viral load down some and inflammation. Then things might calm down and reset. , Very Grateful! One final time for our lawyers:MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The content on this podcast is not intended to serve as a diagnosis or prescription for listeners, but rather for educational purposes only. Always consult with your physician before administering any of the therapies discussed here.Keep your questions coming!email info[at]seeds[dot]md
We're back with a second AMA from our audience and social media groups!Keep your questions coming! for Cellular Medicine training and information.Please note: Dr. Seeds is not affiliated with any products or supplements. This podcast is for educational purposes only and does not serve as a diagnosis or prescription. Consult with your medical provider for any of the topics and treatments discussed here for your healthcare needs.
This episode is a tough story about a close friend of ours, who injured his back in his early twenty's, never recovered, dealt with chronic back pain through most of his post-college life, and what happened when he did something about it.These stories sound too good to be true. It seems as if we've been programed to think that medical recoveries are:1. TAKE A LONG TIME2. TAKE A LOT OF PAIN3. Recovery is temporary...This may be true for temporary bandaid fixes like asprin or other treatments, but it's not the only solution.If you're dealing with chronic pain, you're not alone. It's getting in the way of you life, your loved ones, and likely your career. Here's one story where that won't ever be the case again.Email info[at]seeds[dot]md for any questions.
In this episode we interview one of Dr. Seeds long-time friend and patient - Former olympic gold medal swimmer turned super mom, Diana Munz.Her story is one that many mom's might struggle with-- having no time to stop because her kids always come first. But when an accident happened that left her unable to move her neck without zaps of pain shooting down her spine, Diana knew she had to nip this in the bud.This is just one story of a former athlete who was used to working through the pain, realized she no longer has to do that, and make the leap to do something about it.What a great story for moms and athletes. Have any questions for Dr. Seeds or for Diana Munz? Email info[at]seeds[dot]md or follow us on social media! Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:
Autism is a growing concern among parents with developing children. The causes have been studied closely in the last decade, and when correlated with the recent literature, the theories are quite fascinating.The innate immune system has such a profound effect on the human healthspan, we can't help but urge listeners to re-visit the the first episode where Dr. Seeds breaks down the true importance of the immune system-- how it goes beyond the defense of a cold.We'll definitely be revisiting this topic. Send any questions to info[at]seeds[dot]md. Follow Dr. Seeds' work on
Dr. Seeds is quite active all over the web - youtube, peptide groups, reddit, and of course, our own emails answering questions about peptide therapy, to providing information to  health issues that have no clear cut answers.There was no way to organize this into topical episodes so we made an Ask Me Anything episode instead.Here we answer the following questions:What kinds of things do you recommend for the folks on the west coast dealing with poor air quality from the wildfires?What kinds of peptide therapies for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?How about adrenal fatigue, what's your recommendation and stance?Not feeling the effects of Dihexa, what do you recommend?Will ARA-290 increase COVID-19 risk due to decreased cytokines IL6, and IL-12?Any recommendations for atrial fibrillation?I wish we had more time, but we promise to do another one of these episodes. It was fascinating to listen to the approach of Dr. Seeds when dealing with each of these issues.Keep your questions coming, and let's prioritize your health at the top of your list!
In this episode we discuss the health and wellness from the cellular level for BABIES, KIDS, TEENS, TWEENS, and everything in between!Not an episode to miss as a parent, and certainly something to consider when these habits carry on well into their adulthood. All parents want the very best for the kids, and now is the time to prioritize HEALTH towards the top.Kids brains continue to grow and develop well into their early 20's. The choices made for your kids while they're young can affect their adulthood and risk of disease. Here are the links mentioned in this episode:Nutrabio L-Carnosine:**Dr. Seeds has no affiliation with Nutrabio.Dr. Seeds Book - Peptide Protocols Vol. 1 Therapy: Foundations Digital Course
In this episode, we have a special surprise. We interviewed one of Dr. Seeds MD students in Cellular Medicine, Dr. Juan Bautista of North Fresno Primary Care, and Owner/Primary Care Physician of Bautista Medical Group, on his incredible experience in treating COVID-19 patients in Fresno on a budget.This truly mind bending conversation is about one of the themes of this podcast-- taking control of your health in your own hands. Dr. Bautista walks us through his priorities when treating patients with very limited budgets.It is a tough world out there, but we're thankful for Dr. Bautista who brings the quality of concierge care into an everyday home. We are in awe of this doctor, you have to hear why.
Continuing our fascinating conversation about pet health, this episode goes through greater detail of the use of peptides in pets.We also listen to Dr. Seeds' approach to pet nutrition, and the possible etymology of our dogs' diseases, and why they started to pop up in the first place!If you're a pet-lover, this is not one to miss.
We're back with another episode of SD&E and what a week it is.These days you can't go by without seeing a headline on COVID-19. But when it's followed by VACCINE APPROVED, well, that's new!Dr. Seeds breaks it down, what happened, what's at risk, what's to gain, and what you need to know so that you can decide for yourself (and your health).We shift gears completely to chat about a topic I will always enjoy hearing about-- how to keep my furbaby, my sharp-toothed son, my dog - super healthy.Dr. Seeds shares his pet care must-haves, and gives us the info to do the things we want to do, achieve the things we want to achieve, so that our canine counterparts can live the best, longest, and happiest lives.Have a burning health question? We're all ears! Email info[at]Seeds[dot]md and we'll be sure to get them answered.
It's no question that pregnancy puts a woman's body through incredible things. Your body is actually in the most cell efficient state during a pregnancy. We bust the myths on food cravings, nutrition, metabolic science, supplements, and old wives' tales.We also discuss infertility from the perspective of Dr. Seeds. Remember, Dr. Seeds' goal for his patients dealing with infertility is to get the body ready, which means to get the body into an oxidative state.We'll go over what that means in great detail, and how it can influence pre-natal care.It's a baby fever episode-- email ANY follow up questions you may have to!
We pickup where we last left off - specifically the HSV-1 and HSV-2 virus and what happens in your body. This episode is a continuum, and while we opted to talk about another hot topic: prenatal and pregnancy wellness, WE COMPLETELY RAN OUT OF TIME. It was worth it. We went through the lesser known treatments for herpes using your body's naturally producing amino acids (also known as peptides) which signal your cells to do what it's meant to do: keep your body going strong, and long!Your health is in YOUR hands. NOT your doctors', not your parents, not the significant other who nags you to drink more water... We spend so much money investing in our futures, our careers, our children. It's time to invest in YOU.Any burning health questions? Dr. Seeds is listening. email us at info[at]seeds[dot]md!Join Dr. Seeds on social media! Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:
Over 50% of Americans have to deal with HSV-1 (oral herpes, cold sores). This common virus is different from coronavirus and other types of viruses in where it replicates. It's fascinating to understand how viruses are different, and what it means if you have it.Here is information on the viruses themselves, prophylaxis (prevention) tips, and what you can talk to your doctor about.We also debunk all the common myths and misconceptions about the herpes virus, which we always have a lot of fun doing.Take your health into your hands!Start your health optimization journey with Dr. Seeds: http://seeds.mdFollow Dr. Seeds on Social for the latest news and health developments:Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:
In this episode, we hear about what is actually happening in your body on the molecular level, when you feel stress. Stress comes from psychological triggers but also from environmental factors such a toxin inhale, inflammation, and more. Some stress is actually good, but when it's too much-- the body overcompensates and the effect (especially long term stress) can be devastating.Dr. Seeds also recaps COVID Testing rumors now that tests are more accessible across the nation. The false-negative chances are quite high, so here's what you need to know!Journey with us! Visit our website: seeds.mdFollow Dr. Seeds on Social:Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter:
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