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Author: Lindsay Adkinson

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She'd Be Proud is a podcast about overcoming trauma, everyday obstacles and mental health. Lindsay Adkinson talks about turning her life around after growing up in a world of drugs, sexual assault and abuse. This is a place for acceptance, forgiveness and vulnerability. Listen to Lindsay's own journey to recovery and what it took to change the course of her life, as well as inspiring guest stories. Lindsay hopes you leave each episode replacing your shame or fear with strength and pride. New episodes every Monday!

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Doing vs. Being

Doing vs. Being


In today's episode we are discussing the difference between DOING vs BEING. Doing is an external thing, while being is internal and your true essence or feelings. In this episode we are talking about balance, workaholism and how to prioritize being in a world obsessed with doing!Follow me on instagram here: more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's episode of She'd Be Proud, Lindsay Adkinson share the only reason you cant have success. We will also discuss how to find your own TRUE capability & purpose, how to identify limiting beliefs & change our mindset so we can achieve more success and find happiness!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's podcast, I discuss what it was like growing up in the same town as Luke P. and how I feel about his time on the bachelorette. We also talk some about what my life was like growing up and similar patterns of sexism and aggression I was raised with. If you are ready to UNlearn toxic behaviors from hurt people, tune in!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's episode we're discussing the stories we tell ourselves and how to change them. The way you treat yourself can impact your entire life, make sure what you're saying is your truth. Instagram: more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's episode I am talking about the key to getting rid of bad habits and switching them for good ones!Instagram: more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's episode of She'd Be Proud I am telling you the mindset shifts I needed in order to become proud of myself, feel more self love, find success and live a better life. Instagram: https://lindsayadkinson.comLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
In today's episode of She'd Be Proud, I had the pleasure of chatting with Remy from Veggiekins. She opened up about how she overcame anorexia and substance abuse after finding her love for veganism and passion for baking! I apologize if my questions and comments weren't perfect: this was my first time interviewing someone and I was a bit nervous! .My Instagram:, guest or press inquiries: out Remy here: more about your ad choices. Visit
Who are you? What is your purpose? Let's get lost, get quiet and get thinking. Today's episode is all about finding your true self and greatest potential to live your best life. 56 Self Discovery Questions: Email: hello@lindsayadkinson.comLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
For mental health awareness month I wanted to have an open conversation about mental health. In this episode we discuss anxiety, stigmas, stress, depression and coping with emotions. You are not alone or broken. you are normal and it's ok to feel your feelings.National Suicide Hotline:Call 1-800-273-8255Available 24 hours everydayHave a question for my husband and I for an episode on dating and marriage after trauma? Email me: or DM me on instagram!Instagram: more about your ad choices. Visit
Today's episode is my life story, in a condensed version. I will be diving deeper into individual times in my life in weeks to come on this podcast. This episode shares how I went through rape, abuse, battling mental health and an extreme lack of self worth to finally finding my self and trying again. I am proud to say I am now successful, happy and abundant. Being vulnerable is terrifying, but I know my story needs to be told.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Judy Fabiolaa

Love you Lindsay❤️ You’re such an inspiration. Can’t wait for your book❤️❤️

May 1st

Melette Archuleta

Your story is heartbreaking yet amazing!!! You have overcome so much and have become such a strong woman because of it all!! I admire your strength!!

Apr 30th
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