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EPISODE 116: How to End Toxic Dating with Megan Thoma Megan Thoma is a certified Master Coach helping women to connect to their authentic power, break up with toxic patterns, and intentionally create deeper, more meaningful relationships. In this episode we talk about what toxic dating is, we share stories and experiences, and then how to end toxic dating and relationships. We also go over how to know if you are in a toxic relationship and when it might be time to leave. Some other topics we cover in this episode:  💜 How to improve your relationship 💜 How to heal and move forward 💜 How to end toxic dating and toxic relationships 💜 Why do we keep attracting toxic relationships or partners? 💜 How to know if you play a part in the toxic relationship 💜 What can you do to change?  Check out Megan Thoma below: WEBSITE: Meganthoma.comInstagram:   Become a Money Making Coach Course -  Money Mentality Makeover Course - Drop Your Mother F*cking Money Struggles Mini Course -   BOOK a 1:1 Coaching call with ME: To own your confidence, get to know your personality, help improve your dating, relationships, send me a message on instagram or book a call - -   
Episode 115 - Use Universal Laws to Grow your Business with Michelle Boule Why Universal Laws Matter In Your Business: INTV W/ Transformational Business + Life Coach, Michelle Boulé Michelle Boulé is a Transformational Life and Business Coach, who helps compassionate business owners and creative entrepreneurs all over the world clarify and manifest their visions with more confidence, impact, and alignment towards their truth. She runs a multi-six figure coaching business, offering online group programs, private coaching, speaking, in-person retreats, and teaching. Her work draws from over 20 years of practice in somatic therapies, energy medicine, mindset psychology, spirituality, and her award-winning, international career in dance. In this episode we talk about the different laws of the universe and how they can affect your business and life and how we can use the laws to grow your business and improve your life. We talk about some big manifestations we’ve made in our business, quantum leaping, and how to grow and use these concepts. “The Universal Laws explain how everything in the Universe actually works and they govern how things function in nature with balance and harmony, but we were never taught how to use them,” says Michelle. “That’s why I bring many of these laws into my direct work with entrepreneurs, and there are a few you can apply immediately to start making a difference in your business today: Law of Polarity, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Perpetual Transmutation, and the Law of Sacrifice.”  The problems exists because there’s a solution. If there’s a problem a solution exists. Check out Michele Boule here - Michelleboule.comInstagram - Book a Session with Tia - - Https://levelupwithtia.comInstagram -
EPISODE 114:  Skirt Club Bicurious and Bisexual Women’s Event with Genevieve Genevieve is founder and CEO of Skirt Club Global community for bi-curious and bisexual women. She started the club in 2014 and it now represents 16,000 members. With parties all over the world Genevieve has created a safe space for women to explore their sexuality, so needed and appreciated by many. I love skirt club so much, I attended my first mini-skirt party in Utah and it was a great ice breaker into exploring more of my sexuality and learning more about being bisexual. This event is great for bisexual and bicurious women alike and we start you with a foreplay event to dip your toes in called a mini-skirt party to the full shabang skirt club party, which is a play party but more of a cerebral and sexy event. “You’d be astonished what happens at these parties!” We go over how Genevieve started this amazing business, what skirt club is all about and some wild stories. One of the rules is never leave a lady alone. We also go over what to expect at these events and then some tips for coming for your first event! If you want to have a look or a peak into Skirt Club and join the community or attend a mini-skirt or full-skirt party apply here -  What to wear at these parties? Come dressed sexy af!!! We go into more detail in the episode. Want to learn more about Bisexuality and Bicuriousity Check out this EPISODE 93: Exploring Bisexuality, Tips, Stories with  Jennifer Sunmonu Listen here on Apple Podcast or explore episode 93: She’s been able to massively grow her passion project, get on large magazines, documentaries and grow her international company, and we talk about her growth and how. “I kissed Cara Delevingne!!”  Say what..?   Stay tuned for an upcoming episode with Cara Delevingne co produced by Hulu and BBC Three on a documentary series in which actress, model, and singer Cara Delevingne explores issues of sexual and gender identity. We filmed during the Mermaid event I was talking about and I might be on the episode!! We’ll see…. :P Skirt Club is in Phoenix, Chicago, DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and MORE along with many countries so check out where Skirt Club is located and Join the community here - ➡️➡️FREE Workshop - Sexy Confidence to the BEST Sex Ever Workshop -💜 Join my Course -💜 Learn more about me -💜 Work with me -
EPISODE 113: Heal Sexual Blocks with Hypnotherapy for Better Orgasms with Lorraine Maguire Do you ever hear of explosive, mind blowing orgasms, multiple orgasms, and you think that it just isn’t for you, it doesn’t exist? Well it does!!! It is possible for you! Maybe there is something blocking you from this pleasure, is it trauma, past experiences, maybe it’s a belief that is hidden in your subconscious. In this episode we talk about hypnotherapy works and how using hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTS) can help you get to your next level and heal those blocks or beliefs that are preventing you from more pleasure, success, abundance, and even ORGASMS!  Check out my FREE Workshop Sexy Confidence to the BEST Sex EVER - Get my Sexy Goddess Signature Course here -  I talk about how I used RTS and how it helped me break through experiences that prevented me from “feeling too good”! There’s so many things that could be blocking us from these amazing Orgasms: I could be sexual shame, judgement, religion, obligation, beliefs, trauma, and so many things. Listen to this episode to see how you could break through your UPPER LIMITS to reach your next level of pleasure, business, life, and love, skip steps with hypnotherapy to reprogram your mind. Instead of months or even years of talk therapy, it gets to the root of the issue and helps you reprogram in weeks or even as short as hours. Book a FREE session with Lorraine Here - don’t forget to mention Sexy Biz Babe or Tia Lynn when you book and on your call to get a special deal! Free 30 minute hypnotic coaching session WEBSITE: www.lorrainemaguire.comFACEBOOK: Instagram:  The Big O sexual intimacy workshop for women or working with me one-on-one using hypnosis to clear sexual blocks to have amazing orgasms. I can Enter in the form and say that Sexy Biz Babe or Tia Lynn sent you to get your free session and a special deal! Lorraine Maguire has overcome many personal challenges in her life and is on a mission to help other people rise above the beliefs that are holding them back. She's overcome alcoholism, drugs, low self-confidence, overeating and excess weight, anxiety and panic attacks. She was single for 11 years before transforming her life with Rapid Transformational Therapy and has been in loving relationship for over 3 years having the best sex of her life. Today she helps others transform their lives through her work as a Rapid Transformational Therapist, hypnotherapist and motivational speaker.  BOOK Mentioned: Heart and Harmony by Katy and Gay HendricksThe Big Leap by Gay Hendricks  Learn more about Hypnotherapy on a past episode:
EPISODE 112: Build a Business you Love, How I got started to NOW! Interview by Kamille Cawley from the Abundant Entrepreneurs Podcast Follow on instagram and her podcast - @kamillecawley  I'm a Marketing, Sex, and Confidence Coach and🎙 Podcast host for Sexy Biz Babe I have now hit multiple six figures in my businesses that I love and I love helping women do the same. It doesn't have to suck, but I do recommend that you have passion behind it, that will help you keep going. I help women coaches & business owners stand out online to attract and gain more clients through owning their Purpose, Pleasure, and Power to increase profit! ⚠️ WARNING: ⚠️ This method increases self confidence, income, and better sex! ⤵️ DM me to Book a BREAKTHROUGH Session or book here Website - ✅  Build a Business you Love✅  Stand out on Social media to attract clients✅  Increase Profit while having fun in your sales and marketing✅  Sex, Confidence, Dating, and Relationships In this episode, I go over how I got started in both businesses, my clothing line Static Threads, and my coaching business and how I found my niche or target audience and then how I started doing confidence and sex coaching, it's a journey but it's amazing. You don't need to know every step of the process you just need to take the first step. If you want to book a call with me, I can't wait to chat. I also have an intro call coaching session available on sale!! Clothing line - or 
🎙 Podcast 111: All about Anal with Stephanie Pappas Ohhhhhhh boy we go into it in this episode. We go into how to enjoy it, the basics, booty play, butt plugs, and tips on doing anal. I know a lot of women are afraid of it and think it’s painful, taboo, and just not talked about so here we are to talk all about it!! We go into tips on trying booty play for the first time and what to expect, what our favorite toys are, and how to go all in for anal the first time and how to make it pleasurable. We also talk about some of the worries or stresses people may have and how to avoid any weird circumstances.  Stephanie is a Sacred Sex & Relationship Coach. Her coaching method is based around the 5 Erotic Blueprints™ (Created by Jaiya), which are the ways each of us are wired sexually to experience touch and turn on. She will help guide you in discovering your Erotic Blueprint™, healing blocks to intimacy, and improving your communication to create your High Vibe Love Life. Other Episodes with Stephanie: 💜EPISODE 64: The one about Threesomes, blow jobs,  Orgasms and more with Stephanie Pappas 💜 EPISODE 50:  Erotic Blueprints with Stephanie Pappas Website:  Add me on levelupwithtia.comBook a Call for Confidence, Marketing, or Improving your Sex Life -
Podcast 110: Money Mentality Makeover Honest Review & 5 Takeaways Amanda Frances   Money Mentality Makeover Review for Amanda Frances ✨💚 MONEY MENTALITY MAKEOVER 💚✨ Join Now when Cart is open Wait List to Join Your Mother F*cking Money Struggles Mini Course - This Course Changed my LIFE & Money Mindset Completely. 😱👑 💵 Money Mentality Makeover was the BEST investment!!! 💵   Not only do I share 5 of my biggest takeaways in this course, I also show the HUGE transformation I made from over 3 years ago to now. I share some amazing money mindset tips and tricks to apply now whether you buy the course or not! Also if you want access to some smaller courses for a lower price just dm me   HOW:   💰 It leveled up my MONEY mindset to KNOW that I can make more money than I ever thought possible and faster   💁🏼‍♀️ It gave me the confidence to go for and become a coach, instead of the thing I “should” do!   💜 It gave me the direction to find my purpose and passion   🔮 It led me to the next steps to completely reshape my life   🤩 Build a business that I felt worthy of charging high ticket and changed my mindset around money   😱Three and a half years ago I had zero income, no job, and no fucking idea what I was supposed to do next!   😱Working full time in corporate, scared to charge for my services maybe $50 hourly to signing $3k, $5k, and even $10k clients   💜 Live by beach working for myself full time doing what I love Multiple streams of income   💜 Making multiple 6 figures online doing what I love   💜 Leveling up with this course every year     If you sign up with my link message, comment, DM me and YOU get a FREE 30 Min Marketing or Confidence Breakthrough Call with me   Here's the link -   Here’s my website -  DM me on Instagram @sexybizbabe if you have any questions or if you sign up with my link for a BONUS   MMM Sales page https:/ Waitlist ->.
🎙EP 109: How to Deal with JEALOUSY in Monogamy and Non-Monogamy Dealing with jealousy isn’t always easy, what is healthy, what isn’t? How do we deal with it? How do we communicate our feelings? Is jealousy normal? Where does it stem from?  In this episode, we dive into detail on what is jealousy, why do we get jealous, and how to deal with it. We also go into the differences in jealousy in monogamy and non-monogamy  along with some other amazing questions to help you improve your confidence, communication, and possibly relationships.  Veronica, Indelicate Coaching, is my special guest who is a Somatic Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship Guide.  She helps you to transform from lonely to a leader in love, from frustrated to erotic mastery, and from disconnected to fully embodied pleasure. She got her degree in psychology and management, and has trained with the Somatica Institute and a very humorous Universe.   Find Veronica here - Website - Indelicatecoaching.comInstagram -  QUOTES: Jealousy could just be an opportunity to grow  It’s impossibly, There is not ONE person to magically fulfill all of your needs, sorry if this is news to you, but there’s not. That is why we have friends, family, and other people.  To build your confidence on the inside out, get more comfortable with yourself, communication, and in relationships or dating so you don’t get so JEALOUS Join my signature Course - Sexy Goddess Course - Follow me here - -
EP 108:  Juicy Erotica Stories & Ethical Non-Monogamy with Angel Johnstone In this episode we chat about exploring ethical non-monogamy, jealousy, growing your confidence, and owning who you are. We also talk about exploring different types of relationships with a woman who has been in a polyamorous marriage & monogamous relationships and go over how to deal with jealousy in all types of relationships.  Angel Johnstone, As a Sex, Money, & Confidence Coach, I empower women to have more confidence in the bedroom and beyond.  As an author of erotica, distributor of sex toys, and passionate lover in my own life, I know pleasure and how to center your life around what turns you on. Together we get clear on what you desire and create transformation that's juicy, exciting, and fun. Confidence is a skill that you learn by getting to know yourself and owning who you are. During this transformative process, I will support you in exuding your power in all areas of your life. Don’t forget to download your FREE Chapter of her Sexy Erotic book I read a clip of in the podcast - Get access to your FREE erotic bookLadies First: Six Short Erotic Stories for Women & Their Lovers  It's time to reclaim your power, own your desires, and tell your partner what you want with confidence. Get your free guide - FREE Chapter former Erotica Book - Download here - 👯‍♀️ JOIN my group to join an amazing community of women who dare to stand out and live a life they dream of! - 📷 Instagram: 💻 Website:  - contact me on Instagram for Speaking Opportunities and how to work with me or join my courses! Sexy Goddess Signature Course - 
EPISODE 107:  Astrology & Sex with Deb Astrology is a journey and your natal chart, the book. Queerstrology’s book doesn’t have binary or orientation, but so much of astrology does. Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to create it myself. That’s how Queerstrology was born. Deb is a Celebrity Astrologer, she used to be in marketing and engineering and now developed Queerstrology and does readings and coaching on astrology and sex. In this episode we talk about how your astrology affects you in the bedroom and relationships and how your mars and Venus is what drives you in the bedroom.  Website - Check out her YouTube -     👯‍♀️ JOIN my group to join an amazing community of women who dare to stand out and live a life they dream of! - 📷 Instagram: 💻 Website:  - contact me on Instagram for Speaking Opportunities and how to work with me or join my courses!  
How to Eat P*ssy like a Pro This EPISODE is JUICY, it’s hot, it’s steamy, and it needs to be shared to men, women, and non-binary people. Literally everyone needs to hear this. Not only do I go over JUICY fucking tips on how to eat P*ssy like a Pro… I also give tips on receiving oral or getting eaten out and then stay tuned for the end because I give you a sexy scenario that I’d love to have over and over again. Yes, this is probably TMI but I think this can go to good use to change your life, your wives life, your girlfriends, boyfriends, whoever the fuck. P*ssy eating is super important. I know I couldn’t live without good P*ssy eating and I don’t think any woman should either. So share this episode with EVERYONE who needs it. Tag them, email them, share it on your stories so your men, friends, ex bf can take some notes and get better. Talk about it, what do you agree on? What do you disagree on? I’d love to hear. This is my perspective and also what I’ve heard and done my research on so we are all different and have different preferences, so take what you like and leave what you don’t. Let’s dive in!!!!  2 EPISODES brought up on this episode:  💜 EPISODE 50:  Learn about your Erotic Blueprints with Stephanie Pappas   💜 EPISODE 58: How to Enjoy Giving Great Blow jobs with Confidence with  Natalie -  JOIN my Sexy Goddess Workshop / Waitlist JOIN my Sexy Goddess Course HERE - Leave me some feedback to help me grow this episode and reach more ears and change lives or DM me questions to my IG - @sexybizbabe :P Love you Sexies! Go get some pleasure!
EP 105: Get Naughty this Christmas 🎄 😈 Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and Happy New Year! What’s the best way to deal with the stress, family, arguments and more this holiday season….?? I’m gonna tell ya! It’s time to get naughty and spice up your holidays and get on the naughty list this holiday season even if you are staying with the in laws, family, away with family, and here is WHY and what to do! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Don’t miss out on this deal!! 🎁 Gift of better sex  ——>>>> check out my sexy goddess course on sale now and access asap and a group coaching call in January Become a Sex Goddess Course - Instant access - https:/  🎙 Listen to past episode - Erotic Blueprint Episode -
EP 104: Inside Stories of a Strip Tease Artist with Ruth Ramsay She wanted to be a stripper since she was 7!!! Listen in to this amazing story with some crazy inside stories and how she fulfilled her life purpose. Ruth Ramsay is a sex coach with a background as a striptease artist and erotic activist. Her dancing and campaigning took her from kink dungeons and Times Square penthouse parties, to care homes for the disabled and the Houses Of Parliament. She now combines transformational coaching with this lived experience, supporting clients to deeply understand who they are erotically, what they need, and how to communicate this to partners.  Join her ‘Something For The Weekend’ Saturday morning email community, for weekly bedroom tips, self-coaching prompts, saucy first-hand stories (which you WON'T find on my Instagram), and first dibs on my special offers and events.  Join at  Listen to more episodes and follow me on instagram - @sexybizbabe Contact me to work with me or learn more about me - Or Join any of my self led courses including my signature Sexy Goddess Course -
EP 103: Sex Education: Back to the Basics with Steve Oksard Do you feel like you got good sex education growing up? Maybe we skipped over some of the basics? If you are wanting better sex, bring it back to the basics and let’s put it into practice with Steve Oksard. For over 30 years Steve has been guiding clients to explore how they hold their life story in their bodies. Initially, his focus was working with people recovering from accidents, injuries and clients wishing to address specific health, wellness, and fitness goals.   Steve is now a Somatic Sex Educator & Embodied Counselor and work with individuals & couples to transform shame into deep learning and growth so that they can have the kind of intimate and erotic connections they desire. In this episode we talk about a lot of the basics that get surpassed and not many of us talk about; Taking it back to the ABC’s of Sex.  ABC’s of Sex: Agency Boundaries Consent Check Steve out here -  Episode sponsored by my Signature Become a Sexy Goddess Course - Join the waitlist or Buy now -  
69 Ways to Perform a GREAT Hand Job with Lee Jagger “Huge point of power for women to be able to take control in the bedroom and make him see God”  Lee Jagger What in the world..? There’s 69 ways to perform a hand job?! That’s insane!! Are you used to the basic up and down hand job? It’s pretty boring, you do the same thing, but you’d love to spice it up. In this episode we go over How to Improve your Hand Job skills with tips and tricks to do it BETTER with Lee Jagger. It’s time to get to know his member and really blow his mind. Lee is a Sexpert and Founder of Rock The Bedroom, where she has helped thousands of women claim their confidence and creativity in the bedroom using her signature erotic massage techniques. After going from Sex Worker to Sexpert, Lee has made it her mission to normalize conversations around sexuality and make obligatory sex become a thing of the past. Her “hands-on” experience with over 2,000 male clients has helped her to understand that what actually drives men wild is not what most women think. Want to Drive Him Wild in the bedroom? Download this freebie to Rock his World in the bedroom - She also brings up the 69 different ways so DM her to get them on IG -  Are you READY to break out of shame, own your sexy power and confidence inside and outside of the bedroom & boardroom?! Join my Sexy Goddess Signature Course here -  Listen to Episode 58 on How to Enjoy Giving Great Blow Jobs with Natalie Vires  - 
Top 10 Episodes Part 2

Top 10 Episodes Part 2


100th EPISODE Party! Pt 2 100th EPISODE GIVEAWAY 🍾I’m so excited to share this HUGE Milestone with you! This is part 2 and we get even wetter and juicier!!! To celebrate this with you I’m hosting a Sexy Biz Babe Giveaway with my 100th Episode!!!! ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE - ALSO SHARE this episode on your story, Facebook, feed, text a friend or whatever and tag @sexybizbabe Go Check out these FULL EPISODES that are in this SPECIAL: Listen and enjoy!  1 💜 EPISODE 58: How to Enjoy Giving Great Blow jobs with Confidence with  Natalie“We can all be blow job queens” - Natalie Vires Blow Job Class - 2 💜 EPISODE 93: Exploring Bisexuality, Tips, Stories with  Jennifer Sunmonu “Do I even like men?” Is it just because the male gaze tells me to?” - Jennifer “We can be whatever the fuck we want, we don’t need to fit in boxes” - Tia  3 💜 EPISODE 98 Attract & Keep Conscious Love with Presley Yarrow - QUOTE: “Conscious love for me is purposeful intentional love - this is for yourself, this is for others It’s about stepping into this value and worthiness to know who you are, what you deserve so you can call that into your life.”- Presley Yarrow   4 💜EPISODE 64: The one about Threesomes, blow jobs,  Orgasms and more with Stephanie Pappas “DO NOT, DO not lie about your orgasm” - Tia Lynn “YOU are doing a disservice all these fucking men are walking around and they think that they know how to give women fucking orgasms and they fucking don’t They are fucking faking it And they think they are fucking incredible” - Stephanie  5 💜 EPISODE 99: Sex Parties, Ethical non-,monogamy, and Art with Michael Holice Harding email to tell them Sexy Biz Babe, Tia Lynn sent you! “One of the biggest parts of being in this lifestyle is knowing and communicating your boundaries.” - Michael Harding  Listen and share more episodes!!! Check out my website:
Top 10 Episodes Pt 1

Top 10 Episodes Pt 1


It’s my 100th EPISODE Party Pt 1- You get clips and commentary on my favorite top 10 Episodes and Juicy Clips 100th EPISODE GIVEAWAY Ohhh my Goddess!!!! 👀100 Podcast Episodes!!?! 🎉🍾I’m so excited to share this HUGE Milestone with you! This podcast started as more of a Business and Marketing podcast and then shifted to a passion project where I speak about all the Taboo Topics to help people break out of shame, own their power and confidence and open up to have better intimacy and MORE pleasure in life, business, and SEX! 💜🖤 To celebrate this with you I’m hosting a Sexy Biz Babe Giveaway with my 100th Episode!!!! ENTER HERE - ALSO SHARE this episode or your fav episode on your story, Facebook, feed, or whatever and tag @sexybizbabe—— Sexy Goddess Course - break out of shame, own sexy confidence, and have better sex Join the wait list or check out the course -  Go Check out these FULL EPISODES that are in this SPECIAL: Listen and enjoy! SHARE and take me in your fav episodes!  💜 EPISODE 50:  Erotic Blueprints with Stephanie Pappas Blueprint Quiz - 💜 EPISODE 97: Have Better Sex & Last Longer with Jeff Abraham from Promescent Shop here - GET 15% Off with my link - FREE SHIPPING and 60 day money back guarantee! WEBSITE: Focus on your partners pleasure not your own - Promescent - I fully support this company and LOVED the delay spray   💜 EPISODE 89: Increasing Sensation & Pleasure to your Yoni with Yulia Rose Why women are meant to have pleasure Sex and pleasure is not wrong  💜 EPISODE 86: Last Longer, Stronger, and  Multiple Orgasms with D’vita Tips for laster longer and having multiple orgasms  💜  EPISODE 90: Desires, Communication and Own your Sexy in Business with Hayden Merryn  Don’t forget to review this episode!!!! SHARE THE LOVE!!! Love you Sexy Biz Babes!!!! GO CHECK OUT PART 2 ASAP!!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU NEXT SEASON WITH SOME UPGRADES!!!    
🎙EPISODE 99: Sex Parties, Ethical Non-monogomy, and Art with Michael Hollice Harding OH FUCK we are diving into all these taboo topics, sharing stories, tips, and talking about one of my favorite Sex Parties located in Los Angeles, California with Michael Hollice Harding. Sex Parties, Ethical non-monogamy, and Art, here's how the Play combines all three for a once in a lifetime experience called The Play. Michael is one of the co-owners of the Play, a lifestyle party that is centered around art.     The Play offers an interactive experience mixed with performance art in a sensually curated environment. Most “lifestyle” parties start with drinks,  conversation; ending in intimate interactions. What separates The Play from the monotony is the focus on art, intimacy, and the curation of self-expression. We invite you to not only be the audience but also be the entertainment.   Some things we talk about are: 💜 What is the lifestyle? 💜 Swinging, vulnerability, insecurity, and jealousy 💜  What to be aware of before going to Sex Parties and what it’s like 💜 Squirting with someone who is NOT your partner 💜 We even talk about Hotel Takeovers and Plush Parties 💜 How people in open relationships prevent feelings of jealousy, rejection, and insecurity?
EPISODE 98: Attract and Keep Conscious Love with Presley Yarrow What is preventing you from finding conscious love? What part of your past relationships keeps coming up in every relationship? What is the common denominator? What is conscious love? You can’t have conscious love without self love! <3 We both go into what you need to do to be READY to bring a healthy relationship into your life. This episode is so amazing, Presley is an amazing coach who helps you understand your self and your blocks and traumas that are preventing you from finding conscious love and then how to attract that conscious love into your life.  We dive into attracting conscious love and stories on what was holding us back in the past, and how to grow and heal to improve your dating and relationships. This was just an amazing organic chat with so many gold nuggets on how to track that conscious love and keep it we also dive into some homework that you can implement today and I 1000% recommend doing it so take notes. Presley Yarrow is a Conscious Love Specialist and the creator of The Love Awakening Method™️. For the last 3 years, she’s made it her mission to break down the exact steps it takes for women to release their negative subconscious beliefs to find a thriving relationship and long-lasting love. Her journey has taken her across globe working at world class wellness retreats with hundreds of women. Presley’s goal is to move women into a space of letting go, cultivating self-love and calling in a relationship where Conscious Love comes pouring in. Book mentioned - Women who Love too Much -  Follow Presley Yarrow WEBSITE:  👯‍♀️ JOIN my group to join an amazing community of women - 📷 Instagram: 💻 Website:  -   
97: How to Have Better Sex & Last Longer in the Bedroom with Jeff Abraham “Go from, am I lasting long enough is my woman going to climax? All the sudden it changes to, do I want to give my woman 2 or 3 orgasms before I’m done?” - Jeff Abraham This podcast was so fun to record, we have tons of laughs and chats, listen in to make your Sex Life better. We also go over some of the big reasons why you may not be having the best sex or just how to make it EVEN BETTER! If your partner isn’t lasting long enough and you are getting sick and tired of this, nothing works, you don’t feel connected to him when he’s thinking of baseball while thrusting then you need to try this delay spray from Promescent. Shop here - GET 15% Off with my link - FREE SHIPPING and 60 day money back guarantee! WEBSITE:  Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent, a sexual wellness company that offers delay spray to last longer in bed, it’s the only FDA approved Premature ejaculation product on the market! Unlike most medications out there now that may cause negative side effects, we provide a safe, easy and effective topical spray solution that is backed by science with a patented solution. TOPICS COVERED in this EPISODE:  We talk about the orgasm gap for womenThe average, healthy female takes 18 min to orgasmThe average, healthy  male 5 min 42 secondsAnxiety is a big cause of issues in the bedroomTips for helping with anxietyContinuing to keep a healthy Sex Life as you get olderHow to communicate about sex - 17:45How to encourage your man to go down on you moreUsing toys with your partnerMasterbating with your partnerImprove your sex by knowing what you want and learning your partnerONE thing he’d tell his younger self  “Focus specifically on your partners pleasure and not your own”  33:30 YOU should NOT bring anxiety into the bedroom If you worry about the end you’ll never get there SOME Toys and Products Brought up in this episode: Buzzing gelAnti-Climax sprayClit sucking vibrator (my favorite) Shop here - GET 15% Off with my link - FREE SHIPPING and 60 day money back guarantee! Click to get an amazing discount with this link and check out these amazing products, I really loved the buzzing and the lube. WEBSITE:  Jeff Abraham is a successful entrepreneur who sold his first Semi-Conductor recruiting business over 10 years ago.  Shortly afterJeff Abraham sold his semi-conductor recruiting business, Jeff Abraham invested $100,00 dollars for his money in Absorption Pharmaceuticals, makers of Promescent, a company owned by his friend and neighbor, Dr. Ron Gilbert.   Dr. Ron Gilbert was tragically murdered in 2011 in a case of mistaken identity.  It became Jeff's passion to continue the company founder's legacy.  Over the last 10 years Jeff has spent his days advocating for sexual health and wellness.    Promescent, a leading sexual wellness company that offers Delay Spray, VitaFLUX®, Arousal Gel, and other sex-enhancing products. The Delay Spray increases men's sexual endurance by over 60% and has sold millions of bottles worldwide. It was the first FDA approved Premature Ejeculatory product on the market, dating back to 2009. Another Episode I highly Recommend to help Men last longer and stronger in the bedroom and have multiple orgasms without ejaculation - 🎙 Listen here - For help owning your power and confidence in the bedroom and boardroom and have better sex - 📖  Book a call - 💻  Visit my Website - 👯‍♀️  Join my community -   
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