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Learn with Brenna McCoubrey while she has honest conversation with women who share a passion for the outdoors!
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Ep. 11 Cara Smith

Ep. 11 Cara Smith


Cara Smith is a Michigan-native now living amongst the bustle of Brooklyn, New York. While in design school in Ohio, she rekindled her passion for fly-fishing and was reminded of her childhood, fishing with her grandfather. Her grandfather, Bob Summers of is known around the world for building and repairing bamboo fly rods since 1956. Inspired by her grandfather's legacy with R.W. Summers, Cara "Summers" Smith decided to introduce her passion with her profession and create women's fly-fishing apparel. We talked about what it takes to create a line of clothing, the importance of every detail and touched upon why she feels it is important for women to have a tailored fit while enjoying any activity. Listen and learn from Cara in Episode 11! 
Ep. 10 Amanda Johnson

Ep. 10 Amanda Johnson


You may know her by her Instagram handle, @amandas_outdoor_adventures, but I now know her as fellow ice hockey player, dog mom and self-taught ukulele musician. Amanda shares with me how her boyfriend (now fiancé since this episode has been recorded!!) introduced her to a hunting lifestyle. She now strives to share her newfound passion with other women looking to find their way in the outdoor industry. It was such a blast chatting with her about how we're going to train our new puppies to hunt (who were born on the same day!), how we both played the same sport growing up and how important it is to remember it is OK to be a beginner at something. 
Molly Kwakenat and Mackenzie Kroll met at their local Pheasant Forever Chapter in Minnesota and instantly became best friends. Both entering the hunting and fishing lifestyle later in life, the two girls knew there was something missing from the industry that would allow women to have access to the sport they quickly learned to love. I had so much fun hearing from the two of these women why founding Her Wilderness Co. has been so important to them and how they plan on growing this community. I'm inspired by their friendship, their vision for Her Wilderness and their love for the outdoors, and I know you will, too! Let us know what you think of the episode.
Ep. 8 Rihana Cary

Ep. 8 Rihana Cary


Rihana chats with me about how she became the dedicated hunter she is today. Once a committed vegan, disgusted by factory farming, Rihana quickly realized there are alternate routes to obtaining the organic meat she knows she loves. Now, she travels the country harvesting wild game and living the lifestyle of a true conservationist. We discuss her full-time role at MTN Ops and her take on being sponsored by outdoor brands, her part in Ladies Hunting Camp and much more! Join our conversation and learn a thing or two from Rihana Cary. 
Growing up in Alabama, never did Sydney think she would be where she is today. Currently living (and loving) life out in Montana, she shares with the world her passions and experiences through social media and a personal blog. Between posting her outfit of the day, life with her two adorable pups (just wait til you hear how they got their names) and bringing her near 98K followers along for an evening of shooting her bow, she never ceases to capture the eyes and "Likes" of many.
Introducing your not-so-typical housewife, Christina Nyczepir. Christina didn't grow up a hunter, but after a trip to the mountains of Virginia seeking a fun activity for her two sons, she quickly fell in love with shooting sports herself. With no time to spare, Christina jumped right into guided hunts oversees, experiencing creatures, cultures and countries that people may only dream of. My conversation with Christina was truly inspiring. Listen and learn with me as she shares how to prepare for any hunt from research to fitness to finding mentors and creating lasting friendships.
Bri shares with me her journey in becoming a wild game chef and what that truly means to her and to our environment. Her holistic approach to pursuing wild game, whether it be in the field or in the open ocean, shows her true passion for conservation. It was so much fun chatting with this incredible mother, wife, entrepreneur and bikini contest trainee about all the things she holds close to hear heart (including her GSP, Remi).  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
I've gone on exactly TWO trips where I knew one person (somewhat). Both of these fly-fishing adventures left me with lifelong memories and friends I met from around the country. In this mini-sode I talk about my most recent trip with Fearless Fly Fishing and why taking trips like this, with people you've never met, is so important and what you can take away from it.
As a fellow New Englander, our passion for the outdoors started on the coast of Cape Cod. Courtney Nicolson has taken her passion for conservation across the country working as an outdoor media producer and advocating for wildlife preservation through the several organizations she is actively involved in. Yes, she has her hands dirty in all of them! Learn with me as she teaches me how the TV production world works, what is happening for public lands and how we all can get involved. I'm so glad we got to catch up! Follow along her journey on Instagram, @courtneywithfreckles! #ItsWhatSheDoes --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
I first met Cynthia when she taught me Fly Fishing 101 at an Orvis retail store in Massachusetts. One year later we reconnect and chat about the adventures she's embarked on and how she founded Fearless Fly Fishing! Listen in on Episode 3 and hear what makes her FEARLESS. #ItsWhatSheDoes
Sallie Doty

Sallie Doty


Training for triathlons, shooting her bow, ice-fishing, working a full time job AND a part-time job all while preparing meat for her friends and family. It sounds like there isn't much Sallie can't find time for in her day-to-day. Check out this episode and hear how Sallie makes time for it all and enjoying every step of the way! #ItsWhatSheDoes
Laura Pelkey

Laura Pelkey


Finally! Episode 1 of She Does What?! podcast (technically Episode 4, I hope you are following along in this transformation). I'm excited to be headed in this new direction with my podcast, sharing knowledge I gather from conversations with women that I learn from through social media. In this episode I chat with Laura Pelkey from Ontario, Canada. Listen in on how she gets her kids to enjoy the outdoors & life up north. #ItsWhatSheDoes
As a Cape Cod Native, Cam found an opportunity to create a community for those who love to fly-fish or want to get into fly fishing. There wasn't a platform where fly angler's could get together, share stories, collaborate and learn from each other until he created this brand. Hear all about his work with Habitat For Humanity and the big plans he has for Cape Cod Fly.
Janet Messineo is a local legend on the island of Martha's Vineyard. She made a name for herself through her passion for bass fishing by starting a surfcasting guide service and offering her services in skin-mount taxidermy. We had a great phone conversation about island life, mentors and of course, Striped Bass.
Welcome listeners to Episode 1 of Angler's Account! Hear a little bit about my inspiration of discovering the world of podcasting and what my dad has to say about fishing on Cape Cod and his tips for beginners!
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