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Author: Wyoh Lee

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Sexual inspiration from the explorations of fellow sexy humans. Host Wyoh Lee is eager to know details all things legal and consensual. Let's lead better-laid lives.
142 Episodes
He loves sex, but not having it much isn’t a dealbreaker when it comes to relationships — which means he’s found some creative ways to explore. From naked hand stands to phone sex to actual full-body massages, Thomas is a curious spirit with a sexual mind that is wiiiide open. Straight W M from the Midwest 60’s into porn, phone sex & erotica   Love yourself anytime, anywhere at use code FANTASY to save 25% on an annual subscription
[tw: molestation] Imagine being in high school and your mom starts dating your ex’s dad. And then you move in together (and they both suck). Josie has used art to process her early trauma, and created a new relationship with her body that includes pleasure. She has a soft spot for sweet-looking guys with really huge dicks, and loves Owen Gray, shower sex, ass slaps, watching her partner cum, can O just from watching porn, and asks Wyoh about butt-splorations / 27 cis F Mexican-American bi-curious monog partner artist   Thanks  Satisfyer.  30% off at and CODE FANTASY30
[TW: depression/addiction/gay exorcism] His coming out was coming, but born into a world where being gay was not ok, his formative years were heavy on addiction and disassociation—but now? He’s living his best gay life in Florida, transforming a life of secrecy and glory holes into permission to embrace his desires and flaunt his handsome horniness, to explore, and to see if more intimate connection is in his future, now that’s he’s aligned with his most sexy self / / Love yourself use code FANTASY for 25% off
Prudish good girl socialization has given way to embodied fucking awesomeness in 2020. Young curiosity (including rubbing toys on v’s and rating them) squelched by masturbation shame; now her sex life has EXPLODED. Certain now she is not broken, we talk moving orgasms, thought-inspired climaxes, getting out of our heads and into our vaginas, mouth jobs, and all the sensual pleasures. 36 / w F married bi-curious voyeur exhibitionist  // Thanks HelloFresh! Go to and use code 12fantasy for 12 free meals, including free shipping!
[TW: young nonconsensual sexual origin story] For many dudes, inebriation is a boner-killer. For James, the right amount of alcohol makes his dick more likely to get and stay hard. Exposed to sexual images in a household that was hush-hush at a young age and then taken advantage of by an aggressive older woman at a young age, anxiety was a part of his formative sexual years, and anxiety loops when it come to erections suck. But James is a sex-lover and a learner, and has carved out a sex life of exploration and deep satisfaction, from his slutty Berlin phase to the amazing nonstop weekend sex he has with his current partner. 37 cis M Black German into feet, anal, D/s play
[TW: abusive relationship/rape] Horny, curious, adventurous, and a fan of staring at beautiful ladies in lingerie from a young age, Violet’s early sexual enthusiasm was met with large doses of shame from a super Christian upbringing, and later, a nonconsensual entry into partnered sex. She walks us through her journey, and then we get into the things she’s come to love since reclaiming her sexual self after a period of numbness: getting pounded, nipple-gasms on the horizon, pinching, twisting, high pain tolerance, vibrators, dildos, and CIRCULAR ORGASMS. Myriad delicious details, including her experience camming. 21 / bi cis F Twitter @hippiebabe93 Thanks  Satisfyer.  30% off at and CODE FANTASY30
Which way does his penis curve? When did he ask a guy in dance class out, get on Grindr, and start sexsploring? What does it feel like to be a dude who is approached by assertive and even aggressive women? What effect did Walter Mercado have on his sex life? Tony, one of Wyoh’s best friends, shares so many details in his classic, thoughtful style. 35 gay dating Cuban-American dude into erotic audio, role play & is exploring his switch self //
Wonderfully horny, Tanya’s curiosity led to early sexsplorations that included bushes and a lot of sneaking. Married and pregnant at 20, a born-again-virgin at 32, one partner broke up with her because she wanted to have sex too much. Now: in a happily sex-filled partnership that includes big toys, vagina gazing, butt stuff, turn-on loops, orgasms galore, and keeping an eye open for friendly neighborhood unicorns. 45 cis F bi-curious monogamous from Canada Thanks BetterHelp.  Get 10% off your first month at 
Experimenting with girls felt safer than boys; later Edie would go on to discover they are bi, non-binary, love butt stuff, and want to explore more with (thick!) women, bi guys, and BDSM. Music and their single Bolivian mama gave them a rebel streak, and after some trust breaches, putting up with discomfort in exchange for desire, and a pregnancy scare, this new phase of their life prioritizes their own pleasure. 24-year-old non-binary Bolivian human, they are bisexual, single and submissive but want to learn to Dom. They work in the weed industry Live in the Pacific Northwest, welcome Edie. Take time for yourself and your fantasies at  Connect with yourself and make it more intense with over 500 exclusive audios.  Use code FANTASY to save 25% on an annual subscription.
“We fucked everywhere.” Yes, his girlfriend’s dad would kill him if he found out they’re dating, but she’s worth it. Troy’s sexual intuition makes him an amazing communicator, conscious of safety—and he’s 18. He gets turned on by soft skin and beautiful voices, is Into light BDSM, lost his virginity in a grandma’s house and had his first blowjob behind the gym and recently discovered how much he likes phone sex and being called Papi. 18 straight cis M from Portugal
Lover of sex, Maria’s firsts were with a girl, and since their anatomies had such different needs they explored together without judgment, she doesn’t have those orgasm pressure feelings so many women describe. Her Catholic/British upbringing was very hole-y, but her family is cool w her open bisexuality. We talk vagina and feeling specifics, losing her gay and straight virginities, dick pics, sexting, future explorations, and her pod: Sextras. 20 cis F bi Mexico-born, now lives in the UK.
This is a DIRTY Part 2, we talk rim job ambivalence, sex journals and masturbation, culture shock and sex shock moving out of Iran at 20, CBT in Dubai, poppers, un-virgining his ass, sex creatures, twins, gala parties, a sex-ready car, homo/transphobia, his trans girlfriend, bed wetting partners, and so many sexual hopes for the world!!! Pouya’s Sex Pod (listen & contribute!): R.O.Tik | پادکست اروتیک
>>TW: minor coercion origin story<< Would you risk extramarital sex if it were illegal? Pouya helped his high school friends get laid and gave them advice — which he learned from personal experience with very early exposure to sex. 33, male, bi-curious, non monogamous marketing consultant originally from Tehran, currentrly living in North Cyprus, we get detailed with masturbation and get to a few of his kinks and hot clear consent check-ins in part 1 of 2.
Gem might be a cuckslut; she gets off on the idea of her boyfriend cheating on her. She’s never faked an orgasm, can’t get hickies, had her first orgasm with a girl, and has come a long way in her sexual communication. She recently acquired a leather harness and a rabbit vibrator (both are going *well*) and talks about her first threesome, her go-for-it BJ attitude, possible consensual non consent fantasies, and so many DETAILS. 25 CisF Pan Partnered Kinky Filipina-Canadian
Anal sex reminds her of frog legs, she has a serious case of cock envy, her pussy (Regina) can take a lot, and she’s a 3-bite person. Sex just happens to Jezz. Listen to how she finally got to peg her kinky lover (they met on a Christian dating site) who she made do calf raises while jacking him off and whose cock she sucks like a vacuum cleaner. Cis Bi F 40’s into strength, sadomasochism, spanking and rope. // @sexstoriespod
Can 14-year-olds get indecent exposure tickets? What’s a very curious, very horny, hyper-sexualized Catholic school cheerleader supposed to do? How do you restart your sex life after major trauma? Rebecca shares about her wild days, and her sexual liberation, first in her 20’s and again in her 30’s. We talk public sex, a hot threesome with surprise Domme energy, ongoing flings, hooking up with her drug dealer, how multiple orgasms feel different from each other, and her (now not-so) secret kinky side. 36 Pansexual CisF / Central CA 💛👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿🤎 Share *your* story or apply to be a guest:   My guest waitlist is long, but I do have limited avails for private, one-on-one interviews where I will ask you the same reflective questions. See current calendar openings here:    If you like these shares and want to watch our weekly live-stream bonus episodes, become a Love Warrior for $5/month:    If you’d like to see Wyoh’s nude self-portraits:   Know Thy Fucking Awesome Self:    👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿 Subscribe to our channel!  🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏   👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿 Follow Sex Stories on instagram:  Follow Sex Stories on facebook:  Follow Sex Stories on twitter:   Follow Wyoh on OnlyFans: Follow Wyoh on instagram:     MERCH: Stickers, t-shirts, dickflowers: 
And not *just* spankings. How did Cece become a submissive fucktoy? Hear about Cece’s anal meditations, the almost-foursome, her thoughts on aftercare, getting caught by the police (twice), brief poly explorations, doing it in the band hall, hiding under the blankets except for her ass and getting “used,” and how she and her partner constantly review their awesome kinky sex life. 22 Cis F Married monog (now) from the PNW; into bondage, power play, role play, anal & more.
He wants to be used, but he’s also trained submissives to perform urethral sounding on themselves through cam sites. We talk butt plugs while picking the kids up from school, pissing with a boner, cum eating (his own) instructions, his twitchiness, fucking his ass with a cucumber, a threesome, interrupted, and what a toy with a 3” diameter feels like. Straight(ish) W Cis M married, early 40’s. Doesn’t explore as much as he would like because the wife and life he loves don’t quite line up with it. follow us:  instagram: @sexstoriespod / @wyohlee 30-day free trial:  
 For those of you who keep asking Wyoh to share more details, here’s her episode with the Manwhore himself – turning the tables, Billy interviews Wyoh.  Join Billy’s new (free) Discord server: The Champagne Room!   Follow Billy!  Twitter: @TheBillyProcida  Instagram: @billyisprocida  Facebook fan page  0nlyFans: @callmebilly    Venmo: @BillyProcida  Cash App: $manwhorepod  PayPal.Me/bprocida  Amazon Wish List    Join me on AltPlayground to start your next nonmonogamous adventure!    The Handy will revolutionize your solo phallic sessions! Enjoy free shipping with code BILLY20 at!    Join our fanwhore community on Patreon and gain access to over 200 bonus episodes! Click here to become a member!    It’s the vibrator that has no equal! Use code MANWHORE for a special Motorbunny discount!    Email your comments, questions, and criticisms to
“You’re choosing my dick over breathing, what a good little slut,” is a hot form of appreciation Phoebe has discovered along with her submissive side. From early years of constant horniness to exploring bi-life in a way that feels like poly-life is inevitable, from looking for places to masturbate in private to a controlling husband who ordered a strap-on to indicate his pegging wish to receiving praise and gifts from online subs to messy kissing and blowjobs and a cow outfit and thigh-highs to all kinds of hard stuff, this episode is full and wonderful. 24 cis F into choking, spanking, forced orgasms, binding, Daddy-Doms, submission. Graphic designer/sex worker – find her on twitter & onlyfans: &
Comments (19)

Karla Turner

Love this podcast. I've learnt so much about myself and sex as a whole! We need to be talking about sex more openly. This has also helped to prepare my for when my son is ready for the sex talk.

Apr 14th

Safety man

Love this podcast, the guests to the stories and the host.. always has my mind racing and has me throbbing at the end..

Dec 22nd

Carrie Degenhardt

"And you!", Beth exclaimed laughingly as she jumped up and grabbed Corinne, swirling her around in her arms. Kissing Corinne slowly and deeply before smiling at her, "You...I have much to thank for." Each smiled at each other before hand in hand, went and helped up Tom with their free hands held in Tom's. They stood briefly in a circle, hands clasped before letting go and setting back down the trail towards their vehicles. The trail flattened out as they reached the lowlands, easing their travel as Beth was in the middle with Tom in tow. She watched Corinne with a critical eye as she hiked, trying not to be distracted by watching her body move. Corinne hiked like a puppy; purposely jumping off rocks, kicking sticks to knock them off the trail and with her natural smile, Corinne seemed happy in general as the miles added up. Beth smiled at her as Corinne glanced back, checking on her pace compared to the others. Catching her eye, Corinne blew her a kiss and laughed when Beth caught it. Still confused by the strong attraction Beth had for her, she mulled it over as she hiked. She definitely was not a lesbian, as she shivered slightly thinking about Tom behind her. Glancing over her shoulder, she caught Tom staring at her ass as he blushed when he looked up quickly. Beth smiled at him and had a delicious thought run through her head . Beth stopped as Tom got close and rubbed her ass slowly against him, feeling him getting hard for her as she ground back on him. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled seductively as she enjoyed feeling him respond to her. "Look as much as you want Tom," Beth said with a sexy smile. She pulled his head down to kiss her over her shoulder. "What are you thinking about?" "Hey you two," Corinne said smiling, "you're holding up the show!" Laughing, Beth gave him one more quick kiss as she ground her hips back against him lightly as she heard him moan. Dancing away, she kissed Corinne as she passed her, taking lead of the group. As she neared the trailhead, Beth decided that whatever happened with these two, she was not going to try to fit herself in some preordained box. She liked Corinne and Tom and if that made her bisexual or whatever anybody wanted to call her, then let them. Beth realized she only had to answer to herself, so long as she was happy and content.

Dec 3rd

kinky panda

first time listening and I'm sold very hot my mind is racing with naughty thoughts thank you

Oct 26th

Donnie Young

OMG!!!!!! you two caused an impromptu jack off session the likes of which I hadn't had since 15 years old......Thank You

Oct 13th

Rob Claypool

the show is the hostess with the mostess

Sep 11th

Kirsten Farr

awesome series. I've loved every episode so far. wyoh really is a great interviewer and gets the most out of her guests. all light hearted and fun.

Sep 10th

Peter Burt

20 minutes of cuddling, then you can trot along home. ???

Jul 9th

Peter Burt

lady cows don't have horns??? lol

Jun 7th

Rachel Bixler

holy shit. that was truly amazing!

May 22nd

Leo E. Barnes

sounds hot

May 15th


recently found this podcast and am totally loving it!

Apr 24th

Peter Burt

Wow, the title of this episode is so apt. It's awesome to hear other people's journey through this part of life. It's something we all have in common but each of us have so many custom settings and options that we can adjust, combine and discover. it's so cool to hear such candid accounts of a woman's experiences, particularly what she really likes.

Mar 23rd

Mark Edwards

god this feminist is such a buzz kill

Mar 7th

Mwarí Wa Ngare

sound is whaaack!

Jan 19th

ebrahim ghahremani


Dec 11th

Shaun Martin

I love listening to her voice, it's so sexy it really turns me on.

Sep 18th

Blair Cochran


Sep 6th

Unidentified Black Male

is it me or does he sound like Dr. Oz...Good episode.

Jul 12th
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