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Shaun Attwood's True Crime Podcast

Author: Shaun Attwood

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Crime and Punishment stories that will make your butt clench.
202 Episodes
Severely beaten by his sadistic father, Mick is accustomed to violence. As a head doorman, he experiences fights, shootings and famous gangsters.
MANSCAPED: Get 20% off and free Shipping with the code SHAUN20 at ( Richard Jones takes me on a tour of Victorian London's underworld, where the slayings took place, from street-corner taverns to unsavoury lodging houses. One by one the murder victims and the circumstances of their killings are revealed, and the suspects are analysed.
After avoiding incarceration for his role in growing pot, Ben becomes concerned about knife attacks on his friends and launches a campaign.
Grab your Liquid I.V. in bulk nationwide at Costco or you can get 25% off when you go to ( and use code ATTWOOD at checkout. That’s 25% off ANYTHING you order when you get better hydration today using promo code ATTWOOD at ( Growing up in the UK, Guled hustles to survive. He is bullied, kidnapped and almost stabbed in prison, where he turns the tables on his enemies with the help of his Somali friends.
Jason Farrell, Home Editor at Sky News, is the man with the inside story. In this fearless, hard-hitting account, Farell shares in terrifying detail the story of the county lines phenomenon through the words of gang members and their victims themselves.
Sohom details the most shocking and emotional cases and dangerously mentally-ill patients that he has dealt with: from mum's who kill their own babies to serial killers.
After doing armed robberies at age 15, Ray graduates to the highest levels of crime. Working with infamous gangsters, he earns a reputation as one of the UK’s most dangerous men.
At age 19, Karl stabs a man and goes on the run in Spain. In prison, he encounters various characters, including Purple Aki, Danny Gee and his own father freshly deported from America.
Ex Merseyside cop and intersex person, Ann details her campaign to combat cyberbullying and explains YouTube's cyberbullying policy.
This is the true story of the murder of 14-year-old Jodi Jones in Scotland, in 2003. But, could the boy convicted of that murder, Jodi's boyfriend, Luke Mitchell (also 14 at the time), be innocent?
Working as a security guard on a ship in the Indian Ocean, former paratrooper Nick is arrested on false charges. Inside the brutal Indian prison system, Nick and his colleagues – the Chennai Six – cling to their sanity.
Serving life for armed robbery and possession of firearms, Joey adapts to a netherworld of drug-fuelled violence, infamous gangsters and convict justice for sex offenders.
After getting arrested at a Venezuelan airport with a suitcase of cocaine, Natalie was clueless about the danger she was facing.
On holiday with his dad, Mike dances and attracts a crowd. He transforms his frustration at his hardships – being held at gunpoint etc – into performances that go viral.
After a few near misses smuggling weed through India, Austria and Nepal, Steven's luck runs out in Japan, where prisoners are only allowed to whisper.
Alan's journey through a house of horrors. Over 100 former residents have alleged that they were sexually abused, tortured, starved and beaten between 1957 and 1974.
After too many violent encounters working as a doorman in the UK, Andy seeks overseas adventures. Hired by "The Firm" in Indonesia, he adheres to strict rules that when broken end up with his colleagues teeth getting knocked out.
Author Peter Walsh tells the story of Curtis Warren whose network included the Colombian cartels, Turkish heroin godfathers, Moroccan cannabis growers and the Ecstasy labs of Holland and Eastern Europe.
After filming the PKK's youth wing fighting the Turkish Armed Forces, Jake spends two weeks in maximum security. After quitting war correspondence for Vice, he reports on organised crime and extremist politics, including the Order of Nine Angles
With Bloods and Crips at war in Manchester, Kieran is almost fatally shot. After seeking reprisals, he ends up in supermax prison.
Comments (76)

Carl King

his advert voice makes me think of Huntley

Jul 28th

D Grassick

Cool to hear Jordan Peterson helped this man out, with his message. He has helped so many people. Huge fan of him, especially proud as I'm Canadian.

Jul 21st

Jez Armstrong

48 minutes in and the podcast starts again, what the fuck sort it out

Jul 21st

Carl Tinsley

can you reload this please the same 40mins plays 3 times. Loving these pod casts.

Jun 30th

Jez Armstrong

What is wrong with your podcasts they always fuck up or restart

Jun 18th

Louise Hayes

shaun this guy sucks, anti domestic violence charities? really?

May 11th


you need to interview that Alain Gultier from the serpant on Netflix he would be an interesting character

May 2nd


I honestly think this is the most important, profound and powerful thing I have ever listened to.

Apr 27th

Amber Pinnock

what an amazingly informative no frills podcast!! I'm now following you Ron as much as possible! I'm a mother of 5 nanny to 2 & my god, jus when I thought I was clued up....let's jus say, I'm educated all over again!! Yes it was brutal but honest & eye opening & I have shared because I want EVERY parent to listen & pay attention!! thanks Shaun I'm an absolute fan & Ron, I'm following you everywhere 👌

Apr 6th

Tofu Terry

I still can't believe wild man has passed. massive respect for the man. keep doing what you're doing Shaun. love your channel.

Mar 22nd

Amber Pinnock

my heart was pumping so bloody hard I swear I could hear it outside my body!! My son was born sleeping 27th March 2009. From 19wks gestation, I knew something wasn't right. My son was my 7th pregnancy, 5th child so was as experienced as you can be as far as a mum goes but no matter how hard I protested during my pregnancy, I wasn't listened to resulting in my sons death. I feel for what you went through 100% & admire your deep courage to speak so publicly. These incidents happen more than people realise & bringing them to the forefront of our minds us crucial to raising awareness & more importantly, to listen to mum!!

Mar 7th

Dan Holland

great podcast, but what does crash how s your father mean? it's driving me mad haha

Feb 8th
Reply (1)

Jay Gamble

the best podcast you've ever done. bravo

Feb 4th


best episode I've heard yet. David's the bizness

Feb 4th



Nov 27th

Bobby Mac

Another good interview. R.I.P Wildman

Nov 26th

Jez Armstrong

"I'm a flat earther" and in the same sentance "I don't do conspiracy theroys" 😂😂 it was great until he went all Alex Jones on us

Nov 20th

Sully Khan

I could listen to David for hours and hours as soon as I seen the title i couldn't press the play button any faster

Nov 17th

Jay Gamble

awesome, touching ending

Nov 10th


yeah yeah right!

Nov 4th
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