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Author: Jordan Lee Dooley

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In this podcast, National Bestselling Author, Jordan Lee Dooley, dishes out truths, tips, and actionable takeaways to help you reach your potential without the pressure to prove. Every episode is like sitting down with a good friend who’s coaching you through life. All are welcome — come hang out!
87 Episodes
What do you do when you have ZERO inspiration and like you're just stuck in a funk? Ugh. So frustrating. In this episode, Jordan covers her 7 go-to steps that have helped her get re-inspired when she's in a funk or creative rut. Tune in to learn and apply these to your life and work, too!
Today we’re talking about our bathroom renovation project that we’re just now getting to after 10 months. We also discuss the TikTok phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation and more! 
If you ever feel like a hot mess express, and organization is a lifestyle you're aiming for but struggling to reach, this episode is for you. Even if you're already fairly organized but want to up-level your focus as you prepare for the year ahead, tune in to learn five simple and effective ways to do just that.
This marks the first episode of Mondays with Matt & J on the She Podcast! We talked about setting non-negotiables for our family to create healthy boundaries and practices to help us flourish this year.
Do you struggle with anxiety, stress, or panic attacks? We see you, girl.   We get messages from listeners and readers ALL THE TIME requesting content that covers this topic so Jordan called in the expert, Rebekah Lyons.   Rebekah is an author and speaker that focuses the majority of her work on helping people overcome a struggle she became familiar after experiencing her first panic attack.   Tune into this episode to learn the tools you need to combat anxiety, and how to implement the four rhythms - rest, restore, connect, and create - into your daily life.   Follow Rebekah here:
So, what should you do when Great Aunt Carol randomly asks why you haven’t had kids yet? Or when long lost cousin Tony makes a remark about the fact that you’re still living with your parents at age 24?  How do you deal with questions that seemingly impose unwanted opinions on you? How do you respond confidently, respectfully, and firmly? Tune into this episode to learn gives three tips to help when you‘re inevitably faced with an awkward situation like this so you can respond effectively rather than react emotionally.
The holidays are here and this is the season so many of us busy, hardworking women can begin to feel the tension of stress and burn out as we work to close out the year and prepare for all the festivities. So, J brought in Liv Mercer, a mental health counselor, and this episode is packed full of tangible steps we can take when we're overwhelmed. Jordan and Liv also discussed the tension of wanting to chase a big dream in a season that makes it somewhat difficult to really go for it — and Liv offers some great steps for moving closer to the direction you’re dreaming of going even if you’re unable to dive in all at once. Tune in to learn the steps you need to take to get to a healthier place when you’re stressed, questions you need to ask before pursuing something new, ways to move the needle in the right direction, and how you can move 1% closer to your dream even if your schedule is already full.   Follow Liv here:
As we head into the holidays and look ahead to the New Year, we’re hearing a lot about goals and resolutions, aren’t we? It can all be a little overwhelming. So, in this episode, we’re diving into creative ways to not only set goals but ACTUALLY ACHIEVE them with discipline and a healthy dose of grace — because we’re only human, right? Jordan brought Lara Casey, author and the creator of Powersheets™️, to give you the best tips and tools to setting meaningful goals so that you can cultivate what matters. Tune into learn from two master goal-getters, and find out just how little by little can add up to big wins for you in 2020. 
With the holidays just around the corner, we know that the site of mistletoe or sound of a Christmas love song can be enough to make a single girl cringe. We get it. The cute, snuggly photos friends share with their boyfriends/husbands and engagement announcements all over Instagram are nice but when you feel like the one who's still not having the best time in the dating scene, it can be HARD to really be happy with where we're at. So, Jordan called in the expert. Literally. Stephanie May Wilson's mission is to help women thrive in their single and dating lives and in this episode, she unpacks a beautiful middle ground between two equally destructive perspectives we tend to swing between when it comes to singleness and marriage, how to invest in your single life, and even how to intentionally prepare to become the right person more than just looking for the right person. If you're needing a little insight on how to thrive in your single or dating life this holiday season, look no further than this episode right here. Thank you to our sponsors, Mejuri, ZipRecruiter, and Boll & Branch.  Take advantage of our special offers here:  Mejuri: For free shipping on orders of $100 or more, go to ZipRecruiter: Try it for free by going to Boll & Branch: For $50 off your first order, go to and use the code "SHE" Grab Steph's Prayer Journal Here: Every Single MomentFollow Steph on social here: @smaywilson
Toward the end of 2018, this podcast, Jordan's shop, and her publishing career began to grow exponentially and with the additional travel and increased demand on her time, she and Matt began to explore what it would look like to team up and run this thing together. At the beginning of 2019, Matt officially left his medical device sales job and they've been working together ever since. In this episode, the Dooley's answer your most pressing questions about dreaming and working together, including what a Dooley Dream Date actually looks like, the never before told details of what went into the decision to work together when it came to finances and insurance, the roles they play in the company, and more. And hey, even if you're not in business with your significant other, this episode is packed FULL of tangible tips and advice on how to work better together as a team in all areas of life.  Thank you to our sponsors, Mejuri, Grove Collaborative, and Lola. Take advantage of our special offers here:  Mejuri For free shipping on orders of $100 or more, go to Grove Collaborative: To get the Grove Sustainable Swap set FREE with your purchase plus you’ll get free shipping AND a free 60-day VIP trial, go to  Lola: For 40% off your first month's subscription, go to and enter code "SHE" Follow us on social here @jordanleedooley @mattjdooleyGrab Jordan's book, Own Your Everyday, here:
Ever feel like your circumstances are holding you back? Whether it’s a physical ailment or financial struggle, mental health battle, or something else? Has that ever led to crippling comparison as you observe others who seem to have it easier? We see you, friend. In this episode, Jordan brings on Emily Norton viral video sensation and co-author of The Seven Longest Yards, to discuss what it really looks like to take those steps forward when the odds seem to be stacked against you. Emily and her husband, Chris (who was paralyzed by a football injury and told he only had a 3% chance of moving beneath the neck) became a beacon of hope for millions when the video of their WALK down the isle together on their wedding day went viral and was shared by People Magazine. Instead of spoiling all the details here, tune in to the episode to hear all the behind the scenes details that led up those steps during that legendary walk, and to learn what it really takes to persevere and defy the odds in such a big way.    Take our survey here (plz):   Thank you to our sponsor, ZipRecruiter! Try it free by going to      Follow Emily’s journey here: 
Raise your hand if… you know you’re spreading yourself too thin just to live up to other’s expectations? How about if you go home after work only to feel more overwhelmed because your house is cluttered but you don’t know what to do about it? Yeah, we’ve all been there, sister. If you’re ready to get clarity and a guide on how to simplify your life, then listen in as Jordan chat’s with her friend Desirae, host of the Minimalish podcast, and learn not only how to live a more intentional life with a grace-based approach to minimalism but also what to do with all of those spatulas stuffed in the same kitchen drawer just waiting for their turn to be used!    Connect with Desirae here:   Grab Jordan’s Book, Own Your Everyday, here:   Thank you to our Sponsor, Boll and Branch. Take advantage of our exclusive offer here: and use the code "SHE" 
Ever felt like you've been chasing your dreams forever? Like no matter how hard you work you make hardly any progress? Or like the journey has been more non-linear than clear? In this episode, Jordan brings on Jodi Rademaker of Love and the Outcome, and the two share stories on finding balance in a busy, on-the-go-lifestyle. Additionally, they offer steps on how to be unashamed of your ambition but also faithful in the mundane, unglamorous moments of life. Tune in to learn why the long road isn't necessarily the wrong road, what "healthy hustle" means, and why some investments that don't appear to have a financial payoff are the ones worth making.    Follow Jodi here:
Have you gone through something devastating? Are you walking through grief? Searching for your purpose and passion in the midst of pain? In today’s episode, Jordan brings on author, baker, TV personality, and friend, Emily Hutchinson, to share her powerful story of heartbreak and healing after the loss of a child. In addition to an all around encouraging conversation, Emily dishes out some great baking tips for what she calls, “healing in the kitchen.” Not to be punny, but you’re in for a treat. ;)    Follow Emily here:
Worried that a new season of life — like marriage or kids — will hurt your career? Facing battles with mental health and feeling alone in a hard transition? We gotchu covered, girl. In honor of mental health week, Jordan brings on blogger and shop owner, Hannah Morrison, and the two cover navigating transition in life and business, to people pleasing, to overcoming mental health challenges. If you’ve ever felt the pressure to live up to an image of perfection, struggled with others’ opinions, or battled mental illness... pull up a chair and tune in for wisdom and encouragement. Follow Hannah on IG here: @thecakebyhannah
Are you always coming up with ideas and not sure which one to actually implement? Do you tend to dabble in a million things only to end up feeling more directionless than before? Have you been dreaming of something more but not entirely sure what that *something more* actually is? Tryyyying to figure out what you want to do next with your life or in your business? Yes? Then this is for you, girl! In today’s episode, Jordan breaks down her own non-linear, multi-passionate journey AND brings on two women to share their stories — how each one found direction on their God-given dream  and what they’re doing to make it happen.    PS. THE OWN IT ACADEMY COACHING PROGRAM IS OPEN THIS WEEK ONLY! This is for the fearlessly multi-passionate, ambitious, purpose-driven and creative woman searching for clarity and direction (like you!). You’ll walk away knowing EXACTLY what you’re made to do—with a step by step strategy you can implement immediately.    Sign up here:
This is for the woman who feels like she chose the wrong career path, or for the woman who's considering making a change in her business. If you know you want to do something different - whether that's changing industries completely or taking your brand in a new direction - it can tough to know WHEN it's time to make that leap. In this episode, Jordan shares her best advice to knowing when is the time to make that leap! It's all presented in a simple checklist format to make it easy for you to run through the list and make the right move with confidence. Tune in to see if you're at the place where it's time to make a change - or if it may be wise to stick with what you're doing a little longer.   And as a Bonus Pro Tip: Consider your passions but don't just pursue your passions. Pursue opportunity!   Get the free training or enroll in the coaching program here:
Are you multi-passionate? Having a hard time choosing between 2+ options or passions? In this episode, Jordan gives a 5 step framework to help you confidently make a the choice that’s best for you!    For even more, sign up for the free training here:
What’s a girl supposed to do when the next thing she’s feeling called to step into doesn’t clearly align with her degree, certifications, or experience? In this episode, Jordan tackles this question and provides you with her best tips on what to do if this happens to you!    Take the quiz to find your next best move here:
In this episode, Jordan shares her best advice on persevering and having patience as you work to gain experience and grow in your career — before you’re at where you actually want to be. Specifically, she’s diving into the “millennial mindset” that you don’t have to work your way up, why we don’t have to follow the status quo, and how we can show up even when we feel like we’re starting at 0. Get the book here: Take the quiz to find your next best move here:
Comments (16)

Rachel Miller

I'm thankful for this message, thank you. maybe this topic should've been done at a little later date to where you would be able to portray your experience with less negativity and criticism :/ I just feel as if I listened to a rant more than a message. God bless your ministry

Jul 18th
Reply (1)

Ellie Ekatomatis

We need more of this topic. Excellence is a choice ... choose to be excellent!!

Jul 18th
Reply (1)

Coach BillieC

Thanks ladies, I so loved this show. Your honesty and tips about exercise and practicing wellness in key areas were on point. it requires consistent focus to create strong foundations and once they are strong you won't be derailed easily. Fit is a mindset that manifest in the physical too. Keep sharing and inspiring us to greatness. I am working on revamping my show and I know in my heart it is beneficial for those who listen and follow. Happiness and Many Blessings!

Jul 5th

Amber Weekley

this is my favorite podcast rn!

Mar 4th

Sharon Treharne

This is great!!! it's so important to chat about these things!

Jan 28th

Alexandra Gail

So helpful! Making it a priority to be more intentional at work with my time this new semester & at home too, less screen time when my husband comes home from work

Jan 4th

Emily Hystad

love the honesty Jordan gives in her podcasts, dont need to hide or cover our scars.. love it ! we're all beautiful !!

Dec 20th

Ashlee V. Grant

this was extremely timely and helpful! I shared on the She Podcast IG page on how this impacted me greatly. bless you guys! 🌹💎

Dec 14th

Sharon Treharne

I love this podcast! Totally bumps up my motivation and good vibes level for the day!

Nov 23rd

Anna B.

I needed this God filled message today!!!

Nov 10th

Alexandra Gail

thank you for this💗

Oct 29th

Amariah E.

Loving this podcast so far!! Only listened to 3 of them so far, but they're sooo good. Definitely worth a listen!!!

Oct 22nd

Maria Muresan

Found this from someone posting about episode 2.. totally love this podcast and I'm hooked! love the truth Jordan speaks!

Oct 18th

Lyndsey Krueger

Love love LOVE 💜 Jordan gives such practical and loving advice!

Oct 18th
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