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Author: Wyoh Lee

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A podcast of fucking inspiration for intelligent sex fiends who enjoy dirty details. Warning: has been reported to cause increase in libido, dirty talk, and twinkles in eyes.
99 Episodes
She’s 18 and already has a wealth of thoughtful, detailed sexsperiences (threesomes, knife play, dressing up), including really early explorations with explicit consent. Mae tells us about her sexual curiosity as a kid, how she became a kinky switch and what exploring her Domme side is like, shares lots of details about blowjobs, hot and fun sex games (in the park!), how she communicates about sex with partners and navigates discoveries and boundaries in her sexual landscape, healing from trauma, and how supportive her faith is of her sexuality (18, Cis W F, Pansexual, Christian, Phlebotomist, East Coast)
She was such a curious, horny teenager, but after she had her daughter at 19, her desire disappeared for nearly three decades – AND NOW IT’S BACK. Yvonne shares how she went from shutdown to making up for lost time now that she wants sex, blowjobs, slaps here and there, and even some ponytail pulling. She talks about her difficulties seeking help, and how some nipple biting is very OK.(53, het cis F, German transplant to Oregon, exploring some kink)
“When I’m About to Cum, Pull On My Big Toe—HOLY COW,” and “There’s probably nothing I wouldn’t try” and “she ran like a faucet” are some of the phrases uttered by today’s guest. He gets turned off by gay dudes kissing but wants to suck a dick, could eat ass every day (but his wife doesn’t want that), and just loves to sit, suck nipples, and masturbate. Married 31 years, we talk solo sex, butt plugs that thrust, and that one time he got caught in his married lover’s minivan by her brother…who was a sheriff / 46, married WM, Midwest
She was in a relationship for seven years with hardly any sex and now she’s making up for lost time — but she still has yet to make herself cum. She went from being homeschooled on a giant farm to being very “worldly” and she tells us about sex-positive squirting that melted embarrassment, a super sexy lover and an embarrassingly loud remote control vibrator experience. 29, straight cis F, vanilla-but-exploring nurse from Ohio. And Wyoh rants about apps and online dating in the Outro.
How is he so good at sex? His partners always ask. He doesn’t really know. He takes pride in pussy licking, is a grower & feels self conscious about that, can last for ages and has a hard time cumming (suspect: botched circumcision), and sex just *happens* for him. He does make an effort to be good at sex and shares stories from swingers clubs, spontaneous orgies in hotel rooms, a hand job from Nina Hartley, his first threesome, how so many women who squirt feel embarrassed by squirting (we think it's hot), and we talk about how to not make dirty talking a narcissistic experience. 36, straight white male, voyeur, kinky, group sex lover, radio host from Cleveland, OH.
Have you ever had a tinder fling turn into Tesla sex + a free ride? Willow has, along with plenty of other awesome flings and one night stands after getting out of a six-year relationship in which her sex drive > her bf’s. We talk explorations, giving up control, nipple clamps, freezing during dirty talk, the hotness of having the lights on, being tied, held, and grabbed, the erotic fiction of Elizabeth Hoyt, & possible bi-explorations. She’s 24, Norweigen living in Oslo, female, she/her, bi, a little kinky, in school, studying to be a librarian.
Can a straight dude be super cute, chill AF and the type of lover who will actually check in about what you like AND be the King of Flings? Yep, and his name is Cameron Ley. He tells us about his experiences on tinder, the one time he had a session with a sex Guru, learned what a “wigan” is, has a stranger-on-a-train story, and has even had a threesome with one of his dude cousins. He also asks Wyoh plenty of questions, they talk gang bangs and threesomes and exploring BDSM and it’s so, so fun.
Marie (26, queer cis F) can cum from thinking, and Daniel (26, pan trans M) has never been wetter in his life than when he’s with her, in spite of the fact that being on testosterone is supposed to make you drier. They met on twitter and are clearly soulmates. She has hyper-sensitive nipples (and body in general!), grew up Catholic, had some nonconsensual trauma in early experiences, and didn’t really start exploring her queerness until college. He uses his non-dominant hand for sex, grew up evangelical Christian, was raised as a girl and transitioned at 22. They claim not to be kinky, but he’s tied her up with his church tie ;)
“A lotta cum, a huge dick, what more can I ask for?” James shares squirting bukake fantasies, his giantess fetish, his submissive, their switchy D/s relationship that’s unfolding steadily, past-traumas (TW!) with aggressive female partners, exploring his heteroflexible side with trans women (not fetishizing) and other men, exploring his own asshole, the time he got tricked into a threesome and more stories of his “slutty submissive self.” Black 25 year-old cis male, kinky switch, warehouse worker from Illinois. Also go to get 10% off your order!
Did you know sex is like jump rope? Have you met a penis that just didn’t fit? Explored with a carrot? And did you lose your virginity in a total raper van? If yes, you’re just like Lola (24, German living in Germany, cis female, she/her, mostly heterosexual, not yet kinky, student). She tells us about having sex in a hostel kitchen, how her abortion has affected the way she likes to be touched, how she likes cum on her stomach and so much more.
He can last as long as you need, can basically perform on command if there’s love, his first partnered sex was “unorthodox,” he’s submissive, but not by choice: Justin is a wheelchair user and has cerebral palsy. He talks about his experiences dating, being treated differently because of his disability, and tells amazing stories about an awesome wingman and a horror story escort experience. We talk vulnerability, blowjobs, disability fetishes, porn, and snuggling. 34, straight white male, he/him, sometimes kinky, freelance video editor, lives in Florida, from Illinois, and he has cerebral palsy. //
Steph (22, pansexual) and her fiancée are both switches, and take turns dominating each other in the bedroom. And Steph tells her mom everything. And her mom is also super open with *her* as well when it comes to her own D/s relationship and threesomes. Steph hit the ground running sexually-speaking just a few years ago, and while she just started masturbating last year (bullet vibe FTW!), she tells us about the many kinks she’s exploring, plus all the stuff that’s still on her bucket list.
Phil (24) has had big balls since he was a baby, mostly hooked up with chicks in high school and college, but discovered his kinky, freaky and queer side post-graduation when he moved to SF. He’s into Grindr, lots of sex, slapping, choking, spitting, tying, group play, recording, piss play, anonymous play, married men, hotel sex AND is a big huge sweetie pie.
So many MMF stories, one cross-dressing miracle, and lots of sexy laughs, Hannah and her Husband love fucking and blowing dudes together (it started with a cuckold). Both open, curious, and up to try things, chance leads them into fantasy scenarios *often.* We get SUPER detailed in this one, she is amazing!!! AKA @svadhisthanah (for feet!) 31, heteroflexible female she/her, relationship coach, married for a year (together 8 total) to a kinky poly dude, SoCal.
Jon is an experience collector. It started with a stack of pornos, discovered with cousins as a kid, flipping through and picking something to try, it led to: (very secret) anal sex with a dude cousin, lots of sex during his musician life, voyeurism, exhibitionism, discovering booths in the back of adult book stores, all day foreplay, submission, pegging, switching, outdoor sex, a treasure chest of toys, 23 years of marriage (that remains v steamy!) and kids.
Would you tell your mom (or stepdad, or coworkers) about the guy you’re pegging? Dani is a hyper sexual southern belle, kinky little girl/brat who’s into butt stuff, threesomes, getting beaten til she cries, loves roughness and face fucking. She’s been known to convert dudes into Daddies, explores (ethically & non-monogamously) with partners in private and public spaces — and she shares her very big, very extreme fantasy.
He lost his virginity in a threesome, has had tons of group sex, has been to AVN with VIP passes, makes getting women to come his primary sexual business (even though he doesn’t *love* going down on ladies, that’s why he has flavored lube!) and there’s so much he still wants to explore – stuff with dudes, domination, pain. He has his queer friends check out his nudes before sending, prefers porn to sex music, and use the phrase, “Two Girls, Three Guys, and we All Had Sex in the Jacuzzi” which was my alternate title pick.
Renee has been married for three decades, waited til marriage, and has dirty fantasies that are too much for her husband. She’s gleefully sexy and regales Wyoh with tales of quiet little sins, fears of dying a virgin, THE BEST SEXTING STORIES EVER, and adventurous things she’s gotten her incredibly sweet husband to try. (White, Female, she/her, 49, 30 years married, conservative Christian, raised Southern Baptist, Texan)
(*trauma warning* — read description!) How does one man stumble into so many glorious group sex situations? How do you process being molested as a kid when the experience was not entirely unenjoyable? How does he discover his love of dildos, butt stuff both ways, and edging, even though he doesn’t identify as specifically kinky? And what’s it like to have a partner with a magic pussy? Peter (50’s, Canadian, Straight) is a true sexual connoisseur, and he & Wyoh delight in these dirty details (note: he actually recommends footing before fisting)
What goes through a kinky submissive’s head the first time she submits? And second? And third? And why does this sex podcast exist in the first place? In this episode, host Wyoh Lee shares her extremely explicit, personal journal entries, recording her first three sessions with her former Master, the origin story of her obsession with explicit communication, sex, and slavehood.
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Rob Claypool

the show is the hostess with the mostess

Sep 11th

Kirsten Farr

awesome series. I've loved every episode so far. wyoh really is a great interviewer and gets the most out of her guests. all light hearted and fun.

Sep 10th

123 456

i want to ram my hard cock into you until i cum hard

Jul 20th

Peter Burt

20 minutes of cuddling, then you can trot along home. ???

Jul 9th

Peter Burt

lady cows don't have horns??? lol

Jun 7th

Rachel Bixler

holy shit. that was truly amazing!

May 22nd

Leo E. Barnes

sounds hot

May 15th


recently found this podcast and am totally loving it!

Apr 24th

Peter Burt

Wow, the title of this episode is so apt. It's awesome to hear other people's journey through this part of life. It's something we all have in common but each of us have so many custom settings and options that we can adjust, combine and discover. it's so cool to hear such candid accounts of a woman's experiences, particularly what she really likes.

Mar 23rd

Mark Edwards

god this feminist is such a buzz kill

Mar 7th

Mwarí Wa Ngare

sound is whaaack!

Jan 19th

ebrahim ghahremani


Dec 11th

Shaun Martin

I love listening to her voice, it's so sexy it really turns me on.

Sep 18th

Blair Cochran


Sep 6th

Unidentified Black Male

is it me or does he sound like Dr. Oz...Good episode.

Jul 12th
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