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In this podcast, National Bestselling Author, Jordan Lee Dooley, dishes out truths, tips, and actionable takeaways to help you reach your potential without the pressure to prove. Every episode is like sitting down with a good friend who’s coaching you through life. All are welcome — come hang out!
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In weird and uncertain times, it can be tough to stay committed to your goals. As if we don't already overthink the things we hope to do, uncertain or difficult times can make it even harder not to give up! So in this episode, Jordan called in an expert, a Clinical Neuropsychologist who literally wrote the book on helping people overcome self-sabotage, Dr. Judy Ho. If you’re having a hard time staying committed to your dreams, goals, or ideas, hold the phone on giving up just a little longer, and tune into this episode to learn: How to find what triggers your self-sabotage Tools to understand the patterns to your thoughts Techniques to be more empowered and in control of your thoughts Steps you can take to get out of the spiral of self sabotage once it starts And more To learn more about Dr. Judy Ho, or to get her book, visit After you listen, visit us over on and tell us which step or technique you’re going to try the next time you start to feel yourself sabotaging your goals, dreams, or commitments!
Calling all mamas, soon-to-be mamas, and hopeful, someday mamas! This one’s for you!   If you have a little (or big) dream that’s either buried deep inside your heart or something you’re already trying to pursue, but feeling a little unsure of how to make it all work, it's common to feel overwhelmed, and even to put it off.   Or if you know that someday you want to be a mom but have a big career dreams and worry about how you’re going to be able to manage it all, you’re not the only one, sister.    And sometimes simply hearing from someone who's taken the first step and learning to navigate the journey can be enough to light a fire under us.   In this episode, Jordan sits down with friend, music artist, and mom of 3, Megan Duke.   Megan knows what it’s like to wear a lot of hats. Not only is she an amazing wife and mother of 3 littles but she’s also fearlessly and relentlessly pursuing her dream of being a music artist.   This episode really digs into how a woman CAN steward her gifts and passions in the middle of motherhood. The compromises and sacrifices that are made The day to day challenges that come with juggling it all really look like (and how to handle them well) How to create boundaries to guard the health of both your family life and careeR What it looks like to teach your kids to dream, too How building a great marriage fits into this whole equation 3 practical steps for any woman who wants to get started on her dreams in a busy season, too    So, whether you’re looking ahead feeling a little afraid of motherhood because you’re a big dreamer with massive career ambitions, or are already a mom and feeling that tug on your heart to go for your dreams but can’t quite figure out how to do that… you’ll want to soak in all the wisdom Megan offers in this episode. It’s honest, deep, and practical all at once.     Follow Megan on IG here: Check out Megan’s new album, Heart on Fire, here:
A listener named Elizabeth recently sent in a message and asked, “Can you offer some advice on how to delegate and ask for help when you’re a perfectionist?”   If you relate to this struggle at all, whether you're having a hard time handing off tasks to someone you manage at work or the thought of hiring an assistant (and NOT micro-managing them) stresses you out, tune in to practical ways to:   Set Up Step By Step Systems Start Small Communicate Expectations AND Dissatisfaction Clearly and Kindly Respond When They Inevitably Drop the Ball Take the free quiz to find out your purpose >>
It's officially SHE's 100th episode! And there’s a lot of fear surrounding the economy and what it means for household income and small businesses…    But while the rest of the world is running around like their hair is on fire, selling out the toilet paper and Costco shelves, wondering how their bills or team is going to get paid, unsure of whether or not to launch what they had planned, and freeeeaking out on what to do next…   We’re gonna take a deep breath and handle this craziness like the cool, calm, and collected women we know how to be.   Look, this is a really weird time. So, in this episode Jordan   1. Shares the research she's done on important economic predictions to be aware of as you make decisions   2. Tackles your biggest questions regarding navigating this current situation as a small business ("is it insensitive to keep marketing?" etc.)   3. Provides the kick in the pants we all need to face this adversity with class, dignity, strength, and courage.   Find more at or follow on Instagram: @jordanleedooley Referenced resources: Great Legal Resources for Service Providers: @thelegalpaigeUSA Today Article: Investopedia: Article:
We’ve all asked the question: What am I here for? Why am I here?  When life is busy, chaotic, or full, we might look at how we spend our time - our days, our weeks, and our months - and wonder if it is even aligned with the calling on our life. So, in this episode, Jordan brought on Productivity Expert and Author of The Joy of Missing Out, Tonya Dalton, to give us the tools we need to clarify our purpose, or our “North Star,” as she calls it, so that we can prioritize building our days and weeks around what matters most. Jordan and Tonya cover: Why it's not about doing more but about doing what’s most important. How to identify your North Star - your mission, vision, passions and core values - and create a life centered around it The tools we need to differentiate between saying, “yes!” out of obligation/guilt and saying “yes!” out of desire/want so that we can give better yeses Tune into this episode to learn the productivity tools you need to clarify how to live your days so that you are focusing on what matters most, while still being able to get everything else done that needs to get done. Follow Tonya here: Want to find your purpose? Take the quiz! >>
EVERY EXPERT WAS ONCE A BEGINNER.  Let that sink in. No, really, let it sink in until you believe it.  It is so essential to understand this one thing: NO ONE started out knowing what they were doing. No one who's built something successful began with a clue of what it would turn into. And no successful person has avoided embarrassing themselves or failure.  But the one key to success they all have in common? They STARTED. They started small. They rolled up their sleeves and got scrappy.  They were willing to get uncomfortable and put themselves out there.  THIS willingness (not skill or fancy connections) is the one differentiating factor between those who reach their dreams and those who don't. Tune into this episode to learn keys to starting before you're ready from the one and only Jess Ekstrom, founder of Headbands of Hope, and author of Chasing the Bright Side.  Headbands of Hope is a brand Jess started in college that has grown into a multi-million dollar company in just 7 years. In this conversation, Jess shared her biggest small business mistakes (like wiring $10,000 to a company she never heard back from) and scrappy steps she took to make her dream happen before she had the finances (like convincing Jimmy Johns to sponsor a product photo shoot), and so many more moments that will put you at ease, make you laugh, and give you the courage to stop worrying and just start where you are!  Ready to stop putting your dreams off for a tomorrow that isn't guaranteed?  Hit the play button.   Follow Jess here:
Have you ever looked up to someone who has built their dream career and assumed it was a straight shot from Point A to Point B? Ever wondered what the journey to creating and cultivating your dream career really looks like from the inside? More often than not, it's a very non-linear journey as one learns what works, what doesn't, what they like, and what they don't like so much. In this episode, Jordan shares a candid conversation (originally aired on the Heart and Hustle Podcast) with some of her business besties, Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman, to discuss the very real journey that a gal can take as she pursues her purpose in life. Tune in to learn: 1) How to Know When It's Time to Pivot in Your Career 2) The Art of Pivoting Well When It's Time 3) How to Get Past Limiting Beliefs And Other People's Expectations for You 4) Healthier Ways to Think About Making Money as You Build Your Dreams And more!   Follow Lindsey and Evie here: @mrslindseyroman @evierupp
In this episode, Matt and Jordan learn from sexual assault survivor turned self defense advocate and firearms instructor, Antonia Okafor, about women’s empowerment and our right to self defense. Tune into learn about real life situations, statistics, gun laws, and how we can be proactive about our safety in our everyday life.
Do you have a big dream but seriously doubt you're cut out for it? You're not alone. But instead of encouraging you with a bunch of cliche motivational quotes, J is handing you a roadmap with specific, practical steps you can take when you feel the fear but need to find a way to do it anyway.
Have you ever thought about how much what you eat can affect your brain health? In this episode, Jordan chats with a psychology student, Brittney Moses, who has spent some time researching this topic. Listen in as she unpacks the 5 reasons what you eat can affect your mental health, the list of 12 essential nutrients for your brain, and adjustments you can make to how you're fueling your body (which includes your mind).
In this episode, Matt and Jordan share what they've learned about how men and women grieve differently as they've suffered through the miscarriage of their first child. If you're in a relationship and have experienced loss or grief, and noticed that you and your S/O approach the pain differently, you'll want to listen to this.
A heavier episode than usual, Jordan opens up about her journey with pregnancy and loss in hopes of shedding light on what miscarriage is like, how we as women can better support one another through grief like this, and ways to break the stigma and change the way society views this topic.
Matt and J serve up some laughs and fun facts to get your Monday off to the right foot! Tune in to learn a few easy healthy alternatives to your favorite junk food, a pro-relationship tip for the next time you find yourself in an argument with your S/O, and a few unexpected run-ins the Dooley's had with nature... Follow them on IG here:
Jordan has experienced the tension that can come when different roles in her life as a woman collide. Specifically, her roles as a creative business owner, bestselling author, Christian woman, wife, and hopeful mama. So often, society makes it seem that these roles conflict with one another. And Jordan is all too familiar with the struggle. In this episode, she doesn't hold anything back and openly shares four key lessons she's learned in balancing these roles.
The Dooley's are coming atcha for another episode of Monday's with Matt and J. Tune into this episode as they challenge "outrage culture" and provide you with some ideas on how to face it when you inevitably encounter it online (or IRL).
How can a woman navigate and succeed in a male dominated industry? What about holding onto our values and convictions as we chase our dreams and when the pressure closes in? Tune in as Jordan and Jen Ledger, drummer for the band, Skillet, discuss and provide answers to burning questions like these.  Follow Jen here:
Listen in as Matt and Jordan serve up an episode jam-packed with takeaways to apply to your work and relationship, including practical ways to overcome conflicts and differences, create systems, and more.
What do you do when you have ZERO inspiration and like you're just stuck in a funk? Ugh. So frustrating. In this episode, Jordan covers her 7 go-to steps that have helped her get re-inspired when she's in a funk or creative rut. Tune in to learn and apply these to your life and work, too!
Today we’re talking about our bathroom renovation project that we’re just now getting to after 10 months. We also discuss the TikTok phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation and more!
If you ever feel like a hot mess express, and organization is a lifestyle you're aiming for but struggling to reach, this episode is for you. Even if you're already fairly organized but want to up-level your focus as you prepare for the year ahead, tune in to learn five simple and effective ways to do just that.
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Midnight Waffle

Thank you for discussing this important topic.

Feb 24th

Samin Arzani

love it! that was exactly what I need

Feb 21st

Nicole Guerton


Feb 2nd

Amanda Baskin


Jan 30th

Rachel Miller

I'm thankful for this message, thank you. maybe this topic should've been done at a little later date to where you would be able to portray your experience with less negativity and criticism :/ I just feel as if I listened to a rant more than a message. God bless your ministry

Jul 18th
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Ellie Ekatomatis

We need more of this topic. Excellence is a choice ... choose to be excellent!!

Jul 18th
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Coach BillieC

Thanks ladies, I so loved this show. Your honesty and tips about exercise and practicing wellness in key areas were on point. it requires consistent focus to create strong foundations and once they are strong you won't be derailed easily. Fit is a mindset that manifest in the physical too. Keep sharing and inspiring us to greatness. I am working on revamping my show and I know in my heart it is beneficial for those who listen and follow. Happiness and Many Blessings!

Jul 5th

Amber Weekley

this is my favorite podcast rn!

Mar 4th

Sharon Treharne

This is great!!! it's so important to chat about these things!

Jan 28th

Alexandra Gail

So helpful! Making it a priority to be more intentional at work with my time this new semester & at home too, less screen time when my husband comes home from work

Jan 4th

Emily Hystad

love the honesty Jordan gives in her podcasts, dont need to hide or cover our scars.. love it ! we're all beautiful !!

Dec 20th

Ashlee V. Grant

this was extremely timely and helpful! I shared on the She Podcast IG page on how this impacted me greatly. bless you guys! 🌹💎

Dec 14th

Sharon Treharne

I love this podcast! Totally bumps up my motivation and good vibes level for the day!

Nov 23rd

Anna B.

I needed this God filled message today!!!

Nov 10th

Alexandra Gail

thank you for this💗

Oct 29th

Amariah E.

Loving this podcast so far!! Only listened to 3 of them so far, but they're sooo good. Definitely worth a listen!!!

Oct 22nd

Maria Muresan

Found this from someone posting about episode 2.. totally love this podcast and I'm hooked! love the truth Jordan speaks!

Oct 18th

Lyndsey Krueger

Love love LOVE 💜 Jordan gives such practical and loving advice!

Oct 18th
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