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Author: Martin Sharp & Dominic Furness

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Here to discuss how to create health, fitness and lifestyle when you are a busy entrepreneur, business owner, exec or consultant juggling many demands.
If you are time-poor, stressed and feel your health is suffering or waistline is expanding because of it, then we'll be running through what it takes to get you back on top and keep you there.
11 Episodes
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #11 It's competition time as Justin Scott and Martin Sharp head out to Ischgl Austria to compete in this years international snow sculpting festival, FORMEN IN WEISS / SHAPES IN WHITE. Martin and Dominic discuss what to do to make sure the impact you make when working away, is not pushing you back from your health and fitness goals! Watch on YouTube
12 days of Fitmass... Are you feeling festive? Its Christmas time which means the temptation to eat those mince pies and relax with a mulled wine, today we discuss how to remain healthy in our short episode this week, as we count down to Christmas!  Watch on YouTube
Hello, this week we talk about the importance of space. how important is space? Not the outer universe but the space you create in your own life. Both mentally and physically. If you enjoyed this week's episode please let us know! Watch on YouTube
REPS OR FORM? - FIT FOR LIFE PODCAST - #8 Fit For Life FULL podcast #8 Reps or Form, which is more important?! In this episode, we dive into reps and form and discuss the pros and cons of both and how to use them together for the best results. Watch on YouTube
Is a cold a cold? or maybe we phrase it as": When is a cold NOT a cold? We hope you enjoyed this weeks podcast! Hope you enjoyed this weeks podcast! We will be back next week better than ever for another.  Watch on YouTube
Are you getting enough rest for recovery? A topical topic this week as Dom blew out his foot.. again... this time the other one, so we figured rest and recovery would be a good point of conversation this week. Watch on YouTube
In this Sharp Fit for Life Podcast #5 we'll be looking at exercise progression. Progression is key, but have you earned the right to progress?  When it is right to do so when you shouldn't and some of the common mistakes people make. Watch on YouTube
Food or exercise? Which is more important? In today's chat, we discuss whether food is best for a healthy lifestyle or if exercise is more important in maintaining your physical/mental health. In addition to this, we have a small debate... Is a blueberry a carbohydrate?! As always thank you for listing. Watch on YouTube
Welcome to episode #3 of the Sharp Fit For Life podcast, misconceptions of the core. It is a common mistake to assume the ideal core to be a "6 pack" however all people's core structure is different and is not infarct just the front of your stomach. Your core is made of many different muscles from your legs and torso. Watch on YouTube
We are back with our second podcast (#2), this time we talk about muscle and fat causing weight gain/weight loss. In this episode, we dive into how you can lose weight, via what you eat, what you do and how your body adapts to new stresses. equally so we touch upon what causes weight gain and how to find the happy medium. We understand it's not easy to have that perfect balance Watch on YouTube
If you are wondering where to start and how to make the most of it. Dominic and Martin discuss some of the things that have affected their lives and what was the key to their success in fitness, health and lifestyle. Watch on YouTube